The 8 Best GPS for Dogs of 2022

GPS for dogs – Buying Guide, Opinions and Analysis

Dogs are curious and intelligent animals. Although some are domesticated, their instinct may make them move away from their owners to chase whatever catches their eye. However, it is now possible to track them with a dog GPS. Although there are several models available, there are some that stand out the most. The Kippy Evo is a lightweight, waterproof device suitable for most collars. This includes a rechargeable battery and works with a SIM card. The Weenect Dogs 2 is another advantageous option, as it is a device suitable for continuously tracking dogs of any size, no matter how far away they are.

The 8 Best GPS for Dogs – Opinions 2022

If you want to find a GPS for dogs that offers you extensive benefits and adapts to what you need, you can choose from a wide range of devices from different manufacturers. Although, if you want to play it safe, you should choose between the alternatives that enjoy the support and recognition of the majority, for offering quality and good features. Here are some of the best GPS for dogs.

GPS locator for dogs

1. Kippy EVO The New GPS and Activity for Dogs

In the search to find the best GPS for dogs, it is pertinent to analyze the benefits offered by the Kippy EVO model. It is a waterproof GPS tracker for dogs, whose weight of just 38 g makes it suitable for use with any type of collar.

It is equipped with GMS, GPS, Bluetooth and Wi-Fi systems, which allow each movement of the animal to be tracked and kept under surveillance, both outdoors and indoors. In addition, it allows you to monitor all the physical activity that the dog develops, while sending messages with information related to health conditions and tips to keep it healthy.

It also allows you to obtain a real-time record of the movement and the areas through which the pet walks, as well as the distance and speed it reaches. It also incorporates a virtual leash mode, which sends a notification when the dog moves away from the area delimited by the mobile’s Bluetooth.

To verify if this device can be the best GPS for dogs of the moment, it is necessary to make an evaluation of its pros and cons. 


Flashlight: It incorporates an LED flashlight to control remotely and locate the pet even in the dark.

Battery: The charge of its rechargeable type battery gives up to 10 days of duration, offering prolonged performance.

Design: Its flat structure does not bother or interfere with the mobility of the dog. In addition, it is practical and safe to place.

Scope: Covers an unlimited distance within Europe and some countries on other continents.


App: Your app may seem a bit complicated to use at first, but just get used to the interface.

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2. Tractive Dog GPS Locator

Having the best value for money GPS for dogs would be a great advantage. This option is offered by the Tractive BXTRATR1 GPS tracker for dogs. It is a lightweight device, 35 g, suitable for pets weighing approximately 4.5 kg.

This tracking equipment is securely attached to different types of harnesses or collars and is responsible for executing the tracking of the pet to offer information in real time, even if the canine is very far away, since this GPS has no distance limit.

Through the application, it is possible to define safe zones, known as virtual fences, to receive alerts when the pet has left the pre-established limits. This Tractive model works with a rechargeable battery, whose charge is completed in two hours and can provide a duration of 2 to 5 days, although this depends on the use, the signal and power.

The present Tractive model represents one of the cheapest on the list. However, there are details that should not be excluded. Here are some of its pros and cons. 


Usefulness: It is suitable for any type of collar, in dogs weighing approximately 4.5 kg, so it admits a good variety of breeds.

Weight and size: The design is small and light, which makes it comfortable to carry, without causing discomfort.

Distance: Its reception range is long range, as it has no distance limits.

Waterproof: Even if it gets wet in the rain or when passing over humid areas, it will continue to work.


Coverage: Your signal may be interrupted in confined areas or when you are between buildings and woods.

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GPS collar for dogs

3. Weenect Dogs 2 GPS Dog Collar 

Among the cheap GPS for dogs there is also the Weenect Dogs 2, a device that can be controlled through the respective application, compatible with Android and iPhone smartphones, to locate the animal in real time and follow its movements with no distance limit. 

The Weenect Dogs 2 is suitable for transforming the normal animal collar into a GPS collar for dogs of any size. Among the functions offered by its application, there is the alert in case of escape, training and three ways of locating, either by means of radar, map or compass.

This GPS for dogs incorporates a SIM card that allows access to data and use all the functions of the application, regardless of the distance or the area in which it is located, since its coverage covers all of Europe and also extends worldwide by more than 100 countries.  

Although the main description of this device might draw attention, it would be worthwhile to consider some of its pros and cons.


