The 8 Best Pipettes for Dogs of 2022

Pipette for dogs – Buying Guide, Opinions and Analysis


Having a pet involves much more than feeding it and taking it for a walk, especially if it is a dog. If not cared for properly, the fur of these animals becomes attractive to certain insects, parasites and vermin, but a solution that can be quite effective against these evils is pipettes for dogs. First of all, we would like to recommend the Advantix K9 II product, a pipette with a prolonged formulation capable of lasting up to 4 months. It is for medium to large breed dogs and is easy to apply. Secondly, you might be interested in the Beaphar BEA10614, an alternative for small pets that, in addition to keeping vermin away, also prevents the transmission of diseases.

The 8 Best Pipettes for Dogs – Opinions 2022


Dog pipettes can help combat fleas, ticks and other parasites that would affect their health. This care can be preventive or corrective, so it is a highly recommended product if you have pets and now you will be able to discover some of the best pipettes available on the market.

Advantix Dog Pipette


1. K9 Advantix II Red 21 – 55lb

Advantix K9 II is an option that is among the best pipettes for dogs of 2022, especially if your pet is of considerable size.

This product offers you enough medicine to comply with up to 4 months of treatment; and thus keep your pet protected from parasites and vermin. The formulation is capable of protecting against fleas, ticks and mosquitoes, providing safety and comfort by preventing your pet from scratching.

For its part, the amount of each Advantix dog pipette is designed for medium or large breed dogs weighing between 10 to 25 kilograms, since it has 2.5 milliliters; enough so that you can properly spread it throughout his body. In addition, it is highlighted that it will attack insects by contact and without the need for a bite, reducing the risk of disease transmission.

It could be the best pipette for dogs at the moment, we recommend you take a look at its particular benefits:


Quantity: Each pipette has 2.5 milliliters of antiparasitic formula, for large and medium dogs.

Duration: This offer in pipettes for dogs offers enough product for a treatment of several months.

Contact: Unlike the effects of other pipettes, this medication does not require the insect to bite the pet to act.

Protection: It offers protection against multiple vermin, insects, parasites and even their eggs.



Absorption: The medicine in this pipette may take a little longer to be absorbed through the skin than others.

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2. Advantix for Dogs up to 4 kg

This Advantix brand product could easily be classified as the best pipette for dogs, since it has multiple effects for the health care of your pet.

The Advantix dog pipette has effects to repel fleas, ticks, mosquitoes and sand flies, avoiding risks of diseases such as borreliosis, rickettsia, ehrlichiosis and leishmaniasis, which are transmitted through the infected bite. So you can allow your pet to go out to the garden or go to the park for a walk without worries.

On the other hand, the amount of each pipette is calculated for small breed dogs that do not exceed 4 kilograms in weight and is also resistant to water, guaranteeing the permanence of its effects, even if the pet gets wet, allowing it to receive its baths. on regular basis.

Advantix is ​​considered to be possibly the best brand of pipettes for dogs and now you will be able to evaluate the pros and cons of one of its products:


Repellent: With the application of this pipette you can create a repellent barrier against ticks and fleas.

Diseases: It offers a reduction in the risk of disease transmission, for a better quality of life.

Wet fur: It will not matter if your pet gets wet, as this will not influence the effects of the pipette.

Safe: You can use the product in pets that are pregnant or lactating without any risk.



Box: If you are going to buy the product in online stores, such as, we advise you to verify that it comes in its original and sealed box, to avoid inconveniences.

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Other products


3. Beaphar Small Dog Repellent Pipettes

If it is difficult for you to decide which is the best pipette for small dogs, you are probably interested in learning about the Beaphar product.

Its set of pipettes has 3 units of 1 milliliter and a suitable formulation to be used in dogs up to a maximum of 15 kilograms. In addition, it should be noted that the minimum age of application is from 3 months, allowing you to apply them to puppies.

It has elements such as neem and pyrethrum, which are natural extracts that have repellent qualities against insects, preventing your pet from being affected by the typical parasites attracted by dogs.

