The 9 Best Dog Cages of 2022

Dog cage – Buying Guide, Opinions and Analysis

If you have pets, you know how useful a cage can be to transport them to the vet, travel with them and even isolate them when there are other animals or visitors at home. That’s why we evaluated some popular models among users and found a standout pair. The first is the AmazonBasics 9001-36A cage, whose metal frame and collapsible design give it an edge over other models. In addition, it has a unique access for the dog and a carrying handle. The next model is the TecTake 800091, a cage with a trapezoidal format and an aluminum with wood construction, resistant and portable, suitable for transporting the dog in the car. 

The 9 Best Dog Cages – Opinions 2022

Choosing a cage for your pet cannot be a hasty decision. For this reason, we have selected the best dog cages of 2022 and we present their characteristics so that you can make a fair comparison, evaluating their pros and cons. 

Large dog cage

1. AmazonBasics One Door Collapsible Metal Pet Crate

The AmazonBasics proposal with this large dog cage is highly recommended for its resistant structure made of metal and a folding design that facilitates its storage. 

This cage is approximately 91 x 58 x 64 cm in size, but is available in other larger and smaller dimensions to suit your pet. The best thing about this model is that it has a dividing panel, which you can use while the dog is a puppy and as it grows you can remove the partition. In this way, it is a very practical long-term investment, since it is the best price-quality dog ​​cage, because it is among the cheapest and its manufacturing materials are of good quality.

On the other hand, access to the cage is determined by a door with two sliding latch closures to secure the pet inside, while the removable tray favors its hygiene. 

Of this model we highlight several of its characteristics in the following summary of pros and cons.


Sizes: This cage is available in various sizes, so it will be easy for you to choose the right model for the breed of your pet.

Structure: The cage is metallic with a folding design, easy to assemble and store.

Tray: To collect feces and urine, the cage incorporates a removable plastic tray that facilitates cleaning.

Access: The cage has a door with a sliding latch closure that favors the access of the dog. 


Tray: It is notable that the resistance of the plastic tray is less than the metal ones, but they are also less noisy. 

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2. PawHut Large Dog Metal Pet Crate 

If your pet is a large breed, the ideal is to look for a resistant cage made of metal, like this PawHut model that measures 92 x 62 x 75 cm and has a powder coating that protects it against rust. 

For easy transport, this large dog crate features four swivel wheels, two of which have brakes. As for access, this model has two doors, a side one that measures 36 x 49.3 cm and an upper one that makes it easy for you to get your dog in and out if you need to carry him. Both doors have a lock to reinforce your security. These characteristics allow it to be considered by some users as the best dog cage. 

Additionally, this cage has a design that favors the ventilation of the pet due to the arrangement of the bars that, in turn, do not allow it to get trapped because the division between them is narrow. 

The pros and cons of this product will allow you to determine if it is the best dog cage at the moment, so we invite you to read this section.


Accesses: This cage has two doors, one on the side for the dog to enter and exit without help, and at the top an access to load your dog if necessary.

Construction: The cage is made of metal and has a powder coating that protects it from rust.

Capacity: Due to its resistant design and spacious dimensions, this cage has a capacity of 50 kg, so it is ideal if your pet is a Golden Retriever or a similar breed.


Paint: After some time of use, the bars may lose some paint. But, its functionality is not affected. 

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dog cage for car

3. TecTake Aluminum Dog Carrier

The safest way to take your pet out for a walk, take it to the vet or travel is with a dog car cage. A recommended option is this one from TecTake built with aluminum and wood.

This model is characterized by its trapezoidal design that favors the placement of the seat belt, carrying it in hybrid cars or storing it in the trunk. For its part, the distribution of the bars of the cage allow efficient air circulation so that the pet is always comfortable, in addition to having good visibility.

It is important to note that the cage has plastic on the corners, which protects the car seats and other passengers. It is also a very light cage, being comfortable to transport. So, if you are wondering which is the best dog cage, this model may be a good option. For this reason, we have separated its characteristics into positive and negative aspects to make it easier for you to evaluate its advantages.