Performance: The battery charges in two hours, lasts 2 to 4 days and notifies when its charge decreases.

Instructional: Through vibrations and buzzes, it is possible to train the dog to associate the events and return home.

Alerts: You can issue different types of alerts to keep the owner informed about certain eventualities.

Card: It incorporates a multi-network SIM card that offers coverage in a large part of the world territory.


Accuracy: May not indicate an exact position in some poor signal areas.

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4. Muxan Tractive GPS Tracker with SIM Card for Dogs

A convenient option, which stands out among the best GPS for dogs of 2022, is the TK909 tracker from the manufacturer Muxan. This device incorporates a SIM card to locate the pet through calls or messages and, unlike other previous models, it allows an easier APN configuration. 

This Muxan dog GPS collar is equipped with multiple functions that allow you to know the movements of the animal, by tracking online to track its steps and showing the precise location of the pet on Google Maps, just by activating the GPRS system and accessing to the respective application. 

This option also shows other details, such as the speed and the places where the dog has passed. Likewise, it incorporates a function that allows defining the safe zones, to receive notification when the dog tries to leave the area that has been established.

There are several manufacturers that strive to become the best GPS brand for dogs and Muxan stands out among them. Here, more information about this model.


Accessibility: It is possible to monitor the movements of the animal at any place and time, by different means.

Weight: Its weight of 50 g is appropriate and light for medium or large hunting dogs.

Precision: The application offers immediate results with great precision.

Security: Its easy handling, coupled with the precision it casts in each result, provide security and peace of mind.


Button: Water, sand, or other particles could cause your button to stick.

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GPS for dogs without monthly fee

5. iPet tracker GPS locator for dogs

For those who aspire to find a GPS for dogs without a monthly fee, the iPet brand offers a favorable proposal, as an alternative for those who do not know which is the best GPS for dogs. It is a locator that works with mobile data from a SIM card, which does not require a subscription payment and offers an app with multiple options that is also easy to use.

The iPet LT-905G3 incorporates a fastening mechanism that allows it to be securely attached to most dog collars, without causing them any discomfort, as it is also lightweight, weighing only 35 g, and has a special design that prevents this get stuck between some objects. 

This device is appropriate for small to medium sized dogs. In addition, it has the IP55 protection certification, which means that it is suitable to resist dust and some splashes of water. 

Evaluating some advantages and disadvantages of this model could help you when deciding which GPS for dogs to buy.


Liberalized: It can be used with any type of SIM card, so you can choose the operator and technology of your choice.

Low consumption: Your data consumption for each position report is very low.

Functions: It works as a locator, tracker, allows you to define safe areas and know the status of your battery. 

Access: Your application provides access to a complete menu that allows you to obtain fast and accurate information.  


Resistance: Although it is water resistant, it is not 100% waterproof, so it should be avoided for dogs that are used to submerging themselves in water.

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GPS for hunting dogs

6. Winnes Mini GPS Locator

Among the most recommended options is this device, which works as a GPS for hunting dogs. This is the TK925 model from the manufacturer Winnes, a new locator equipped with LBS and GPS tracking systems. In addition, it includes an SOS function, which allows you to find the pet quickly, wherever it is. 

The functions of this device can be executed through the corresponding application, compatible with iOS, Android, WAP and Web, which allows obtaining the location of the animal and tracking its route in real time. Also, it is easier to configure some safe areas, to receive notifications via SMS or email, in case the pet leaves the established perimeters.

It also includes a 500 mAh battery, whose charge can last between 2 and 5 days, depending on use, with the possibility of sending a notification when the power drops, allowing it to be recharged on time. 

To make a more complete analysis of this model, it would also be worth reviewing some points in favor and another against.


Protection: It is waterproof and other factors, since it has the IP65 protection certificate.

Versatility: This device is suitable for pets, but it can also be used eventually with children, the elderly and objects.

Power saving: Does not consume power while in sleep or idle mode.

Discreet: Its appearance shows a pleasant design, which allows it to be carried discreetly.


Size: It may not be highly recommended for small breeds, due to the relationship between its dimensions and weight.

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GPS collar for hunting dogs

7. Paj GPS Pet Finder Mini GPS Locator

Those looking for a GPS collar for hunting dogs might find a workable alternative in the 9010 model that features the PAJ GPS brand. It comes in a set that includes a mini tracker with its respective SIM card. This device is equipped with a battery that offers up to two days of autonomy, with monitoring of at least 1 hour per day. In standby mode, it can last up to 3 days.

