The 9 Best Bird Feeders of 2022

Bird Feeder – Buying Guide, Opinions and Analysis

Birds are small creatures of great beauty and are very important in nature. For this reason, many people offer them food, either for the simple purpose of having them visit their garden or to help increase their population. In this sense, the edol-logic Wengué feeder could be a good choice, since it is a rustic model, which you can easily hang in the most appropriate place. But if you are away from home and have some species in captivity, the Abree Parrots will provide them with food little by little for up to a week, while, at the same time, contributing to the order and cleanliness of the cage.

The 9 Best Bird Feeders – Opinions 2022

Before making a hasty purchase, we invite you to review this selection of featured products. In it we have gathered only those feeders that have achieved the best opinions among users, so you could find some interesting one for your home.

Wild bird feeder

1. Ecol-logic Wenge bird feeder

Getting birds to visit your balcony can be a successful project if you provide them with an easily accessible food source. You can achieve this through a feeder like the Wenge from the Ecol-logic brand, because, in addition to being able to be hung easily, it includes with your purchase a bag with selected seeds that small birds like.

As for its appearance, it is a rustic model, made by hand with pine wood. But, it must be noted, that it has been treated with natural elements that do not pollute, such as natural beeswax, to prevent water from deteriorating it and the dye to the water, which gives it a darker tone.

On the other hand, this feeder for wild birds is quite robust, something that users comment positively, so it could adequately withstand outdoor use for a long time.

If you are looking for a natural alternative, of good quality and at a reasonable cost, this could be the best bird feeder of the moment. Learn about its pros and cons below.


Design: Its small format allows it to be easily placed in any appropriate place.

Resistance: Includes special treatments that help it tolerate outdoor use.

Food: The set includes a bag of selected seeds, so you can use it from the moment you receive it.


Rain: The roof of the feeder is a bit narrow, so the food could get a little wet in case of rain.

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2. Trixie 5456 Lantern Outdoor Feeder

The best bird feeder should have among its advantages easy maintenance and allow your visitors to extract the food without complications. That is why this model, which is among the cheapest, has caught the attention of many bird lovers.

It is a feeder for wild birds that you can hang on a tree, your balcony or any suitable place for that purpose. But also, it is considered decorative, due to its lantern-like appearance. 

As for its materials, it is made of plastic, so it offers good resistance to rain and keeps food dry. In addition, its filling is an intuitive and easy process to carry out, through its removable top cover. On the other hand, we must mention the advantage that up to 6 birds can eat comfortably thanks to the feed outlets.

If you need a cheap but resistant feeder to hang in outdoor areas, do not hesitate to review more aspects of this model.


Appearance: Its beautiful lantern-shaped design is considered decorative.

Easy to use: Filling the feeder is a simple process that will not take you long.

Capacity: You can place enough seeds inside for several days.

Protection: Because it is made of plastic, the rain does not wet the food inside.


Type of seeds: It is recommended to use with small seeds, to prevent them from getting stuck inside and clogging the outlets.

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automatic bird feeder

3. Abree Automatic Bird Feeder Feeder for Parakeet

Many bird fanciers find it difficult to maintain their pets’ cages, due to the large mess that some species can leave on the floor.

To make things easier, this automatic bird feeder has a special tray, which catches most of the debris before it falls, reducing cleaning work. Therefore, if you are wondering which is the best feeder for birds in captivity, this could be the answer to that question.

On the other hand, it has a large capacity, so it is considered sufficient to offer food to your little birds continuously for up to 15 days, depending on the number of birds, being very useful in case you have to leave the house for several days. days.

In order for you to acquire the best bird feeder, it is recommended that you analyze in detail both the positive aspects and its possible drawbacks. More information on the model below.


Dimensions: Its balanced size of 14 x 10 x 7.5 cm allows it to be compatible with various types of cages.

Materials: Due to its manufacture based on resistant plastic, it protects the seeds from the wind and humidity.

Use: Filling the tank and maintaining the feeder are simple and intuitive processes to carry out.


Seeds: Its design only allows the use of small seeds, but it fits the diet of a wide variety of species such as parakeets, canaries and sparrows.

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4. Yongqin Bird Cage Seed Feeder

Those who have parrots know that these little birds often spread the remains of seeds throughout the cage while they eat, which ends up dirtying the surroundings. To reduce the inconvenience that this implies, there are various solutions, but one that stands out among the best bird feeders of 2022 is the one offered by the Yongqin brand.

