The 8 Best Pipettes for Cats of 2022

Pipette for cats – Buying Guide, Opinions and Analysis


Pipettes for cats are a quick and effective alternative to combat the presence of external parasites in the pet’s fur. Depending on the product you purchase, your cat may be protected for entire weeks or months against various vermin. One that could be one of the best pipettes is the Arppe Biospotix, a set that has insecticide-free units and enough product for a 5-month treatment. Another good alternative may be Parasital Zotal, pipettes for cats that contain active agents against multiple parasites, insects and vermin, for the protection of your pet.

The 8 Best Pipettes for Cats – Opinions 2022


Caring for a pet goes beyond feeding and playing with it, especially if we focus on grooming. Cats are often more independent than dogs when it comes to grooming, but this does not make them immune to parasites, and the following pipettes could help you combat them effectively.


Pipette for kittens


1. Arppe 2963010100 Biospotix Pipettes for Cats

Arppe offers one that could take the place of the best price-quality pipette for cats with the Biospotix, a set made up of 5 units to take care of your pet’s health.

Each pipette for cats contains 1 milliliter of product which stands out for being free of insecticides, being less aggressive at a chemical level, to minimize the risk of poor reception by the pet.

Another noteworthy aspect is that it can be used as a pipette for kittens and a single dose can have effects for a full month, so the entire set will be enough to guarantee treatment for a minimum of 5 months.

As for its effects, it can directly attack the presence of fleas, ticks and mosquitoes, preventing these parasites from infesting the animal’s fur. Also, it can be used on pets other than cats, such as rabbits, ferrets, and guinea pigs.

Being considered as, possibly, the best pipette for cats of the moment, it is convenient to take into account its most important characteristics:


Duration: The effects of the pipette last approximately 4 weeks of protection for the pet.

Safe: Considering that it does not contain insecticide, it is safer to use.

Application: Its application method is simple, allowing it to be done in a few minutes, so as not to bother the cat.

Species: In addition to cats, the product can be used in other small mammals.



Scent: Keep in mind that the product has a scent that can remain on the cat’s skin for a couple of days.

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Pipette for cats against fleas


2. Parasital Antiparasitic Pipettes for Small Dogs and Cats

From the manufacturers of Parasital we present you a set that could contain the best pipette for cats inside, since it can also be applied to small dogs and offers various active agents to repel, being quite effective in treatment.

Parasital pipettes are 1.25 milliliters and are designed for pets that do not exceed 10 kilograms in weight. Its effects are repellent, so they work best when used continuously, to prevent the appearance of parasites.

In total, the set contains 6 pipettes for cats against fleas and each one has a formula that provides long-lasting effects that can last up to 1 month. This means that, with a single purchase, you will provide protection and treatment for your cat for up to half a year.

Parasital could become the best brand of pipettes for cats, thanks to the efficiency of products with benefits like these:


Effects: Its effects protect against diseases caused by mosquito bites.

Units: The set is made up of 6 units, for a treatment lasting several months.

Species: You can use it in both cats and dogs without problems.

Nutrition: It has natural oils that provide care and hydration to the pet’s skin.


Oil: The content of the pipette is quite oily, so you must be careful when applying it to help it be absorbed by the skin.

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Other products


3. Canac Dimethicon Generique Spot on flea and tick pipettes

Canac Dimethicon could be among the best pipettes for cats in 2022, considering that its formula is free of chemical insecticides, making it safer for pets.

This product works based on elements with natural insecticidal properties to effectively get rid of fleas, ticks, lice, mites and other parasites. It can be applied from 3 weeks of life and has a total of 6 pipettes.

It is applied in a simple way, although your purchase includes specific instructions, in case you want to make sure of what steps you must follow to use it properly. Its absorption is good and it does not leave oily traces on the fur that can bother later.

On the other hand, the effects of the pipette will be able to immobilize and kill the parasite, to prevent it from moving from the cat to another animal or to any piece of furniture in the home.

