The 9 Best Cat Beds of 2022

Cat bed – Buying Guide, Opinions and Analysis

Cat beds are accessories that will help our pets to be more comfortable when resting, so if you are looking for one and don’t know which one to choose, we have prepared some models that might interest you. The first option is the Ikea Asia Lurvig, which is made from fabric and has a padded padding that provides comfort, so that your cat can rest quietly. On the other hand, the PetPäl Cueva model has a closed structure, a padded cushion on the inside and is spacious, which will allow the feline to settle down to sleep without being bothered by sunlight.

The 9 Best Beds for Cats – Opinions 2022

In the following section we will present a list of some of the products where we will detail their pros and cons so that you can choose the option that you think best suits the needs of your pet.

Ikea cat bed

1. Ikea Asia Lurvig Cat Dog Bed

If you are looking for the best cat bed to provide comfort and a pleasant space for your pet, we invite you to evaluate the features offered by this model.

This is an extended cushion type Ikea cat bed, which will allow you to place it on the floor surface in your pet’s favorite area for them to sleep and rest. Likewise, it is made of fabric and has foam padding, which provides good levels of comfort.

Plus, the design is simple and comes in a sleek gray color so you can position it to match the feline’s fur or room decor.

On the other hand, it has dimensions of 14 x 60 x 78 centimeters, so it is spacious enough for cats that are medium or large in size and, also, it is ideal even for mothers with puppies.

Being, for many, the best cat bed of the moment, this option has attractive advantages that could be of interest to you.


Design: Its simple design and neutral grayish tones will be able to combine with any space.

Dimensions: It measures 14 x 60 x 78 centimeters, so the cat will have enough space to choose the best position to sleep.

Comfortable: It comes padded so that the cat is as comfortable as possible.

Cleaning: The fabric is easy to clean, which will allow you to keep the bed in good hygiene.


Care: To prolong its useful life, do not use chlorine, dryer, iron or water with a temperature of more than 40 degrees.

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cat cave bed

2. PetPäl Animal Cave for Cats and Small Dogs

Being one of the best cat beds of 2022, this PetPäl model is characterized by an attractive and comfortable design, so it could be a good investment.

This is a cat cave bed that provides a more intimate privacy environment so that the feline can sleep comfortably without any discomfort. In addition, the bed is made of mixed polyester and cotton fabrics, which provides it with a longer useful life, as well as being padded on the inside to provide good levels of comfort.

Additionally, it measures 27 x 37 x 33 centimeters and has a simple design in gray tones with the edge decorated with fluff to provide the maximum in comfort for your pet.

In addition to this, given that it is easy to clean and its structure is breathable, you will be able to wash it without any problem so that you can maintain good levels of hygiene.

If you are looking for a cat bed that provides a more private environment for your pet to rest without interruption, we invite you to evaluate the pros and cons of this PetPäl model.


Design: The closed design of this model will give the cat more privacy.

Size: It is spacious for small and medium cats to use.

Anti- slip: It has an anti-slip system that will prevent the bed from moving.


Entrance: The size of the hole is too high for small cats, which could make it difficult to enter.

Structure: It comes folded, so it can lose its shape a little when expanded.

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window cat bed 

3. Jzk Window Mounted Cat Hammock Blanket 

If you are looking for a practical, quality window cat bed with good levels of comfort, we invite you to consider this option from Jzk. It is specially designed for those pets that like to spectate or sleep on heights.

The dimensions of this model offered by Jkz are 55 x 32 centimeters, so your cat can rest comfortably.

In addition, it is easy to install and includes everything you need so you can place it on any window or tile in your home. For its part, the suction cups have good suction levels and support up to 15 kilograms, which positions it as a resistant product. 

Additionally, it has an affordable price, so it could be the best price-quality cat bed on this list.

If your cat likes to sleep high up, a window bed would be the ideal option. Therefore, here we present the pros and cons of this Jzk product.


Installation: Being easy to install, you will not need to read complicated manuals.

Size: It is spacious so that your pet can rest quietly.

Price: It has an affordable price, so you can enjoy quality at a low cost.


Delicate: Care must be taken when washing it, as it can be damaged if rubbed vigorously.

Capacity: Supports up to 15 kilograms, so it is designed for a single cat, since additional weight could detach the bed from the suction cups.

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Cat bed for radiator

4. Rosewood Radiator Cat Bed

If among so many options on the market you still do not know which is the best cat bed, we invite you to consider the characteristics of this model.

