The 9 Best Cat Flaps of 2022

Cat Flap – Buying Guide, Opinions and Analysis


If you have cats or dogs, placing a cat flap can be the solution to give your pets independence, avoiding the inconvenience of opening the door for them every time they enter or leave the house. Among the models with the best ratings by online buyers is the Sailnovo SL-5021 cat flap, a magnetic door with 4 locking modes, made of ABS plastic that makes it more resistant and easy to clean. Another interesting alternative is the Croci C6066233, because it is made of very resistant aluminum and is suitable for large cats or dogs up to 18 kg.

The 9 Best Cat Flaps – Opinions 2022

To help you choose a cat door that suits your pet’s needs, we have made a selection of 9 interesting models, which have very good opinions and references by consumers on the Internet, highlighting their main characteristics, benefits and possible disadvantages.

door flap

1. Sailnovo Cat Door with 4 Way Magnetic Closure

This Sailnovo model is a door flap designed for both cats and small dogs, such as Yorkshire terriers, Pomeranians, Pekingese, among others; It is suitable to be adapted to glass, metal, PVC or wooden doors, as well as windows and brick walls, being considered by many customers one of the best cat flaps of 2022.

As for its manufacture, we can highlight that this door is made of ABS plastic, a resistant and durable material, so you would not have to worry about the damage that your pet’s claws can do to the structure. 

On the other hand, it is necessary to know that this door is very safe, since it has 4 locking modes: open, closed, single entry or single exit, which is suitable for controlling the entrances and exits of your cat. 

Knowing which cat flap to buy can be a difficult decision, so we recommend reviewing the pros and cons that we distinguish in this model.


Size: You can choose the door according to the size of your pet, since it comes in sizes M, L or XL.

Accessories: It is easy to install and includes the necessary accessories for assembly, such as screws and an instruction manual.

Locking: It has four locking modes and two pins in red and green colors, to close the cat flap in the desired direction or completely.


Cold: Although the cat flap is hermetic, you must be careful to close it completely on winter days, so that the cold does not sneak into the house.

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2. Ceesc Folding Magnetic Pet Door 

If you have a tight budget, this model of door flap could easily fit into your pocket, because it is among the cheapest in our selection. It is also highly functional in case you have dogs and cats at home, being designed for both pets.

In addition, it can be easily fixed, including a practical manual for its assembly, 8 screws and respective screw caps, which are used to adjust it in the place where you want to place it.

This model has a simple but elegant design in black. Its size for the outer frame is 20 x 19.2 x 1.8 cm and the inner frame is 16 x 15.7 cm, being suitable for light cats weighing around 6 kg and with a waist less than 30 cm.. Although it also offers larger sizes.

Ceesc offers one of the cheapest doors on this list and with good comments from satisfied users, so we invite you to learn about its pros and cons.


Closing: The cat flap is quite versatile, because you can completely lock the door, leave it semi-open or with the option inside and outside.

Magnet: It has a magnet in its mechanism to keep the door close to the frame and prevent air from entering the interior of the house.

Design: It is designed in a simple format, with ABS plastic of good quality and resistance.


Size: Make sure that the size of your cat adapts to the dimensions of this door, otherwise its use could be limited.

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Aluminum door flap 

3. Croci C6066233 Petsafe Staywell Aluminum

There are different manufacturing materials for cat flaps on the market, aluminum being one of the most used for its strength and durability. Consequently, we present this aluminum door flap, designed for large cats or dogs weighing up to 18 kg, with dimensions of 27.7 cm long x 6 cm x 40 cm.

It also has a magnetic closure on the up-and-over door and safety gaskets, which work as a protective seal against external temperature, preventing heat or cold from entering the house.

In the case of the Croci C6066233, we can highlight that its assembly is simple and its structure is compatible with brick walls, metal, wooden or PVC doors, although it is not suitable for glass.

It can be a challenge to know which is the best cat flap, but knowing the positives and negatives of this product will help you decide whether to buy it or not. Here we summarize them.


Aluminium: The upper door is made of aluminum with a white finish, being a very strong and durable material.

Screen: It has a steel blocking screen that allows air currents to be eliminated, being energy efficient.

Closing: It has 2 closing ways, only exit and closed entrance, which allow you to control the exits of your pet.


Children: The manufacturer warns that this cat flap is spacious and even children could pass through it, so you must be careful if you have little ones at home.

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4. Ideal Pet Products Pet Quick Fit Aluminum

Finding the best cat flap can be difficult if you don’t know what to look for, that’s why we recommend the Ideal Pet Products brand aluminum door flap, because it is highly durable and resistant to the use of your pet. In addition, it is designed to be mounted on sliding doors that are placed in the garden or on the patio.