It is a well-designed automatic bird feeder, which has several perches with a rounded format, where the little bird can perch comfortably to eat. Below them, there is an acrylic base with a slight inclination, which will be in charge of capturing most of the waste, to deposit it in the collection tray, in such a way that you can easily remove it.

In relation to its size, we can add that it has dimensions of 12.6 x 7.5 x 6 cm, being practical and compatible with many standard type cages, so you can easily adapt the feeder.

We know that you want only the best for your pets, in the next section you can review more highlights of this feeder.


Cleaning: Its elaborate design allows you to contribute to the hygiene of the cage of your little birds.

Maintenance: Keeping this feeder clean is a simple task, as it is made of acrylic.

Resistance: Humidity and constant use are not a problem, due to its materials.


Capacity: You will have to fill this feeder frequently, as it cannot contain much food inside.

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Other products

5. Trixie 5570 Natura Pie Bird Feeder

For the birds to visit your garden frequently, offering them food is essential. If you want to do it with a decorative and resistant feeder, you can review the wide variety of models of the Trixie brand. On this occasion, it shows us a basic design made of wood, with a wide roof where the birds can perch comfortably. In addition, it must be added that it offers good protection against the rain, since this section has a waterproof treatment.

Another aspect to highlight is the great stability of its tripod-shaped base, which will prevent unexpected movements that scare your visitors while they eat. Also, the space between the roof and the feed tray is large enough for various bird species to access.

On the other hand, you will be pleased to know that you can purchase this model in various sizes and with various finishes, so that you can adapt it to the decoration trend of your choice.

Trixie, due to its extensive catalog, could be the best brand of bird feeders. If this model has caught your attention, we show you more information about it in the next section.


Variety: This model can be chosen in different sizes, according to your needs.

Appearance: Its wood-based manufacturing and natural finishes give it an attractive appearance.

Protection: The roof offers protection against the rain to prevent the food from getting wet.

Effectiveness: Due to its base, you can place it in the place that birds visit most often.


Assembly: The feeder is shipped unassembled, so you will have to spend some time assembling it, but it is an easy and intuitive process.

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6. dobar 10041 Bird Feeder with Stainless Steel Grid

One way to have constant visitors in your garden is by means of a resistant feeder, which does not deteriorate over time, such as the one offered by the Dobar brand. It is made of stainless steel, to keep your food in good condition; It has a wide roof, which prevents the rain from getting it wet and this piece can also be removed to fill the container.

In addition, you can easily hang it on your balcony or on a tree thanks to its upper rope. On the other hand, birds can eat comfortably, since rings have been added to the base and central section, where they can perch while feeding.

Another advantage offered by this feeder is that it is not only compatible with seeds, you can also add leaves or nuts. The birds will be able to access the food through the grid, extracting it little by little.

If you need more information about this product, we invite you to read the following section of pros and cons.


Size: The diameter of the central cylinder is 14 cm, so it has a good capacity.

Access: Several birds can eat at the same time, thanks to the included perches.

Durability: The materials with which it is made tolerate outdoor use and can last for a long time.


Appearance: It may not be the most decorative in our selection, but its effectiveness can make up for this drawback, by bringing in the birds.

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7. Kingfisher Ornamental Bird Feeder and Bath

A very effective way to attract birds is to provide them with a fresh water supply as well as food. If it is wide, much better. This way they can use it to bathe too. 

An option that combines both qualities is this ornamental garden bath. But that’s not all, this model also stands out for its high resistance to weathering, as it is made of resin. A material that does not rot despite being in constant contact with water. It is also worth mentioning its stability, given by the suitable diameter base, a feature that will help you place it either on grass or on hard ground.

As for the feeder section, it can allow birds access without problems and several birds can feed simultaneously. On the other hand, the upper roof protects the food from the rain, to keep it fresh.

If you are looking for a nice decorative object for your room, and you do not know which bird feeder to buy, this model could be a good option to choose.


Dimensions: The bath tray of this model is 50 cm, so it is considered a balanced size so as not to be too big or small.

Assembly: In a short time you will be able to have this feeder ready so that it fulfills its function, since the assembly is simple.

Color: The manufacturer has made this model in green, which can be combined well with areas in this tone.

