The 9 Best Cat Food Dispensers

Cat Food Dispenser – Buying Guide, Opinions and Analysis

If you need to dose your pet’s feed to avoid being overweight or you are concerned about its care when you have to leave home for a few days; cat food dispensers could be the most suitable solution. One of the best-selling models on the web is the Umei Automatic Feeder M66, an automatic feeder for cats and small dogs, with a timer and a double feeding system. Another of the dispensers best valued by users is the HoneyGuaridan A36, a programmable device that can offer up to 6 daily meals to your pet. In addition, it has a resistant stainless steel container.

The 9 Best Cat Food Dispensers – Opinions 2022

Below, we present a comparison of 9 of the best models of cat food dispensers, so that you can evaluate their characteristics and make the best purchase decision. The idea is that you invest in a product that is appropriate for your pet’s nutritional needs.

Programmable cat food dispenser

1. Umei 3litre Pet Automatic Feeders for Dogs and Cats

Cats are demanding when it comes to eating, so they require portions of food that are always fresh; That is why a programmable cat food dispenser, like this Umei model, could be a solution to feed your pet with freshly served feed.

It is a device that works with a USB connection and in case of power failure, you can use 3 alkaline batteries type D; so your pet will always have the food it needs. Likewise, it offers a capacity of 3 liters for dry food and thanks to its automatic programming, it can serve 4 meals with portions ranging from 5 to 195 g.

In addition to this, it has a 10-second voice message function, a plus that only one of the best cat food dispensers of 2022 could offer.

If you are looking for a controlled feeding for your cat when he is alone at home, you could consider this dispenser. For more details, know its pros and cons.



Materials: It is a dispenser made of impact-resistant ABS plastic that is easy to clean.

Dimensions: Its dimensions are 37 x 29.5 x 21 cm; so it is a device that you can put in any corner without taking up much space.

User manual: Includes a user manual with explanations in Spanish and color illustrations for correct use.


Cable: Some curious cats might chew on the power cable, so it is advisable to hide it to avoid an accident.

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2. Lacyie Automatic Food Dispenser with Timer

A programmable cat food dispenser is a tool that helps you monitor your pet’s food portions, thus avoiding eating irregularities. In this sense, this model is designed to meet the nutritional needs of animals such as rabbits, ferrets, cats and small dogs.

Its rotating format with 6 grids allows you to store 128 ml of food, either wet or dry feed, and then automatically serves it for 6 continuous days at the chosen time. To do this, it has an easily configurable panel with which you can program up to 6 different times for the 6 food portions.

Its operation is by means of batteries and its control panel indicates the level of charge, so that you can take forecasts if you are going to leave home. It also has a musical mechanism that is activated to remind your pet when it’s time to eat.

Next, we present a summary of the main aspects of this device; An easy-to-use and highly useful model.


Variety: It is a product that can serve dry and wet food, which favors a varied and balanced diet for the animal.

Detachable: Its detachable design allows you to easily fill the necessary amount, while facilitating cleaning.

Power: It is a device that works with batteries, so you do not need to have a power outlet nearby.


Programming: Its programming only allows dispensing a daily food ration; the good thing is that each serving is 128 ml.

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automatic cat food dispenser

3. HoneyGuaridan Automatic Feeder A36 Stainless Steel Bowl

The best cat food dispenser is the one that gives you not only efficiency and functionality, but also a modern look that harmonizes with the decoration of your home. Such is the case of this model, which offers an elegant design with straight lines and a container made of high-resistance stainless steel.

This automatic cat food dispenser is capable of supplying small portions of feed as often as you indicate in the programming; being able to dispense up to 6 meals per day. Likewise, each serving can contain from 5 to 10 grams.

At the same time, it offers you a capacity to store 1.5 kg of dry feed, so it can serve up to 48 servings; enough for several days. In addition, its structure is made of ABS plastic that offers a long useful life.

HoneyGuaridan provides quality of life for your pet, which is why it could be the best brand of cat food dispensers. Read more about this model.


Technology: It is equipped with infrared technology that detects the full container, it also has a light alarm that warns when food is low.

Voice message: You can record a 10-second message and call your pet to eat with its speaker.

Blocking: Thanks to its motor inversion design, you will not have problems with feed jamming.


Beep: The command keys emit a beeping sound when pressed which has proven to be annoying to some.

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4. Balimo 6L Automatic Feeder with Programmable Timer

With this automatic cat food dispenser you no longer have to leave the feed tray full when you go out; which could cause deterioration of the food and encourage voracity when eating. For this reason, it distributes the food equally and keeps it always appetizing for the animal; while favoring a controlled intake.

Thanks to its flexible program and timer, during the day it serves up to 4 meals, in which you can choose the number of servings your cat needs; with a maximum of 9 servings of 8 gr each. Likewise, its 6-liter capacity offers you peace of mind if you have to be away for a few days.

