The 9 Best Cat Feeders of 2022

Cat Feeder – Buying Guide, Opinions and Analysis


The cat feeder has become an element that goes beyond a simple bowl to deposit the feed, since it currently incorporates technology and design to make feeding these pets a pleasant and healthy task. Hence, two online proposals highly valued by their users are the Automatic Iseebiz, which stands out for its modern, large-capacity format, which allows programming the ration and food supply times. In the same way, the Trixie Cat Activity is a feeder that not only allows you to create good habits but also enhance your skills.

The 9 Best Cat Feeders – Opinions 2022


Next, we detail nine of the best proposals in cat feeders that you can find online, where quality and functionality characterize these articles, since they have been designed to cover different needs, depending on your requirements and the feeding habits of your cat. your pet.

automatic cat feeder


1. Iseebiz Automatic Cat Feeder 3 Liter

The Iseebiz automatic feeder for cats is one of the practical options to feed your feline conveniently throughout the day. To do this, it has an automatic feed discharge system through the technology provided by an infrared sensor and a timer. Which allow to provide the convenient dose in the established time, thus avoiding overfeeding.

This model could well be qualified among the many alternatives that exist on the market as one of the best cat feeders of 2022, since it has additional functions such as a voice recorder and speaker to maintain communication when you are not at home. Likewise, it has a water-repellent system that keeps the feed free of moisture.

On the other hand, this programmable cat feeder is easily configured thanks to its adjustable control panel, whose data you can view through a built-in LCD screen.

We invite you to read the pros and cons offered by what could be the best cat feeder of the moment.


Technology: It has intelligent functions that allow you to program both feeding times and feed portions.

Energy efficiency: It has an attractive and efficient design, since it consumes little energy for its operation.

Capacity: It has a capacity to store 1500 grams of food, which can guarantee up to four servings of feed per day.


Precautions: Being an electrical device equipped with sensors and a sensitive screen, you must be careful with it to prevent it from getting wet.

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2. Putty Kitty 6.5-7L Large Capacity Automatic Feeder


If you are going on a trip, to work or to carry out any other activity and you are worried about leaving your pet alone without food, this electronic feeder for cats could be of great help, since it has two feeding steps to dispense portions of 5 or 10 grams according to the size of your pet.

In addition, it has a programmable electronic system to download the food up to 4 times a day. So, if you are looking for the best cat feeder, this black design with an LCD digital screen and multiple functions, such as setting the time, time and amount of feed to prevent obesity in your pets, could be a good option.

Another advantage of this Putty Kitty automatic cat feeder is its large capacity to store up to 6.5 liters of food, making it suitable for a long period depending on the breed of the pet.

If your purchase intention is a product equipped with modern technology. We invite you to know the pros and cons of this model.


Recording: Allows you to record a message from you of approximately 10 seconds to call your pet to eat.

Power supply: It works by electric current with a USB adapter or with 3 type D batteries, for efficient operation.

Material: It is made of resistant and durable ABS plastic, provided with a transparent lid that allows monitoring of the tank and non-slip supports to ensure its stability.


Cost: Your cost could condition your purchase. However, it is a feeder that provides good qualities and functionality.

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Anti-voracity feeder for cats


3. Trixie Cat Activity Fun Board 5 Options


This entertaining Trixie Cat Activity anti-voracity feeder for cats comes to provide, in addition to fun to your pets, control over the speed with which they feed.

Added to this, it helps keep them healthy, active and improve their instinctive dexterity. Now, if you are wondering which is the best cat feeder, this product received international recognition in 2014 for its model that is friendly to the environment and pets. In addition, it provides a manual of tips and tricks to educate and exercise your cat.

This design with different filling levels and games is suitable for felines both adults, young and even with motor illnesses or stress. Hence, the board is equipped with 5 interactive proposals of different difficulty, which put the feline to the test in the search for its food, thus improving its way of hunting, by entertaining itself by capturing food and promoting the development of its senses.

If you want a proactive feeder. We invite you to read the pros and cons that this model offers you.


