The 8 Best Turtle Foods of 2022

Turtle Food – Buying Guide, Opinions and Analysis


Having your pets well fed is an essential part of their care, so you should always try to purchase the best product for their diet. If you want to know some recommendations in food for turtles, we first indicate the Zoo Med ZM113 product. It is a granulated food capable of floating in the water to be easier and more comfortable for your pets to reach. Second, you could check out the Sera Raffy Vital. This option is intended to supplement the diet of gopher tortoises, as well as other herbivores. Its composition contains vitamins, proteins, fiber, minerals and others to guarantee a balanced diet.

The 8 Best Foods For Turtles – Opinions 2022


Whether you have tortoises or tortoises at home, it is important to ensure that they are being fed correctly. This, in addition to influencing their health, is also important for the care of their shell. For this reason, we present some of the best options in food for turtles:

Food for water turtles


1. Zoo Med RE20043 Water Turtle Food

Zoo Med offers you a series of foods where the food for water turtles ZM113 stands out. This product contains 1.27 kilograms of food in a granulated presentation, offering buoyancy and easy consumption for reptiles.

The jar has dimensions of 25.4 x 12.7 x 14.6 centimeters and has an airtight lid so you can keep food sealed, fresh and always ready to eat.

In addition to this, it is highlighted that the formulation of this product does not contain artificial flavors, colors or preservatives, so it is practically organic and, therefore, healthier for your pets. Because of this, ZM113 is considered by some to be possibly the best food for turtles.

As for its composition, the Zoo Med product offers 25% protein in its content to meet the food needs of the animal combined with vitamins and minerals to care for its shell.

Since this could be the best food for turtles at the moment, it would not hurt to know its pros and cons:


Formula: The formula of this food contains vitamins, minerals and proteins to meet the requirements of your turtle.

Presentation: The food comes in granulated form with high buoyancy so as not to sink in the pond water.

Pot: The pot has an airtight lid that will keep the food fresh and in good condition for longer.

Quantity: With the purchase you will get more than 1 kilogram of food for your turtle, so it will last a long time.


Size: Depending on the species, the size of the pellets is likely to be too large, although they can be chopped.

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2. Tetra ReptoMin


Another good alternative in food for water turtles is Tetra. This product stands out for containing a diet rich in calcium and phosphorus, which help the growth and health of both bones and shells.

In this sense, it is also striking that the Tetra food does not have an unpleasant odor, thanks to the fact that yucca extract has been added among its ingredients, which, in turn, provides better digestion for the turtles to keep the pond more cleansed.

On the other hand, the 270 gram jar of turtle food presents the food in the form of curved pellets that resemble larvae, making it more attractive to the pet and, at the same time, easier to digest. Thanks to this, Tetra Capable’s product will become one of the best turtle foods of 2022.

Tetra might be the best turtle food brand out there and their ReptoMin product offers striking benefits:


Presentation: ReptoMin food comes in the form of curved pellets to resemble worm larvae and be more attractive to the turtle.

Hydration: When the pellets fall into the pond water, they hydrate and soften to facilitate digestion.

Odor: They have little odor thanks to the composition and extracts added to the recipe.

Bottle: The bottle is comfortable to handle, it has a lid to keep it sealed and the amount of food lasts a long time.


Baby turtles: It is not recommended to use this food for baby turtles due to the hardness with which they could find themselves before the pellet is completely hydrated.

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gopher tortoise food


3. Sera Raffy Vital


Sera Raffy Vital is a balanced food that can be fed to turtles and other reptiles. It is a vegetarian mixture rich in fibers to improve the pet’s digestion, allowing it to absorb all the nutrients necessary for its growth.

In addition to this, Sera’s gopher tortoise food also includes herbs and fish protein in small amounts, so as not to neglect this nutritional need. In addition, it is free of synthetic substances such as preservatives and flavorings to be fresher, purer and safer to consume.

The food in this product comes in the form of curved pellets and small tablets, which you can serve in a bowl so that your turtles come to eat whenever they feel like it. While on the other hand, the bottle of this presentation is 1,000 milliliters, enough to supply several weeks of food before you have to worry about buying a new one.

In case you don’t know which turtle food to buy, you can evaluate Sera’s products as they are positively valued:


Formula: Raffy Vital offers a balanced diet for herbivorous reptiles with a certain percentage of protein to cover all their needs.

Benefits: This food provides reinforcement for the animal’s defenses, as well as providing vitamins and minerals.

Rickets: It can be used to treat rickets problems by being able to improve the health of the bones and the shell of the turtle.