It should be noted that the effect of the application of a pipette is capable of offering protection for a period of 4 weeks, so the complete treatment will have an effect for up to 3 months.

Among the cheapest pipettes, you can highlight the advantages offered by the Beaphar brand product, for the care of your pet:


Natural: This product contains ingredients of natural origin that make it organic and safe for pets.

Aroma: Unlike other medications, the one in this pipette has a faint aroma, so as not to cause discomfort.

Duration: The effects of the application can last up to 4 full weeks, before requiring another dose.

Treatment: The offer has enough units to complete treatment for several months.



Constancy: You must be constant with the application of the pipettes, otherwise there is a risk of losing the effect.

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4. Zotal Parasital Antiparasitic Pipettes for Medium Dogs

Zotal Parasital are pipettes for dogs with long-term effects, which can be extended for up to a month with each application, and since the offer is made up of 3 units, you can ensure the care of your pet for up to 3 months.

Each one has 1 milliliter and can be applied to dogs between 10 and 25 kilograms; that is, small and medium size. Its handling is quite simple and you can easily remove the cap.

As for its recipe, it has almond oil as a special ingredient, which has positive effects on the pet’s skin. It is capable of providing nutrients, as well as hydration, to improve the health of the skin and also the coat.

To make the decision about which pipette for dogs to buy, it is best to evaluate all the important aspects in this regard:



Hydration: The incorporation of natural oils in the formula of the pipette, provides moisturizing qualities for the skin.

Application: Its application method is quite simple and easy to follow, so you can do it yourself without any problems.

Protection: Follow-up treatment provides protection for up to 3 full months, to take care of your pet’s health.

Diseases: The qualities of the drug are capable of protecting your dog from diseases such as leishmaniasis.



Greasy: After applying the pipette, it leaves an oily trail along the spine and can give off an odor for a couple of days.

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5. Arppe 2962010100 Biospotix pipettes against fleas and ticks

Searching among the cheapest products, you will probably come across the Arppe 2962010100 pipettes, a set designed for medium-sized dogs.

These pipettes can be applied to animals weighing up to 20 kilograms and the indication is 1 milliliter per 10 kilograms. In total, the set offers 5 pipettes, so you can combine various doses, depending on the weight of your pet. 

Likewise, it is worth mentioning that the effects can last up to 4 weeks, but this will depend on the state of the animal before starting the treatment and the environment in which it is regularly involved.

It is also noted that the formula of the product is free of insecticides, in case your pet has sensitive skin, so as not to be too aggressive. It can protect against fleas, mosquitoes and ticks and the remaining odor is not too noticeable.

Before buying this pipette for the care of your dog, you should review its pros and cons in detail:


Treatment: The content of this package will allow you to apply pipettes for a period of up to 5 months.

Insecticide: The formula is free of insecticides, which increases safety when applying the pipettes to your pet.

Trace: They are quite soluble, so they do not leave too noticeable traces on the skin or fur.

Odour: The aroma it gives off is mild and is not annoying for the pet or people.



Duration: At the end of the treatment, you will probably have to apply pipettes again, since the duration of its effects is shorter than in others.

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6. Disane 100% Natural Antiparasitic Pipettes for Dogs

Disane offers you a pack of pipettes for dogs that you can apply with confidence if your pet is sensitive to chemicals, is pregnant or is still a puppy. This is because it is formulated with completely natural ingredients and free of insecticides or other elements that could be toxic.

The package is made up of 4 pipettes of 1.5 milliliters and, considering their composition, they can be used in animals of various weights and sizes, respecting the indications of 1 pipette for every 5 kilograms.

On the other hand, the treatment provides effects for up to 1 month; so, technically, with a single purchase you can care for your pet for up to 5 full months.

This Disane product could be what you are looking for to care for your pet, which is why we present its advantages and disadvantages:


Safe: It does not contain insecticides or toxic elements that can affect the quality of life of your pet.

Allergies: It is considered a hypoallergenic product, since it is safe to use with dogs that suffer from allergies.

Repellent: Being repellent, you can keep vermin such as lice and mosquitoes at bay.

