The 8 Best Hamster Cages of 2022

Hamster Cage – Buying Guide, Opinions and Analysis

Hamsters are the pets preferred by many, since it is a small rodent that does not require much attention and care; so it could be the perfect gift for any child. However, in order to provide a home where it feels happy, it is important to have a cage where the animal can lead a full and healthy life. For this reason, we present two proposals that could meet your expectations; starting with the Ferplast Favola, a comfortable, resistant and easy to clean cage. Another cage recommended by many is the Rosewood Pico, a spacious model equipped with accessories.

The 8 Best Hamster Cages – Opinions 2022

Choosing the right cage for your hamster should not be a complicated task. Since it will be the home where he will spend the rest of his life, it is important to choose one that is comfortable, safe and spacious for the animal. In this sense, we present you 8 of the best options offered by the market.

Russian hamster cage

1. Ferplast Cage for hamsters Favola Robust Plastic and Metal

If you are looking among the best hamster cages of 2022 you will find this Ferplast model; a Russian hamster cage designed with these small rodents in mind, since it has a two-story structure that provides the necessary comfort so that the animal can move and run with some freedom.

The lower part of the cage is made of transparent and resistant plastic, here the hamster will be able to have the sawdust so that it can dig, hide and relieve itself. The upper floor has a metal structure with a grid, whose bars provide a safe place to prevent the hamster from escaping.

Likewise, it is a model that includes a ladder, an upper platform, a drinker with a stainless steel nozzle, a feeder, a wheel for exercising and even a cozy nest; accessories necessary to provide comfort to your pet. In addition, it has an upper door that allows easy cleaning and access to the enclosure.

Given the quality and functionality of its products, Ferplast could be the best brand of hamster cages at the moment. We invite you to know the pros and cons of this model.


Dimensions: Its dimensions are 30 cm high, 60 cm wide and 36.5 cm deep; which might be enough for your little Russian hamster.

Materials: The lower bucket is made of transparent plastic and the upper part is made of metal mesh; resistant and safe materials.

Accessories: Includes exercise wheel, nest, feeder, waterer and more; which covers the basic needs of the animal.


Cost: It is one of the most expensive cages at the moment; however, you will be investing in a high-quality product.

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large hamster cage

2. Rosewood Pico Hamster House Extra Large

Hamsters could be the ideal pet to encourage responsibility and protection towards an animal in children. In this sense, if you do not know which is the best hamster cage, which facilitates the task of caring for this rodent and at the same time provides a comfortable, safe and healthy habitat, you could consider this model.

It is a large and spacious hamster cage, so it has the following measurements: 50 cm wide, 47 cm high and 36 cm deep, likewise, the distance between bars is 8.5 m; which makes it a recommended product for most of these small rodents.

Its design includes up to 6 platforms connected with various ramps, which allows the animal to easily access all corners of the cage; It also has various accessories such as a wheel, feeder, drinker and a nest. In addition, thanks to its modular structure, it is easy to clean.

For all the qualities and advantages that this model offers, it could be considered the best hamster cage of the moment. Analyze its pros and cons.


Utility: It is a cage designed with different areas so that the hamster can rest, play, dig and eat quietly.

Species: Thanks to its size and separation of the bars, you can house Syrian hamsters, dwarf hamsters and it could even be home to some species of mice.

Available colors: You can select according to your preferences between three available colors: pink, translucent blue and silver with green.


Assembly: The assembly of this cage could be complicated, especially if you are not an expert in this work; The good thing is that you can rely on the user manual.

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roborowski hamster cage

3. Voltrega 001149G Roborowski Hamster Cage

Roborowski hamsters are rodents that measure between 4 and 5 cm, they are characterized by being very agile, cheerful and by their striking mustaches. Given their small size, they need a cage that provides them with security against possible predators; so if your hamster is of this species, this model could be the best option.

This roborowski hamster cage is designed to provide a comfortable and safe home for these small animals, since it has a metal grid designed with a separation of only 7 mm; which prevents it from escaping, while providing adequate ventilation.

In addition, you will receive the cage with a complete kit of accessories that will make your pet happy; such as drinker, feeder, nest, wheel and more. For all this and because it offers an affordable cost, many consider it to be the best value-for-money hamster cage at the moment.

Not only is it one of the cheapest, but it is also an attractive, functional and resistant cage. Learn more about this model.


Reliable and safe: It is made of resistant and toxic-free materials, making it a reliable and safe cage for your small pet.

Accessories: You will receive everything you need for your comfort: an igloo to rest, two feeders, a dispenser drinker, exercise wheel, two ramps and two platforms.

Mesh: With a separation of 7 mm, the mesh protects the animal from possible predators and prevents it from escaping or getting lost.


User manual: A user manual is missing for its assembly. However, for many it is an easy cage to install.