Purity: Contains no chemicals or preservatives.


Hardness: The hardness of the pellets and tablets can be too much for small turtles, so it is advisable to moisten them with water beforehand.

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4. Testumix Seed Mix For Turtles And Reptiles

From the Testumix brand we find a striking product if you want your pet to have access to much fresher food than that obtained from a sealed jar.

This product consists of 75 grams of terrestrial seeds designed to be sown in the terrarium where you have your turtle or in the garden if you have it freely. After being sown, the seeds will germinate various types of edible plants that meet the requirements of a balanced diet.

Therefore, this food for gopher tortoises could be considered self-sustaining, since the animal will be able to eat as much as it wants and the roots will allow the plant to grow again.

Therefore, if you don’t know what the best food for turtles is, you may want to sow some seeds so that the same animal can have access to the vegetarian diet recommended by veterinarians.

To properly choose the food that you will offer your turtles, it is necessary to know its pros and cons beforehand:


Seeds: The seeds in the pack are mostly clovers and dandelions, but other varieties are also included.

Quantity: The pot contains 75 grams of these seeds so you have more than enough to plant in the terrarium.

Ages: The seed sprouts can be consumed by young and adult turtles without problems.

Consumption: The composition of the product allows feeding, in addition to tortoises, other types of reptiles.


Time: Before buying, consider that it takes between 1 to 2 weeks for the seeds to germinate.

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food for freshwater turtles


5. King British Turtle And Terraplain Food


In the category of food for freshwater turtles, this King British product stands out as it is among the cheapest on the list. It is a can of food that contains 200 grams to feed your pets for a while, since water turtles eat relatively little, but several times a day depending on their age and species.

Analyzing its formula, we find that it contains a lot of protein as it has food pellets made up of shrimp and krill, as well as basic proteins, vitamins and minerals for the diet. However, it is recommended to complement the food with vegetables to balance it better.

On the other hand, the food pot can fit easily in one hand, avoiding taking up too much space so you can have it close to the terrarium when feeding your turtles and thanks to its hermetic lid, the pellets will not lose their integrity.

With so many options, it can be difficult to choose the food for your turtles, so you should check these pros and cons:


Recipe: The King British product has been designed to offer a balanced diet according to the nutritional requirements of domestic turtles.

Additives: Contains vitamin, mineral and protein additives that promote health and energy in your pet.

Pellets: Comes in pellet form to make them easier to digest as well as float on water.

Presentation: The food is stored in its own container with an airtight lid to facilitate handling.


Dust: Due to the fragility of the pellets, it is possible to find some of them powdered at the bottom of the can.

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6. Sera Raffy P


Sera is a well-known brand in the turtle food market, so its Raffy P product could not be missing from our selection. This option can last up to more than a month depending on the number of turtles you have. It comes in a can of 18 x 21.5 x 21.5 centimeters with an approximate weight of 880 grams so that you can hold it without discomfort. It has its respective lid and handle for easy handling.

For its part, the food formula is essentially made up of vegetables, but it also contains aquatic ingredients to supply protein, minerals and salts. Thanks to this, it can be consumed by turtles of all ages as long as they can chew the pellets without problems.

Also, this food for freshwater turtles has a high buoyancy so that your pets can eat them easily and they soften when they come into contact with water.

In case you have been interested in acquiring this product, here we will show you its most striking characteristics:


Quantity: One of the notable aspects of this option is the amount of food in the pot, since it can last for several weeks without problems.

Composition: It is a mainly vegetarian diet, but it has its respective dose of protein and vitamins for your pet.

Ages: It can be administered to young and adult turtles, since it supplies their food needs.

Presentation: The food is pellet type, which can float in the water and softens with its contact.


Hardness: Since it is essentially a food for water turtles, the pellets have a considerable hardness.

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Food for aquatic turtles


7. NestQ I think Turtles Food Aquatic Turtles Food


If you need to equip yourself with aquatic turtle food to keep your pet healthy and fed, we recommend evaluating this product from NestQ.

The Extravagance Turtle feed is dry in the form of pellets and designed to feed water turtles. By having this shape, the feed floats and the remains can be collected more easily.

On the other hand, the package contains 200 grams of food, which is made up of ingredients of animal and vegetable origin in different percentages, as well as concentrations of calcium to take care of the bones and shells of the turtles. It has an integrated hermetic closure and a transparent area so you can know how much food is left and thus buy a new one before it runs out.