Antivoracity: It has different modules of difficulty both to develop cognitive abilities and to improve their feeding rhythm.

Versatility: This feeder can be used for both dry and wet feed, so feeding will be fun and nutritious.

Cleaning: Its cleaning is quite simple, due to its plastic material it can be done manually or in the dishwasher.


Difficulty: Some modules may have a high level of difficulty to get the food, so some cats could end up frustrated.

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4. Ueetek Bowl Pet Bowl

Many cats have a bad habit of binge eating, which triggers poor digestion and vomiting episodes. For this type of case, bowls like this one from Ueetek have been designed, which favor slow feeding in pets.

With a size of 20.3 x 20.3 x 4.6 cm and made of solid plastic, safe for animals, this bowl has a peculiar labyrinth format inside, which allows the cat to eat slowly to better assimilate the feed as well as its nutrients. 

Another advantage of the design and materials of this product is that it can be washed by hand or in the dishwasher without complications. In addition, its competitive price supports the investment to reduce your pet’s anxiety during meals.

For its part, the blue color of the plate is attractive and hygienic. Now, we present you some features of this product separated into pros and cons.


Material: The feeder is made of plastic, safe for animal feeding, while offering durability and strength.

Design: Inside the bowl there are several elevations and elements that work like a labyrinth, which makes it difficult for cats to access the feed, so they can eat slowly, without vomiting afterwards.

Cleaning: This product can be washed by hand or in the dishwasher, resisting the use of hot water and household detergents. 


Non- slip: The non-slip rubbers that go on the bottom of the feeder could easily come off, making it easier for pets to move the dish from its place.

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Interactive cat feeder


5. Catit Digger Senses 2.0


The manufacturer of the Catit 42985W interactive cat feeder is recognized for its history of making products with resistant materials that are also kind to animals and the environment.

This white and green plate is made of plastic which makes it easy to clean and maintain, as it can be easily disassembled. On the other hand, it is suitable for being integrated into the different senses 2.0 games, so you can eat in a fun and healthy way.

It has an insightful design that activates the feline’s instinct to catch food with its legs, this happens due to its shape, which is made up of a stable gray circular base where the feeder is placed, in turn this plate It is used to prevent food from falling to the ground or add treats to your cat.

In addition, it has 5 containers of different diameters and lengths, so the levels of difficulty are varied. Catit could become the best brand of cat feeders, so we invite you to learn about the pros and cons of its product.


Model: It has an intelligent model that stimulates activity and prevents choking from eating in a hurry.

Dimensions: It has dimensions of 37 x 37 x 8.4 cm and a weight of 435 grams that makes it light and practical to handle.

Volume: It has a capacity of approximately 30 grams in each cup, for a total of 150 grams, which may be enough for more than one day.


Monotonous: Some cats may get tired over time by not having their snacks or food immediately.

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6. AmazonBasics Pet Feeding and Activity Space

If you are looking for something economical, but of quality, this interactive plate for activities and food provides an affordable cost to any budget. For this reason, it could be the best value for money cat feeder in our selection.

It is a fun feeder with multiple compartments to place your pet’s food. Organized so that the cat takes the feed slowly, avoiding choking and therefore better assimilates its nutritional properties.

Likewise, it keeps it active by performing constant exercises where it stimulates its hunting instinct. It should be noted that to prevent the feeder from moving easily during the action, it has 6 oval surfaces made of non-stick thermoplastic rubber.

On the other hand, this feed puzzle provides a decorative touch in the space where your feline lives. Similarly, the AmazonBasics 16075 interactive cat feeder is practical to handle, since its qualities make it a lightweight item.

This feeder could be one of the cheapest and most dynamic on the market. Next, read the pros and cons that it offers you.


Variety: It has a variety of models to choose the one that best suits the feline’s personality, guaranteeing fun and good nutrition.

Method: It has a format of 4 game levels, convenient to distract your cat in different ways.

Materials: This feeder is made of resistant, durable and well-finished polypropylene, which can mean a long useful life.