Format: The cage with a trapezoidal shape facilitates its placement in hybrid cars and even the use of seat belts.

Materials: This carrier is made with pressed wood walls and an aluminum frame, making it very light but robust.

Ventilation: The bars offer good visibility to the puppies so that they do not get stressed during the trip, as well as efficient ventilation.


Floor: The floor needs a non-slip cover such as a blanket or other material, otherwise the dog will not be able to stand. 

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4. Doghealth Double Slope Dog Car Cage with Divider 

If you have 4-legged friends at home, you should know that it is necessary to have a car dog cage that is easy to transport and whose format adapts to the trunk, like this model from Doghealth. 

It is a cage with a divider that measures 77.5 cm long, 51 cm wide and 52 cm high and with a double slope design that can be folded for easy storage. In addition, the ceiling is reduced from 75 cm to 31 cm. 

As for the accesses, this model has three doors and hinge systems for simple opening: in the front it has two individual doors, while in the upper part it has another wider access to place and extract the dog when he does not want to go out. the doors. On the other hand, this cage also has a removable bottom tray that makes it easy to clean. 

In addition to all these features, we cannot forget to mention that it is one of the cheapest, so its purchase is recommended by many users. 


Compact: The dimensions of the cage and its sloped format are ideal for transporting in the car because it can be stored in the trunk or carried on the seats.

Assembly: The construction of the cage is very simple, so its assembly is easy, no tools are needed and in a few steps it can be completely folded. 

Access: The cage has two front doors and one at the top to facilitate the entry and exit of the dog. 


Space: Although the cage includes a divider to carry more than one dog, depending on their breed, there may not be room to lie down, they can only stay seated during the trip.

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XXL dog cage

5. Feandrea Metal Cage for Dogs Folding Pet Carrier

If you think that to have an XXL dog cage you need additional storage space, you cannot forget to check out this proposal from Feandrea, a folding design carrier that measures 122 x 76 x 81 cm when assembled.

This cage is made of galvanized iron, with wire bars that allow good visibility and ventilation. In addition, this model has an aesthetic and corrosion-resistant finish. 

For the dog to enter and exit the cage easily, it has two doors with L-shaped locks and a sliding system for greater security. Similarly, double access will help you clean the space better.

And if you are worried that your dog will get hurt, you should know that the construction of this cage has no sharp edges or pointed parts that can cause harm to the pet. 

Due to all these advantages and the wide range of Feandrea products, many users believe that it is the best brand of dog cages, so we invite you to know the summary of this model. 


Assembly: The cage is completely foldable and you do not need tools for its assembly. Plus, built-in handles help transport it when folded. 

Finish: The construction of the cage without edges or sharp parts prevents accidents in pets. 

Doors: The dog can enter and exit through two easily accessible doors that stand out for being spacious.


Tray: The plastic of the removable tray could be more robust, since it does not resist the bites of restless dogs. 

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6. Bunny Business Metal Dog and Bed Crate

Made of metal, the structure of this XXL dog cage is very comfortable to transport and assemble, because its design is completely foldable. Its dimensions of 122 x 74.5 x 82 cm offer ample space for the dog to lie down comfortably. In addition, it includes a soft and padded bed to add comfort during the dog’s stay in the cage. 

To get in or out, the frame features two good-sized doors that are secured with a pair of latches and make it easy to clean the cage. For its part, the lower tray made of plastic is completely removable to be able to sanitize it when necessary and the padded bed can be machine washed if the dog gets dirty. 

The best thing about this product is that when you are not using it you can store it in a compact space, and prevent it from becoming a nuisance inside the house. 

Before deciding which dog cage to buy, we advise you to review the pros and cons that we distinguish in this model. 


Bed: The cage includes a comfortable mattress so that the dog can lie down and rest when inside it.

Entrance: The two side doors of the cage allow easy access for the pet to its interior, as well as easy cleaning on your part. 