In addition to this, it also contains amino acids, vitamins, minerals and proteins, with which your pet will receive the necessary contribution to continue growing healthy and strong, satisfying all its needs in terms of diet.

Extravagance Turtle is a feed that offers various nutritional and use advantages, which you can evaluate below:


Formula: The formula of this food contains plant and animal traces to balance the content.

Added: Different types of vitamins and minerals have been added for better development and growth.

Closure: The food bag has an airtight closure, preventing air from entering and damaging the pellets.

Uses: Thanks to the composition of the feed, you can feed it to turtles and lizards.


Bag: Unlike others, this food comes in a bag, which can be a bit awkward for some users to handle.

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food for sea turtles


8. BPS Food Gammarus Food For Turtles


If you are interested in acquiring what, for some, could be the best price-quality food for turtles, we invite you to discover this BPS brand product.

It comes in a 120 gram container where you will find the food cataloged as gammarus. This type is made up of sun-dried crustaceans that will provide your turtle with the calcium and nutritional materials necessary for its diet, while taking care of its muscles, bones and shell.

In this sense, it should be noted that BPS sea turtle food contains balanced macro and micronutrients to make it easy to digest, avoiding heaviness in the animal after eating.

In addition to this, the formula of the food does not have flavorings, preservatives or dyes, to remain as natural as possible and thus be safer for your turtles to consume if they are of different ages.

This BPS product is one of the cheapest turtle foods, so it might catch your eye if you want to save a little money:


Gammarus: The main protein source of this food is gammarus, since it contains calcium, vitamins and minerals.

Components: The product also contains protein and vitamin D3, an important supplement for turtles.

Chemicals: The composition is free of chemical additives that can alter the flavor or color of the food.

Container: The container where it is stored has a lid and is transparent, allowing the remaining quantity to be seen at all times.


Quantity: Some buyers consider that the quantity of food is small compared to other offers.

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Turtle Food Accessories


turtle food dispenser


Mondaplast MPTECK Automatic Feeder Trough


If you are afraid of forgetting to feed your small pets, you can always consider a turtle food dispenser and the Mondaplast brand has a very practical alternative.

The Note 2 equipment is a dispenser that can be used for both fish and turtles thanks to its design, which allows the equipment to be installed on the edge of the fish tank or terrarium.

To work, this device is equipped with a timer that you can adjust according to your pets’ diet so that it always activates at the same time and they can continue to enjoy a balanced diet.

In addition, the dispenser allows the opening to be adjusted so as not to exceed the amount of food needed.

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Shopping guide


If among so many options you get a little confused and cannot choose the right product, we invite you to read this guide to buying food for turtles where we will highlight some important characteristics that could help you choose the best option for your pet:

Type of food for turtles

When reviewing a turtle food comparison, the first thing to identify is whether it is for land or water specimens, as each has different dietary requirements. Therefore, it is imperative that you make sure you give it the right nutrients according to its species, so that it can grow healthy and strong.

Mainly, domestic turtles are categorized into two types: water and land. Both species are quite popular as pets, so food alternatives abound. In this sense, it should also be mentioned that turtles can be herbivorous, carnivorous or omnivorous.

Therefore, by knowing its species, you will be able to know what type of diet it requires, whether it is based on proteins, vegetables, leaves, fruits, flowers, among others.

This may facilitate your purchase decision, although it is always advisable to consult the veterinarian first, so that you have clear indications about the nutritional needs of your pet.


recipe ingredients

The ingredients that make up the recipe for the turtle food you want to purchase can be a factor in how much a particular product costs, but it’s also possible to find a good, affordable option that’s well-balanced for your pet.

As already indicated, turtles have three types of diets: one based on vegetables, another on meat and the last one is a combination of the first two. Reviewing what ingredients the product of your interest contains can help you be sure to provide what your beloved turtle needs for its food.

In this aspect, the ingredients that make up protein foods are based on eggs, snails, crickets and worms. The vegetable ones usually contain beans, carrots, beets, peas, corn, etc. Added to this are green or leafy foods that provide collard greens, spinach, carrot tops, lettuce, and kale.

Finally, you will find fruit and flower foods, in which the first is based on grapes, apples, melons, strawberries and more, while in the second your pet can enjoy a food with carnations, lilies, dandelions, petunias and geraniums.

As you can see, each type of food has a particular concentration of certain ingredients, so their nutritional contributions vary and these will be assimilated in different ways by the turtle’s body depending on its species. Because of this, it is very important to choose the one that has the right percentage of ingredients for your diet.


