The 9 Best Acana Feed of 2022

I think Acana – Buying Guide, Opinions and Analysis

Pet food should not be taken lightly, as it is important that they are well nourished and this is something they can obtain through a balanced and quality diet. Among the brands, Acana stands out for offering feed with high nutritional value and in different presentations. One of them is the Acana Classic Red, made with different components to achieve a diet rich in fresh and natural ingredients, available in a 17 kilo presentation. If you are looking for a food for puppies, Acana Puppy Small Breed dry food is high in protein and low in rice and potatoes, with a composition mainly of chicken, turkey and peas, to provide a balanced diet.

The 9 Best Acana Feed – Opinions 2022

Among the number of dog and cat food manufacturers on the market, the Acana brand is positioned as one of the most sought after, because it has a wide range of alternatives and flavors, with high nutritional content. So, if you want to buy a feed, but the options of this house confuse you, we recommend you review the following section in which we detail the most prominent characteristics of 9 best-valued Acana feeds on the market. 

I think Acana for dogs

1. Acana Classic Red Dog Food

If you are looking for the best Acana feed on the market, we might suggest that you review the properties of this concentrated food that is available in a 17 kilo presentation, making it favorable for several pets or for those who do not want to have to regularly buy a new packing. 

Like other brand recipes, this feed is made to satisfy a rich diet for dogs, based on fresh ingredients of animal origin, which have a pleasant taste, so the croquettes are of a standard size and edible for different reasons. races.

This Acana feed for dogs has a formula created to increase the nutrition of dogs in an ingenious and balanced way, with a high protein and fat content, but low in carbohydrates to avoid obesity. This dry food is 50% meat and 30% low glycemic carbohydrates, all without preservatives, so it’s natural. 

This has been suggested as the best Acana feed of the moment, but we summarize its properties in pros and cons so that you can analyze if it is favorable for your pet.


Nutrition: With this food the animal will be nourished because it has abundant meat and protein, all natural.

Formula: Its formula is balanced, with lamb, oats, beef, pork, lentils and even vitamins and minerals.

Presentation: The presentation is available in a package of 17 kilos, which is a significant quantity.

Flavor and type: They are small-sized dry croquettes, favorable for their rich meat flavor. 


Quantity: Due to the quantity of the product, it must be stored correctly so that the content maintains its level of freshness.

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I think Acana Puppy

2. Acana Puppy Small Breed

Each pet has a food that adapts to its biological needs. For those looking for an Acana feed for small breed puppies, the Acana Puppy Small Breed model is recommended, specially designed for dogs that must consume small croquettes. 

In addition, this food serves to provide a diet rich in nutrients, thanks to the fact that it has been prepared with a recipe that includes fresh animals. Within its components, the manufacturer has added free-range chicken, natural eggs and wild flounder, all of them in high-protein portions for this stage of puppy development. 

Likewise, this Acana Puppy feed does not include fast assimilation carbohydrates such as rice or potato. Instead, more meat components are added that provide greater nutrients and benefits that affect the well-being and strength of small breed puppies. Its formula integrates 16% chicken, 13% chicken meal, 12% turkey, peas and more.

This food provides benefits for puppies, but you can read its pros and cons to determine if it is suitable.


Formula: Its formula includes a high protein content in poultry for better development.

Type: Due to its recipe and benefits, it is adapted for puppies of small breeds to promote their nutrition and well-being.

Presentation: It is available in a small presentation of 340 grams, with informative and practical packaging.

Croquettes: The croquettes are palatable, with a delicious flavor and a size suitable for puppies.


Quantity: The presentation may be insufficient, so it is necessary to acquire more on a regular basis.

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I think Acana for cats

3. Acana Pacifica Cat Food 

Commonly recognized as one of the best Acana feeds for 2022, this concentrated food has properties in its formula that make it favorable for the healthy development of house cats. 

