The 9 Best Cat Harnesses of 2022

Cat Harness – Buying Guide, Opinions and Analysis 


Most cats are house cats and their coexistence begins when they are brought to homes and interact with their owners. Hence, walking them daily could become a pleasant routine, especially if their homes do not have open spaces. That is why, for your safety, the use of a harness is required and these two models fulfill this purpose. The Rabbitgoo adjustable vest is an accessory with a modern design, which provides comfort when outdoors, as its construction material is breathable. For its part, the Supet CDD-CatHarness02-Black-S can be a convenient model for small pets and made of reflective nylon for night outings.

The 9 Best Harnesses for Cats – Opinions 2022 

Below, we present 9 models of cat harnesses that offer you the possibility of taking a walk with your feline, preventing it from escaping or feeling uncomfortable while walking with you. Among these options, perhaps there is the one that fits not only your budget but also your preferences.

cat safety harness

1. R abbitgoo Cat Harness and Adjustable Anti -Pull Leash

If you are going for a walk around your town, traveling or exercising outdoors and you want to take your feline, this safety harness for cats makes it return home with you and does not escape, because its adjustment is precise, you just have to get the right size.

This model, unlike others, offers alternatives to keep the cat by your side, as it is built with good quality materials. It is padded, with soft mesh, resistant nylon strap, reinforced seams and breathable; which helps your pet not to suffocate and feel hot.

Likewise, it has bright reflective strips, so you can see it in the dark. Also, two straps for the neck and two for the chest, which provide a correct fit. In addition, it is easy to put on and take off, since its buckles are quick-release by simply pressing on its sides.

Know the pros and cons of what could be the best cat harness of the moment, this way you will choose it with confidence.



Material: It is made of a soft and padded mesh, which keeps the cat comfortable and fresh.

Protection: With its nylon straps, reinforced seams and metal clasp, this model allows for a proper, secure and resistant fit.

Versatility: This cat harness can also be used on other small breed animals.



Size: It is only made in extra sizes S and S, which could make it difficult for medium and large breed cats to use.

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2. Bingpet Escape Proof Cat Harness and Leash

Going outside with your cat could be a bit unsafe if you don’t have some instrument to guide it and make it stay by your side, as it could run the risk of being attacked by another feline, by a dog or, worse yet, being hit by a car. For this reason, this safety harness for cats provides the protection and comfort that your feline requires, since it adjusts precisely and closely to its body.

As for its design, it is made escape-proof, thanks to its velcro straps and click closure system, located at the bottom of the neck. It is important to mention that for those pets that live in cold climates, it could be the best harness for cats, since its soft, breathable and padded textile provides more comfort, in addition, it does not mistreat their skin or hair.

If you want to know more about this product, here are some strong points and aspects to improve, for you to analyze and make a purchase decision.


Personalized fit: This harness easily adapts to the feline’s body, as its velcro straps help adjust it comfortably without suffocating it.

Light: It is made with light materials that do not generate weight or discomfort for your cat.

Sizes: It is offered in three sizes, to suit cats of different complexions.



Hygiene:  Despite its good materials, it is recommended to wash it by hand to prevent its velcro from getting lint and losing its adherence capacity.

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Harness and leash for cats 

3. Supet Cat Harness and Leash Reflective Vest

When we have a pet, especially a feline, its safety is something that worries us, because by its nature it is a species that finds it difficult to adapt to the use of accessories that compromise its freedom. For this reason, Supet has designed this model with good qualities, so that, from a young age, they get used to its use. Hence, it ranks high among the best cat harnesses of 2022.

In this sense, to comply with the aforementioned, it is made of a cationic fabric, composed of high rebound light foam and high quality soft breathable mesh, elements that make it comfortable for the animal. In addition, they can be washed both by hand and by machine without compromising their construction.

On the other hand, this harness and leash for cats integrates polyester straps, a velcro closure and a safety buckle, to provide a personalized fit, regardless of the size provided by the manufacturer.

Get to know some of the additional qualities of this cat harness model; This way you will have a clearer vision of the product.


Design: It is a soft product with a well-detailed and resistant design, which guarantees its durability over time.

Variety: It has a wide range of colors, so you can choose the one you like best according to the gender of your cat.

Security: It has a reflective tape that shines in the dark or in those places with little light.


Size: To avoid fit issues, pet’s body measurements should be compared to the chart provided by the manufacturer.

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4. Happy Hachi Cat Harness with Nylon Leash

If your cat is uncomfortable with vest-type harnesses, because they make him hot and he feels suffocated by their construction, but you are analyzing which is the best traditional cat harness, this model could enter the list of your preferences as it has a design with light and attractive H format.

