The 8 Best Tortugueras of 2022

Tortuguera – Buying Guide, Opinions and Analysis

Turtles are among the first pets that a child can have, being an easy animal to care for, so it is ideal for our children to learn the responsibility of caring for a pet. The only thing you need to have it is a turtle tank, a place where your turtle will feel more comfortable. One of the models that we recommend is the Ciano Plus 80, which is one of the new ranges of terrariums for turtles, which has a ramp and island, and is also made of highly resistant glass. On the other hand, the Ciano Plus 40 stands out, with anti-shock corners and an aesthetic design.

The 8 Best Tortugueras – Opinions 2022 

Having a small turtle and taking care of it implies having certain special accessories to make our pet feel comfortable. Among them, the terrarium for turtles is one of the main ones, so, to acquire the best turtle tank of the moment, we recommend you look at the following selection of the best models.

large turtle tank

1. Ciano Tortuguera Plus 80

Among the largest models on the market today, this large tortoise tank from the Ciano brand stands out, both for its manufacturing quality and its modern design, so you can place this product in your living room without clashing with the style from your house.

Manufactured with resistant glass walls, this model has white plastic corner pieces that reinforce the sides of this turtle container and prevent blows that could damage the glass. It has dimensions of 80 x 24.5 x 29.7cm, but you can also purchase this model with two more compact dimensions, with lengths of 60 and 40 cm.

This model incorporates a central island with two ramps so that your turtle can easily enter and exit the water. It has polished corners and a good finish, as well as a transparent plastic cover to keep the interior of this turtle tank protected.

If you are studying which are the best turtle tanks for 2022, the first thing you should do is compare the most important features of each model, starting with this turtle tank.


Materials : Synonymous with quality, the glass with which the walls of this product are made guarantee resistance and elegance.

Design : It has a modern design, so it will look great in your living room.

Protector : It has a practical protective cover made of highly durable plastic that is completely transparent.

Corners : To prevent damage to the glass and reinforce the walls, this product incorporates practical plastic corners.


Joints : The joints of the walls of this turtle tank are fixed with silicone, however, they have great resistance.

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2. Ica KIS60 Kit for Isla Cristal Tortuguera

If you are looking for a large turtle tank that you can use for both your turtles and reptiles, this model might interest you. This turtle container has large dimensions of 38 x 37.7 x 37.9 cm and a weight of 5.53 kg.

It is a high-quality product and with its purchase a complete kit of accessories is incorporated that will help its maintenance, in addition to making your turtle feel more comfortable inside. A practical and beautiful realistic platform is included on which your pet can rest comfortably from the water.

A pump is also equipped that will help keep the water oxygenated, as well as a liquid to eliminate excess chlorine. In addition, it includes a practical bag of special food made up of prawns for your pet.

If you want to know which is the best turtle tank, you need to look at every technical detail of this and the other selected products.


Kit : Included with your purchase is a handy kit that includes a water pump, dechlorinating fluid, and a bag of food.

Platform : It has a beautiful and practical platform with a realistic rock design on which your turtle can climb.

Lid : Equipped with a practical lid that protects part of the surface of the product, also allowing the hand to be easily inserted.


Filter : Please note that the edges of this product are a bit thick, so it might be a bit difficult to fit a filter to it.

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glass turtle tanks 

3. Ciano Tortuguera Plus 40

Made of resistant glass, this product stands out for having dimensions of 40 x 16.9 x 25.6cm, so you can comfortably place it in a living room, in addition to its elegant and modern design, which will not clash with the style of space around you. In addition, the market has two larger versions of this model with 60 and 80 cm in length.

This is one of the glass turtle tanks that has practical white plastic corners that will support and protect the walls of this model, so that it will take care of the glass from any blow and will reinforce the union of the walls.

It includes two ramps with a platform that you can hook onto any of its walls, making it one of the cheapest and most functional turtle tanks on the market. It shows off a finish with polished angles that will avoid any accident with the glass.

Considered by many users as the best turtle tank, this model has excellent features.


Design : It sports an elegant and modern design with dimensions of 40 x 16.9 x 25.6cm.

Ramp : Includes a set of two ramps and a platform that you can easily place anywhere in the turtle tank.

Water : You can introduce an amount of up to 3 or 4 liters of water inside so that your turtles can swim.


Accessories : Consider that this product does not include any accessories such as plants, sand or stones, so if you want to decorate its interior, you must buy it separately.