Dosage: You can combine the doses in case your dogs have a specific weight, since its formulation is safe for all types of breeds.


Environment: Keep in mind that the environment in which your pet is is decisive for the regularity of the treatment.

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7. Menforsan Anti-Insect Pipette For Dogs With Margosa

Menforsan could offer what would be the best value for money pipette for dogs with its cheap alternative 54109MFP337; an option that contains natural ingredients, which guarantee the safety of your pet.

The product offers you 2 pipettes of 1.5 milliliters; each with effects of 15 days for dogs that are outdoors and up to 1 month for pets that live in more controlled environments. Contains neem and geraniol; both trees with insecticidal properties and also lavandino, an essential oil that is repellent to insects.

Its focus is focused on preventing attacks by mosquitoes, ticks, fleas, lice and mites, so that it also prevents the diseases that these types of parasites usually transmit. At the same time, it’s worth noting that the pipette’s natural elements make it safe and reliable, so you can properly care for your pet’s coat, skin, and overall health.

With the intention that you can choose an effective and safe pipette, below, you will find some additional details about it:


Additives: Contains additives that will help intensify its effects, in addition to taking care of your pet’s fur.

Natural: Presents a formula with natural ingredients that provide confidence when applying it.

Protection: Being broad-spectrum, this pipette will be able to protect your dog against various types of parasites and vermin.

Environments: It can be used in dogs that are in urban or rural environments, without inconvenience.


Quantity: Compared to the offer of other pipettes for dogs, the quantity of product is small.

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8. RSPCA FleaAway Spot-on Solution for Large Dogs

For those owners who are interested in pipettes for dogs that can extend their effects longer than alternatives, they could easily be interested in the RSPCA FleaAway.

This pack has a total of 3 pipettes, for the treatment against fleas, lice and ticks, but it stands out that it can attack the problem for several continuous weeks, depending on the parasite of the infestation.

Specifically, it can act for up to 2 months for fleas and 1 month for ticks. This will prevent you from having to worry about buying more pipettes too soon. In addition, it contains fipronil; a broad-spectrum insecticide that will protect your pet against parasites.

You should also know that its application method is simple, as well as intuitive, and it can be used in large dogs weighing between 20 to 40 kilograms of breeds such as Labrador, collies, boxer, Dalmatian, etc.

If you would like to consider this option in pipettes for dogs, you should first verify that it offers the benefits that your pet requires:


Duration: Depending on the type of parasite to be treated, the effects of the medication can last for several months.

Furniture: You can also apply it on your furniture, to ensure that vermin do not remain between the fabrics.

Insecticide: The presence of an insecticide in the formula will take care of quickly and effectively attacking the problem of parasites.

 Aroma: It does not give off a too strong or unpleasant aroma, being comfortable to apply.


Aggressive: You must respect the manufacturer’s instructions regarding use and weight, as it can cause irritation.

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Shopping guide


If you have not used a pipette for dogs before or do not know much about it, we have put together this guide to buying the best pipette for dogs, with the intention of providing you with the necessary information so that you can choose the right product.

Pipette Effects

The effects provided by the application of the pipette for dogs is one of the most relevant and determining characteristics when choosing which product to buy.

In most cases, dog pipettes are used when you notice that your pet has been invaded by fleas and ticks, since they are the most common vermin and attracted to pets.

If this problem is not treated in time, the animal can develop illnesses that could put its life at risk; due to blood loss, as well as the transmission of diseases and infections that come with bites. In addition, the presence of these types of insects in the home can be harmful to the health of human beings as well.

Considering all of the above, it is essential that the pipette is effective in killing the main parasites mentioned above, as well as keeping other insects that may affect your pet at bay.


Formula Components

Before applying any medication and following a treatment for your pet, it is very important that you thoroughly review the components of the formula, in order to ensure that it is safe and reliable.

In a comparison of pipettes for dogs, many owners focus on whether the product has certain additives, especially if they have pets with allergies or sensitive skin. In these cases, you can consider pipettes with natural formulas, which minimize the percentage of chemicals, to avoid being too intense on the skin.