Structure: The cage is made of galvanized metal, it is light but resistant. The folding design, meanwhile, facilitates assembly and storage. 


Noise: When the dog moves inside the cage, the floor of the tray makes a little noise. But, with the padded bed the sounds can be reduced.

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Dog transport cage

7. Pawhut Aluminum Dog Transport Crate

Designed as an XXL carrier, Pawhut presents this cage made of aluminum and plywood that measures 104 x 91 x 69 cm and weighs 20 kg, resistant and suitable for transporting your pet in the car.

The design of the sloped front allows its adaptation to carry the cage in the seats of the vehicle or the trunk without difficulty. Likewise, in the front part there are the two doors that allow the dog access, these incorporate safety locks to prevent the animal from escaping during the transfer.

In addition, the distribution of the bars on all sides of this dog transport cage favor ventilation and visibility of the pet, so that it is aware of what is happening around it. 

As for cleaning, this is done without problems because the floor is removable and allows complete sanitation. We now summarize some of the features of this product in the pros and cons section.


Size: The cage is spacious, as it measures 104 x 91 x 69 cm, being suitable for transporting medium or large dogs.

Adaptation: The inclined design of the front of the cage allows better use of the spaces in the car or the trunk.

Assembly: The cage is easy to assemble thanks to the included instruction manual and it can take 20 to 30 minutes to have it ready. 


Floor: The wooden floor can be slippery, but if you put a mat or a blanket you solve this inconvenience.

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folding dog cage

8. Zoomundo Carrier Metal Folding Cage for Pets

We cannot deny that dog cages have become popular thanks to innovative designs that allow temporary use and then quick storage. Such is the case of the Zoomundo folding dog cage that is large and spacious, but its structure and easy assembly allow it to be completely folded when it is stored, reducing its measurements to approximately 121 x 74 x 9 cm.

As for its construction, this model is made of metal with stainless treatment and a very light weight. For its part, the handles on the top allow easier transport when you have to move it from place to place. Likewise, its load capacity should not exceed 59 kg, being suitable for large dogs because when it is assembled it measures 121 x 74 x 80.5 cm.

Before making a hasty decision, we recommend you review the following section, in which we show the characteristics of this product separated into positive and negative aspects.


Construction: The cage is made of galvanized iron with very thin bars and with an adequate separation that prevents the dog’s legs from being trapped. In addition, they provide good visibility and ventilation.

Capacity: This cage resists up to 59 kg in weight, and due to its dimensions of 121 x 74 x 80.5 cm it is ideal for large breed dogs. 

Doors and security: This model has two side doors for the dog to enter and exit comfortably. But, when you want to lock it up, you can do it with peace of mind, without it escaping, because it incorporates sliding safety locks.


Noise: The friction between the plastic tray and the iron base produces a somewhat annoying noise. 

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dog cage for trunk

9. Arrow Puppi Crate Dog Car Cage

For those who are looking for a dog cage for the trunk, they will be pleased to know that this Arrow model has been patented for this purpose thanks to its inclined format, which adapts to the spaces of the car to make the most of them, especially for those vehicles with a rear door.

This model has been built with zinc steel for greater resistance to rust, and its design is foldable and lightweight, making it easy to store when you don’t need it.

For access to its interior, it has a very spacious front door, but in case of emergencies there is also an upper access through which you can quickly get your dog out if he is restless.

At the base of this cage there is a removable and waterproof tray to prevent the transfer of stools to the upholstery of the car, which offers greater resistance than plastic trays and incorporates a non-slip surface.

Of this product we distinguish a series of pros and cons that we explain below.


Design: The cage adapts well to the format of the trunk, using the rear seats as a stop and, due to its inclined front, the trunk door closes without complications.

Assembly: Thanks to its folding structure, the assembly of this cage is done in a few minutes, remaining stable and robust. 

Construction: The cage is built with zinc steel and good finishes to avoid damage to the pet or the upholstery of the car.


