The 9 Best Aquarium Air Pumps of 2022

Aquarium Air Pump – Buying Guide, Opinions and Analysis

Aquarium air pumps are necessary products for those who want to keep their fish habitat in good condition, therefore, it is necessary to know the existing options to make the best purchase decision. Fortunately, there are several models that adapt to different situations, such as the Nicrew 1.7W pump that is made to be easy to use and speed up the set-up process to oxygenate aquariums of up to 100 liters. On the other hand, those who need a little more power can find models like the Eheim 33704010, which can take care of aquariums of up to 400 liters, thanks to its great power.

The 9 Best Aquarium Air Pumps – Opinions 2022

Keeping the habitat of your pets in proper condition is necessary, and in the case of fish, it is essential to offer the best conditions so that they can be healthy. Therefore, to give them what they deserve, here you can compare 9 of the best aquarium air pumps on the market. Thus, you will be able to find the option that best facilitates the development of your fish.

silent aquarium air pump

1. Nicrew Air Pump for Aquarium up to 100 L

If you need to buy a silent aquarium air pump, Nicrew has a suitable model for you. It is a modern device that, through its touch screen, allows the configuration of several functions, such as three different levels of oxygen and the possibility of activating an energy saving mode that minimizes electricity consumption.

The product, with a power of 1.7 W and a pressure of 15 KPa, will manage to generate a constant air flow of up to 3 L/min. However, although its performance is very good, its noise level will remain below 32 dB, which will avoid discomfort.

As for the structure, it has been made of very good quality ABS plastic and, in addition, it comes with two forms of fastening. The product can be placed on the edge of the aquarium or on a flat table. The latter is complemented by its 4 anti-vibration rubbers.

Due to its qualities and easy operation, this could be the best aquarium air pump of the moment.


Fixation: It is possible to fix the device to the aquarium or leave it on a flat surface.

Modes: You can easily choose 3 operating modes from the touch panel.

Noise: The pump will generate a noise less than 32 dB when working. In addition, its anti-vibration rubbers absorb sound.

Operation: This product manages to produce a constant air flow of 3 liters per minute, which makes it suitable for aquariums up to 100 L.


Price: The cost is a little higher than other options on the market.

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2. MVpower Silent Aquarium Air Pump

We all have different priorities and if yours is to get an aquarium air pump that is discreet, then this model could be exactly what you need. This device is not only small and light, due to its weight of 125 grams, but it is also considered a silent aquarium air pump, since it produces a noise of less than 33 dB. This makes it suitable for nano aquariums, from 5L to 100L aquariums.

Added to this, it is necessary to mention that the model has a power of 1.5 W and a pressure of 12 kpa that allows the pump to generate an air flow of up to 3 L per minute. In addition, the device can work with a depth of up to 600 mm.

Finally, the product stands out for its sophisticated design and for having been manufactured with the best quality ABS plastic to provide durability.

In case you don’t know which aquarium air pump to buy, this alternative combines good design, function and practicality, so it could be the one for you.


Versatile: This pump is quite practical, as it can be used in aquariums from 5 to 100 liters without any problem.

Operation: The power of this device allows an air flow of 3 liters per minute to be generated, enough for a small fish tank.

Silent: In order not to bother you at any time, this product generates a noise of less than 33 dB.


Regulation: This pump cannot be regulated, unlike other models that have several operating modes.

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Eheim Aquarium Air Pump

3. Eheim 33704010 Air Pump for aquarium hobby

An Eheim aquarium air pump is a suitable option for those looking for the quality offered by a recognized brand, as the company always works to offer the best. Don’t be fooled by its traditional design, as this product has enough power to effectively handle aquariums from 50 to 400 litres.

This product has dimensions of 8.5 x 14.5 x 24 centimeters and a weight of 860 grams, so it is considered compact and easy to place. In addition to that, it comes with everything you need to install it as soon as you have it with you.

On the other hand, it is necessary to highlight that its operation is continuous and its performance has a low electrical consumption. In addition to that, this product has the quality of allowing the adjustment of the amount of air and the size of the bubbles in the diffuser. So you can adapt everything to the requirements of your aquarium.

Eheim is a company specialized in creating products of this type, therefore, it could be considered the best brand of air pumps for aquariums.


Configurable: It is possible to regulate the amount of air and the size of the bubbles to give you a more personalized operation.

Versatile: The power of this pump allows the device to be adapted to aquariums of 50 and up to 400 litres.

Size: In order to be easy to fit, this product is small and it is also quite light.


Noise: This air pump produces much more noise than other options on the market, which could be a drawback.

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4. Eheim Adjustable Air Pump 100

Among the best air pumps for aquariums in 2022 there must be at least one Eheim model, as this brand stands out for creating this type of product. In this case, this device stands out because, despite being a compact product weighing just 780 grams, it has a power of 3.5 W that allows it to generate a constant air flow of 100 liters per hour.