Low temperatures can cause cats not to want to sleep in their beds but under our blankets, so a good alternative is to opt for a radiator cat bed. For this reason, Rosewood presents us with one of its star models that has a cylindrical design with a surface made of bamboo so that the bed adapts to almost any type of wall decoration and ornaments. In addition, being made with ecological fiber, its weight is not a risk for the radiator, since it only weighs 1.14 kilograms. Likewise, it has dimensions of 40 x 33 x 48 centimeters and has a grip system so that you can easily install it and your pet can rest comfortably.

Radiator cat beds are a good option so that your pet does not get cold at night or in winter weather. Therefore, here we mention the highlights of this product.


Design: It has an attractive and very practical design so that you can hang it on the radiator and your pet does not get cold.

Comfortable: Includes a soft cushion to provide good levels of comfort.

Installation: It is easy to assemble and install without you having to read complicated instructions.


Materials: Although the materials are resistant, you should avoid washing the bamboo exterior to avoid damage.

Capacity: It is not possible to introduce two cats at the same time, since the weight could give.

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Other products

5. Pecute Basic Cat and Dog Bed

Open cat beds are preferred when you have more than one pet at home, so if you are looking for a model, but have not yet made a decision, this Pecute product has attractive features that might interest you.

Presented with a square design with 3 high edges and one low edge so that the cat can easily enter, this model has a micro suede structure, which will provide good levels of comfort. In addition, it is padded enough inside so that your cat can rest peacefully. 

The bed is designed for small cats, as it comes in size S with dimensions of 53 x 43 x 18 centimeters, but sizes M and L are also available. Likewise, the cushion is removable for more efficient cleaning and the bed itself is reversible, which will provide different levels of comfort to your pet.

This is an open cat bed that will help your cat rest comfortably almost anywhere, so we detail its highlights.


Design: Its design is basic, but very practical, since it is reversible so that your cat can enjoy different textures.

Hygiene: The cushion or the bed can be washed in the washing machine without problems for a more thorough cleaning.

Comfort: It is well padded so that your pet rests comfortably.


Waterproof: It does not include plastic protection that prevents the bed from staining.

Resistance: The structure is so soft that it can be broken by cats’ nails, so they must be filed to avoid damage.

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6. AmazonBasics Round Pet Bed

On this occasion, AmazonBasics brings us its cat bed model that has a completely circular design with slightly raised edges so that the feline can rest its head and thus rest peacefully. In addition, this product has dimensions of 50 x 50 x 15 centimeters and weighs 0.49 kilograms, so it is quite large so that your pet can find the position that best suits him to sleep.

Additionally, it is fully padded and its structure is made of flannel plush, which will help your cat to be able to enjoy good levels of comfort. Also, it can be machine washed without any problem, but you should keep in mind that you should not use it before it dries completely to prevent it from deforming. 

For its part, the lower part is made of polyester to prevent the bed from moving involuntarily and thus be more resistant. 

This model presented by AmazonBasics has an attractive design and is also one of the cheapest on the list, so we think you might be interested. Here we detail its pros and cons.


Design: Its screw-type design will help your cat to curl up and rest its head comfortably.

Texture: The flannel fleece provides good levels of softness and ergonomics.

Base: The base of the bed is made of polyester, which will prevent fluids from passing through it so that it does not harm sleep.


Resistance: Sharp nails can easily break the structure.

Size: Other sizes are not available for larger cats.

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7. Kerbl Sleeping Nest Sharon Crib

There are endless models of cat beds on the market where, surely, it will be difficult for you to decide on a model that has good levels of quality and comfort. For this reason, this time Kerbl presents us with its Nest Sharon model, which is a cradle-type bed so that your pet can rest and sleep pleasantly.

In addition to this, this crib bed has a metal base that opens in an X shape to give it more stability. In addition, the bowl has a support cover and a soft plush fabric cover so that your cat is able to enjoy enough comfort when sleeping.

For its part, it measures approximately 50 centimeters, so its size is not so large and almost similar to the size of baby seats, which will help save space while your cat rests.

Kerbl is a company dedicated to making good and cheap pet care products, so it might be the best cat bed brand in this comparison. 


Comfort: The bowl cover is soft and comfortable for the cat to rest comfortably.

Size: It measures 50 centimeters in diameter, so it does not take up much space.