The 80PATMW cat flap has a transparent safety tempered glass to easily adapt to the decoration of your home. Its height is adjustable and its dimensions reach 201.3 cm high, 33.81 cm long and 6.35 cm thick.

The swing flap has dimensions of 17.78 cm wide by 28.57 cm high, adapting to pets with approximate weights between 6 and 16 kilograms. 

If you are looking for a cat flap to mount to aluminum sliders that are placed on the patio, this could be a good purchase option, so we invite you to review its pros and cons below.


Modular: Comes in two easy-to-assemble modular sections for installation on a sliding patio door.

Flap: The flap is flexible and fits medium pets with a maximum weight of 16 kg.  

Airtight: It has a hermetic sealing gasket that prevents the entry of heat or cold into the interior of the house.


Price: This model is the most expensive of our selection, but given its functional benefits for your pet, it is worth the investment.

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cat flap with chip 

5. Trixie Cat Flaps & Dog Doors SureFlap Hatch

Trixie’s SureFlap cat flap with chip has an intelligent recognition system, which opens the door for your pet when the reader identifies its microchip, informing your smartphone about the position of your cat at all times, being a good tool to give it freedom of movement for your pet. 

In addition, this system prevents other animals from entering your house, which is very effective against intruders, since it is capable of storing up to 32 pets in its memory.

This Trixie cat flap is adaptable on different surfaces, as it is compatible with walls, windows or doors. Additionally, it has a simple design that allows conventional cat flaps to be replaced easily, because its assembly is intuitive and it has information on the Web where they show videos of its installation.

Trixie’s SureFlap cat flap could be considered the best cat flap of the moment, so we invite you to learn a little more about this intelligent model.


Operation: This smart cat flap uses 4 AA batteries for its operation for approximately 12 months.

Warranty: It has a 3-year warranty, which is an advantage considering that there may be some damage to the chip system.

Memory: The SureFlap allows you to store up to 32 different pet identity data in its memory, so that intruders do not enter the house.


Batteries: The batteries you need for its operation are not included in the package, which represents an additional cost.

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Cat flap for glass door 

6. Pet Matte Round Glass Access Door 

This Pet Mate 357W glass door cat flap has a rounded, simple and elegant design, to be mounted on access doors up to 3 cm thick, being suitable for all types of glass (single or double), panels or partitions. Although in the case of double or toughened glass, it is necessary to install a new glass panel.

The swing door comes in black and is intended for cats or small dogs, as it has dimensions of 19.5 x 19.5 x 24 cm and weighs approximately 800 grams.

As for the security system, it has four closing positions, easy to use and sealed leaves with brushes, which provide the cat flap hermeticity against inclement weather. In addition, its manufacture is in plastic of good quality and durability.

Pet Mate has been a leader since 1986 in products for pets, which is why it can be considered the best brand of cat flaps. So we summarized the pros and cons of this particular model.


Design: Its circular design makes this cat flap an elegant alternative so as not to affect the decoration of your home.

Security: This door offers four locking positions that allow you to close it at any time for security.

Glass: It can be mounted on all types of glass, partitions or panels with a thickness of up to 3 cm.


Assembly: If you do not have knowledge in glassware, it is advisable to find a professional to do the assembly.

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cat flap 

7. Tkoofn 4-Mode Lockable Magnetic Flap Cat Door 

If you are looking for a cat flap for cats, you might be interested in the Tkoofn model G16073373C, because it is a door designed for felines with a folding and magnetic flap, which can be locked in four different ways: out, in, closed or open, incorporating an automatic locking system. closure and a tunnel for thick walls or doors.

This model of cat flap gives your pet greater freedom so that he can enter or leave the house without inconveniences, being compatible to be installed on solid wood, hollow, double or individual glass doors.

It also incorporates a lid made of resistant and easy-to-use plastic for the pet. In addition, it is silent and its external dimensions are 23.4 cm wide, 25 cm high and 5.5 cm thick.

If you want to buy this cat flap you must evaluate the size of your pet and its compatibility with the dimensions of the product. Here we also mention some of the pros and cons that we distinguish in it.


Latch: The latch allows you to lock or unlock the door at your convenience, allowing you to keep the cat flap open for your pet’s comfort.

Magnetic: It incorporates a magnet closure that serves to secure the door after the cat has passed.

Closing: The opening can be adjusted in four different ways: fully closed, open in both directions or only one. 