Specifically, this Eheim aquarium air pump has an air outlet that is adjustable, easily and quickly. This will allow you to set the most suitable parameters for your fish, while enjoying quiet operation. The best thing is that, to give you greater possibilities of use, this device is compatible with marine and freshwater aquariums.

As for its design, this model retains a traditional appearance and has been made of quality materials to keep it in good condition for a longer time.

If you are looking for a mix between modern performance and classic looks, then this Eheim model is really a good choice to buy.


Power: This air pump has a very good power to take care of marine and freshwater aquariums alike.

Configurable: The air outlet can be easily configured, so you can adapt the operation to your needs.

Performance: Although the product offers very good performance, its operation will be silent so as not to bother you.


Tube: The tube that comes with the pump is shorter than other models on the market.

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Other products

5. Vlike Aquarium Air Pump with Double Outlet

To have a good air pump for your aquarium you do not need to invest a lot of money, because among the cheapest models you can find a product like this one, which is made of copper and ABS plastic to provide good resistance. Being a compact and lightweight device, it will be easy to find a place for it on any flat surface.

It is worth noting that its design not only stands out for its durability, but also for its functionality, since it has a double outlet that allows a constant air flow of 1.5 L per minute each. All this is possible thanks to its 4W power and 15 kpa water pressure.

Finally, this pump will be able to deal with large aquariums without any problem, as it is a piece of equipment that adapts to different sizes of fish tanks. However, regardless of the dimensions of the aquarium, the device will maintain silent operation so as not to bother you.

This Vlike product has been designed to adapt to different aquariums, respecting the needs of each person, while offering very good performance.


Power: This pump has adequate power that allows a constant air flow of 1.5 L/min for each outlet.

Materials: The combination of copper and ABS plastic provide a very good resistance to artifacts, ensuring its durability.

Space: Finding space for the air pump will not be very difficult, since it is a small and fairly light device.


Noise: This product is quiet, however, when using full power it may produce more noise.

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6. Zacro 2.5w Oxygen Air Pump for Aquariums

Among so many options on the market it can be a bit difficult to choose the best aquarium air pump, however, this model comes with different qualities that can make it the best option for some homes. Mainly because it is a suitable device for aquariums from 40 to 300 liters, whether marine or freshwater, so it is versatile.

This product has a motor with advanced magnetic float technology that, being covered with an electrolytic plate, allows the appliance to maintain silent performance. This, in addition, is complemented by the 4 pads that absorb the movement of vibration.

For better performance, the pump provides an airflow of 3L/min which is kept constant due to its 2.5W power. Its performance is stable and, being a small and light device, it is easy to find space for it. installation.

This is one of the most purchased aquarium air pumps, as it has the necessary qualities to provide very good performance.


Materials: The elements used in the manufacture and its operating mechanism provide silent performance and a resistant structure.

Air: This product manages to generate a constant air flow of 3L/min. This can be configured to fit your needs.

Versatile: This handy pump will suit both marine and freshwater aquariums. It is also suitable for aquariums from 40 to 300 litres.


Starting: It may take a while for the pump to start, which can be inconvenient.

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7. Sera 08814 Air 275 R Plus

Whether you have a small or medium aquarium or a pond in your garden, this pump will do its job properly and provide a suitable environment for all your fish. With a size of 11 x 9 x 27 centimeters and a weight of 610 grams, this product is easy to install and will adapt correctly to any space.

Although this double connection device works with a power of 4W and manages to generate a constant air flow of approximately 4.5 L per minute, its energy consumption is lower than that of other similar models. In fact, the savings could reach up to 33%. All this while maintaining quiet performance to avoid bothering you.

In addition to this, it is necessary to mention that the structure of this device is quite resistant and that, thanks to its modern module system, it will be easy to change the membrane to keep the product working correctly.

This device has achieved good reviews due to its effectiveness. However, it is also one of the cheapest pumps on the market.


Air: This pump generates an air flow of 4.5 liters per minute, thanks to its double outlet, and its 4W power.

Practical: Due to its qualities, this artifact can be adapted to small, medium-sized aquariums and even garden ponds.

Savings: Despite providing good performance and having adequate power, the product has low energy consumption.


Additional purchases: In order to use the pump you need to purchase additional accessories.

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8. Itian Ultra Quiet Aquarium Air Pump

Crowning an option as the best aquarium air pump is a very personal decision, however, this Itian model can become one of the best options for those looking for a product with an elegant design and a small, ultra-thin and light structure., which can be properly adapted to small spaces.

This product has a power of 1.8 W and manages to generate an airflow of 300 ml per minute, which makes it a suitable device for small and medium-sized aquariums. In addition to that, it works consuming very little energy.