In case you are not sure about which pipette for cats to buy, you may want to consider the following pros and cons:


Process: The effects produced by the pipette incapacitate and then kill the parasite, to ensure greater protection.

Insecticides: It is free of insecticides, making it safer and more reliable to use on domestic pets.

Application: You can apply it easily, since its pipettes are comfortable to use.

Pipettes: A total of 6 pipettes are included to meet several weeks of treatment.



Puppies: Do not ignore the indication that prohibits its use in puppies under 3 months, as it can have adverse effects.

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4. Menforsan Anti-Insect Pipettes With Margosa Geraniol and Lavandino

Another of the cheapest products that you could find when looking for pipettes for your cat is the one offered by Menforsan with its units equipped with natural repellent ingredients.

Among the components that these pipettes contain, geraniol and margosa stand out, which have repellent properties against parasites, to keep them at bay and avoid infestations. In addition, they have lavandino oil, to provide skin care, as well as a pleasant aroma.

They are effective against mosquitoes, lice, fleas and ticks, offering protection in case you spend a lot of time in the garden or go out at night to explore, for example. This will also prevent you from carrying the parasites to other pets that live in the home.

Its application is simple and does not give off intense aromas or leave greasy traces that could bother the animal.

Before applying any product to your pet, it is necessary to take into account the possible advantages and disadvantages of its use:


Natural: The products used in its formula are natural to offer greater confidence when using them.

Repellent: Several of its components have repellent effects, which will keep your pet protected against infestations.

Protection: You can keep ticks, mosquitoes, mites, lice and fleas away for a period of 15 days.

Complement: If you want to improve its performance, you can combine the pipettes with other complementary products offered by Menforsan.



Quantity: This option has fewer pipettes than other purchase alternatives, so the duration of the treatment will be reduced.

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5. The Healthy Dog Co Flea Treatment Solution

If you have not been able to make a decision about which is the best pipette for cats, we invite you to know the product of The Healthy Dog Co.

Here we find a bottle of 100 milliliters of product against fleas, ticks and lice, which you can comfortably apply with a dropper, in order to extend its durability for up to a full year.

Its recipe is 100% natural and can be used on both cats and dogs, offering complete protection for all the pets you have at home. In addition, this prevents it from containing substances that can be toxic and end up affecting the health of the animal.

A detail that you must take into account is that its application must be daily for a week, but this will be able to kill any flea that is bothering your cat.

Knowing in depth the benefits and possible risks of the pipette for cats will help you make a more responsible decision to care for your pet:


Species: One of the advantages of this pipette is that it can be applied to dogs or cats without problems.

Dropper: The cap is equipped with a dropper, so you can more easily apply the product.

Duration: The presentation in which the product is offered can make it last for a whole year. Avoiding that you have to buy treatments frequently.


Absorption: You must be careful when applying the pipette, since the product takes a while to be completely absorbed by the skin.

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6. BIO-Spot On Natural means against ticks and fleas

BIO-Spot offers you a natural medicine against fleas and ticks that also contains special elements that give it additional qualities that make it stand out from other products.

One of these is geranium oil, which has regenerative effects on the skin, provides a pleasant aroma and helps to relieve tension, thus improving muscle problems. Along with it, there is also dimethicone, which is effective in attacking old infestations, including the eggs and larvae of the parasites.

The box contains 4 pipettes of BIO-Spot and you can apply one every 3 weeks, in order to guarantee a lasting effect. In addition to this, it is also suitable for use with dogs, so that you can provide the necessary care to all pets in the home and prevent any eventuality or infestation.

Below, we have selected some relevant details about this product, so you can learn more about it before buying:


Natural: This product contains a natural recipe for the prevention and cure of infestations in your pet.

Effects: Apart from killing insects and parasites, the effects of the pipette also extend to larvae and eggs.

Aroma: After applied, it leaves a pleasant aroma that has repellent effects.