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4. Zolux Aquarium tortue-aquaterrarium for Water Turtle

Manufactured with a practical, easy-to-adjust upper grille that helps prevent external attacks that your pet could suffer, such as the entrance of a cat or the playful hand of a child, as well as protecting the interior of the product from the fall of an upper object. This is one of the glass turtle tanks that is among the most sought after models today.

It has multiple advantages such as its internal filter, which helps keep the water clean from your turtle’s waste. In addition, it includes a platform with a ramp that will allow your pet to get out of the water whenever he wants.

Its dimensions are 50 x 25.5 x 20.5cm, so you can easily place it in a free space in your living room or anywhere you want thanks to its versatile design.

If you don’t know which tortoise tank to buy, the best thing to do is to study every aspect of the models selected for you. Next, we present the pros and cons of this turtle tank.


Materials : Made of resistant materials, this turtle tank has all glass walls.

Grid : Includes a practical safety grid that will help protect the interior of the product, as well as your pet.

Platform : It is equipped with a platform and ramp that will help your pet to get out of the water whenever he wants.


Decoration : This product does not include any type of decoration, so you must purchase it separately.

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plastic turtle tanks

5. Arquivet Tortuguera kleo

If you are looking for one of the best plastic turtle tanks that you can place in your children’s room and that has a beautiful and colorful design, do not hesitate to look at this model. Made of transparent plastic, resistant and easy to assemble, this turtle tank is an ideal alternative to take care of your little turtles.

Considered one of the cheapest models, this model has a small island with a ramp that will allow your turtle to get out of the water easily and it has very nice decorative plastic palm trees that will help your pet feel in its environment.

Its dimensions are 31 x 58 x 31cm, perfect for placing on a table or showcase. In addition, it incorporates a practical metal grid in the upper part that will protect the interior of the turtle tank from intruders, also allowing you to insert your hand to feed your turtle.

This product is considered the best value for money turtle tank, so we recommend you look at the positive and negative characteristics of this model.


Lid : It has a transparent lid with a mesh that allows access to its interior when necessary, as well as protecting your pets from the attack of a larger animal.

Materials : This turtle tank is made of durable and resistant plastic materials that will help keep your turtle cared for.

Island : It incorporates a practical and pleasant island with a ramp that will help your pet to get out of the water from time to time.


Capacity : This turtle tank has little water capacity compared to similar models, so if you are looking for one that allows you to place a greater amount of water, you should choose another alternative.

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Turtle tank with filter 

6. Haquoss Exotica 50 New Tartpaludarium

Proper care of the water in any turtle tank is essential for raising healthy and strong turtles, since the water tends to get dirty with your pet’s waste, so it is recommended to install a filter to help you maintain it.

With the purchase of this model you will not have to look any further, since a practical filter with carbon cartridges that is installed outside the product and with a capacity of 380 lt/h is included. It is ideal both for your water turtles and for raising amphibians, frogs and even shrimp and fish, this turtle tank with filter will allow you to create a pleasant and tailored habitat for your pet.

Made of transparent glass, this product has dimensions of 50 x 30 x 40 cm and weighs approximately 9.6 kg.

When choosing a new turtle tank, it is important to consider its pros and cons. Next, we explain the features of this product.


Filter : This model includes a practical 380 lt/h water filter that can be easily hung outside.

Versatile : It is a turtle container indicated to take care of various types of animals such as turtles, lizards, frogs, among others.

Lid : It has a safety lid with a net to protect the inside of the turtle tank.


Price : It has a high price compared to models of similar size, so if you have a tight budget, we recommend choosing another model.

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giant turtle tank

7. Yagu Tortuguera Mgz Giant

If you are looking for a large product for your pet to feel at ease and even live with others of its kind, the ideal is for you to acquire this giant turtle tank from the Yagu trademark, considered by some users to be the best brand of turtle tanks nowadays.

Made with resistant glass walls, this turtle tank includes a platform in the form of a realistic rock, on which your turtle can walk when it runs out of water, being able to climb onto it easily thanks to its stepped design. On the other hand, it has four corners that help protect and fix the walls.

You can choose between four sizes: small, medium, large and giant, with the latter having dimensions of 80 x 37 x 20 cm. In addition, this giant turtle container offers the possibility of decorating its interior with multiple accessories and introducing a large amount of water.