Washing: Despite its versatile design, due to the structure that makes it up, washing it can be tedious.

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Feeder and waterer for cats


7. Xiapia Automatic Pet Cat/Dog Water Dispenser

This Xiapia cat feeder and drinker could be the option you are looking for, as it offers good qualities in its performance, since it has an efficient supply that allows both energy and economic savings, which is why many users see in this product the best automatic cat feeder

As for its design, we can mention that it has two transparent compartments, easy to remove and clean, one for fresh water and the other for dry food, a quality that allows you to monitor how much food and drink your pet has left. In this way, the cats will have a controlled supply of provisions when left alone at home, since they can dispense about 3.75 liters of water and approximately 2 kilos of food.

On the other hand, they are made of robust ABS plastic free of chemical agents and BPA, so it does not alter the smell or taste of the feed, as well as being respectful of the environment.

If you do not know which feeder to buy for your pet, we invite you to analyze the pros and cons that this product offers you.


Set: Features two separate, convenient containers for water and food. In this way you can satisfy the basic needs of your feline.

Dispenser: This feeder works without batteries or electricity, dispensing food by gravity, which prevents your pet from chewing on a cable and therefore suffering an incident.

Design: Its practical design has non-slip bases that ensure its stability and lateral grooves to lift it easily.


Food output: If you add large cookies, the dispenser could get stuck, so you should take it into account.

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8. Navaris 2X Elevated Pet Bowl Feeder and Drinker


This set of bowls to feed your pets has an ergonomic design, which, being separated, allows you to supply both water and feed of different textures. In addition, the Navaris 2X feeder and waterer for cats is a decorative accessory due to its distinguished white color, provided with striking black illustrations alluding to felines.

In addition to this, it provides a 32 x 16 x 8 centimeter bamboo wood support with non-slip bases, where the 360-milliliter capacity dishes fit, so that your pet does not eat directly at ground level, which in addition to benefiting its posture when eating, allows better digesting food and maintaining the hygiene of both the area and the feed itself.

On the other hand, its maintenance is quite simple to carry out, since the bowls are removable and can be carefully washed in any sink or dishwasher, as they are made of ceramic.

Have you ever wondered what cat feeder to buy? Here we leave you a series of pros and cons so that you can analyze this alternative.


Set: This feeder for your pets has a double function, since you can place two cups on the same support.

Manufacturing: The bowls are made of ceramic and the base of bamboo, so they are resistant, durable and hygienic.

Design: It has a subtle and elegant design, with images of a cat and a footprint on the bottom of the mug.


Support: Because the base is made of wood, it is not dishwasher safe, so it is recommended to clean it with a damp cloth.

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Double feeder for cats


9. Youthink Double Feeders Dogs Cats Elevated Cat Bowl


The Youthink double feeder for cats allows the bowl to be adjusted between an angle of approximately 0 and 15 degrees, which allows the feline to better enjoy its food while taking care of its spine. Plus, you can rotate the bowl 180 degrees for your desired location.

The most remarkable thing is the striking design of the bowls in the form of transparent cat faces, which allow you to visualize the food. In addition, each bowl has a capacity of approximately 200 ml, convenient for the daily feeding of small pets.

Similarly, they come with a white elevation support, provided with 4 non-slip rubber bases, which provides the opportunity for your pet to drink and eat on the same fixed surface at a convenient height.

On the other hand, resistant and non-toxic materials such as ABS GPM5600 and AS 368R plastics are used in its manufacture, which ensure its durability and the maintenance of the product’s color. 

Next, read the pros and cons that this product can offer you.


Functional: This versatile feeder has a double function to keep hydration and food separate, so the feline can eat and drink in one place.

Adaptable: This bowl supports its safe graduation at an angle of 15 degrees, so you can protect your feline’s spine.

Patterns: It has two practical and suitable decorative models for the needs of your pets.


Capacity: The bowl has a capacity for daily portions, so it is not suitable for medium-term feeding.