A common element to find in pipettes for dogs is usually fipronil, which is a broad-spectrum insecticide, capable of attacking various vermin such as fleas, ticks, mosquitoes, flies, etc. However, before using an insecticide pipette, you should read the instructions carefully, to make sure that it is not too aggressive and can cause allergies or itching.

Protection Duration

Some options in pipettes for dogs may contain formulas with a longer duration than others, depending on their effects. Because of this, we recommend reviewing the specifications to find out how long they will be effective for your pet so you can purchase more before they run out.

Depending on the formulation, components, additives and ingredients, pipettes for dogs can maintain their effects for days, weeks or months. This is usually specified and it will depend on the severity of the infestation case, choosing the most appropriate.

Likewise, the environment in which the pet lives cannot be ignored; since a dog that spends most of its time in a closed environment, such as an apartment or a house, will not be as exposed as one that lives in the countryside. Because of this, the regularity of pipetting, as well as the duration of treatment, can vary considerably.


animal weight

In order to act effectively, pipettes for dogs usually have doses indicated based on the weight of the animal. This could affect how much a certain product costs, since large dogs require more medication than small ones.

Usually only a couple of milliliters of medication is needed for pets of all sizes, but this will vary based on weight and should be adhered to to avoid overly aggressive treatment.

In this sense, before choosing which pipette for dogs you are going to buy, you must have knowledge about the weight and size of your pet. In this way you can choose the model with the appropriate formulation and the safe percentage of active ingredients, to start an effective treatment.

Product quantity

One advantage that you may find when looking for which pipette to buy for your dog is that some products are sold in sets designed for several months of treatment. In this way, a much more noticeable, lasting and safe effect for the pet is ensured.

This may vary in the number of pipettes included with the purchase, as well as the amount of product each contains, which may also be affected by the breed, size and weight of the animal.

However, pipettes for dogs are not usually excessively expensive and you can find one that is good and cheap, for the care of your pet.

Frequently asked questions


Q1: How to use the dog pipette?

To properly use a dog pipette, hold it in one hand and hold it upright, so the nozzle is facing up. With your other hand, grab the tip of the nozzle and twist or turn it until you can pull it out, leaving the hole where the medicine will come out.

Take your pet and place it between your legs, to prevent it from escaping, and spread its fur from shoulder height to the beginning of the tail; so you can see their skin. Place the pipette on top and press gently to apply the product directly to the skin, little by little, along the animal’s back.

Afterwards, rub a little with your hands, to help the skin absorb the pipette and act properly against the parasites.

Q2: When to put the dog pipette?

Parasitic pipettes for dogs or cats contain chemical elements that could be too aggressive for them when they are puppies, so the application of these products from the animal’s 4 months of age is recommended.

At this age, he has already developed certain antibodies that will allow him to properly handle the effects of the pipette on insects, without being affected. However, to make sure, it is best to go to the veterinarian; so that, after making a thorough review of the pet, you can determine if the use of the pipette is convenient or not.

In addition to this, you cannot ignore the importance of weight when choosing the pipette, since the percentage composition of the products in the formula can work better depending on the size of the dog or cat.

Q3: Where do you put the pipette in dogs?

The parasitic pipette usually has a particular design with a dropper outlet, which will help you properly handle the medication when applying it. The bottles have this tip because the medication is liquid and must be applied to the animal’s back.

If you are going to use it on a medium or large breed dog, you should apply it from the center of the shoulders to the beginning of the tail, being careful not to spill it on the sides of the body. Thus, you will ensure that it is protected against all kinds of insects, vermin and parasites.


Q4: How often do dogs need to be pipetted?

Taking into account that the effects of the parasitic pipette usually last from 2 to 6 weeks, depending on the formula and the components, it would be best to consider applying a new one monthly, until the symptoms decline. That is, when you can be sure that your pet is already free of parasites.

However, it is important to mention that other alternatives in parasitic pipettes that are more aggressive and last longer, can continue to perform their benefits for a few months, preventing you from having to apply them often. However, they are usually much more expensive alternatives than conventional ones.

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