Although it is not one of the cheapest, this turtle tank has great features, such as the following.


Material : The resistant glass with which this product is made, gives it a good level of durability.

Wide : It is a wide model that will allow you to place several decorative accessories to improve the experience of our pet.

Platform : Includes a practical easy access platform designed in the shape of a realistic rock.


Cost : The price of this turtle tank is one of the highest on this list, so if you can’t invest a lot of money, you should find another.

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Turtle tank for large turtles 

8. Crystal Turtle Tank 

Some users prefer small turtles while many others prefer large ones. If you are one of the latter, we recommend that you take a close look at this turtle tank for large turtles from the trademark.

With a large internal space that allows you to put several medium-sized turtles of approximately 15 to 16 cm, this turtle tank has dimensions of 50.5 x 19.2 x 30.5 cm. In addition, you can place up to 30 liters of water.

Inside it has a ramp and stable and well-secured platforms thanks to its silicone joint. Now your pets can have a large place to play and that you can decorate with countless internal accessories.

Before proceeding to make the purchase, it is vital to know the negative and positive aspects of this turtle tank to make a decision.


Platform : With a platform and ramp fixed to one of its walls, this turtle tank is one of the most spacious and practical on this list.

Dimensions : Ideal for turtles with a size of about 16 cm, this product allows you to have several pets comfortably.

Food : With your purchase you get a bag of 30 grams of special food for turtles.


Grass : The platform and the access ramp are covered with grass, which begins to loosen after a few days.

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Turtle tank accessories

Turtle tank filter Bioballs

Keeping the water in a turtle tank completely clean is vital for the healthy and happy growth of your turtles, but to do so you need a very important accessory and of which you will find many different types: the filter.

This turtle tank filter is installed on the outside of the walls and is easily connected thanks to its European plug. It generates a total consumption of just 5 watts and incorporates a blue perlon cartridge with bioballs and ceramics inside. In addition, it has dimensions of 20 x 9 x 7.5 cm. 

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Turtle tank heater 

Sunsun 65W

As well as humans, the temperature of the water affects the sensation of pleasure that aquatic animals have when touching it, much more if it is their habitat. Therefore, it is advisable to take care that it has a perfect balance between heat and cold.

To achieve this easily, the use of a turtle tank heater like this one from the sun sun brand is recommended, which has a consumption of 65 watts that works by heating the water to 26 degrees. It has a cable length of up to 1.8 meters and works with a voltage of 220 to 240V. It has a circular design with 8 cm in diameter.

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Shopping guide

One of the easiest animals to care for that exist and that are an ideal option for your children to learn the responsibility that raising a pet entails is the water turtle. However, for her to grow widely and not feel stressed, having a special habitat is a necessary requirement.

Faced with this need, we have decided to create this guide to buy the best turtle tank and thus help you choose the model that best suits your needs in terms of design, manufacturing materials and price. Therefore, if you are interested in choosing a good and cheap turtle tank, continue reading this section.

product dimensions

In any comparison of turtle tanks, the first aspect to look at is their size, since it will affect both the number of turtles that can be comfortably inside and their size. Let’s remember that there are breeding turtles, both small and not, others a little larger, up to approximately 20 centimeters, so the dimensions of their home will determine how much they can move freely.

Think that according to these aspects, your turtle container must be large enough to place a good amount of water and be able to have a practical platform that serves as a refuge for your small pet. In addition, the size of the product is important, since it will determine the place where you can place it, so if you have little space, it is best to buy a compact turtle tank.

Manufacturing materials

In the market you will find an infinite variety of turtle tanks, but the material with which they are made is usually either plastic or glass, each one with its features and unique price, so you should look at this aspect if you are worried about how much it costs.

On the one hand, models made of plastic are usually lighter and smaller, making them an ideal alternative to place in your children’s room or in places with limited space. Depending on the type of plastic used, they tend to have more or less resistance than alternatives made of glass, which are considerably heavier and are usually installed in a room or in larger common spaces. The latter are almost always more expensive than the previous ones, but they give a more elegant and modern look, which is why they are often seen even in offices.

Water filter

We cannot miss this aspect, since the importance of the filter is immense. In charge of keeping the water in the turtle tank in perfect health and oxygenation conditions, the water filters are responsible for cleaning this liquid from the waste that this pet may leave over the days. This helps prevent it from getting sick and will help it grow healthy.