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Shopping guide


A cat feeder, in addition to containing the feed, must be functional, ergonomic and, why not, have an aesthetic design that is attractive to the feline and stands out in the environment where it is to be located. Therefore, in the following guide to buying the best cat feeder you will find the parameters that you must take into account to make your investment a long-term success.

type and purpose

Currently, the lifestyle of family groups, the characteristics and needs of pets, have led to the creation of a wide variety of cat feeders. In this sense, programmable automatic feeders continue to gain followers, thanks to the fact that they dispense the convenient portion of feed at the established time, so that the cat stays fed when its owners, for work or leisure outings, require to be absent for long periods of time. weather.

However, conventional feeders are still present in homes, as they not only continue to be the most economical format, compared to the previous one, but also allow the feline’s diet to be varied by admitting containing both wet nutritional formulations and dry feed and notoriously facilitating its handling. Added to this, they also have the advantage of coming in double presentations to place the water near the feed or provide food to two pets of the same or different species.

On the other hand, slow feeders have also made a place for themselves within this area, because as they are provided with barriers, they allow gluttonous or voracious pets to eat at a leisurely pace, improving their digestion and nutrition.

And finally we find the interactive cat feeders that entertain, exercise and stimulate their natural feline instincts, to obtain the food deposited in different parts of the feeder, since being equipped with different levels of difficulty, the pet must manage to get the prize (snack or feed). Being convenient designs for those overweight pets, felines that spend much of the day alone or for those young cats that need to exhaust their energy.


The material is a vitally important aspect to consider when choosing a feeder, since this not only influences how much the product costs but also its hygiene and safety. For this reason, when observing a comparison of cat feeders you will notice that users are inclined towards plastic and stainless steel, as they are two materials that offer economy, good finishes, safety and resistance, both to use and to the continuous washing to which these types of utensils are subjected.

Ceramic feeders follow in order of preference, as they offer elegance, smooth edges and, above all, hygiene. However, its disadvantage lies in the fragility of the material, so it must be handled with care, in addition to fixing it to the surface to avoid unexpected accidents with pets. Finally, we can mention the ecological alternatives made from natural products or from recycling, in which case it should always be ensured that their finishes are safe for the pet and that they can be cleaned regularly.

Design and capacity

Modern feeders not only offer color and originality in the format, because the capacity also influences their designs, since most pet owners are characterized by being dynamic and dividing their days between work and other activities, so in occasions require large capacity dispensers, which ensure the feeding of your feline while it is alone.

Hence, most manufacturers offer bowls with large dimensions, to avoid as much as possible causing discomfort to the sensitive mustaches, endowed with the shape of animals. Similarly, it may be that they look for decorative motifs in this type of product, with illustrations alluding to felines, whether they are transparent or with a predominance of color. 

On the other hand, to make the moment of feeding a comfortable task, they incorporate bases with a certain height, to make them more ergonomic or to facilitate the feeding of those cats with physical difficulties. In addition, an accessory that cannot be missing is non-slip rubbers, as they prevent cats from moving or knocking over the feeder when feeding.

As for the feeders with tanks, their stable designs can well contain from 1.5 kg to more than 6 kg of feed. Which, being airtight, guarantee both hygiene and the organoleptic qualities of the food. However, it is advisable to take these aspects into account depending on the age, genetic constitution and other requirements of your pet in order to provide a healthy diet.

Frequently asked questions


Q1: How to use a cat feeder?

The use of this utensil will depend on the type. In this sense, if it is a conventional bowl or a slow feeder, it is only a matter of depositing the food at a suitable volume to avoid spillage, placing it in the established place and sanitizing it once the pet has finished feeding.

Unlike automatic, digital and interactive feeders, which due to their designs require prior assembly, hence all that remains is to deposit the feed, which must only be dry, and in the case of electronic feeders, turn them on and program the specifications.


Q2: How to make a cat feeder?

The world of DIY and recycling offers an endless number of more or less complex ideas to make functional and practical feeders, either in the form of a simple bowl or, better yet, a feed dispenser.

