The 9 Best Clothes for Cats of 2022

Cat Clothes – Buying Guide, Opinions and Analysis

Cat clothing is much more than just buying a little outfit that makes your pet look beautiful. Many times, acquiring cat clothes is more of a necessity than a whim. Therefore, although there are options made only for decoration, there are other alternatives such as the Evel Recovery Suit, which is a model made to protect the wounds of the kittens and help them recover correctly and comfortably. Another product with the same purpose is the Buster Easygo KR273962, a padded garment, designed with an anti-harassment system and extra space for the absorption of liquids.

The 9 Best Clothes for Cats – Opinions 2022

Here you will find 9 clothing options for cats so that you can choose the one that best suits your pet, whether you want an outfit that helps him with the cold, with wounds or that simply leaves him ready for the next special occasion.

1. Evel Cat Recovery Suit with Anti Lick

As much as we protect our pets, there is always the possibility of them getting hurt. Unfortunately, kittens often lick their wounds to try to heal them and this, most of the time, tends to be counterproductive. For this reason, Evel has made a suit that, in addition to providing comfort, also offers protection and safety.

Being made with a combination of 95% cotton and 5% elastane, this suit manages to adapt correctly to the cat’s body and is also breathable to prevent animals from feeling trapped. Also, the design does not affect its mobility.

On the other hand, as it has elastic bands on both the neck and extremities and also has Velcro on the back, it is an easy outfit to put on and take off. Its modern design makes it a versatile product, suitable for use to protect wounds as well as looking great in the pet park.

Because it is a practical product, this could be the best cat clothing of the moment.


Safety: The suit has been manufactured to protect pets’ wounds and prevent them from licking themselves.

Comfort: Thanks to the elastane, the clothing will not limit the cat’s movements and will adapt to them easily.

Usage: Due to the velcro and elastic bands, putting on or taking off the outfit will be a simple job.

Breathable: As its cotton is breathable, the cat will not feel uncomfortable due to the heat.


Color: The white parts of the clothing can get dirty easily if your cat is very active.

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2. Buster Easygo Body for Cats

In case your pet has had to undergo surgery, you will surely be looking for the best cat clothes for these cases. Fortunately, for your peace of mind, there are models like this. The Buster Bodysuit is made for your pet’s comfort, with its soft, flexible fabric that allows it to move freely, while protecting your pet’s wounds.

Being padded, kittens will have an extra layer of protection in case of bumps and, thanks to the double fabric on the belly, it is possible to insert absorbent wipes to retain liquids, if necessary. All this without compromising your kitty’s comfort during recovery.

To provide greater security, the closures of the outfit work by pressure, making it almost impossible for your pet to take off the clothes. So you don’t have to worry about the stitches being removed or hurt.

This is one of the most suitable models when it comes to cat recovery clothing.


Padded: Since it is padded, your pet will have an extra layer of security to move safely.

Protection: The suit has been manufactured to protect your cat’s wounds and prevent them from licking them.

Liquids: If your cat is losing liquid due to an operation, the bodysuit has double fabric in the belly to be able to place an absorbent wipe.


Size: It is necessary to buy the specific size, because if a model is purchased a few centimeters larger or smaller, its effectiveness is not the same.

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3. Idepet Sweater for dogs and pets winter clothes

If your cat has little fur or you simply want to keep it more comfortable in winter, then this could be the best clothing for cats of 2022. The Idepet model has been made with acrylic fibers to provide comfort, as they make the fabric soft and light.. In addition, it has a quite striking design, with various stylistic patterns in white, beige and navy blue.

This outfit is not only suitable for cats of different breeds, as it has been designed with dogs of different sizes in mind as well. Therefore, if you have both types of pets, you will be able to combine them with this clothing. No matter what species you are, you’re going to stay warm through the winter in this sweater.

Finally, it is necessary to mention that this outfit does not limit the movements of the animals and, in addition to that, it is easy to keep the product clean. When it gets dirty, just wash it by hand and that’s it.

For the winter season, this outfit could be just right for your pet. In addition, it will make her look excellent at all times.


Versatile: The practical outfit can be used on cats, but also on dogs, which is an advantage.

Protection: This clothing has been designed to give your pet protection against the cold, preventing it from catching a cold in winter.

Comfort: All the materials used in the manufacture of the outfit have been chosen due to the comfort they provide.


Washing: The fact of being washed by hand could be inconvenient for some people, but it is necessary to keep it clean without deteriorating.

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4. Dociote Small Dog Sweater Cat Clothes

Both dog and cat owners will agree that this model could be the best clothing for cats and dogs today, as it is a product designed for both types of pets and will keep them warm in winter, regardless of their breed.

Despite being a product designed to conserve the body heat of animals, it is still breathable and also elastic. In addition, the materials used in the clothing avoid static electricity and allow the animal to move comfortably, without feeling suffocated or held.

