The 9 Best Dog Raincoats of 2022

Dog Raincoat – Buying Guide, Opinions and Analysis


The rain can spoil the fun of those dogs who anxiously await the time of their daily walks, since some do not like to get wet and others are more sensitive to cold. Thinking about it, pet accessory and clothing brands have given themselves the task of complementing their lines with functional raincoats, which provide them with the necessary protection during winter times. Such is the case of the Zellar Z-RC-01, an alternative for large breed dogs, which is liked for its ease of handling. Another interesting option is the LeerKing LW-RJ01-S, a comfortable and modern raincoat for small dogs.

The 9 Best Dog Raincoats – Opinions 2022


Dog raincoats are becoming more popular every day, since they are convenient for walking these pets when the rain is present, regardless of the season of the year. Therefore, we have decided to collect some of the most attractive designs in this category, in order to guide new followers of this garment.

large dog raincoat


1. Zellar Dog Raincoat with Hood and Collar

If your intention is to acquire a raincoat for a large dog, this garment for rainy days could be the right one for your pet, since its variety of sizes allows you to find the one that best suits its body texture. Similarly, it is a raincoat made with resistant and waterproof materials on the outside, along with a breathable mesh lining on the inside. Reasons why it provides comfort and keeps the dog free from moisture. In addition, its fabric is very light, so it will be easy to transport it if you do not use it.

On the other hand, its design with reflective strips allows your pet to be seen on rainy nights. Added to this, it has a hood, neck hole, pocket and adjustment with velcro closure; elements that will give you the tranquility and well-being that your dog deserves.

This piece could be the best dog raincoat of the moment, as it provides protection and comfort to pets.


Pocket: This model offers a storage compartment, making it useful for storing dog snacks or accessories.

Hole: It has an opening at the top to adapt the collar and the hand strap.

Closure: It has an adjustable velcro closure, which provides comfort and ease when taking it off and putting it on.


Size: Some dogs may fit a little loose, so it is recommended to take your correct body measurements.

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2. Bella & Balu Coat for Dogs Raincoat with hood and reflectors

Among the best raincoats for dogs of 2022 we find this proposal from Bella & Balu, which has a hat and reflective indicators on the upper part, which allow to protect the face from the water and provide additional security when taking a night walk.

As for its design, it has a practical hole to facilitate the use of the harness or leash during walks, as well as a pocket to store the waste bag among other things. Likewise, its variety of sizes, equipped with velcro closures, provide a personalized fit regardless of the breed, age and weight of the dog.

Finally, it is important to mention that, despite being a raincoat for large dogs, it is light, since it weighs approximately 220 grams, which does not cause discomfort or extra weight when walking.

This raincoat offers good qualities to keep your pet protected from the rain. More information in the next section:


Safety: This model is made with a reflective logo and line for a better view of the pet in places with low lighting.

Materials: It has high-quality and resistant materials such as PVC plastic, which due to its waterproof properties keep the animal dry.

Unisex: This rain suit comes in 3 different colors, suitable for both genders.


Washing: For greater durability, machine washing should be avoided, so its maintenance should be manual with a soft cloth or brush.

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Small dog raincoat


3. LeerKing Raincoat for Dogs with Hood and Hole for Harness

For those people who take care of their pets in any season of the year, this raincoat for small dogs could protect them from unforeseen rains, as it has durable materials that are resistant to water erosion, such as waterproof, breathable polyester fibers. and ultralight used in its preparation.

If we go into details regarding its model, this raincoat has a hood that provides additional protection to your head. It also offers two velcro closures, arranged on the belly and chest of the animal, which facilitates the task of taking it off and putting it on. In addition, it incorporates a practical opening for handling the leash, when carrying it by hand, and due to the different sizes it offers, it can be convenient for some other breeds of not so small canines.

Among the cheapest models we highlight this raincoat, given its quality and efficient features.


Coverage: It has waterproof polyester fabric, which allows dogs to be dry and comfortable in the rain.

Design: It has a checkered design, either in blue or brown, which gives the raincoat a classic style that never goes out of style.

Maintenance: Its cleaning is quite simple, since it can be done both manually and by machine.


Closure: The velcro at the bottom may not provide a convenient fit, so the garment could slide easily.

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4. Idepet Waterproof and windproof poncho with hood for dogs

Within the cheap and attractively designed raincoats, we find this Idepet option, which to offer protection at an affordable cost is made entirely from polyurethane. A material of quality and resistance evaluated, which thanks to its waterproof properties keeps the canine dry during outings outdoors or in humid climates.

We can mention that this raincoat for small dogs can also be used for different breeds of animals, because thanks to its wide range of sizes and poncho format it conveniently adapts to the anatomy of any puppy.