Components and additives

Although some opinions could focus on offering the turtle the basic food, it is much more recommended that they follow a diet that, in addition to providing the protein or vegetables that the animal needs, also provides vitamins and supplementary additives to improve their health and growth.

In this section, we advise you to review the components that have been added to the original recipe of the food. For example, since we are talking about turtles, it is important to provide them with a constant dose of calcium, since it is the necessary element for the development of their shell.

Likewise, there is a series of vitamins, minerals and supplements specially designed to focus on different areas or organs of its anatomy, which is why they are beneficial for the health of the animal. However, any decision regarding its diet should be consulted with a trusted veterinarian to take better care of your pet.

Presentation of the food

When talking about the presentation of the food, it refers to the fact that, thanks to the variety available on the market, today you can buy food for turtles in different presentations.

For example, you can choose between granulated foods or in the form of small sticks to facilitate the ingestion by the turtle. As you know, these reptiles do not have teeth, but use their jaws to cut food into small pieces. For this reason, it is recommended to take into consideration the size of the turtle in order to choose food that is easy to chew and swallow.

Packaging and storage

Finally, we recommend you take into consideration the type of packaging in which the food for your turtle comes. Being a kind of dry feed, this type of food must remain in a sealed jar or bag that prevents the circulation of air, since it would lose part of its integrity and flavor.

For this reason, it is more practical to acquire a container of food for turtles that has its respective lid to seal it after serving and thus keep the food fresh for much longer.

Frequently asked questions


Q1: How to use turtle food?

If you have purchased the commercial presentation of turtle food, it will suffice to determine the amount required by your pet based on its species and age. Then, with a spoon, take what is indicated and spread it over the pond water to attract it, regardless of whether its presentation is granulated or on pallets, since both are capable of floating above the surface.

If it is dirt, you can place it in a plastic feeder to prevent it from spreading on the ground and thus keep the food in one place that your pet can access without obstacles.


Q2: What is the best food for terrapins?

Aquatic turtles are omnivorous, that is, their diet is based on both protein and vegetables, so you must make sure you acquire a balanced food capable of satisfying these requirements. Currently you can get food for water turtles in all kinds of veterinary stores or online like

On the other hand, since this animal is kept in a pond with water, food in the form of sticks or pellets is more recommended, since these can float and leave less residue in the water. In addition to this, you can add vegetables such as peas, squash and carrots to your diet, as well as low-salt raw fish to supply protein.

Q3: What kind of food do gopher tortoises eat?

Land turtles are omnivores, but they differ from water turtles because their protein requirement decreases to 12.5% ​​of their diet, so they are mostly herbivores. Also, you can’t take the risk of adding too little protein to their diet, so you can give them wax worms, crickets, grasshoppers or earthworms.

In addition to this, this type of turtle must have a main diet rich in vegetables and fruits, such as cabbage, lettuce, dandelions, spinach, broccoli, corn, grapes, bananas, mangoes, peaches and much more. All of these components contain the vitamins, minerals, and nutrients necessary to maintain your pet’s good health.

Q4: Where to put food for water turtles?

If you have purchased food for terrapins, it probably comes in granulated or pellet form, so they can easily float in the water. When feeding your pet, it will suffice to take enough according to its age and requirements and pour half into the pond to satisfy the initial greed. Then pour the rest of the food little by little until the animal finishes eating its ration.

Q5: How much turtle food to serve?

In case you have a land turtle, it is normal for it to eat two to three times a day, but you must make sure that it does not repeat meals to avoid rejection. This amount will also vary depending on the age of the turtle, since while they are young, they eat more than when they reach adulthood.

If you have a water turtle at home, you should take into consideration its species to know how much food to give it, but there is a rule that evaluates that young specimens should be fed once a day, sub-adults every two days and adults twice. per week

Q6: Which is better, pellet or flake turtle food?

Taking into consideration both presentations of food for turtles, it can be concluded that pellets outperform flakes due to their shape and composition. This type of presentation allows a higher density of nutrients in each pellet, as well as better buoyancy in the pond water.

Likewise, it should also be noted that feed in pellet form is much easier to clean when it remains uneaten and does not leave residues such as flakes.


Q7: Can I give gopher tortoise food to a terrapin?

Although both are turtles, the fact that the natural habitat of one is terrestrial while that of the other is aquatic, causes great changes in their organisms, so their food needs vary.

Because of this, each species has its own determined balanced diet. For example, in the case of water turtles, they require more protein than land turtles, so their food does not contain the necessary elements to satisfy their food needs.

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