Acana feed for cats has a regional and select manufacture, so all the ingredients that make up its formula have been harvested and captured in their natural habitat by local suppliers, under strict controls, so they are well selected. In addition, this feed has high manufacturing standards and its nutrients are biologically recommended for all breeds, as well as periods in the growth of felines. 

Among its ingredients, there is a high concentration of fresh fish from Canada, such as herring, sardines, hake and rockfish, among others, for a concentration of 75%, with 37% protein, making it a natural formula and free of additives.

Acana is probably the best brand of feed on the market and this cat food can be an example of this. 


Fish: This feed is natural and incorporates meat, cartilage and organs from 5 types of fish: hake, scorpion fish, herring, sardine and halibut that make the formula very concentrated.

Presentation: It is available in easy-open presentations of 1.8 kg or 5.4 kg, with a bag that favors the preservation of the croquettes.

Manufacturing: Its manufacturing is of high standards, with selected ingredients extracted from a natural environment.

Compatibility: The formula is designed to suit all breeds and all ages, making it appropriate in most cases.


Price: Being high-end, its cost is also higher.

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I think Acana of 17 kg

4. Acana Sport & Agility Dog Food 

If you don’t know which is the best Acana feed on the market, the answer may be defined according to what you are looking for for your pet, and this food has a special formula, designed to promote agility in dogs, for active breeds and who enjoy playing.

In addition, this proposal is favorable for those who have several large breed dogs, because it is a 17kg Acana feed, so that by acquiring it, constant purchases are avoided. The croquettes are presented in a large bag, with all the nutritional information and with an easy opening system.

Likewise, this food promotes a balanced and varied diet, with proteins and fats that help the animal to have greater resistance. Its formula is made up of 75% animal protein, with meat, chicken, eggs and fish, as well as 25% plants, vegetables and fruits. All of them fresh and with the nutrients that provide the vitamins that pets require and with a pleasant taste.

If you don’t know what I think Acana to buy, knowing more about this proposal may make your choice easier. 


Formula: Its formula is nutritious, with 75% animal protein and 25% hypoglycemic vegetables.

Components: This food includes chicken, beef, eggs and Pacific flounder, all in natural form for better flavor.

Presentation: It comes in a large bag with 17 kilos of content and all the nutritional information.

Uses: It is recommended to maintain a high level of activity, thanks to its composition.


Content: If you do not have several dogs or they are not large, it is better to opt for a lighter weight product.

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I think Acana Light

5. Acana Light & Fit Dog Food

Each animal may have its own needs and this Acana Light feed is made for a rich and balanced diet, but favorable for regulating sugar levels and keeping them controlled and healthy, since it does not include hyperglycemic ingredients such as rice or potatoes in its formula.. Instead, they are substituted for fruits and vegetables.

This feed is available in several presentations, one of the most popular being 11.4 kilos, because it is practical for several animals or for just one large breed. According to the manufacturer’s recommendation, it is suitable for dogs older than one year and its recipe is made up of meat, chicken, eggs and fish, which provide nutrients and a pleasant flavor to each croquette. 

Likewise, the ingredients have been biologically verified and promote a healthy and balanced diet, thanks to their high protein content, above 60%, with vegetables. 

So that you can learn more about this model, here are its characteristics in the following pros and cons. 


Formula: Its formula contains 65% animal protein, with chicken, egg, meat and fish, and 35% vegetables such as pumpkin.

Uses: It is recommended for dogs older than 1 year, with the aim of controlling blood sugar levels.

Manufacturing: Its manufacturing is of high quality, with biologically proven ingredients that promote healthy eating. 

Presentation: It is available in an appropriate presentation of 11.4 kg in a bag with a simple opening and closing system.


Packaging: A more secure storage method for the kibble may be needed in case the main bag breaks.

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I think Acana Senior

6. Acana Senior Dog Food 

If you want to buy an Acana feed and you don’t know which one to choose, you should know that pets have biological needs that can be supplemented with concentrated food and, in the case of older animals, this formula is recommended. 