These filters are usually installed on the outside of the turtle tank with ease and are directly connected to the house’s power outlet and, while some turtle tanks include one in their purchase, on some occasions you will have to purchase it separately. Some are made with a blue perlon sheet inside, as well as ceramic or bioballs.

Platform and accessories

Although some users do not pay much attention to this detail, the platforms and other accessories that turtle tanks can have help the turtles to develop and live more in harmony, helping them to move not only in the water. Therefore, if you are planning to acquire a habitat for your amphibian, it is best to include an islet or platform with access ramps that give your turtle the opportunity to enter and exit the water easily. However, if the product does not have this accessory, do not worry, since the network provides a wide variety of generic models with realistic coral, island or rock designs.

In addition to the platforms and ramps, there are many other accessories that create a very pleasant environment for your pets, such as pebbles for the bottom, corals and marine bushes, and even water heaters so that they feel a higher level of comfort. The truth is that if you want to fill the turtle tank with accessories, the best thing to do is to have a good-sized one, since, if it is compact and plastic, this might not be the most recommended.

Frequently asked questions

Q1: How to use a turtle tank?

The use of a turtle tank or aquaterrarium is really simple. This product is a sealed box to prevent the leak of the water that you will introduce. You should place it on a flat surface and in a place where it is stable and without risk of falling off the table. Surely fill it with water to a point where the platform is above the added water level and taking care that the access ramps are within reach of your pet.

Then, place a water filter, the pebbles for the bottom and any other decorative and functional accessories that you want and fit inside without taking up much space and freedom of movement for the turtle. And finally, put your pet in so he can enjoy his new home.

Q2: How to make a turtle tank?

Making a turtle tank is not a difficult task, it will suffice to have the necessary materials and a good glass glue such as liquid silicone. The first thing you should do is acquire 3 rectangular and 2 square sheets of finely cut glass, so that you can create a box. Join the 4 walls well with the base using silicone and let it harden until you check that they are perfectly attached. They can check that there is no water leak by filling it to a certain point and looking for any leaking water.

Q3: How to place a turtle filter?

The filters for the water of an aquaterrarium are usually installed on the outside of one of the walls, so that the motor is outside and protected, as well as the nozzle inside the water so that it can perform the function correctly. Make sure to place the turtle tank near a power outlet, as filters usually have a plug to plug into.

Q4: How to decorate a turtle tank?

There are many special decorative accessories that serve to decorate any aquaterrarium such as pebbles, bushes, trees and miniature human figures, among many more. Everything will depend on whether you acquire the elements that most attract your attention or that can be better combined with the decoration of the room where the turtle tank is installed.

Q5: How to heat the water in a turtle tank?

The market offers an accessory specialized in adjusting and maintaining the water temperature at its correct and easy point, so that the turtle feels much more comfortable inside. Some water heaters usually maintain the liquid at a temperature of approximately 26 degrees Celsius and are connected to the socket in your home. After connected, what you should do is insert the device into the water and that’s it.

Q6: How much water should be poured into a turtle tank?

This varies depending on the size of the aquaterrarium, since if it is very small, you can logically add only a small amount of water. On the other hand, if it has large dimensions, you can add more water, always respecting that the turtles also need a dry space where they can walk and rest, so the amount will vary depending on the height of the platform.

Q7: What to put in a turtle tank?

Inside the turtle tanks you can place various fun and functional accessories such as a platform with an access ramp, stones and aquatic plants, so that your pet feels more comfortable being in that habitat.

On the other hand, in addition to the decorative accessories, you can place a water filter that helps keep it clean and a heater that allows it to be kept at a pleasant temperature for your pet.

Q8: How to clean turtle tank?

It is best to check the state of the turtle tank after each meal, since the idea is not to let the dirt accumulate too much to prevent you from having to make a greater effort to clean it.

On the contrary, removing the remains of the food after each feeding will help keep the habitat much cleaner for longer, making thorough cleaning periodic.

In this case, you will need to remove the turtle from the turtle tank and place it in another container while you do the thorough cleaning. Disconnect all the electrical accessories that you have connected and remove all the water from inside, taking care to point the filter outlet towards the outside, which usually contains a small amount of stored water.

Use unscented soap, a brush, and water to clean the walls of the aquarium. Take the opportunity to go over the substrate with a brush and hot water to remove all the soap from inside the turtle tank and finally fill it with water and return the turtle to its place.

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