It is a harness and leash for cats made of a soft cotton fabric, pleasant for the skin and fur of your pet. In addition, it has a quick release buckle that gives the accessory the ease of removing it and quickly putting it on the animal’s body.

On the other hand, both pieces that make up this security element are joined by a 360º rotating hook, made of resistant zinc alloy, which prevents your cat from getting entangled while you walk it. It also allows you to give the pet more freedom, when possible.

If you are undecided, and you do not know which cat harness to buy, you can analyze a little more about this product.


Buckle system: It incorporates three adjustable buckles, which you can rotate and adapt to the size of your cat for a secure fit.

Material: It is made of cotton and nylon fabric with good finishes. This offers your feline softness, comfort and firmness. Also, you can wash the harness at home.

Utility: It can be used by your cat every day, either for daily outings or medical consultations.



Print: Due to its floral design, it could be more suitable for female pets.

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Other products 

5. Happy Hachi Cat Harness Adjustable Vest Comfortable for Travel

In general, house cats do not like adventure in the streets very much, because it creates some stress, fear, bad mood or they simply prefer to rest and lead a sedentary life. Hence, if what you want is for your feline to get out of the routine, accompany you on your walks and acquire healthy habits, you can do so by training it with this Happy Hachi accessory, which provides security by preventing it from escaping and getting lost.

To do this, the fastening system that joins the harness to the hand strap is made up of a double metal D-ring, which holds the strap to prevent the cat from slipping. On the other hand, its ergonomic, soft and breathable design allows the ride to be comfortable, thereby preventing you from causing any injury. Likewise, the model incorporates reflective tapes to keep it visible during night tours.

You may want to know more about this accessory from what could be the best cat harness brand. 


Design: Its breastplate format has various colors and sizes, so you can choose the one that best suits your feline’s personality.

Closure: Integrates a double closure system (velcro + quick release buckle), which keeps the bib in place.

Breathable: It is made of breathable mesh for greater comfort during outdoor trips.



Buckles: The buckles that connect the strap to the chest, with movement, hit each other, generating noises that can cause discomfort.

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6. D ucomi Silvestro Adjustable Harness with Leash for Cats

Previously, harnesses were purchased for dogs, since it was not usual to see people walking their cats. However, the use of this security element is gaining strength every day, since these partners also require physical activity to stay physically and emotionally healthy. Hence, if your intention is to look for a functional one among the cheap models, so that your feline gets used to its use, you could find these qualities in this Ducomi Silvestro product.

In this sense, this accessory provides precision and convenient adjustment to the pet’s body so as not to mistreat it, since its harness gives it protection, care and comfort, while the hand strap gives the owner control over its movements. Another positive quality of this model is that, being made of nylon, a light material, it does not affect your spine. In addition, it facilitates its cleaning.

Given the qualities that this product has, it is convenient that you know its virtues and disadvantages.


Confidence: It has an original Ducomi New York authentication certificate, which guarantees that it is an appropriate product for animal use.

Design: Being a security element for specific purposes, its adjustable H format makes it light and easy to use.

Versatile: It can be used both to take the cat for a daily jog and walk, and to go to his medical visits. In addition, it is suitable for other domestic pets.


Safety: This model of cat harness does not have reflectors that could make it noticeable in the dark.

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7. Pettom Cat Harness Adjustable Anti-escape with Leash 

If you live with your cat in a warm place, this design could provide freshness, since it only covers a small part of its body. Likewise, it is made with good quality materials that give it durability, resistance and the necessary fit.

For this purpose, this accessory has a soft cotton fabric, which does not damage the cat’s fur or skin. In addition, it comes printed with attractive colors. In the same way, it has a good security system, since its quick-release buckle allows you to remove it and put it on quickly, without causing any harm to the animal.

On the other hand, it also contains three fixed buckles that secure the straps and its well-finished seams prevent annoying chafing. Additionally, its rope has a comfortable handle, which protects your hand and allows you better control when carrying your cat at the correct distance.

This Pettom product is one of the cheapest and most functional models. Hence, you might be interested in knowing more about its additional benefits. 


Handle: This model has a comfortable handle that protects your hand when your cat wants to escape.

Leash: You can use it stretched or with a space trimming knot, for better control of your cat’s movements.  

Multipurpose: It makes it easy for you to take your feline for a walk, a trip, to the vet or anywhere you want it to accompany you.


Design: Due to its uncovered format, it is not recommended to use it in cold climates, as it does not provide shelter and shelter for your cat.

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8. Zunea Escape Proof Cat Harness and Leash

If you have an escapist and elusive cat, this harness could be the solution to your problem, as it is leak-proof, since it has a triple adjustment and safety system located at the top of the harness. It is made up of a good-sized velcro, a quality plastic click hook and the metal rings from which the hand strap is attached.