It is the Acana Senior feed, made up of dry croquettes with a pleasant flavor for dogs, because it is made with natural ingredients that favor a healthy and nutritious diet, with 2/3 parts of fresh or raw meat, without preservatives.

Due to its recipe, this concentrated food is suitable for different breeds of dogs, from small to large older dogs, because it has a large amount of protein at 38%, as well as some carbohydrates with a low glycemic index.  

Similarly, it has 1/3 parts of poultry such as chicken and turkey, in addition to dehydrated fish, all of them added to increase nutrients through a complete and balanced formula.

This feed has other attributes that we have identified in forms of pros and cons for you to review. 


Presentation: It comes in a package with all the nutritional information and with a good amount of content of 11.4 kilos, although smaller presentations can be chosen.

Formula: Its formula is nutritious and balanced, with red meat, fish and poultry, as well as vegetables and fruits in favorable proportions.

Uses: It is recommended for older dogs, as part of a balanced diet to cope with age.

Croquettes: The croquettes have a pleasant flavor, accented with cod liver, and are dry. 


Size: Although the size of the croquettes is not excessively large, in some cases, it may be necessary to crush them a bit to facilitate their intake. 

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Feed Acana Prairie Poultry

7. Acana Prairie Poultry Dog Food 

If you want the best quality for your pet, then it would be convenient if you could give it the Acana Prairie Poultry feed because it is recognized as Premium within the lines that this brand of concentrated food presents. 

This dog food has been made with high standards in production, so that the manufacturer has added fresh ingredients of animal and vegetable origin, mixed to form a crunchy croquette and appetizing flavor for dogs, based on a recipe that meets a rich and balanced diet.

This alternative is available in different sizes, in packages of 2, 6, 11.4 and 17 kilos. In addition, the croquettes are presented in a bag with an easy opening and a closure system that protects the food. This feed is recommended for all breeds and growth stages, with a formula that includes chicken, turkey and eggs, with fatty acids and Omega 3, in order to improve blood sugar levels. 

To learn more about this feed, we recommend you take a look at its positive and negative aspects. 


Recipe: Provides a balanced diet, thanks to the incorporation of chicken, turkey and eggs raised in free and conducive environments.

Presentation: According to the needs, the user will be able to select between 4 sizes the one that more suits.

Components: It favors the control of blood sugar, because it does not have cereals, but includes meat, vegetables, fruits, fatty acids and Omega 3.

Taste: It has a pleasant flavor that the animals will devour in minutes, since they are dry and natural croquettes.


Closure: Some bags may not include a closure, which may affect the croquettes.

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I think Acana Puppy Junior

8. Acana Puppy Junior Food

Available in an elegant and functional 2-kilogram presentation, this food may turn out to be the best quality-price Acana feed, since it is positioned among the cheapest, without reducing the quality of the ingredients that make up its formula.

Acana Puppy Junior feed is designed for puppies of all breeds, because it promotes in them a rich and balanced diet, with a high content of fresh animal protein, which gives them greater dynamism and strength during the development stage. 

This concentrated food is available in a yellow package that contains all the nutritional information about the components of the feed, while it is practical because it has an easy opening system, which also serves to protect the croquettes inside. Among its components, it includes 16% chicken meat, 13% chicken meal, 13% turkey meal, as well as fiber-rich legumes with lentils and peas, all of which are considered high-quality nutrients.

This Acana feed is one of the cheapest and you can learn more about it through the pros and cons that we present below.


Components: It has animal and vegetable ingredients that serve for a complete diet.

Formula: Its formula is made up of 70% protein and 30% vegetables, fruits and other plants, so it is balanced.

Presentation: It has a practical presentation of 2 kilos with a pleasant flavor, and it is offered in other options with more quantity, to avoid frequent purchases. 

Closing: It has a system to open and close easily, which protects the food inside.


Kibble: Kibble can be too big for some small breeds and cause discomfort. 