Manual: The pins, being manual, are easy to move, which could be inconvenient if you don’t want your pet to leave the house.

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automatic cat flap 

8. Top Munster Cat flap for door 4 opening systems

Having an automatic cat flap could be a great advantage for your pet and for you, since its magnetic self-closing system allows you to release the cat and keep the flap closed for the safety of your home. 

This is the case of the Top Munster cat flap, as it incorporates a magnet to automatically close the flap when the animal passes through the door. In addition, its main parts are made of ABS plastic and its cost is quite cheap, which is why it is considered by many users as the best price-quality cat flap.

Its design is adapted for cats and small dogs, since its total dimensions are 25 x 23.4 x 5.5 cm, including bristle seals that minimize noise from the door. 

With this automatic model your cat will be able to go out and enter the house whenever it wants, it is easy to install, comfortable and low cost, so we invite you to know its pros and cons.


Plastic: The main parts of this model are made of ABS plastic that is durable and friendly to your pet, because it does not pollute.

Magnet: It incorporates a sliding system and a magnet that guarantee the automatic closing of the door when the pet passes.

Bristles: The bristle gaskets minimize the friction noise when the door closes and seal the cat flap hermetically, avoiding temperature changes.


Template: A template is missing that allows the hole to be cut to facilitate the assembly of the cat flap.

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Cat Flap Trixie 

9. Trixie Trapdoor Cats 4 Options Tunnel

Another interesting option in our selection is the Trixie 44231 cat flap, made of good quality plastic, with a white square design and external dimensions of 11 cm deep, 20.5 cm wide and 26 cm high, incorporating a 20 x 22 cm tunnel, so it is suitable for thick doors and walls.

For its part, the flap is transparent so that your cat can see through it to enter or exit, with a silent action device that minimizes the noise of the door closing.

Another novelty of this model is its 360 perimeter gasket (TPR), which is a practical screw cap that allows you to lock the door in 4 different ways, leaving the option of open, closed, only exit or only enter.

In this product we also detect some positive and negative aspects that we recommend you review below.


Cap: It incorporates an innovative screw cap so that you can control the locking of the flap for the security of your home.

Tunnel: This model includes a practical tunnel to compensate for the extension in case the door or wall is thicker.

Transparent: The flap is made of transparent plastic, which is beneficial for the pet to see through it to enter or leave the house.


Intruders: It is recommended to close the hatch completely if you are away from home for long periods, to prevent the entry of intruders.

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Shopping guide 

When we own pets, such as cats or dogs, we must offer them maximum well-being, because they become important members of our family, so a sign of affection is to give them freedom of movement inside or outside the house, being very useful to have with a cat flap to give them greater independence. In this sense, we gave ourselves the task of preparing a guide to buy the best cat flap, pointing out the most appropriate aspects and characteristics of this element.

Cats and dogs

Cat flaps can be functional for both cats and dogs, because these animals adapt without problems to their use. That is why, when making a comparison of cat flaps, the versatility of these elements should be considered, especially if we have both types of pets in our house, motivating in them the feeling of integration and companionship, or on the contrary, giving them independence to each. But keep in mind that in both cases, it is necessary to train the pet for the proper use of the cat flap, which requires time and patience on the part of the owner for a successful performance of this tool.


In general, these cat doors are made of plastic, to protect the animal from possible blows with its swing when entering or leaving, it is advisable to verify that the material used in its manufacture is ABS plastic, because it provides greater resistance and durability, to the time it is not polluting. 

You can also find cat flaps with aluminum external parts that provide more durability to the product. Others incorporate cell or fabric gaskets on the edges of the hinged door, which minimize the annoying noise that can be generated by the arrival of your pet, although this element can have a considerable impact on how much the cat flap costs.

Another interesting aspect that the cat flaps incorporate is a magnetic element or magnet, which also works to avoid the noise that occurs with the swinging. If you search well, you can find a good and cheap cat flap on the virtual market that includes all these features for a better user experience.

closing system

Also check the closing system that incorporates the cat flap that you plan to buy, the most common have a four-way locking system, which allows you to control the entry and exit of your pet, while preventing the entry of intruding animals to your house. So, it is very important that the chosen door can be closed completely for the safety of our family, especially at night.

In some cases, the cat door includes latches that you can press at your convenience to fully or partially close the lid. Other models incorporate a screw-type cap and the most sophisticated ones have a microchip reader that identifies your pet to allow it to enter.