Similarly, its design incorporates an LCD screen and a control panel that is easy to configure. In addition, it is an appliance made of food-grade plastic, easy to clean and its removable container favors hygiene.

It is a high quality dispenser, recommended to take care of your pet and keep it healthy. Analyze your strengths and potential drawbacks.


Anti-jam: It is a device with an anti-entrapment design that prevents feed jams at the outlet of the duct.

Desiccant bag: Includes a desiccant bag that keeps the feed stored in an optimal state of conservation.

Capacity: It offers a tank to store up to 6 liters of dry feed, which favors the feeding of the animal for several days.


Humidity: In order to prevent humidity from deteriorating the food in the tank, you must renew its desiccant bag every month.

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Other products

5. Puppy Kitty 7L Automatic Food Dispenser Voice Recording

If you are looking for the best cat food dispenser that avoids greed, overweight and also provides your cat with the appropriate portion of food according to its nutritional requirements; you could take this model into account.

It is a dispenser that works with electricity and also with batteries, so in case of power failure the device will continue to dose the feed without losing its settings; so your cat will always receive its food on time.

Its design offers a deposit of up to 3 kg of dry feed and its programming allows you to adjust the food portions in 39 variants: from 10 to 390 grams; according to the diet and size of your pet.

Similarly, thanks to its timer, it can automatically dispense 4 daily meals according to the chosen time. Also, you can record an 8 sec voice memo.

This dispenser could be a solution to feed your pet in a healthier way. Pay attention to its positive aspects and possible disadvantages.


Recording and audio: You can record a voice message for 8 seconds and the device will play the audio 3 times to stimulate your pet to eat.

Dosage: Its programming allows you to regulate the food portions from 10 to 390 grams, so that the animal will receive the appropriate amount for its diet.

LCD screen: Its design includes an LCD screen on its control panel, which allows you to easily configure and view the values.


Wifi: If you need a model with a Wifi connection, you could evaluate other options.

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6. Navaris Automatic Pet Food and Water Dispenser

When you are looking for a simple but efficient model, this dispenser that works by gravity could be your best alternative to supply food to your pets and without using batteries or electricity. It’s also one of the cheapest products available, so it could be the best value for money cat food dispenser.

On the other hand, it is a 2-in-1 model that provides your pet with food and fresh water for several days, thanks to its design and capacity. In this context, the dispenser offers you a bottle for water and another for dry food; each one has 3.8 liters of capacity. In addition, it includes a non-slip base for each unit.

Given its efficiency, it is a recommended model for small and medium-sized pets; as it provides enough food for their dietary needs. Also, it is easy to clean.

If you have a limited budget and are looking for the cheapest and most functional models, this gravity dispenser could be the most suitable.


2 in 1: With the purchase you will receive two bottles with a lid and two bases; one for water and one for dry feed.

Valve: The water container includes a safety valve that controls the output and prevents spills.

Non- slip base: It has non-slip rubbers that favor stability and prevent the pet from accidentally tipping over the dispensers.



Controlled meals: If you are looking to control your pet’s meals, this model may not be the most recommended.

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7. Umei 6litre Automatic Pet Feeders Dogs and Cats

This automatic Umei model is an especially useful product when you have to leave the house, since your pet will have its food served at the indicated time. Due to its design, it is a recommended dispenser for cats and dogs of all breeds; thanks to its mill that admits the passage of small and large dry feed.

Likewise, it has a tank that offers a capacity of 6 liters; enough to ration several meals. In addition, it has a 10-second voice recording mechanism, which accompanies and encourages your cat or dog to eat.

In the same way, it is effective to effectively program the intake and favor the weight control of your pet, since you can configure up to 4 daily meals; each with different amounts of feed that can range from 5 to 195 grams.

This could be the best cat food dispenser of the moment, thanks to its design and functionality. Evaluate its main aspects.


Portions: You can program up to 39 different portions, from 5 to 195 grams of feed for each meal and according to the needs of the animal.

Screen: Its design has a front screen with large digits, which favors being able to visualize each configuration.

Capacity: Its tank admits different sizes of dry feed, up to an approximate amount of 3 kilos.



Infrared sensor: The inclusion of an infrared sensor that detects the filling of the container is missing.

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8. isYoung Automatic Feeder 5.5 L Electronic Control Large Screen

isYoung has designed this food dispenser to give you peace of mind that your pet is well taken care of while you are at work or on vacation. With a programmable operation, you can set the time, the portions and the frequency of each meal per day, offering a minimum amount of 25 grams per portion.

As for its design, thanks to its very clear LCD screen and its panel with 5 buttons you will be able to access the functions of this device; such as the time, meal programming, feed size, meals served and you can also know the status of the battery.

In addition to this, it is a dispenser that provides capacity to store 5.5 liters of food. Therefore, your cat will have enough food to cover its needs for up to 12 days. Likewise, it has a removable tray resistant to impact and easy to clean.