On the other hand, its transparent design with borders, either in black, orange or pink, allows you to select it according to the sex of the animal; and its convenient opening at the top of the neck allows the hand strap to be inserted without compromising the aesthetics of the garment.

This stylish dog raincoat could be a part of your pup’s outfit when leaving the house on rainy days.


Model: Its poncho style with plastic snaps makes it an easy garment to manage.

Hood: It has a wide hood to protect the dog’s head from showers and wind.

Dimensions: It has different sizes whose dimensions vary to adjust to each type of breed and, therefore, their weight and age.


Handling: Its handling must be careful, since being made of fine material it could break easily.

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Medium dog raincoat


5. Dociote Adjustable Pet Dog Raincoat with Hood & Collar

One of the great advantages offered by this Dociote model is that, in addition to protecting your pet from water, it also has a reasonable price to facilitate its acquisition. For this reason, it is promoted as the best price-quality dog ​​raincoat on our list.

Analyzing this garment in detail, we can say that it allows the dog’s natural movement, even when using a leash, since it has an opening for this accessory. That’s because it’s made from professional-use sports fabrics for outdoor performance. It also has a special treatment that gives it durability and lightness.

Although it is a medium dog raincoat, its wide variety of sizes and the personalized adjustment system it has, give it the quality of adapting to dogs of different breeds and sizes.

This waterproof jacket is designed to protect your dog from climatic variations; so you will have no excuse not to take it for a walk on rainy days.


Confection: It is made of polyurethane (PU) 100% waterproof and safe for the use of your pet.

Visor: It has a hood with a transparent edge, which protects the dog’s head without obstructing its vision.

Comfortable: This raincoat protects your pet’s belly by providing warmth in cold weather, thanks to its design.


Colour: Although the yellow tone is usual for this type of clothing due to the security it provides, other tones or prints could be included.

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6. IMU. Essential Reflective and Lightweight Raincoat for Dogs with Hood

The best dog raincoat would be the one that has the right features that every owner looks for to provide a better lifestyle for their pet. In this sense, the model that we analyze offers quality, protection, safety and practicality, as well as the possibility of giving your dog a modern appearance when going for a walk.

It is a raincoat for a medium dog, which has a cut alluding to a jacket, which is made of polyester and includes elements that increase its functionality, even in extreme weather conditions, such as a wide hood, reflective bands, fastening system reinforced and opening for the hand strap.

You will also be interested to know that it can be adapted to other large breeds, because thanks to its design qualities and wide range of sizes in which it is offered, its use is not limited to medium-sized dogs only.

This raincoat offers the qualities that should be present in this type of garment. Analyze more aspects below.


Laces: Its closure system is complemented by laces for a better fastening of the raincoat to the animal’s body.

Security: It has reflective bands in different areas of its design, so security at night is covered.

Color: It has different modern colors, which allows you to choose the most appropriate option according to the gender of the pet.


Elastic strap: The straps that hold the raincoat to the dog’s hind legs may be thin and lose their effectiveness with continued use.

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Raincoat for German Shepherd dog


7. Decdeal Raincoat with Hat for Large Dog

Having the right clothing for your pet on those gray days is important to keep it healthy. In this sense, this German Shepherd dog raincoat offers good waterproof qualities, as it is made with a light waterproof cloth and a soft mesh inside, which does not damage its skin, keeping it dry for much longer.

As for its design, this raincoat has a small pocket to store some goodies, thus increasing its functionality. In addition, it has a hood to protect its head and, therefore, avoid colds in the future. Likewise, in its format some reflective strips are applied that improve its visualization at night, providing greater security. In addition, it comes with a small opening at the back of the head, which facilitates the passage of the hand strap, essential when walking the pet.

Decdeal creates safe and functional waterproof clothing for your pets, which is why it could be considered the best brand of dog raincoats.



Ergonomic: The model is made with soft and waterproof materials, which provide comfort and take care of your canine’s skin.

Stability: This design has wide and resistant velcro for a proper fit, so it does not slide easily.

Light: It has a weight of 180 grams, which does not imply an annoying load when using it for several hours.


Gender: Its color is more suitable for male dogs, so it could present some disagreement for the female gender.

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Raincoat for Labrador dog


8. Freesoo Waterproof Raincoats for Pets Dogs with Hood

Freesoo offers this complete suit with waterproof properties and highly visible reflective details, as an answer to those wondering what the best dog raincoat is. In addition to protecting you from inclement weather, it provides comfort in your movements and provides security.

Regarding its materials, it is made with polyester on the outside and breathable mesh on the inside; thus, a comfortable modern garment to wear, which does not suffocate the animal when walking. Likewise, it incorporates a hole that facilitates the access of the hand strap, essential to control its movements.

It is important to mention that this Labrador dog raincoat has the peculiarity of presenting different adjustments along its contour and 2 sizes to choose from, such as 3XL and 5XL, appropriate qualities to conveniently adapt to the texture of any large animal.