It weighs only 28 g and with it it is possible to monitor the movements of the pet in real time, as well as to track which places it has traveled and know how many kilometers it has traveled in a given time. 

It also has speed, vibration and low battery alarms, while allowing you to demarcate safe areas to receive notifications via email and through the app, when the pet has gone outside the established limits. 

Evaluating the pros and cons of this model could be helpful in determining if it is a device worth purchasing.


Configuration: Programming your alarms and other functions is done easily from your PC or mobile. 

Fastening: It has an elastic band to easily attach it to any type of collar or harness.

Comfort: Its weight and size make it comfortable to use, since it is barely noticeable and feels.

Record: Save the routes of the last 100 days, to evaluate the activity of the pet.


SIM card: It can only be used with the SIM card that comes with it, although this is not a limitation of its performance.

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Garmin GPS for dogs

9. Garmin amos 100 + k5 Pack Dog Tracker

Those who hope to acquire a more complex, advanced and powerful device could consider the advantages offered by the Garmin Atemos 100 GPS for dogs. It is a team made up of a collar and a transmitter device, easy to use, that sends and receives signals with the required data and, in addition, it is equipped with an easily accessible touch screen. 

This device is suitable for tracking up to 20 hunting dogs, within a range of 10 km away. Likewise, it allows maintaining communication with other hunters, by means of an emergency alarm and activating the LED remotely.

Similarly, this useful tool allows you to constantly track dogs as they move across the field and display their precise location as often as every 5 seconds, while allowing you to be aware of the direction, speed and distance they travel. animals.

This GPS has remarkable qualities, but before making a decision, it would be convenient to take a look at its pros and cons.


Signal: Its superior antenna favors the reception of the satellite signal quickly and effectively.

Map: Includes a scale topographic map with 100,000 routes within the European territory. 

Screen: The touch screen offers good readability and is compatible with 7.6 cm gloves. 

Control: It allows greater control over each movement of the dogs, even to prevent them from roaming dangerous areas.


Function: It is a support tool to be used in vast terrain during hunting, so it is not recommended for domestic pets only.

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Shopping guide

Acquiring a GPS for dogs should not be done superficially, as there are several characteristics to look for in this type of device, so that it can provide the optimal service that is expected. In order to offer the possibility of choosing the appropriate device and making a satisfactory purchase, we present the following guide to buying the best GPS for dogs, which includes the main aspects to consider. 

Weight and size

GPS for dogs are characterized by having a small size and their weight is usually light. However, these characteristics could vary from one model to another, since there are some specially designed depending on the size of each pet.

For this reason, before proceeding to choose a device that might seem the right one, it is convenient to make a comparison of GPS for dogs that allows evaluating the dimensions and weight of the locator, and then determine if it will fit the animal correctly.

It is important that the device you choose has a design and weight according to the pet’s body, so that it can carry it without interfering with its free movement or causing discomfort. There are GPS designed for small dogs, also suitable for cats. These weigh between 27 and 35 g. Others, recommended for medium, large or any size dogs, can weigh up to 55g or a little more.


A GPS for dogs should provide peace of mind, security and confidence to their owners, to guarantee that the pet will always be supervised and will be able to return home, even when it strays too far. In this, the range that the device can cover plays an important role.

There are GPS for dogs that work through a SIM card data plan provided by an operator. Most of them offer coverage in a large part of the European territory and even in more than 100 countries on other continents, so they ensure unlimited reception. However, this service has an additional cost that also influences when estimating how much a GPS for dogs costs.

There are also GPS for dogs that receive signal through the Wi-Fi network. This option is more appropriate for pets in indoor areas. However, its scope becomes smaller.


Before choosing a GPS for dogs, it is important to verify that its battery provides enough autonomy to guarantee optimized operation and performance, with accurate information at all times. 

The batteries in most of these devices are designed to last between two and five days, after a charge that could take up to two hours. However, this time may increase or decrease, as it highly depends on the frequency of daily use, power mode, signal reception and power.

protection and resistance

The GPS is a device that will accompany the dog at all times during their long or short walks. Many of them enjoy rolling around in the dirt or wading in the water. Therefore, this small device remains exposed to getting dirty and wet, as well as to suffer bumps or dents.