On the other hand, this air pump has been made of quality plastic and comes with a strong suction cup, to make it hold well to the aquarium. Best of all, its performance will be quite silent so as not to disturb the fish and neither you.

The design of this device is really attractive and modern, however, it is its qualities that make this model stand out.


Electricity: This product not only has silent performance, but also works with low power consumption.

Attachment: Thanks to the suction cup on the back, the pump can be attached directly to the aquarium.

Size: This is one of the smallest and lightest options on the market, making it ideal for placing in small spaces.


Air: The air flow generated by this pump is only suitable for small or medium aquariums.

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9. Anself Silent Aquarium Air Pump 3W

Many times to find the best option, people turn away from the cheap options on the market. However, this product from Anself, which can be considered the best value for money aquarium air pump, might change their minds. This is because, in addition to being a low-energy product, it is made of ABS for great durability.

In addition to these aspects, the product has other outstanding features, such as an air production of between 1.8 L and 2 L per minute, through the dual outlet that the air pump brings.

Finally, we must not forget the small and light structure of the device, which is complemented by 4 non-slip rubber feet to absorb the vibration of the motor and reduce the sound produced, which will make its use more comfortable.

This is a good device for those who want a quality aquarium air pump without spending a lot of money.


Structure: This product has a resistant structure made of ABS. Additionally, it is small and light.

Sound: The 4 rubber feet will absorb vibrations effectively, offering you silent operation.

Price: If you are looking to save money, this is a great option, since the price of the device is lower than that of other models.


Attachment: Unlike other products that have a suction cup or hook, this model can only be used by placing it on a flat surface.

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Shopping guide

Your fish deserve to live in a suitable place for their healthy development, therefore, acquiring a quality aquarium air pump is something really important. With this buying guide you will be able to discover what aspects you should check to find the one that is good and economical.


You need to know that these devices are very technical products. This means that, although knowing how much the product costs is relevant, the most important thing is to know how it works.

When making a comparison of aquarium air pumps, you will find various options, which will vary in power and air flow, among other things. However, remember that the fact that a pump has less power does not mean that it is worse. All the parameters to be considered must be appropriate to the type of aquarium you have. So, thinking about this, it will be easier to choose the best option.

To begin with, on the market you can find pumps that generate an air flow from 300 ml to 4 L per minute, approximately. The former are suitable for small and medium aquariums, while the latter are a better investment for handling large aquariums. This airflow goes hand in hand with power, since a powerful device is required to generate a large amount of oxygen.

Most of the time, air pumps have a power that ranges between 1.5 and 1.7 W, but there are some alternatives that even reach 4 W. This can cause the consumption of electrical energy to change, however, there are low-energy models that might be right for you.

Finally, you cannot forget to take into account how quiet the motor is, as this is a very important factor when buying. It is best to opt for products that generate less noise than 34 dB, because that way, if your aquarium is in your room, the pump will not bother you when you sleep.


When checking out a guide to buying the best aquarium air pump on the market, it is possible to leave aside its structure and everything that goes with it. However, this aspect is really important in terms of practicality.

These fixtures come in different sizes and this will affect their setup and also the look of your aquarium. It is recommended that, if you have the opportunity, you acquire a small artifact, as this way you can place it anywhere, without interfering with anything else. This is especially important if you are considering buying a waterproof model, as it is best not to take up as much space inside the aquarium.

In the case of pumps that must go outside the aquarium, it is recommended to acquire those that come with some method of fastening, be it a suction cup or a hook, because that way you will not take up so much space outside the aquarium. Additionally, regardless of the type of product you buy, never leave aside the materials, as this is what will guarantee its durability and resistance. Usually, the main material is ABS plastic, but this can be complemented with other elements.  

Finally, if you are someone who values ​​the visual aspect, you will be pleased to know that there are options for all tastes. Of different colors and types of design, from classic to modern models. Therefore, it is only enough to check the available alternatives.


Before making your final decision, don’t forget to find out how versatile the model you purchased is. This could really change your usage experience in a big way.

To get the best possible results, keep in mind the ability to set the power of the appliance’s airflow. Most air pumps have some feature that allows for this setup, but there are some basic models that are limited. This could be a disadvantage if, after a while, you want to have a larger tank or a smaller one.

Newer options offer touch settings that make this process easy, while other air pumps have rotary knobs to perform the procedure.

Remember that air pumps that allow configuration will be able to adjust the level of bubbles and the amount of air generated, helping to offer a more pleasant environment for your fish.

However, the versatility does not end here. Keep in mind that there are aquariums with different environments, some are freshwater and others are marine, so you should buy a suitable product for the type of aquarium. Most of the models are dual, but there are others that can be exclusive for a single type of environment.

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