Protection: Provides protection against multiple insects and parasites, covering the most common.



Oily: You can make the fur a bit oily near the area where the product was applied, but this does not cause any harm to the animal.

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7. Beaphar cat repellent pipettes

Another alternative that can probably offer good effects when dealing with fleas, ticks and mosquitoes is that of Beaphar with its pipette set for cats, since it is complemented with natural ingredients that will keep them at bay.

The package contains 3 pipettes of 1 milliliter each and with a duration of 1 month, so the treatment can protect your pet for up to 3 continuous months. Its application method is the same as that of any pipette and the medicine does not give off intense odors that could bother.

The formula, for its part, stands out for having incorporated natural extracts of margosa (pesticide) and pyrethrum (insecticide), which provide the effects against parasites that may be close to the pet, in order to prevent them from causing infestations that affect their good health.

Beaphar has one of the cheapest pipettes for cats, in case you want to save money when purchasing your pet’s treatment:


Time: The content can guarantee the protection of your pet for a period of 3 months.

Protection: It is capable of avoiding infestations of ticks, mosquitoes and fleas in your cats.

Extracts: They contain extracts of natural origin and repellents, to keep parasites away.

Smell: Its smell is not intense and does not remain long in the fur.



Effectiveness: The percentage of effectiveness may be affected if the animal is in a closed or open environment.

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8. Disane Antiparasitic Pipettes for Natural Cats 2 Months

Disane Pet Care has veterinary approval for the formulation of its pipettes, which are designed to be used against fleas, ticks and mosquitoes alike, helping to prevent bites or infestations.

The offer is made up of 2 pipettes of 1.5 milliliters that can last up to 30 days, providing treatment for a period of 2 full months for your cat. In addition, you can use them throughout the year in case your pet is used to being outdoors.

Another remarkable aspect is found in its formula, given that its natural elements make the application of pipettes something safe for animals with allergies to conventional insecticides, sensitive to chemicals, and even in a state of pregnancy, as they do not have counterproductive effects on health. pet overview.

If you want to guarantee your cat good health and development, it is important to thoroughly review any medication that is going to be applied:


Aroma: After its application and unlike others, the medicine gives off a pleasant aroma.

Safe: Being safe to use, you can use them throughout the year, for the care of your cat.

Chemicals: It does not contain chemical elements, since a natural recipe is used in its preparation.

Efficacy: Its effects will be notable against various types of parasites, including fleas and ticks.


Oil: The product is somewhat oily and may be noticeable on the coat, but should wear off after 24 hours.

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Shopping guide


In case you are not very familiar with the subject, here we offer you a guide to buying the best pipette for cats, which provides information of interest with the intention of helping you choose the most suitable product to take care of your pet’s health at home.

Pipette Effects

When you find yourself before a comparison of pipettes for cats and you don’t know which one to buy, remember to pay attention to the effects generated by each one, in order to choose the most effective one according to your pet’s specific problem.

Some cats may be more prone to attracting certain vermin, so applying a pipette with repellent effects on a particular parasite could help solve the problem.

Other alternatives are equipped with broad-spectrum formulations, which can attack several parasites at the same time and evaluating those that usually affect cats, it is not difficult to find pipettes against fleas, ticks, lice and mites.

Likewise, you cannot fail to consider those that have repellent elements, since, after directly attacking the infestations and laying eggs, they will be able to remain active, to prevent a new invasion of the parasite.

Formula Components

The components of the formula in the cat pipette are of vital importance when choosing a product that is both safe and effective for the care of the pet.

In general, the pipettes must contain elements that have pesticidal and insecticidal effects, since this way they will be able to effectively combat the presence of parasites such as fleas, lice and ticks. In addition, it is an advantage if repellent agents are also incorporated to help keep vermin away.