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3-tier hamster cage

4. Archivet Gran Canaria

When it comes to providing quality of life for your little pet, this could be the best hamster cage. Arquivet’s Gran Canaria is a model designed so that the animal can rest, run, hide, dig, feed and even reproduce in a safe habitat protected from any predator.

It is a comfortable and spacious 3-story hamster cage. It is equipped with a practical carrying handle located at the top and that facilitates its portability in case you want to move it from one place to another. In addition, it is made of plastic with metal grids that provide strength and safety.

Its dimensions are 40 cm wide x 26 cm deep x 53 cm high; Therefore, it is a cage with a vertical format that takes up little space. Likewise, it is a model that stands out for its color and its attractive accessories, such as tunnels, slide, outdoor terrace and more.

If you plan to give your child a pet and you don’t know which hamster cage to buy, you could take this striking model into account. Next, analyze the qualities and disadvantages of it.


Tunnels: Among the accessories we have two multicolored tunnels that comfortably connect one level with another.

Compact design: Although it has 3 floors, it is a cage with a compact design with a vertical format that takes up little space.

Expansion: Thanks to the possibility of adapting external tubes, you can expand the tunnel area so that the hamster has more space to run.


Load: You should be careful when handling the cage by the handle, especially when it is very heavy.

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syrian hamster cage

5. Dzl Hamster Cage 

It is one of the most complete on this list, thanks to the fact that it includes two levels connected by a practical staircase, so that your pet can enjoy different spaces. In addition, it incorporates a small house suitable for sleeping and a wheel so that the hamster is always well exercised.

One of the features that stands out in this cage for Syrian hamsters is the colored tube outside the structure, which comes out from the second level and enters again from the side in the lower area, which provides entertainment for both the animal and its the owners. It also has different doors and windows to easily place water and food. In this sense, it includes a water bottle to install outside the cage, which has an automatic dispenser for greater practicality. 

On the other hand, we must mention that the main door is very wide and is made of completely transparent methacrylate.

If you are looking for a cage for your hamster to have all the comforts, this may be a good option. Let’s take a closer look at some of its main features.


Door: Its large transparent methacrylate door stands out, which slides easily.

Size: It measures 39.5 cm wide, 38 cm high and 29.5 cm deep, so it provides enough space for your pet.

Accessories: Includes different accessories that allow the animal to eat, drink and perform different activities.


Color: The color is random, so it cannot be chosen, which could be a disadvantage compared to other models.

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Wooden hamster cage

6. PawHut 5-Story Wooden Cage House

If instead of bars or metal grids you prefer to give your pet a more natural home, this wooden hamster cage could be the most suitable. It is a model made of high quality, ecological and toxic-free fir wood; so it is recommended for hamsters of different breeds; as well as for gerbils, mice, guinea pigs or chinchillas.

The cage offers 5 floors connected by 3 stairs and 10 platforms that provide a comfortable and stable surface, so that the small rodent has a spacious and appropriate habitat to climb, run, play and rest. Also, thanks to its 4 doors you can have easy access to any corner of the cage.

Its vertical design takes up little space, as it offers a height of 120 cm x 60 wide and 40 deep. In addition, it is a resistant model that you can put in outdoor or indoor spaces.

This model could be a small palace for your hamster, given its size and the comfort it provides. Pay attention to the pros and cons of this wooden cage.


Materials: It has high quality materials, such as fir wood in its structure, PS plexiglass windows and galvanized metal grill.

Design: Its design offers you 5 interconnected floors with stairs and in the lower part it has a shelf to store food.

Ventilation: The upper part of the cage has a folding door with a metal grid, which favors ventilation and access to the interior.


Portability: Since it weighs 11 kilos, it is a cage that could be difficult to move from one place to another.

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plastic hamster cage

7. Voltregà J-76078 Cage for Hamster or Reptile Volt. 981

If you want a pet hamster you need to look for a cage that is easy to clean, resistant, safe and that is also the appropriate home for this small species of rodent; Thinking about it, this plastic hamster cage is one of the cheap models that could meet your expectations.

Since it is made with quality materials, such as propylene and lead-free paint, it is a reliable, durable cage that is resistant to the bites of these animals. Likewise, since the wheel is one of the hamsters’ favorite toys, Voltrega has equipped this cage with this accessory so that they can play and have fun.

The structure consists of a lower tray where you can put the substrate, so that the animal digs or hides, the rest of the structure is made up of transparent plastic walls and its upper folding door offers you a grid that provides ventilation.

This could be the appropriate home to keep a hamster in captivity, given the security and comfort it offers. Next, analyze the pros and cons of this model.


Accessories: The cage comes equipped with useful elements, such as an igloo, feeder, plastic platform, ladder and an exercise wheel.

