The 9 Best Cat Nets of 2022

Cat Net – Buying Guide, Opinions and Analysis


Cat nets are quite popular to allow the kitty to go out on the balcony or look out the window without risking a fall. These products can be chosen based on their size, construction materials and type of installation, so we have chosen two good options that might interest you. The first is PiuPet Red XL, a transparent net, made with a fabric of resistant materials and a large size, with which you can easily cover exits. The second alternative is Trixie 44303. This cat net is a bit smaller, but still durable and reliable. It is puppy friendly and offers UV resistance.

The 9 Best Nets for Cats – Opinions 2022


Offering the cat a safe space to grow and have fun is a priority for any responsible owner, but their tendency to wander and browse on windows, terraces and balconies could put them in danger. For this reason, we invite you to learn about several cat nets with which you could create a security system:


Transparent cat net


1. PiuPet Balcony Net for Cats Includes Rope


To begin with, among what may be the best cat nets of 2022, we have the PiuPet brand product; a net designed for balconies and with a large size to cover a lot of space.

Specifically, the product measures 8 x 3 meters, being able to cover a large area, such as windows or balconies from the wall to the ceiling, avoiding possible falls or leaks. Its openings are diamond-shaped and it has knots at each union.

On the other hand, with this security system your pet can also satisfy his curiosity to see the outside without risk, since his vision will not be seriously blocked thanks to the thickness of the nylon threads and its quality of being a transparent net. for cats

PiuPet could have the best cat net of the moment, and here are the pros and cons that stand out the most in their review:


Threads: The threads are strong, ensuring that the cat net will last for a long time.

Transparency: Both the thickness of the filaments and their transparency offer a clear view through the net.

Spacious: Considering its size, its generous dimensions offer installation versatility.

Cable: The network connection has its respective cable several meters long.



Preparation: Before you can install the net, you must untie the knots that have formed, since its filaments can easily become entangled.

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2. Bella & Balu Cat Net Hook Studs Rope and Instructions


One of the cheapest products in this list is the Bella & Balu cat net, but don’t be fooled by its low price, as it has very positive reviews for its effectiveness.

It is made with nylon thread and knots 0.4 millimeters thick, reaching dimensions of 3 x 4 meters; quite a practical size for balconies, terraces or standard sized windows. Added to this, the space between openings is 3 centimeters, being small enough to prevent the animal from even sticking its head out.

Likewise, this transparent cat net will not require you to invest extra money, considering that its acquisition is accompanied by all the installation accessories that you will need to assemble it, except for the drill, of course.

To facilitate your purchase decision and know if this product is the one you are looking for, here are several of its most important features in detail:


Utility: You can install this net in different escape routes, to guarantee the safety of your pet.

Transparent: Its transparency quality does not affect the visibility of the landscape.

Accessories: It has the implements that you must use to install it included with the purchase.

Knots: Each knot of the net has been strongly tightened to increase its robustness.



Installation: Because the shape of the holes is diamond, it can be more cumbersome to install than other nets, especially if you want to tighten.

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Cat net on terrace


3. Trixie Protection Net 44303


For several netizens, the one that could become the best value for money cat net is the Trixie 44303 model, since, in addition to having an affordable cost, it is also of good quality.

It is a net for cats on the terrace that you can easily install also on windows, considering its dimensions of 2 x 1.5 meters. It is transparent so as not to be annoying when looking outside and you will not have to worry about installing it on the outside if you prefer, since it is resistant to the sun’s UV rays.

On the other hand, its design is in squared fabric with 3 x 3 centimeter holes and has been made with bite-resistant thread, to withstand the curiosity of puppies or active cats.

Trixie is a strong contender to become the best cat net brand, so you should check out the pros and cons of their product:


Bites: It is more resistant to bites than others thanks to the hardness of its threads.

Style: The width of each space woven into the mesh is small enough to be effective against kittens.

Resistant: It offers resistance to ultraviolet rays to be able to install it wherever you want.

Visibility: It will not affect the visibility from your balcony, terrace or window as it is thin and transparent.



Instructions: The instructions to install the network are not in Spanish, although the product is intuitive to use.

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4. FocusPet Safety Cat Protection Net


Another product that sounds among netizens to be cataloged as the best net for cats is the FocusPet model, considering aspects such as its size and practicality. It measures a total of 8 meters long and 3 meters high, which is why some catalog it as also valid to be used as a net for cats on terraces, since its installation has no limitations regarding location.

Evaluating its manufacturing finishes, the cat net is resistant and reliable, since it has a fabric made up of transparent nylon threads that, in turn, will allow air to pass through and will not affect the view to the outside too much.