On the other hand, as they come in different sizes, it is possible to choose the one that best suits your pet. In addition, the design of this outfit facilitates the process of putting it on and taking it off, to avoid discomfort to the animal. As for cleaning, clothes can be washed by hand or in a washing machine, as long as the gentle mode of operation is used.

This outfit meets several necessary qualities of pet clothing: it’s comfortable, cute, durable, and above all, easy to wear.


Versatile: To offer you more versatility, this product can be used in cats and also in dogs.

Cleaning: These clothes can be washed in a washing machine using the gentle mode or, if you prefer, you can do it by hand.

Protection: With this outfit, pets will be protected from low temperatures, as it is made to keep animals warm in winter.


Lint: It is possible that the material releases lint, which can be annoying when cleaning the house.

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5. Dotoner Cats Professional Wound Recovery Suit

When it comes to cat clothes, many people can look for the cheapest models to buy. However, if a specialized outfit is required, then you need to look more closely at its qualities. Fortunately, Dotoner brings you an affordable product that also provides protection to keep your pet safe.

The outfit has been designed to fit both dogs and cats, so both pets can benefit. Clothing will protect wounds, preventing animals from licking them or trying to remove surgical stitches. In addition to that, it has a crotch protection to prevent harassment from other pets when in public.

On the other hand, this clothing has been made with cotton and elastane, so it provides comfort and durability. Likewise, the extremities and the neck have an elastic strap so that its use is much more practical, facilitating movement.

With clothing like this, your pet will be able to recover smoothly from any injury while looking great.


Practical: This suit has been made to be used on cats and dogs alike, making it quite practical.

Protection: In addition to protecting wounds, this outfit also features crotch protection to prevent harassment.

Comfort: The combination of cotton and elastane provides the comfort that your pet deserves, as it adapts well to the body.


Neck: The adjustment of the neck can be uncomfortable for some animals that are not used to clothing.

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6. Idepet Pet Clothes Fleece Pullover

This pet outfit has many qualities worth highlighting, however, its appearance is probably the first feature that catches your attention. The clothes have a gray design, which has different shades to give it a fashionable look, and also has a small brown accessory with the word “Classic”.

However, it is not all about design, but also about functionality. For that reason, it is necessary to take into account that the sweater has been made with wool, fleece and fleece. These materials, in addition to being soft to provide a lot of comfort, also stand out for being able to maintain body heat and prevent pets from getting cold.

Among other qualities, this outfit is washable by hand and also in the washing machine, so you don’t get too complicated. In addition, it comes with a fairly comfortable cut for your dog or cat, as it gives the necessary space for mobility. 

Idepets is a company dedicated to the welfare of pets, which is why it could be the best clothing brand for cats today.


Pets: This outfit has been made to fit cats and dogs correctly, always giving them comfort.

Winter: This clothing has been designed to keep your pet warm in the winter seasons.

Washable: It will not be necessary to wash this outfit by hand if you do not want it, as it is suitable for washing in the washing machine.


Sizes: The measurements of the sizes are somewhat small, which could be an inconvenience for some pets.

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7. Smalllee Lucky Store small dog cat harness

This model could be the best price-quality clothing for cats, so your pet can look great, without the need for you to invest a large amount of money. This outfit comes in a cute light pink color and also comes with an all-over pattern of white bows for a nice contrast.

With all pets in mind, this outfit is a great option for cats and dogs. In addition, it has a very practical design, as it closes with a zipper on the back and comes with a space to place the pet’s leash and be able to walk it without any risk. In terms of comfort, the ample space at the bottom gives your legs the freedom of movement they need.

As it is a padded outfit, it is a good option to wear in winter and, when finished, it can be washed by hand or in a washing machine.

By purchasing this outfit, your cat or dog will be able to enjoy winter protection and an adorable look that is sure to turn heads.


Design: The design of this cat clothes is quite striking, as it is a bright light pink and has several contrasting white bows.

Winter: The materials used and its quilted design make it a suitable outfit for winter.

Pets: This is a suit designed to be functional for pets, specifically cats and dogs.


Zipper: The zipper could be more resistant, therefore it is necessary to always treat it with care.

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8. Evel Professional Cat Recovery Suit Surgical Clothing

If you see this outfit from a distance, you’ll probably only notice that it’s a pretty cute bodysuit. However, apart from looking adorable, available in various prints, this product is also quite functional to give your kitty protection.

This clothing has been designed to keep your pet’s wounds completely covered, preventing the animal from licking them or removing stitches after surgery. In addition to being a recovery suit, it is also an anti-harassment outfit, since it covers the crotch of your pet.

Additionally, the clothing is quite comfortable, as it is made of cotton and is breathable to prevent your pet from feeling hot. Fortunately, the neck is elastic and the legs will also have enough space to move. Meanwhile, the back buckle secures the outfit to fit well and stay in place.