Base: The base of the cage is very thin and you can feel the bars, but you can fix this by adding plywood to reinforce it.

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Shopping guide

Reading this guide to buying the best dog cage will help you to know the most important aspects when choosing a shelter or carrier for your pet, taking into account their needs and comfort. So do not stop reviewing every detail so that you make a successful purchase.

design and size

In the market you will find a wide variety of models of dog cages, so you must establish the purpose of this to choose the one that best suits your needs. First of all, you can find carrier-type cages, suitable for taking the dog in the car. These models have a special design with a sloping side to fit the boot format. 

Within the comparison of dog cages there are also square-shaped ones, which are ideal for isolating the pet when there are visitors or so that it does not mischief or destroy the furniture when you leave the house. Many of these models incorporate handles or wheels to make it easier to move them from one place to another. 

In this sense, it is very important to determine the correct size of the cage according to the breed and age of the dog. First of all, you must measure the total length of the pet as well as its height, since the cage must be 10 to 13 cm longer and between 3 and 5 cm higher. In this way, the dog will be able to stand up, turn around and lie down comfortably. 


Definitely, the resistance and durability of a dog cage, which also affects how much it costs, depends on its construction. The most popular models are those made of metal with anticorrosive treatments, however it is necessary to verify that the distance between the bars is not so wide, so that the dog does not stick out its snout or its legs get trapped. 

This type of metal construction offers the advantage of good air circulation, as well as efficient visibility for the pet to observe what is happening around him, which will reduce anxiety and stress when using the cage.

On the other hand, there are some models that combine an aluminum structure with plywood, these are more used for carrier cages, providing more protection to the pet and other car users during the trip.

Access and security

An important feature in any good and cheap cage is ease of access for the pet and also for cleaning. For this reason, those models that have more than one door are convenient. In general, these have large dimensions and security locks so that the dog cannot leave without authorization. 

Other models incorporate an upper opening that is very useful to place or extract the dog in case it is reluctant to use the doors. This design also favors the cleaning of the cage because it allows you to access it more easily. 

Among other aspects that influence the safety of the cage are the edges and corners, which should not be sharp, so as not to cause damage to the dog or the car seats when you have to move it away from home. 


Now, many cages can be used as a shelter for the dog to rest and play during the day, being able to sleep inside at night. For this it is necessary that the base of the cage is comfortable. 

In relation to this aspect, most of the available models have a removable plastic outer tray, it is advisable to purchase a product that includes a soft and comfortable mattress for the dog to lie down on.

If it is not included, you can purchase it separately with the appropriate measures so that it fits without problems. You can also place a soft blanket to prevent the dog from biting or breaking the tray if it is made of plastic. 

brands and prices

As with any product on the market, it is important to know about the brand when establishing the price you are willing to pay for a dog cage. 

Some users opt for brands with a track record in the market and specialized in pet products because their designs are functional and their prices are competitive. However, it is also worth evaluating the products offered by manufacturers that are starting in the market, because they meet other types of needs or add accessories to take full advantage of the functionality of the cage.

In any of the cases, the opinions of other users will be a mandatory reference to know about the quality of the products, the assembly and forms of use. 

Frequently asked questions 

Q1: How to assemble a dog cage?

At present, most of the models that are sold are foldable and no tools are needed for their assembly. Even so, our recommendation is the simplest: read and review the manufacturer’s instruction manual in detail to make the correct assembly.

In case the information offered by the seller is not very explanatory, you always have the alternative of searching the Internet and, surely, you will find video tutorials that will teach you how to assemble the cage in a short time.

Q2: How to build a dog cage?

There are many alternatives if you think about making a homemade cage for your pet. From reusing old cabinets by replacing the doors with wire mesh to using the very cheap plastic boxes that are sold at any hardware store. To make a temporary cage, you can use this box and with the help of a hacksaw or knife cut one of its narrow sides as if it were a door. 

Then, with a drill you can make the holes to incorporate a sliding latch to close the cage securely. This model, being made of plastic, light and compact, can work as a temporary crate for puppies, as larger dogs could bite the plastic to break the crate.