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I think Acana of lamb and apple

9. Acana Grass-Fed Lamb Dog Food

Within the catalog of this brand, is the Acana lamb and apple feed, a concentrated natural food that stimulates the well-being of pets to make them more active and healthy, thanks to its ingredients of animal and vegetable origin that favor the development in all the stages. 

Unlike other feeds, for this proposal the ingredients have been carefully selected and only a few have been added to the recipe, which includes 50% lamb, a healthy meat that is easily digestible, which is why it is recommended for dogs with special diets, of any breed and age.

The added lamb has been ranch-raised in New Zealand, and the protein from the meat, livers and other offal has been used in the formula. Also, this feed includes apples, zucchini, pumpkin, which are vegetables and fruits that are favorable for digestion. The package contains 2 kilos of content, an adequate standard amount.

For animals with a special diet, this feed would be favorable, whose benefits and cons we summarize below. 


Recipe: It has a recipe rich in protein, with 50% lamb and the rest of vegetables and fruits, favorable for the development of pets.

Packaging: Its packaging includes all the nutritional information, as well as an easy opening mode for greater comfort.

Uses: It can be used in pets of different breeds that are prescribed a special diet, with a concentrated caloric content per serving.

Digestion: Its lamb base, together with pumpkin and zucchini, is convenient for the digestion of dogs.


Protein: Its high protein content may not be suitable for some small and sedentary breeds.

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Shopping guide 

The healthy and balanced diet of pets is important for them to achieve their proper development. Brands like Acana present different proposals that vary by their ingredients, formula, size, type, among other characteristics. So if you’re interested in giving them more nutritional benefits, you’ll want to make a choice that’s right for their biological needs. Therefore, you could read the following guide to buy the best Acana feed. 

Type and uses

Before making a random choice, we can recommend that you make a comparison of Acana feed in which you include the type of food, according to the function and benefit for your pet. 

This brand includes an extensive catalog of products, with concentrated food for dogs or cats. In addition, this manufacturer is a strong defender of the biological needs of each animal, which is why, within its products, it has specific feed for special diets.

For this reason, you can find everything from puppy food, with versions for small or large breeds, to feed for older dogs, dogs with diets low in fat and sugar. As well as many others designed for very active dogs, to promote their comprehensive development and improve their physical capacity at different stages of development. 

In this way, it is most convenient to review the type of feed and to consult with the veterinarian if the selected one meets the food standards for the pet, in particular. 

formula and recipe

A cheap feed can be found in any store, but it may not be favorable to improve the pet’s diet and health. For this reason, many veterinarians agree that a formula rich in proteins, vegetables and fats is necessary for a good comprehensive development of dogs and cats.

This is where the manufacturer Acana appears, which provides natural recipes that serve to promote a complete and balanced diet, without preservatives or harmful carbohydrates, with the inclusion of a formula that in most proposals has a high amount of fresh meats and ingredients. harvested and selected with high standards in relation to production, breeding and fishing, which have been added in specific amounts to promote better nutrition, in the form of liver, cartilage, viscera, chicken and meat, among others.

In this way, you can select an Acana feed with a high protein content, with a minimum of 50% of its formula in fresh animal meat. Similarly, you can find recipes that offer food with beef, pork and poultry. Likewise, there are some recipes that only include poultry (chicken and turkey) and eggs, as well as others that have up to 5 types of fish, taken directly from the waters of the Pacific, with cod liver oil for better development and presence. of Omega 3. 

On the other hand, some Acana recipes include few ingredients, but with great nutritional value, as in the case of formulas with lamb and apple, which favor digestion and meet the doses of protein required by your biology.


One way to make an estimate of how much an Acana feed costs is to make a quick study of the amount of content included in the packaging, since, according to this, the price of the food may be higher or lower. 

For the benefit of the user and their pets, most of the proposals that Acana presents are available in different presentations in relation to quantity, so you can find feed of 380 grams, 1, 2, 6, 11 and 17 kilos. In addition, the selection of the amount can vary according to the number of dogs or cats in the home, as well as the size of these.