Among the cheapest options you can find this clothing for cats, which provides a good balance between comfort, safety and good design.


Protection: The protection provided by this outfit is integral, since, in addition to covering wounds, it also offers an anti-harassment system.

Design: Thanks to the design, your cat will look great and, on top of that, it will be calm, due to the comfortable fit.

Materials: The cotton used in the making of this outfit is soft and comfortable. Additionally, it is a breathable fabric to provide greater comfort.


Neck: Although the elasticity of the neck is a good quality for most cats, the most restless ones may try to escape.

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9. Outgeek Christmas Pet Clothes Santa Clothes

Your pet, regardless of whether it is a cat or a dog, will be in charge of delivering the gifts, because this Santa Claus suit will make it the soul of the party. The outfit consists of a small red suit, with white fluff on the edges and bells on the neck. In addition, it is completed with a classic Christmas hat.

On the other hand, Outgeek has made this little suit with velvet material to provide softness and comfort to any animal. The best thing about this model is that, fortunately, it can be used by cats and dogs. In addition to having a perfect design for Christmas, it is a product that manages to keep your pet warm when the temperature is cold.

Both the neck and the chest have a closure tape, which makes the fit much more comfortable. In this way, the mobility of your dog or your kitten will not be limited.

If Christmas is here and you don’t know what cat clothes to buy, this option may be exactly what you were looking for.


Design: Outgeek has made an ideal outfit for the Christmas season, as your pet will look like Santa Claus in every photo.

Winter: This suit manages to keep animals warm, preserving their body temperature in cold weather.

Material: Velvet is one of the softest materials, so your pet will be comfortable when using the product.


Bells: Bells can drive some nervous cats to despair, so they may need to be removed.

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Shopping guide

Buying clothes for your cat is not simply about choosing the most beautiful alternative, since your pet deserves the best. For that reason, take some time to determine which outfit is best for her, depending on what she needs.


When it comes to making a comparison of clothes for cats, you must take many things into account, however, the first thing you must have in mind is what you want to obtain from the outfit that you buy for your pet.

Many times we just want our cat to look adorable so we can show it off and take pictures of it. However, there are certain occasions when clothing should be functional rather than beautiful. Certain brands are dedicated to manufacturing specific outfits for special situations in which the animal requires clothing, such as recovery suits.

These types of outfits are ideal for those cats that have wounds in the healing process, whether they are the product of accidents or surgeries. By covering them, without irritating them, cats will be comfortable and will not be able to lick the wound, which avoids the risk of infection and other problems.

Some of these outfits also have “anti-harassment protection”, which prevents other animals from harassing your pet, since it covers their genital area. This is especially important if you haven’t sterilized your cat and want to avoid problems.

On the other hand, there are also outfits whose functionality is to keep your pet comfortable in the winter season. In these cases, the products are made with materials that manage to preserve the animal’s body temperature, preventing it from getting cold.

Fortunately, cat clothes are usually cheap, so you don’t need to worry about how much an item of clothing costs, because even within the outfits with special functions, you can find a good and cheap alternative.


When checking a guide to buying the best clothes for cats, you will notice that, among so many models and brands, several garments have been made with different materials. Although the clothes have been created with different elements, this does not necessarily speak of their quality. Remember that, depending on the functionality, other materials may be needed.

In the case of recovery suits, these are usually made of cotton and elastane, as they are elements that offer high breathability and, being elastic, adapt better to the pet’s body.

However, when it comes to winter clothing, most of the time the most used materials are wool and fleece. These elements are characterized by being suitable for preserving body heat, which is what pets need in cold seasons. Therefore, it is not recommended to use these garments in another season, to prevent your cat from suffering from heat.

On the other hand, in other more casual outfits, cotton and velvet can be used, as they are materials that provide softness and comfort to pets.


If you want to maximize the benefit of cat clothing, then never leave aside practicality as a feature to take into account. It is always necessary to see further in order to choose the best possible option.

For example, there are several models on the market that, to be versatile, are not exclusive to kittens. In fact, fortunately, most cat outfits can also be worn by dogs. In this way, if you have two pets, you can exchange their outfits or, if you prefer, dress them the same.

Another very practical feature that you should pay attention to is the washing requirements of the outfit. It is advisable to look for options that are machine washable, without many conditions, as it will be easier to keep clothes clean this way. Thus, you will save time, effort and cleaning can be more thorough.

In another sense, do not forget the way in which you should put on and take off your clothes. Cats, by nature, are quite rebellious animals, so spending 20 minutes trying to put an outfit on your pet could drive them to despair. Always buy options that are easy to put on and take off, but for your safety, are secure enough that your pet can’t take them off.

Finally, pay attention to the details, because in them you can find solutions that you did not know you needed. This is the case of, for example, those outfits that have a small space to hook the walking belt. A practical detail that greatly facilitates the use of clothing.

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