Therefore, it is important to choose a GPS that guarantees maximum protection and resistance against these factors that could affect its operation. It is necessary to ensure that this small device is built in a solid and resistant body, so that it can withstand the routine of the animal and extend its use for a longer time. 

In short, even if it is possible to get a cheap GPS for dogs, this device should have an adequate protection certification, which guarantees optimal resistance to shocks and water.


Most GPS for dogs offer the possibility of accessing multiple options, which can be executed remotely from their corresponding application. There are models equipped with LED light and sound, to locate the animal from afar and in the dark.

These devices are designed not only to offer a precise location of the pet, but also, from the mobile, PC or linked equipment, it is also possible to know the routes it has traveled, as well as its speed and distances traveled.

In the same way, these devices allow each movement to be followed with a certain frequency in real time and to configure some safe areas, so that the GPS issues an alert that could be received by different means, in the event that the animal is about to leave that area.

Frequently asked questions

Q1: How to use a GPS for dogs?

To guarantee a good performance of the GPS for dogs, it is necessary to use it properly, according to the instructions and recommendations indicated by the manufacturer of each model. 

The first thing to ensure is that the size and weight of the device are appropriate to the animal’s body and that it fits correctly to the collar or harness, so that the dog can move freely, without being uncomfortable. 

To use it, it is necessary to insert the SIM card and download the app with which the device works, link it to the mobile and configure the parameters so that the equipment works as required. Likewise, it is convenient to recharge your battery on time for the period recommended by each manufacturer and verify that the device is clean and dry, so as not to compromise its operation.

 Q2: How to make a homemade dog GPS?

Making a homemade GPS for dogs could be somewhat complicated, since technical and electronic knowledge is required to work with the necessary components, including resistors, integrated circuits and other elements, which not everyone would know how to manipulate and connect.  

However, one could try to make a simpler, low-power homemade GPS, with a radio transmission system and directional antenna. Another feasible option would be to use a Bluetooth antenna to link with a mobile phone and search for an application capable of deciphering the coordinates and sending the positioning data. 


Q3: How does a GPS tracker for dogs without a card work?

Some GPS locators for dogs do not require the use of a SIM card, since they do not depend on the mobile data of any operator, since these incorporate devices or antennas with technology capable of receiving different types of signal, either from a Wi-Fi network, Bluetooth or LBS.

Likewise, there are some GPS devices with an external antenna that receive a radio signal, through orbiting satellites, and also have preloaded maps that can provide the required information. Although with these it is not necessary to pay a monthly fee, their range may be more limited and the signal may be interrupted.

Q4: Can the dog GPS tracker get wet?

There are several types and models of dog locators that have different levels of IP protection certification, so they offer greater or lesser resistance against certain factors, including water. 

Most of them are made to provide protection against some splashes, common during rides in the rain, when going through puddles or wet areas, so they could get wet to some extent. However, these may not be completely submersible, although there are some models that might offer this option.

Q5: What range does a GPS tracker for dogs have?

The range of a GPS locator for dogs can vary depending on the model, the brand, the place where it is located and the type of signal that allows it to access the data. There are GPS for dogs that work with a SIM card with coverage throughout Europe and other continents, so the range of these devices can be unlimited, except in some remote places where signal reception could be interrupted.

Similarly, there are models with other connection options, suitable for use indoors, whose range may be shorter, since they are limited to operating within the perimeters that cover the signal of Wi-Fi or Bluetooth networks.

Q6: How long do the batteries of a GPS locator for dogs last?

The battery charge of a GPS locator for dogs can last up to 5 days, although this time could decrease or increase, as it depends on the model and the frequency of use during the day. The duration of this charge usually extends up to 10 days when the device remains idle or in power saving mode for some time.

Q7: Why is my dog ​​GPS tracker not syncing?

There can be several reasons why a GPS for dogs does not synchronize properly. Among the most common, it could be because the configurations or the data have not been stored correctly. 

Another probable cause may be a failure in the connection between the device and the mobile, that the payment of the subscription to the application has not been made or all the data has been consumed. Also, the account from which you are trying to access the device may not match the GPS locator that has been registered. 

Similarly, the device system may have been rebooted and needs to be configured again. It is also possible that the version of the app in use has expired and requires a new update.

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