On the other hand, you must take into account the dimensions of the cat flap so that you can determine if it is compatible with the size of your pet, it is advisable to know the height and width of this product, considering that the animal could gain weight, being uncomfortable for him. go through the door. This would force you to have to buy a larger access, which implies an additional cost and a loss of money. The good thing is that the market offers different measures that can be adapted to the size of the pet without problems.


In the same way, it is important to know exactly where we are going to place the cat flap and if it is compatible with the location, since there are models that are designed to be mounted on wooden doors, aluminum doors, sliding glass doors, etc. in windows or on brick walls, being interesting to take into account the thickness of the cat flap so that it is well mounted.

Also, it is necessary to point out that the assembly of these accessories is simple and a practical instruction manual is included along with the screws required for fixing the door, but if you have no idea how to do it, it is best to go to a professional. DIY that can help you, especially with cat flaps designed for crystals.

Frequently asked questions 

 Q1: How to make a cat flap?

If you want to mount a homemade cat flap, it is necessary to take the measurements of the size of your cat or dog so that the hole you make adapts to its dimensions. Then check where it will be placed, on the wall or on a door, but in any case remember to leave a distance of at least 10 cm from the ground. 

This can be made of wood or metal, but it is recommended that the hinged lid be made of plastic or some other flexible material to facilitate passage. Helping you with a template, proceed to make the holes for the screws with a drill, so that you can fix the hatch. With the electric saw, cut the square on the door where the cat flap will be, then sand the edges to remove imperfections. Finally, place the door by fixing the anchors and screws firmly so that it does not fall with the swing and that’s it.

Q2: How to make a cat flap into a mosquito net?

To mount a cat flap on a mosquito net, it is necessary to buy a model designed for this type of door, because they are ultra-thin and resistant. For its assembly, the mosquito net must be removed, placing it on a hard and flat surface. The cat flap frames are then separated to attach to the sides of the screen, preferably towards a lower corner. Now, try to line up the screw holes with the frames, place these and firmly tighten the screws. With a knife cut the mosquito net outlining the inside of the frame, put the flap and put the mosquito net back in place.


Q3: How to put a cat flap on a wooden door?

To put a cat flap on a wooden door you need a screwdriver, electric saw, drill, pencil, paper, ruler and double-sided tape. Now, you must draw a square in the place where the cat flap will be mounted that adapts to its size, for this you can help yourself with a paper template and cut the outline in the assembly place, it is recommended to place the mold at an approximate height between 10 and 15 cm from the floor. Next, proceed to drill 4 holes in the corners of the drawing painted on the door.

Then, using the chainsaw, cut the hole for the cat flap tunnel, starting at the pre-drilled holes in the corners. Now, place the cat door into the created hole, checking the thickness and dimensions of the cat flap before fixing it. Keep in mind that if the door is very thick you can reduce its depth by using scissors to cut off the excess, once brought to the right size you can mount the cat flap by holding the adhesive tape on the door and firmly fixing the screws on both sides.

Q4: How to make the cat go through the cat flap?

For the cat to get used to using the cat flap it is necessary to have patience to train it, but the good thing is that it learns quickly. At first it may seem like a strange accessory, but soon you will realize that this is the access to go out to the patio or go play in the garden, becoming interested in how it works. So, first, you have to show him the cat flap before mounting it on the door, so that he recognizes it, sniffs it and makes him curious, being necessary that you teach him how to open the swing door.

A simple way to teach it is to get on the opposite side with a treat, so that the cat sticks its head through the flap and gets the treat. After assembling the cat flap, if you notice that it does not go through it, try playing with its favorite toy, passing it through it, it can also work to place food on the other side until the cat decides to go through the lid.

Q5: How to put a cat flap on a glass?

Glass is a very delicate material, so if you have little knowledge of glassware, it is best to go with a professional to make the cuts and assemble the cat flap. But, if you think you can do it yourself, using the security measures to avoid cutting yourself, use a black marker to draw the outline of the cat flap on the glass and, helping you with a glass cutter, try to make a circle in a single pass, you should also make strokes inside the circle.

Subsequently, with the opposite part of the glass cutter, begin to tap the glass until it comes off completely. When you already have the open circle you can assemble the cat flap following the manufacturer’s instructions.

Q6: How to put a cat flap on an aluminum door?

To mount the cat flap on an aluminum door, it is necessary to open a hole the size of the accessory, for which it is recommended to help yourself with a drill to pierce the corners of the door. Next, using an electric saw, proceed to cut the template out of the aluminum. Now, remove the cut piece and with sandpaper clean the edges of the hole. Subsequently, following the instructions of the cat flap manufacturer, proceed to fix each bolt firmly in the holes.

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