For this, fruit juice containers, bottles or plastic containers can be reused according to the required capacity, for which they must be washed beforehand. Once dry, the coupling points of the tank and the feed supply opening are outlined and cut, the parts are assembled and it is ready to use.


Q3: How to clean a cat feeder?

Pet bowls should be washed daily, either with soap or vinegar, using an appropriate fiber and in both cases rinse with plenty of water.

But if you want a more effective cleaning, you can apply hot water at the end and finally dry well. For their part, digital or special material feeders should be thoroughly cleaned with a damp cloth. It is important to remember that food and water bowls can accumulate bacteria and parasites that in the long term can be detrimental to the health of pets.


Q4: Where to put the cat feeder?

Given the distrustful and fearful nature of cats, it is best to locate their feeder in a quiet place, away from the environments where family members usually travel. Similarly, it is recommended that it be ventilated, with a high incidence of light, but protected from moisture, so that the feline feels safe and free from threats.

Q5: How does an automatic cat feeder work?

When it comes to a conventional automatic feeder, its operation consists of filling the container with feed, assembling it to its base plate and as the pet consumes it, it falls by gravity. Unlike programmable or intelligent automatic feeders, which work by connecting to an electrical network or supplying them with batteries.

Additionally, they must be programmed, either through the command controls located on the screen or through an application installed on the mobile, where the timer sends the signal to a sensor so that it doses the food. In turn, when it or the batteries are running low, it indicates this by activating an alarm or light.


Q6: What is an anti-voracity cat feeder?

It is a bowl provided with carefully placed barriers to limit the intake of food by the pet. In other words, it helps those cats that are used to eating and drinking voraciously to do so slowly, thus creating good habits by modifying their behavior. This benefit also leads to improved digestion, preventing them from suffering from gas, choking and even vomiting due to eating too much or too quickly.

Q7: How to program an automatic cat feeder?

This procedure will depend on the kind of feeder that you have on hand, in the same way, whatever it is, you must fill the dispenser container with food and locate yourself at the control panel. To start the equipment programming process, press the power button, place the timer option on the screen and adjust the times, daily grams or number of servings for your pet. Also, if your feeder has voice recording, leave a note for them to come eat.


Q8: What material is best for a cat feeder?

The most recommended is stainless steel, since it is resistant, non-toxic, durable, comfortable and easy to clean. In addition to this, it is important that the feeder has a melamine or metal base with non-slip points as support, for greater stability. In this way, stainless steel feeders are hygienically safer, since they also prevent the spread of batteries that can be embedded in any material and cause damage to the pet.

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Jiangeshuh Slow Feeding Bowl for Dogs

This model of bowl to feed both cats and dogs stands out among the cheap feeders of the countless options that are displayed online, thanks to its affordable cost.

In addition, it has been designed for the care of pets, since its purpose is to prevent obesity and digestive damage.

De ahí que, el comedero antivoracidad para gatos Jiangeshuh, cuenta con un diseño particular que precisa que el gato coma lentamente asimilando de mejor manera los nutrientes aportados por el tipo de pienso que se le suministre.

En cuanto a los materiales que intervienen en su fabricación, podemos mencionar al plástico ABS, el cual no solo brinda calidad y resistencia, sino también seguridad para estar en contacto con los alimentos de las mascotas.

Sumado a esto, se ofrece en un tono azul claro que lo hace atractivo visualmente y su limpieza es una tarea sencilla de realizar, ya sea en el lavavajillas o manualmente.

Te invitamos a tomarte el tiempo para leer los beneficios adicionales de este producto.


Antideslizante: Cuenta con tres pequeños soportes antideslizantes en la zona inferior del comedero, lo que evita el desplazamiento y por ende derrames.

Diseño: Posee un diseño moderno con formato triangular y ranuras en forma de rosa para que tu mascota coma despacio y asimile mejor los nutrientes.

Portable: Dispone del tamaño y peso convenientes para llevarlo a cualquier sitio dentro de una mochila.


Profundidad: A pesar de tener un diseño práctico, puede que las zanjas sean profundas dificultando a algunas mascotas sacar la comida por completo.

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