Balanced: The legs of the bed are sturdy, providing good levels of stability.


Color: The color of the fabric is white, so it can get dirty very easily.

Foldable: It is not possible to fold it to save space when not in use.

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8. Dewel House Cat Tent Dog Washable 

Cat beds, in addition to being useful products for our pets, can also give certain decorative touches to our home, so if you are looking for a model that provides good levels of comfort and beauty, we recommend you consider this product.

This is a bed that has a design similar to a camping tent and comes in dimensions of 60.96 x 50.8 centimeters, so it has enough space for cats under 40 centimeters and 7 kilograms to rest properly.. In addition to this, its pastel tones will help the bed combine with almost any decoration of the room in which you decide to install it.

For its part, it is made of cotton fabric, which is anti-scratch and non-slip, as well as comes with resistant pine wood rods and instructions so you can easily assemble it in a few minutes. 

To know which cat bed to buy, you should know its most important aspects. Here we detail those of the Dewel product.


Size: It is designed for small cats, but a larger version is also available.

Durable: Cotton fabric is highly scratch resistant, giving it a longer lifespan.

Anti- slip: It has anti-slip properties to prevent the bed from moving involuntarily.


Mattress: It does not include a mattress, so you will have to purchase it separately.

Price: The price is one of the highest compared to other products mentioned in this list, which is equivalent to a higher investment.

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9. PiuPet Cat Bed Incl cushion 

Having a cat bed will increase your pet’s quality of life, so if you haven’t made a clear decision so far, we recommend you take a look at what PiuPet offers.

This is a cave-type box that helps the cat feel safe and secure. In addition, it includes a soft cushion inside so that you can sleep comfortably and it is also quite spacious, since it has dimensions of 33 x 33 x 37 centimeters and the hole is 17.5 centimeters in diameter. 

For its part, it has a cube-shaped structure that will allow it to fit on the shelves of the Ikea brand: Expedit & Kallax. Being a very attractive unique feature to save space.

Additionally, this cat bed is made from fine, high-quality polyester felt, giving it a stylish and comfortable look.

In order for you to get the most out of your investment, it is important that you consider all aspects before you make any purchase. If you are interested in this PiuPet product, here we detail the most outstanding features.


Spacious: Thanks to its measurements 33 x 33 x 37 centimeters, the cat can stay inside comfortably.

Materials: Felt provides good levels of elegance and ergonomics.

Compatibility: It is compatible with Ikea Kallax and Expedit model shelves.


Hygiene: You have to wash the bed by hand to prolong its useful life.

Flimsy: The structure is flimsy, so you have to keep it in the cabinet.

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Shopping guide

Below we will present a guide to buying the best cat bed, where we consider some of the most important features that you should carefully evaluate in the models that you like so that you can make a good investment.

Type of bed

There are countless types of cat beds on the market and you may have problems and doubts when deciding on a specific model, since there are some factors to evaluate so that you can get a product with which your pet feels safe and comfortable. comfortable.

First of all, you should pay attention to how your cat sleeps. That is, if he prefers to hide, a cave type would be the best option; but if you spend your time lying on the floor stretched out, we advise you to opt for a standard one with wider dimensions. 

In addition, the most popular type of cat bed is the open one, since this allows your pet to enter and exit in a much more comfortable way anywhere, as well as curl up against the highest parts of it to rest pleasantly..

In addition to this, closed beds or better known as cave beds have a structure made from plastic and you can find them with different types of fabric. These also have a hole that allows the feline to enter so that it can hide and feel safe. Likewise, its light weight will allow you to change its location when the cat is no longer comfortable or necessary.

Additionally, there are other types of cat beds that are completely different from conventional ones, but very practical, such as radiator, hammock or window types. These are specially designed to be hung on some surface so that the feline can rest at comfortable and safe height levels, as long as your cat is already used to sleeping in elevated areas.


Another of the important characteristics to evaluate in a comparison of cat beds before verifying how much it costs, are the manufacturing materials. Since, it is essential to get a good quality product so that it has a longer useful life and thus you can make the most of your investment.

Fabric is one element you’ll always see in cat beds, but there can be a little variation in texture, for example suede and cotton provide high levels of softness and comfort, while wool and synthetics are hotter and may cause the cat to reject them.

On the other hand, depending on the type of bed and the manufacturing materials it has, the price can rise a bit, so if you want to buy a good and cheap one, you should evaluate what it is made of.