In addition to this, you should know that the product includes a set of accessories where you will find cable for the edge of the net, for joints, hooks for fastening, flanges and plugs.

In case you have come this far without knowing which cat net to buy, possibly reviewing the characteristics of this option will help you decide:


Exteriors: It will not present wear due to being in a window that is exposed to the sun or the rain.

Fabric: Its fabric offers a safe wall by having spaces small enough to not let your pet peek out or get out.

Size: It is large in size, allowing it to cover wide output areas.

Accessories: It has its own hooks and clamps, so you do not need to buy them separately.



Assembly: The tension that the rope must maintain during installation can make it uncomfortable to handle.

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balcony cat net


5. Weseyl Heavy Duty Pet Protection Net


If you are especially looking for a net for balcony cats, here we recommend the one offered by Weseyl, considering its level of resistance and that it can be effective for puppies.

This handy cat net is easy to set up, if you have a friend help you stretch the fabric, which is made of strong, transparent-colored nylon filaments to be virtually invisible from a distance.

As for its size, it measures a total of 8 x 3 meters and you can install it on all types of windows, balconies or terraces, depending on the space you need to cover. It has its respective installation accessories and a set of flanges with which you can more firmly secure the network to any support you have at hand.

Before we can determine which is the best cat net, we also invite you to consider this product from the Weseyl security brand:


Utility: The design and size of the net make it useful for cats and other animals.

Kit: It has a practical installation kit with plugs, screws, rope and more.

Bridas: A free set of bridles is included with which you can tighten the net.

Indications: Your instruction manual comes in several languages ​​including Spanish.



Help: To anchor this cat net, it is recommended that you have the support of another person, since it can be a bit complicated to tighten.

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6. Dibea Balcony Security Cat Net


Another good purchase alternative, if you need a balcony cat net, is the Dibea CN00711 model; a model that stands out for being large and made of materials that are resistant to outdoor elements, so that you have total freedom when deciding where to install it.

Specifically, the fabric that makes up this option is treated nylon to provide resistance against the elements of the weather, especially the sun’s UV rays. Thanks to this you can decide without installing it from the inside or directly on the outside frame of your access.

Its dimensions, on the other hand, are 8 x 3 meters, allowing it to cover wide spaces. However, if you need to, you can adapt the size of the network according to your needs, considering that it is possible to cut it without sacrificing its efficiency or performance.

Before choosing which is the best option for your pet’s safety, we advise you to carefully read the positive and negative aspects of each cat net:


Dimensions: Its size is quite large, and it can be suitable for various spaces.

Adaptable: If you need to adjust its size, you can cut it without problems.

Discreet: It can go unnoticed from the outside, thanks to the fact that it is transparent.

Opening: Each mesh opening is 3 x 3 centimeters, to prevent the animal from going through it.



Flanges: Among its installation accessories, the flanges that are included should be improved, since they are somewhat flimsy compared to other options.

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cat window net


7. PiuPet Wire Reinforced Cat Net


In this comparison we could not forget to mention the PiuPet window net for cats, especially considering all the advantages that its qualities could provide you.

This purchase alternative is diamond style with a size of 8 x 3 meters, maintaining the standard size that models for domestic use usually offer, together with a small opening of 3 x 3 centimeters. It has multiple accessories to install it, among which 25 meters of rope stand out, in order to create a semi-rigid frame for assembling the net.

Reviewing its manufacturing characteristics, we find that it is made with PE fabric, which is resistant to water and sun, so as not to wear out due to being installed outdoors.

If you have any doubts, we invite you to read the advantages and disadvantages of this product from the well-known PiuPet brand:


Design: This alternative is dark in color, being different from most cat nets.

Reinforced: It has a reinforced fabric to increase the level of security.

Resistant: It can easily withstand being outdoors without wearing out.

Accessories: Your purchase also includes a complete installation kit to mount the network.



Shape: The shape of the holes in the mesh are diamond-shaped, which could complicate its tensioning, which is why it is not preferred by several users.

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cat safety net


8. Neez Netting for Balconies and Security Windows


Neez has a cat safety net for you that can be easily installed on balconies or windows and comes with its own kit so you don’t have to buy separate accessories.

The set of accessories for the safety net for your cat includes rope, plugs, hooks and ties, so you will only need a drill, a hammer and a little of your time to have it ready.

As for its size, this depends on its availability, since you can find it in versions of 3 x 4 meters, 3 x 6 meters and 3 x 8 meters, allowing you to choose the one that best suits your window, balcony or terrace.