Maintenance: Washing this feeder will not be a difficult project. Due to its characteristics, you can apply soap and water without any problem.


Robustness: It might seem that due to its lightness it is not very resistant, but resin is a material that tolerates exposure to the elements well.

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8. Aimé 123015 Comodor Display Feeder

Competing for the place of the best value for money bird feeder in our list we can find this model. By choosing it, you can not only provide your pets with constant fresh food, but also keep the cage cleaner, since it has a lower tank that stores waste and allows it to be easily removed.

If you are wondering about its durability, we must say that it is made of good quality plastic and given proper use it could serve you for a long time. Similarly, it stands out for its easy cleaning, which you can do by immersing it in hot water, for example, to get it ready, since there is no risk of it deteriorating.

On the other hand, if your cage is of the traditional type, with railings and a door, you will have no problem mounting it, since it offers two large lower supports to hold it and an upper one, which reinforces the coupling.

Effective solutions do not always have to be expensive, as an example we have this feeder that, while being one of the cheapest, could keep your birds well fed and happy.


Cleaning: Because of its tray it catches debris, you don’t have to work so hard every day to keep your bird’s area clean.

Design: Its shape allows a slow dosing of the seeds, so that they stay fresher.

Price: You will not have to spend too much money to cover the basic needs of your birds.


Capacity: If you have many birds in the same cage, you may have to frequently refill this feeder. But due to its cost, maybe you could buy more than one.

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9. Relaxdays Window Suction Cup Bird Feeder

Not having a splendid garden or a large terrace is not a limitation for some wild birds to visit your home. You just need to make the decision and buy a bird feeder that can be hung, for example, in a window. In this sense, a good option is the one presented by Relaxdays, which can be attached to the glass by means of its suction cup.

To give it the necessary resistance, it is made of plastic suitable for outdoor use and keeps the food fresh in its tank until it is consumed, another important feature that every feeder must have.

In addition, it is light and easy to use, not to mention that you can refill it whenever necessary without having to detach the suction cup. As far as its size is concerned, it measures 22.5 x 14.10.5 cm, being an appropriate size for birds to perch and eat.

If you know someone who loves birds, this could be a nice gift. We present you more outstanding attributes of this feeder in the pros and cons section.


Cleaning: As it is completely removable, it is very easy to maintain its hygiene.

Capacity: It can hold enough food for several days, depending on how many birds come to eat.

Resistance: The material from which it is made is robust and can withstand outdoor use well.


Spare parts for suction cup: It would be convenient if the manufacturer added a spare part for the suction cup, to replace it in case it deteriorates.

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Shopping guide

If you are a bird lover, you surely know that one of the most important aspects to keep them healthy is their diet; It must be balanced and according to the nutritional requirements of its species. To do it comfortably, in an orderly way and without excesses, a food dispenser is the most appropriate. Here is a guide to buying the best bird feeder.


When you think about a feeder, you should not only focus on the food being provided to your pet correctly, it is also important to analyze other aspects such as its dimensions, shape, etc. In this sense, we recommend that it be something functional and that its design is consistent with what you have in mind.

For example, there are feeders that are designed to be hung on a tree, so that birds can notice their presence and freely take the food when they want. These are usually small, so they can be held on a light branch, and prevent rodents from reaching the feeder and stealing the food at inopportune times.

Other models clip onto the cages, either inside or outside. In these cases, it is necessary to check the compatibility of both elements with each other, to avoid surprises and not have to resort to making alternative adjustments so that they can fulfill their function. Check your coupling system and size, mainly.

Also noteworthy in this design section are those that are automatic, very useful when you have to be away from home for some time, as they will be in charge of supplying the food little by little through different mechanisms.

Additionally, you can find feeders of great beauty, which fulfill a practical but also ornamental function, decorating your patio while attracting birds. Probably if you wonder how much one of this type costs, you will discover that it is more expensive, but it could be worth it for its versatility. As for their size, they are generally larger models and made of robust materials such as treated wood for exteriors, wrought iron, etc.

Now, the variety of bird species is very wide and some, like parrots and toucans, to mention a few, differ in both size and anatomy. For this reason, it is not surprising that there are versions of feeders designed in such a way that they can be adapted to the type of beak, allowing them to easily extract their food.