This automatic dispenser could be your best ally every time you leave home, to help you feed your cat or dog. More information below.


Feed: It is a device compatible with different sizes of dry feed up to 1 cm in diameter.

Dimensions: It has a size that takes up little space, since its dimensions are 39 x 38.5 x 21 cm.

Storage: For the storage of the feed, it has a transparent tank that favors the visualization of the food.



Shutdown: In the event of shutdown due to power failure or low battery level, you must reset the device settings.

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9. HoneyGuaridan A68 7L Large Capacity Food Dispenser

For most pet owners, one of their main concerns is that the animal runs out of food when it is alone; so having an automatic food dispenser, like this model from HoneyGuaridan, could be the solution.

It is a product equipped with infrared technology, capable of detecting when the container is full of feed; which avoids excess food served. Likewise, it has a motor reversal mechanism that prevents the appliance from blocking and stopping the supply of food.

Regarding its dosage mechanism, since cats are animals that eat small portions during the day, this device serves portions between 8 and 10 g; being able to program up to 6 daily meals. In addition, its deposit can contain 3 kilos of dry feed; enough to cover a diet for several days.

If you still don’t know which cat food dispenser to buy, which gives you confidence and efficiency, you should consider this model.


Food: It is a device that will serve your pet’s food on time, since it works with electricity and batteries.

Container: The container holds up to 600 g of food and is made of food grade stainless steel, shock resistant and hygienic.

Frequency: You can program up to 6 hours of daily food, depending on the breed and size of the animal.



Large feed: If you use feed with a diameter greater than 2 cm, the appliance could get stuck.

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Shopping guide


There is a wide variety of dispenser models on the market that adapt to the needs of both pets and their owners, and selecting one in particular is not an easy task. For this reason, so that your investment is successful, we have prepared this guide to buy the best cat food dispenser, where you will find valuable information that could help you choose the most appropriate one.


In a comparison of cat food dispensers, we have that there are mainly two types of devices: electrical and mechanical.

Starting with the mechanical models, they are those that have a simple design in which the food is served by itself in a bowl by the action of gravity. As the container empties, the feed begins to fall to fill it again.

Lacking programming systems, the bowl will always keep food available for the pet to eat as it pleases. Therefore, their main drawback is that they promote greed and overweight; however, it is an inexpensive and easy-to-use product.

With regard to electrical appliances, they are the most convenient. They are modern models with cutting-edge technology, since they offer automatic functions; such as programming meal times, recording audio, issuing alarms, etc.


The configuration is an aspect that is only present in both electric and automatic models. It is a function that you must analyze in order to adapt it to the lifestyle you lead with your pet.

Programmable dispensers have an LED screen and touch controls that allow you to configure your cat’s daily meals, selecting specific times for it.

Some devices can be programmed for 24 hours for several days; while others are more flexible and allow the food portion to be varied at a given time of day.

For this reason, you can choose the amount in grams that should be supplied in each serving; which will depend on the size and breed of the animal. In addition, they can offer from 1 to 9 daily servings.

Something to highlight about these devices is that it is also possible to create a routine for their feeding, since they serve the feed in a certain quantity and at a certain time; favoring that the cat gets used to eating a certain portion of food, with which we avoid nutritional imbalances.

In the case of mechanical ones, you must take into account that they are compatible with the size of feed that you are going to offer your pet, to avoid jams, as well as review the manufacturer’s specifications.

special functions

In addition to the basic functions of automatic models, there are also some equipped with advanced technology that provide special functions, which affect how much each model costs. Therefore, it is important to evaluate the extras it offers you.

We have devices that have the voice message function; a plus that allows you to record a message to encourage and alert the animal that it is time to eat. This mechanism is activated automatically before unloading the feed.

Likewise, other models have accessories that improve the user experience; such is the case of cameras incorporated into its structure. These cameras allow you to see in real time, through an application and Wi-Fi connection, if the dispenser is doing its job and if your cat is being fed.

This same application can help you control the device, even from a distance, making changes to the settings if necessary. In addition, by means of an alert signal, it notifies you if a jam has occurred in the feed.


There are multiple models with different designs, which adapt not only to the size of the cat; but they can also be used by small breed dogs, guinea pigs, squirrels or rabbits.

Likewise, most feline dispensers are compact products; so you can put it anywhere without taking up much space. Regarding its capacity, we have that some dispensers can store approximately from 1.5 to 3 kilos of food. Therefore, you must choose a model according to the size of the feed and according to the daily consumption of the animal.

On the other hand, the best brands make their products using durable and easy-to-clean materials, such as ABS plastic; a BPA free material, resistant and easy to clean.

Power supply

Regarding the power supply, programmable dispensers usually have a double power supply system: by means of batteries or by a cable connected to the network. In these cases, when the electrical power fails, the device continues with its functions, since it uses batteries as a replacement for power. Others, on the other hand, work with a low voltage USB cable.

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