Considering the pros and cons of each cat net available will increase your chances of making a successful purchase for both you and your pet:


Bites: It offers resistance to bites so that they are not easy to break by the kittens.

Transparent: Being transparent, the network is discreet both from inside and outside.

Clamps: Clamps have been included, in case you prefer to install the cat net without drilling into the wall.

Hooks: It has robust and reliable fastening hooks with which to hold it.

Sizes: Depending on the existence in stock, you could buy the net in larger sizes.



Thin: Keep in mind that the filaments of the fabric are thinner than in other cat nets, but it is still resistant and fulfills its function.

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Protective net for cats


9. Trixie Red protection with Metallic Thread


Being considered a good protective net for cats that have some access to the outdoors, this Trixie model offers several advantages that may catch your attention.

It is a net for cats whose main characteristic is to be made of metallic thread, so it is quite resistant and reliable, so you do not have to watch the pet 24/7. In addition, aesthetically it is green, which also makes it stand out from most networks that are usually transparent.

In addition to the above, Trixie cat protective nets are equipped with special coatings, which will prevent installing the net outside from posing any risk related to climatic factors, since water or sun will not affect it. It has a small square design and is bite-proof.

In case you are looking for one of the cheapest cat nets, this kit from Trixie has practical qualities at an affordable price:


Design: This cat net is olive green in color and is made with metallic thread.

Materials: Its manufacturing materials are resistant and reliable, as well as durable.

Resistance: It has resistance to UV rays, so as not to be affected by sun exposure.

Installation: You can place the network in internal or external spaces without problems.



Knots: Some knots along the length and breadth of the net will need to be tightened again, to avoid security inconveniences after the net has been installed.

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Shopping guide


Having a cat as a pet can be a rewarding and wonderful experience, but its tendency to wander outside the home can be dangerous. If you live in a high place or your home has entrances where the feline could escape, we have this guide for you to buy the best net for cats.

fabric design

Cat nets are security elements that can be placed in different areas of the home, mainly to prevent the animal from having the opportunity to escape or the risk of falling by accident. Because of this, it is very important to review your design to choose a network that is reliable.

In these cases, you can generally choose between two types of safety net fabrics: diamond or square openings. Both options have their own advantages and disadvantages, either for the type of pet or its size.

In addition, you cannot ignore the dimensions of space in each opening, in order to choose a cat net that is suitable for your pet, that is, one that is not able to pass through it.

cat net size

Considering that pet owners can live both in houses and apartments and in both it is a risk not to have security measures to prevent them from escaping, in any comparison of cat nets one of the most reviewed aspects is size.

The size of a cat net should be appropriate according to the space you need to block, whether it is a window, a balcony, a terrace or even a door frame that has not yet been installed, for example. Some net options allow the product to be adapted to the specific needs of each buyer, building a fabric that can be cut without affecting its performance or resistance.

On the other hand, some opinions consider that, for practical reasons, it is more convenient to choose a net that is the right size no matter how much it costs, to completely cover the access, since they would be easier to install and tension.

clothing materials

When you have to evaluate the value for money of a cat net, one aspect that you cannot ignore is the material with which the model of your interest was made. In this way, you can easily choose a cat net that is good and cheap.

Cat nets are often used for outdoor access, so their construction materials must be resistant to the elements, especially rain and sun. At the same time, it is sought that they be easy to tighten, in order to create an effective blockage in case the animal leans on it or slips.

Consequently, one of the most popular fabrics in the manufacture of cat nets is nylon, since it can be transparent, so as not to affect the view, and it is quite flexible without breaking. However, it should be noted that certain types of nylon and even other threads can have reinforcement, to further increase the resistance and durability of the cat net.

installation system

The installation mode that will be required for the anchoring in the wall or frame is another point of interest on which your attention should be focused. Although it may not seem like it, installing this type of product can be cumbersome depending on its fastening mechanism, so we recommend you study it before buying.

Most cat nets need to be anchored to the wall by drilling holes with a drill, then installing a plug that allows you to screw the fasteners into the edge of the fabric. These models are considered the safest, as long as the work done allows the net to be tensioned correctly.

In other cases, it is also possible to use bridles, which help to close the spaces between each fastening point, thus reducing the chances that your pet can escape by accident.

mounting accessories

As we reviewed in the previous line, the installation of the cat net system is crucial to guarantee adequate performance in providing the level of security that any owner would seek. In this sense, it is logical to also check in detail if the product has mounting accessories and what quality they are.

And one of the advantages offered by good quality cat nets is that they are usually accompanied by an installation kit that has their respective screws, plugs and hooks, in addition to the rope or even flanges, for the installation of the product in your home.

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