Additionally, we also advise you to check if there is a plastic layer at the bottom of the bed, since this can prevent liquid fluids from reaching the ground.


Another aspect that you should take into account before selecting a cat bed model is to evaluate its size. This is due to the fact that in the market you will find endless models with varied dimensions that are designed for the different body proportions of each feline. However, if you select a small size S, you must bear in mind that the cat will grow and, after a few months, you will have to acquire a larger size, so we recommend that you choose a medium model so that you do not make a unnecessary investment later.

Additionally, medium-sized cat beds have approximately 12 to 18 inches of space in the internal frame, which will allow your pet to move more freely. While those from 50 to more than 60 centimeters wide are designed for adult and larger cats.

Therefore, we advise you to buy an M model if the cat is a puppy, since this way you will avoid investing again when it grows up. Likewise, we recommend that you purchase L, XL and XXL for couples or cats that have puppies, as well as verify the dimensions of your pet so that you can select a bed that is according to its size.


If you want to choose a cat bed that has an aesthetic touch, we recommend that you evaluate the style of it. That is to say, there are models that have woven or painted details that will provide a different and friendly environment that, although it is not a feature that directly affects the functioning of the bed, you can be pleased that your pet looks beautiful in his new place to sleep. to sleep.

Frequently asked questions

Q1: How to use a cat bed?

What you should do is place the bed in a corner of your house, at the opposite end of the litter box and away from food and water containers. This will help your pet to move from one place to another to avoid sedentary lifestyle and overweight.

Now, for the first use, you must make the cat adhere to its scent and feel comfortable and safe. Place the cat on the surface of the bed several times and, at the time of sleep, if it is lying on your bed or any other surface, gently pick up the cat and carry it to the bed.

Q2: How does a heated cat bed work?

These products work with an electrical system and resistances located inside that have the purpose of heating the structure of the bed so that the cat does not get cold at night or in cold climates. In addition, they are very practical and easy to use, so you only have to connect the cable to a socket and disconnect it when it reaches the right temperature.

Q3: How to clean my cat’s bed?

The vast majority of cat bed models on the market are made with fabric structures, so they get dirty mostly and very easily from feline hairs. In addition, cat beds also tend to get dirty if the floor of the home is not kept clean. For this reason, you can choose to use a lint roller to remove excess hair from the bed and then throw it in the washing machine for a much more thorough cleaning. 

Q4: How to make the cat sleep on its bed?

For a cat to sleep in its bed, you must get used to it as a puppy, since the process is more complicated when they are adults, but it is not an impossible task.

Now, the first thing you must have is patience, since felines are pets that are very susceptible to any sudden gestures or loud sounds, so you have to help them feel safe, avoiding yelling at them or forcing them if they don’t want to. He tries to place it on the bed so that he can smell her and it rubs his scent on her in the process. Do it 3 times a week until it goes on its own.

Q5: How to make a cat bed?

To do this, you will need 1 long-sleeved shirt that you do not use, a gun with silicone bars or a needle with thread, approximately 2 meters of microfiber or cotton wadding (depending on the size of the shirt) and scissors.

First, lay the shirt out on a flat surface and cut the collar of the shirt from shoulder to shoulder, but do your best not to remove excess fabric. Then, use the silicone or the needle to adhere both parts of the shirt and wait for it to dry. Next step, make a cut at the level of the armpits, but only in the upper part of the fabric to make the base of the bed and glue it so that it forms a kind of division in the shirt.

Next step, adhere both sleeves to the torso and use the batting to fill and, when finished, join the entire structure and finish gluing when you feel that it is padded enough.

Q6: Where to put a cat bed?

Normally, cat beds are usually located in a space away from common and busy areas to give the feline privacy and tranquility when they want to rest. In addition, if the pet is very attached to the owner, it should be placed in the same room, but at the other end of the litter box and away from the space where you place the food and water containers, since this will prevent it from staying in a sedentary state and you will also encourage him to exercise by walking from one place to another.

Q7: Which is better, a cave or an open cat bed?

In order for you to know what type of cat bed is best for your feline, it is necessary to make a small comparison. First, you’ll need to consider the weather, as most cats tend to seek out hot spaces to sleep in, and when it’s hot, they tend to lie down in any cool, drafty space.

Second, assess how shy the cat is, since some do not adapt easily to changes in homes, so if you tend to move frequently or often receive visits from family and friends, consider a cave type bed to provide more privacy.

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