Each package has an easy opening system, which also favors hermetic closure to prevent the croquettes from losing hardness, properties and flavor. On the other hand, the brand has done a design job that is pleasing to the eye and practical, because it includes all the nutritional information about the content, recipes and origin of the specific food. 

In addition, Acana presents feed in the form of dry croquettes and of different sizes, depending on the breed of the animal, so that they can chew them without inconvenience, all of them with a pleasant flavor for dogs or cats, so that they stay interested in feeding. 

Frequently asked questions 

Q1: How to use an Acana feed?

The first thing is to open the package and find a measuring cup to serve the recommended amount according to the needs of the animal. Once opened, it is important to keep it in a cool and dry place and that the packaging remains properly closed to prevent it from losing its properties. 

If it is the first time that it is used, the manufacturer’s recommendation for use is that it be served little by little along with the old food until it is completely replaced, so that your metabolism gets used to it. In addition, there needs to be plenty of water next to the food bowl so that the pet stays hydrated. For both water and food, the bowls must be clean, to avoid illness.

Q2: Which do I think is better, Acana or Orijen?

Both feeds stand out among the best for having a way of manufacturing that is above commercial and mass-produced concentrated feeds, which leads them to position themselves as Premium pet foods, which take care of details and their recipes with fresh, natural ingredients. and without harmful carbohydrates. 

In relation to prices, both foods have similar costs. However, Acana may be ahead of the game because it has a wider range in relation to special needs and specific diets. However, each animal is different and it may be necessary to test which of the two feeds is more favorable for its metabolism and well-being.

Q3: How is Acana feed made?

To make this food, high quality meats and ingredients are used in relation to freshness, with biologically appropriate recipes for pets. These ingredients are harvested, caught and raised on regional ranches, blended through a unique blend of high-protein, low-carbohydrate blends with more meat to nourish dogs and cats. 

The fresh meat arrives daily at the production centers and is processed naturally, without preservatives. Although all the ingredients are cultivated and raised in a clean way, when they arrive at the plant they go through a selection process before becoming part of the feed, with teams that are in charge of controlling the temperature and quality at all stages of the process. Then, based on dog and cat diets, they create croquettes with a slow cooking system and low temperature.

Q4: What expiration date does Acana feed have?

The bags can have an expiration date of up to 12 months or more. However, the company has stated that its concentrated pet food can be consumed even up to two months after the date shown on the package, but remember that it is best that it be exhausted before this date so that the components remain fresh and the nutritional properties are not lost. 

Q5: How to adjust the portions of Acana feed?

A dog’s food ration varies according to its size, age, metabolism and daily exercise, and an appropriate amount should be given so that it does not have nutritional deficiencies or obesity.

For small dogs (2 and 5 kg) servings of 50 to 90 grams are recommended, small breeds between 90 and 190 grams. For medium breeds (5 and 10 kg) from 190 to 310 grams, in large (20 to 40) up to 590 grams of feed and in giants (40 and 60 kg) up to 800 gram portions are recommended. This is a generalized average and the exact amount will depend on the weight of the dog or cat in question. 

Q6: Which variety of Acana dry food is best for older dogs?

Senior dogs have special needs and for them, the Acana brand has included Acana Senior, which is rich in meat and protein, created to promote a balanced diet and lean muscle mass, with low calories, so it is suitable for maintain blood sugar levels. 

Q7: Where do the ingredients in Acana feed come from?

This depends on the type of food in question. For example, in the case of Acana cat food, it includes a concentration of fish in species that are caught from their natural habitat, in the Canadian Pacific seas and lakes, by specialized people and in an artisanal way.

In the case of lamb-based food, this meat comes from ranches in New Zealand. Likewise, the manufacturer has ensured that it includes fresh natural ingredients for the preparation of its Regionals line, which come directly from ranches in Morinville, Alberta, Canada.

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