Materials and maintenance

The durability of a feeder is given directly by the materials from which it is made. In addition, it is important to analyze this point in detail, because you must verify that they are elements that do not contaminate the food, on the contrary, they must protect it from the weather, dust and more; so that it is always fresh and does not cause harm to the health of your little birds.

If you are wondering about the materials most commonly used by manufacturers, stainless steel stands out, as it is a moisture-resistant option, so it can be used in any geographical location. We also find rustic versions made of wood, but their maintenance can be delicate and their durability is usually shorter compared to metal ones.

However, some people prefer them because they are biodegradable, do not pollute, and can be eye-catching. Finally, we have plastic or one of its derivatives. This could be the cheapest material, but it all depends on the design, size and specific functions of the feeder. 

Another observation that we want to make is that the material from which the feeder is made will have a lot to do with its maintenance, something that you will inevitably have to do on a regular basis.

The smoother the materials, the easier this task will be, with those feeders made of polycarbonate being easier to keep clean, for example. Therefore, if this factor can be a problem, because you have little time to dedicate to such a task, our recommendation is that you preferably add those that are easy to maintain to your comparison of bird feeders.

Delving deeper into this topic, we want to add that you can find very interesting versions that allow food waste to be deposited in a container, so that it can be extracted without further complication.


There are not a few bird feeders that need an assembly process to be ready and usable. Check user opinions about it. Although, most likely, it will be an intuitive process that is not very complex.

Frequently asked questions

Q1: How to use a bird feeder?

The use of a feeder is to some extent intuitive. Especially if it is an open one and destined so that the birds that are free can eat. You just have to be patient for them to gain enough confidence to approach you. On the other hand, if it is one for cages, you should review the manufacturer’s instructions to avoid misusing it.

Another important point when using a bird feeder is to keep it clean. Observe the state of the food and change it when you notice that its quality is not as expected.

Avoid using foods that do not correspond to the feeder. If it is one for seeds, perhaps the best thing is that you do not use it for fruits or other types of diets, as they could get stuck.

Similarly, in the case of a cage feeder, check frequently that the anchors are in good condition. This way you can anticipate any damage such as the fall of the feeder while you are not observing.

Q2: How to attract birds to the feeder?

As with many insects, birds are sensitive to colors and are often attracted to flowers; because in advance, they know that it is a rich source of insects or perhaps they could also find some fruit. If you want to attract birds, you should also have flowers in your garden, such as petunias, violets, honeysuckle, etc.

Additionally, water is very important. Especially if the weather is hot and with little humidity. In these cases, the birds look for sources of clean water, not only to drink it, but also to cool off and bathe. So, accompany your feeder with a supply of water.

Q3: How to make a bird feeder?

For this type of project you can choose from a wide variety of options. From the simplest to the most complex, which can be true works of art. A very easy one is to recycle a bottle to which you will make some holes in the upper section, to pass some thread that allows you to hang it from a tree.

You should also make a cut at a medium height in the body of the bottle. The purpose is that you can introduce the food and that the birds can also access it. Finally, you just have to decorate it as you like.

Q4: Which is better, wooden or plastic bird feeder?

This will depend on your preferences and the design of the cage or the environment in which it will be used. If it is one to be outdoors, the wooden one could be an option. You just have to check its status frequently. If you notice that the wood is very wet, you will have to replace it, because the seeds inside will get wet too.

If you are going to introduce it in the cage, our recommendation is that you choose a plastic one. The reason is that the little birds could flap their wings in the water and constantly wet it. However, if the cage is large enough, either could be an option.

Q5: How to clean a bird feeder?

The most effective way to loosen adhering food debris and droppings from feeders is to use very hot water, even boiling if possible.

To make it easier, you can pour water into a container that is large enough that all the feeders you want to wash can fit into it.

Subsequently, what you should do is leave them soaking for about 15 minutes. To make this process more effective, you could add a few drops of degreasing soap to the water. Then remove all the feeders and remove any remaining soap with more fresh water.

Note: If your feeders can be taken apart, it might be a good idea to do so before soaking.

Q6: How to fix the bird feeder to the cage?

This will depend on the type of feeder you have chosen. If it is an automatic one, you only have to check that it is well leveled and insert the supports between the vertical bars and hold it in one of the horizontal bars of the cage.

Q7: Where to put the bird feeder?

Based on expert recommendations, you might prefer to put it in a lower section of the cage. But it will also depend on the type of bird, its size and eating habits.

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