If we focus on its design and construction, we can see that it is an attractive corduroy vest with a breathable mesh inner lining, materials that keep the feline cool and comfortable. Likewise, you should know that it is available in different sizes and colors to suit both the gender of your pet and your personal preferences. On the other hand, this harness incorporates two side buckles, to provide an extra adjustment, if necessary.

Analyzing the characteristics of this product will allow you to know if it meets your needs. Therefore, we invite you to read more details below. 


Versatile: Thanks to its breathable and padded mesh, it can be used in different types of weather.

Anti-pulling: The design of its leash educates the cat not to pull too much on it and avoid hurting itself.

Reflective Fit: Its four reflective strips make the pet visible in dark places and on night walks.



Size: When requesting it, the appropriate size must be chosen in order to avoid it being too tight or too loose.

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9. Trixie 4142 Harness for all cats Nylon

This model gives the cat freedom despite being protected, as its design is made up of two circumferences that are placed on the cat’s neck and chest, joined by a strip that crosses its back. Regarding its materials, the structure is made of nylon, while its click-type closure system and adjustable buckles are made of good quality plastic.

Among other qualities, the leash is practical for guiding the pet, whether on walks or trips. Likewise, the variety of colors and patterns make this harness an interesting option for summer days. On the other hand, it can be used by large, medium and small cats, thanks to the fact that its dimensions are adjusted from 27 to 46 cm. Finally, we can add that due to its qualities and affordable cost, it could be the best value for money harness for cats.

Given the characteristics of this product, we invite you to learn more about its qualities.



Set: It comes in four presentations of striking colors and cat prints, so you can vary them according to the occasion.

Rotation: Thanks to its 360º rotation leash, the cat does not get tangled up when walking.

Freedom: This model gives you the feeling of freedom, as it is made with only three strips that allow the animal to perform its usual movements.



Material: During the first uses, its rigidity could be a drawback. However, with the passage of time, this will disappear.

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Shopping guide

Many cats are curious to explore outside the home, but doing so without supervision is putting them at risk. Hence, if your intention is to take it outside safely, you could take into account this guide to buy the best harness for cats and to control their movements when leaving the house. 


In the market you can find a wide variety of products to protect pets when going for a walk. But, when making a comparison of cat harnesses, the most common are those made of cotton and padded fabrics, as well as those made of nylon strips. In either case, it is recommended that these materials be certified for animal use, in addition to allowing periodic washing. 

It is also important that the fibers that make up the harness are durable, in order to avoid having to replace it in a short time. Similarly, they are expected to resist the sudden movements of the animal and allow their skin to perspire.


Manufacturers have created and put on sale different models of harnesses, with various colors and patterns, which makes it easy to find the design that you like best and is suitable for your cat, and even functional and economical; because the price varies according to its brand and quality of manufacture. Thus, you can choose between choosing a vest, a breastplate or a harness, this will depend on the climatic conditions of the place where you live.

In this sense, vests for cats are considered the safest, because they cover a large part of the body, thus preventing the feline from escaping. At the same time, they make it easier to carry it tied to the hand strap, allowing greater control of it. This specific model can be an alternative for small cats, since by adjusting well to their body they will not come out of it, as long as the correct size is chosen. They are also suitable for cold places, as they provide shelter, tranquility and comfort.

In relation to the petral or harness, it is lighter and appropriate for hot climates, it has a strap that surrounds the neck and another one around the chest, both are joined by the back area; hence, the pressure is exerted on the shoulders and not on the neck. Its disadvantage could be that it is easily removed and escapes when it is not adjusted correctly. However, it is more advantageous to wash and dry. 

On the other hand, we do not want to forget to mention that harnesses with reflective strips make it easier to see the feline in the dark, which can mean greater safety for your pet. 

closing system

When purchasing a harness for cats, you should not only take into account how much it costs, but also realize how to close and open the structure to place it on the animal’s body. In other words, the simpler your closing system is, the better it will be for both (owner and cat), since depending on its practicality and the feline’s personality, it could affect its mood or not.

Regarding the types of closures, there are plastic click closures, these are considered the fastest and easiest to close and open, you just have to be careful when closing them so as not to pinch your pet. There are also Velcro, which is a very resistant self-closing tape. When joining you must press both sides firmly so that they do not open. In the same way, there are harnesses with buckle closures; These tend to be a bit complicated, since finding the exact point to insert the anchor needle is a process that takes time.


As for their size, there are different sizes, these are adapted to the different races or body complexions of the felines. However, depending on the brand, the measurements vary. Manufacturers establish their own table of equivalences and that is why they recommend, before purchasing the harness, taking the measurements of the neck, chest and waist to buy the right one, even though the best-selling sizes are XS, S and M. Another quality that some brands incorporate into their designs is buckles to provide a more personalized and secure fit.

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