Q3: How to open a dog cage?

Each cage on the market has a particular type of latch, although most are very similar in that they are sliding latches that are easy to open or close. Regarding this aspect, it is also important to read the manufacturer’s instructions to use the closures correctly and prevent the dog from leaving the cage.

Q4: How to get a dog into its cage?

Many users use games, treats, and positive reinforcement to get the dog into the crate. You can use this as part of his training and have him pass through it as if it were an obstacle. When he does well, reward him with a dog treat. If your dog adapts to this routine, you can play the game when you need him to enter the cage, but this time with one of the closed accesses.

Now, if your dog is reluctant to go in on his own, you’ll want to have a crate with top access so you can pick up the pet and put him inside. 

Q5: How to get a dog used to using the dog crate?

Dogs are very intelligent animals, of that we have no doubt, and part of their daily activities can be modified with a stable routine. The use of the cage does not escape this reality, so you can incorporate it little by little through games and conditioning.

You can place his favorite toys inside the cage, as well as his food and water bowl so that he understands that it can become a refuge. If you want your dog to also get used to sleeping in the crate, you can place a soft blanket or mattress on its base to make it more comfortable. 

Lead your dog to the crate and invite him inside. If he does, he closes the door, praises him and gives him a snack as positive reinforcement for his achievement in staying calm. But, if the dog starts barking when you close the door, he bangs on the crate and firmly tell him “No.” He waits a few seconds and lets the dog out. Do not repeat the exercise until the next day. 

To be successful in this activity you must try it every day, do not give up and look for alternatives so that your dog does not associate the use of the cage with stress, loneliness or punishment.

Q6: How to heat the dog cage?

Depending on the time of year, you can keep the cage indoors and place blankets on the floor. In addition, you can use some sheets to cover three of its four sides and thus the heat of the cage is maintained for longer, in addition to favoring a quiet space for the dog to rest without distractions. It is not advisable that during the winter or on very windy days you leave the dog locked in the cage outside the house, even when you use the protections indicated above. 

Q7: Where to put the dog cage?

So that the dog does not feel alone when it is inside the cage, it is best to place it in the busiest place in your house. It can be the living room or the kitchen, the idea is that there is a frequent traffic of people and that he can feel part of the daily interaction even when he is inside the cage. 

It is generally recommended to keep it open while people are at home. But, when you go out and leave the pet alone, it is necessary to leave it locked inside the cage so that it does not mischief.

How to build a dog cage?

To keep your pet safe at home or to transport it somewhere for health reasons or to travel, it is advisable to have a dog cage. You can get many models on the market, but you can also make it yourself with the necessary materials and it will probably be cheaper than commercial cages. 

We know that dogs love to run at all times and are happy doing it, however, there are times when it is not recommended, especially if we have visitors at home, or if we need to take it to the vet or somewhere else. In these cases, it is best to have a dog cage that allows us to keep them protected. You can buy it in pet stores or on virtual platforms like Amazon, as there are many models made with different materials. But you can also do it at home and it is often cheaper, you can even build the cage to suit your dog, so that it adapts better to it.

In any case, it is always very important that the dog sees the cage as a den or refuge, not as a prison or a punishment area, so it is highly recommended that the door be left open so that the dog decides when to enter or get out of it, so that when it is necessary to protect it, it does not resist. In this article we want to give you some useful tips on how you can build a cage for your dog, without major difficulties and using different materials, so you should continue reading our lines.

Cage as carrier

If you plan to build a cage that will serve as a transport, you will need the following materials: some 10 mm thick multilayer wooden sheets, some aluminum accessories (profiles), 1 cm wooden boards, 4 and 5 mm rivets, as well as hinges and a latch for the door.

First of all, to start making the cage it is important to know the measurements of your dog’s body so that you can make the base, bearing in mind that the external structure must be smaller than the space that the animal would occupy inside the car. Draw a schematic with all the components of the cage to get an i

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