Expansion: Since it has vents on the top, you can expand the cage by mounting external tunnels for more fun.

Lower tray: It has a lower tray that offers enough depth so that the substrate does not come out and you can comfortably carry out cleaning.



Drinker: The inclusion of a drinker is missing; however, you can adapt any standard model of your choice.

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circus hamster cage

8. Ferplast Three-Story Cage Circus Fun Plastic and Metal

If you still don’t know which is the best hamster cage, among so many options on the market, this Ferplast model with its attractive design that resembles a circus and with enough space for your pet to feel comfortable, could be what you are searching.

It is a habitat designed for the comfort of your hamster, since it integrates a deep tray that works as a base and in which you can put the sawdust so that the rodent digs or hides its food. It also has metal grid walls that provide security and ventilation; Regarding the roof, it has a circus tent-type format with two practical windows that provide lighting and favor surveillance.

The circus hamster cage is made of strong plastic and galvanized metal for a long service life. In addition, you will receive it with an accessory kit and a set of stickers so you can decorate it to your liking.

With a patented design and the support of a prestigious brand, you could consider this model in your comparison. If you want to know more about this cage, know its pros and cons.


Design: It is a cage with an original and attractive design, which resembles a colorful animal circus; with a red roof provided with pennants and two windows.

Stickers: You can customize the cage and decorate it with the included stickers, alluding to a circus environment.

Cleaning: Its cleaning is very easy to do, you will only have to separate the base from the metal structure.


Breed: It is advisable that you evaluate the breed of your pet before making the purchase, since this cage is recommended only for small rodents.

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Hamster cage accessories

Hamster cage tubes

Kaytee Superpet & Cages Plastic Tubes 16 Count

Hamster cage tubes are ideal for providing your small pet with hiding places and tunnels where they can have privacy, a place to hide food and many hours of fun. If you are looking for a set of tubes, this model could be the best option, given the quality and diversity it offers.

It is a modular kit that offers you up to 16 pieces, to recreate a habitat of multicolored tunnels, where you can efficiently connect the cage so that your hamster passes from one area to another with ease. You will receive 1 bubble cap, 8 connecting rings, 3 elbows, 1 T-tube and 3 tubes of different diameters and lengths, so that your pet is happy in his home.

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other accessories

ShareWe Automatic Water Bottle Dispenser

A drinker suitable for its needs is an element that cannot be missing in the cage of your small rodent and this model could be a purchase option, since it is a product made of reliable and resistant materials, free of toxins and odors. chemicals. In addition, you can easily hook it to the bars.

It is an automatic dispenser with tube and roller ball, made of anticorrosive stainless steel, which provides the necessary amount of liquid and without the risk of water spills. The bottle offers up to 125 ml of capacity and also includes a base for a practical feeder. It is a recommended model not only for hamsters, but also for guinea pigs, chinchillas, rabbits and other small animals.

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Shopping guide

A hamster cage should be the right habitat for the animal to play, run, eat and sleep; In addition, it must offer enough space for the inclusion of toys, be ventilated and easy to clean. With these qualities in mind and with this guide to buying the best hamster cage, you will be able to find the most appropriate model for your small pet.


The first thing you should consider before making your purchase is to verify the size offered by the cage in question. For this, it is essential that you evaluate the breed of the hamster and that you get advice about how much it will grow when it reaches adulthood. The idea is that the cage is spacious enough so that it can move with some freedom regardless of its age or race.

For this reason, it is advisable that you choose a cage that provides comfort depending on the species; remember that the more space your pet has, the less stress they will have and the happier they will be. In this sense, in the market you can find cages with one or several floors, where in addition to the necessary elements for feeding and resting, you can also include additional toys and accessories that provide entertainment for your pet.

types and models

There is a wide variety of types and models adapted to all tastes and needs. For this reason, in a comparison of hamster cages you will notice that there are fixed and also portable cages. The fixed ones are those that remain stable in a specific place in the home, while the portable ones are lighter and can be easily transported from one place to another; For this reason, these models are ideal for traveling or transporting your pet comfortably and without stress, since they are compact and comfortable cages.

Likewise, there are also cages designed with tubes where you can recreate a peculiar habitat for your pet, with labyrinths and tunnels in which the small rodent can play and exercise freely and safely. Likewise, there are aquarium-type cages, heavier but spacious, comfortable and ventilated.

Similarly, you can find aviary-type cages with bars, especially designed for small rodents; They are sturdy and have enough space to put various accessories. On the other hand, among the plastic models you can find a good and cheap cage that gives you a modular format. These products being the favorites of many hamster lovers; since they are cages that prevent the animal from injuring itself by biting the bars. In addition, they come in different sizes and designs.


A good quality material defines how much a hamster cage costs, this parameter being of great importance when what is sought is a product with a long useful life and that also facilitates the hygiene of this habitat. In this sense, among the most used materials in the manufacture of cages we have metal, plastic, wood and glass.