Here are some notable features of this modern waterproof dog suit.


Closure: Its closure system is made up of high-pressure buttons that provide an efficient fastening.

Security: It has 6 reflective strips that provide a convenient view of the dog on rainy days, in low-light spaces or at night.

Adjustment: The extremities and the edge of the garment have an elastic adjustment, which isolates the passage of water.


Handling: It may be a bit tedious to place for quick exits, having to carefully introduce the dog’s legs.

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Dog raincoat with paws


9. Victorie Pet Dog Raincoats Hooded Raincoats

Thinking about the well-being of the furry ones in the house, Victorie brings them this raincoat for dogs with legs, which provides complete protection that includes protection for their limbs. It is made with breathable, light and quality waterproof polyester fabric, which in addition to keeping pets dry, allows them to move or play freely. It is also easy to transport in case you no longer need it.

On the other hand, its unisex design in yellow with gray has reflective strips; elements that guarantee the safety of the dog when it is not carried by the hand, since they allow it to be seen on dark days.

Additionally, it incorporates a removable hood and has an indication in the belly area to make an opening, if the owner considers it necessary, in order to make it easier for the dog to fulfill its physiological needs.

If you have doubts about which dog raincoat to buy, we invite you to analyze some specifications of this product.


Versatile: This raincoat is useful for taking your pet on excursions, outdoor activities, as well as the usual daily outings.

Opening: It is designed with a hidden hole to be able to connect a harness so you will not have to place it on the raincoat.

Sizes: It has a variety of sizes, thus being suitable for dogs of any breed.


Velcro: You will have to be careful when adjusting the velcro with long-haired breeds, since it could stick to the velcro and reduce its useful life.

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Shopping guide


In the following guide to buying the best raincoat for dogs, you will be able to find, in detail, the most outstanding aspects to take into account when evaluating the acquisition of this waterproof garment. In addition, by making the most favorable choice, you will not only prevent your pet from catching a cold, but you will also avoid the task of drying it completely when you return home.


The material with which the dog raincoat is made, in addition to measuring resistance, effectiveness and durability, will determine in a certain way how much the garment costs, as well as the time of year for which it was designed. In this sense, the raincoat must have quality fabrics that offer resistance to continuous use, since some pets tend to be more restless.

For its part, the outer covering of the raincoat must be entirely made of waterproof material, so that it fulfills its function, which is to protect the pet from the rain. While its interior construction must have wool or some other type of breathable synthetic cover that provides warmth and, therefore, greater comfort. However, we must pay attention to this quality, as it must be light so as not to overheat in summer and of a thickness suitable to the type of the dog’s coat, to provide the degree of warmth that it deserves during cold seasons.


This aspect is the one that can make choosing the garment the most difficult, because when looking at a comparison of raincoats for dogs, it will be possible to notice that, in addition to how cheap it is, each brand personalizes its design based on the different elements that it incorporates. In the first place, reference can be made to the cut, since there are formats with long legs that provide greater protection and coverage for the animal. Although the options without these are more practical to mount and remove, especially in those dogs that are not used to wearing clothing and accessories.

An addition that is important in a dog raincoat are the reflective tapes, seams or patches, as these make the animal more visible both by its owners and by other passers-by during tours in dimly lit spaces and night outings. In this sense, it is a matter of deciding which alternative is more convenient for the spaces that both are used to passing through.

On the other hand, the presence of a hood, visor or extended collar should also be considered, since any of these accessories can keep water away from the dog’s face.

Finally, don’t forget to check the strategic location of a leash or harness access. Although some models incorporate a ring to provide more comfort to the dog, its resistance must be considered, especially when the raincoat is for a large breed dog or one that is very restless.

closing system

It could be said that this is one of the most important aspects to take into account when choosing a dog raincoat, since the closure or fastening system that it incorporates, as well as the place where it is located, will make the task easier. putting it on and taking it off the animal. In addition to keeping it in place during the time of use.

With regard to such systems, the available options are varied and their choice must be made based on the characteristics of each animal, since their advantages lie therein. In this sense, Velcro closures are practical to use and suitable for breeds with abundant or long hair. However, in the long term they lose their sticking power. For their part, zippers and press studs offer a more efficient and durable fastening, but care must be taken when closing them in order to avoid causing damage to the animal’s fur.


The size of these rain protection garments is an important aspect when purchasing one, and since it is a suit that fits the pet, the exact measurements of its body must be taken into account, to make you an option. that fits and covers you conveniently. For this reason, it is advisable to follow the equivalence table that each manufacturer includes in its catalogue.

Another point to take into account is the breed of the pet, as well as its age and weight; because these factors also influence the size of the raincoat. Although you could buy a size above the corresponding one without bothering the pet, anticipating these characteristics.

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