On the other hand, some components of the formula in pipettes for cats can determine how much a certain product costs, since those that contain ingredients of natural origin tend to have a higher price due to their extra benefits and low risk of use.

suitable species

Depending on the type of pipette and its composition, you could find products that have a wide range of effect and are suitable for different species of animals. This comes in handy when you have multiple pets at home, as you can protect them all against parasites.

When reviewing this feature, you should pay attention to the manufacturer’s specifications, since only these indications will let you know if the product can be used in animals other than cats. In addition, you must be very attentive to the recommended weights, since the amount of medicine in the pipette is formulated for certain levels in particular.

In general, most multi-species pipettes include other mammals such as dogs, rabbits, guinea pigs and ferrets. These are usually the most common alternatives chosen by people when looking to get a pet, so pet care products such as pipettes can be found relatively easily.

absorption and scent

A detail that many forget to check when choosing a pipette for their cat is the level of absorption of the product and the remaining aroma that will remain after applying it.

Since it is medicine, not all combinations will have a pleasant smell, and animals as sensitive as cats can be affected by aromas that are too intense. In addition, we must also consider that these odors can be impregnated in furniture fabrics where the animal is used to being, or even in your own clothing.

Regarding absorption, it is best to prefer pipettes that contain a formulation with an aqueous texture and a low percentage of oil, so that it can be quickly absorbed by the skin and not have to be massaged for a long time.

duration of effects

Last but not least, the duration of the effects of the pipette for cats that you are interested in buying also has its relevance when choosing.

Depending on the pipette model and the units included in each package, varied cycles of protection can be enjoyed. In general, most pipettes are effective for up to a month after being applied, allowing a simple treatment to be carried out, but with good results against vermin.

However, it should be noted that many pipettes for cats, although they are cheap, have lasting effects, so it should not be too difficult to find a good and cheap one, to ensure the care and health of your pet.

Frequently asked questions


Q1: What are the side effects of a cat pipette?

Side effects or those produced by pipettes for cats usually occur in case of poisoning due to overexposure to the product. As you know, the active components can affect sensitive animals, which is why it is crucial to consult a veterinarian before using them.

If you have recently applied a pipette to your cat and you suspect that it might be intoxicated, you should be aware of symptoms such as lack of appetite, dilated pupils, salivation, apathy, discouragement, fever, weakness, among others. In more severe cases, hypersensitivity, trembling of the ears, twitching, loss of coordination, jaw crepitus, and seizures may also be noted.

You must consider that the medicine in the pipettes is absorbed through the skin and an allergic reaction can be fatal. In the event that the pet presents some of these symptoms, you should go immediately to the veterinarian, to be able to provide the necessary medical attention.

Q2: How long does it take for a cat pipette to take effect?

The activation time of a pipette for cats usually varies and this will depend on the composition of each product.

However, for the most part, they can start working immediately after application, as the insecticidal components are ready to go to work. Also, you should know that they reach their highest point of effectiveness after the first 48 hours after it was applied.


Q3: Where do cats put the pipette? 

The application of a pipette in your pet, whether it is a dog, cat or rabbit, usually follows the same instructions:

First, position your pet in front of you so that you have easy access to its back. Next, part his fur with your hands to expose the skin along his spine starting at the base of his neck. In the case of cats, you should be careful not to apply product below their shoulders, since with grooming they could ingest it.

Proceed to open the pipette and pour the content directly onto the animal’s skin in the space you have opened in the fur, being careful not to apply too much product, to let it be absorbed and not run to the sides. When you finish, apply a gentle massage to ensure better absorption of the pipette and everything is ready.


Q4: At what age can cats be pipetted?

The minimum age for the application of the pipette in cats is usually after 3 weeks of life, since, after this stage is passed, the pet has a much stronger immune system.

This helps prevent adverse effects from the application of the pipette, nor is it too sensitive to the chemical elements or repellents contained in the formula. However, before considering the use of these types of products, we strongly recommend that you take your pet to the veterinarian, so that they can give you indications about what would be the most appropriate and safest option.

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