Metal cages have bars that favor ventilation and their base is usually made of easy-to-clean plastic. The plastic ones are light, resistant and usually incorporate modules to add additional spaces. The wooden cages, on the other hand, are very attractive and resistant; however, its hygiene could be more difficult than expected. Finally, we have glass cages that resemble a fish tank and are easy to clean.


In order to avoid bad odors, product of your pet’s excrement, it is important that the cage is ventilated. Ventilation also favors a cool and comfortable environment so that the hamster can live comfortably even if she is in captivity.

In this sense, the cages that offer better ventilation are those that have grids. However, if you prefer a glass or plastic model free of bars, you must ensure that the top offers adequate ventilation so as not to compromise the good health of your pet.


Hamsters are very active rodents that need to be constantly on the move, which helps them maintain an ideal weight and avoid the stress of confinement. For this reason, it is important that you provide them with toys that allow them to run, play and have fun. Among the most common accessories for a hamster cage are the exercise wheel, stairs, swings, tunnels and walkways.

Some cage models include other accessories such as feeders and drinkers; while others come equipped with what is necessary to offer the animal a comfortable home. For this reason, in addition to offering elements to put their food and water, they also have toys and a house or nest where they can take refuge and rest.

Frequently asked questions

Q1: How to use a hamster cage?

If you have bought a hamster cage, today most of these products include the necessary elements to provide the animal with a comfortable environment. However, in order not to get bored, you could add toys or accessories; The idea is to provide the animal with a home where it can feel happy. You should also provide a soil that resembles a burrow, such as sawdust, hay, dry straw or pieces of paper; in order to provide an environment as close to its natural habitat. You should also keep the cage clean and located in a corner of your house safe from any predator.

Q2: How to make a hamster cage?

If you are passionate about DIY and also hamsters, you will be able to make these animals a cage suitable for their needs. However, it is important that you take into account the size of the species in question, since depending on the type of hamster, you must make an ideal model to prevent it from escaping. For this reason, on the web you could visit any tutorial that gives you step by step the construction of an appropriate enclosure for your pet.

Q3: What does a hamster need in its cage?

In order to provide the animal with maximum comfort, you will need to get several items to put in its cage. In this sense, start by choosing a hygienic drinker that does not spill water and that stays hooked to the cage; Next, you must add two feeders: one for vegetables and fruits and the other for cereals.

You also need some exercise equipment, such as a wheel, tunnel, walkway, or ladder. Likewise, it is essential that it has a nest according to the size of the animal, where it can rest and store its food reserves; the nest should be made of materials that can be broken without harm, such as dry hay.

On the other hand, do not forget to place a substrate at the base of the cage that will serve as a floor for the animal to dig and have fun; while absorbing urine and feces.

Q4: Why do hamsters bite the cage?

Some hamsters have a tendency to chew on cage bars, which is not safe or healthy for them; since biting the metal could cause damage to their teeth and, as a consequence, brain injuries. This mainly happens when the animal feels stressed and bored; so a practical solution could be to provide him with more toys and rotate them periodically to avoid monotony in his environment. You can also provide him with some pesticide-free fruit tree branches or pieces of wood so he can chew safely.

Q5: How many individuals can I have in a hamster cage?

Since hamsters are naturally territorial animals, males especially do not allow other males to be around; Similarly, females tend to be solitary when they are raising their litter. For this reason, experts advise having a hamster for each cage, in order to avoid fights between them that could cause the death of the weakest; also to prevent females from getting pregnant indiscriminately. In any case, if you decide to put two specimens in a single cage, you must be attentive and observe their behavior; in order to prevent its sharp teeth from causing injuries to its counterpart.

Q6: How to clean a hamster cage?

The health of a hamster could be seriously compromised if its cage does not have proper hygiene; hence the importance of carefully cleaning the environment around it. The feeder and water should be cleaned daily; Likewise, you must remove the accumulation of excrement daily, for which you can use a small spatula. As for the substrate, it must be completely removed at least twice every month.

Deep cleanings, these should be done once a week; for which it is advisable to place the animal in a quiet place while the sanitization is carried out. Start by removing accessories and soaking everything, including the cage, in warm, soapy water for 15 minutes to easily remove any dirt. Clean each element with a sponge or brush and then rinse with plenty of water. Finally, let it dry in the open air.

Q7: Where to put a hamster cage?

As important as having a good cage equipped with accessories, is the place where you are going to mount it. Remember that hamsters are mammals susceptible to temperature changes, so you should place the cage in an environment between 18 and 24°C. Likewise, you should put your home away from direct light, away as much as possible from heat sources such as stoves or fireplaces; it is also advisable to protect the animal from drafts and any predator.

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