The 9 Best Dog Tags of 2022

Dog Tag – Buying Guide, Opinions and Analysis

Dog tags could be considered as a mandatory accessory for our pets, as they discreetly display the dog’s information, which is essential in case it goes missing. For this reason, there are so many tag models on the market, designed to meet the needs of different pets. A good purchase option is LYL Bone, which is a stainless steel plate with a polished surface, which you can personalize with the name of the pet and the owner’s contact number. Similarly, the Iberia Gifts Acero model is a piece with a compact footprint-shaped design, with one side covered in glitter and the other smooth to be engraved.

The 9 Best Dog Tags – Opinions 2022

If you are looking for a tag for your dog, you should know that the designs are usually varied and, therefore, the selection could become a bit confusing. Here are nine dog tags that, according to users, could be the best this year.

Identification tags for dogs

1. LYL Stainless Steel Pet ID Tags

These are identification tags for dogs with a compact format, valued among the cheapest in this selection. In addition, they have a resistant body and both the front and back sides were polished, to provide a pleasant touch, while the light weight of the piece is convenient for the pet’s comfort, since he will hardly feel that he is wearing the plate.

The structure is bone-shaped, with shiny finishes and rounded edges, resulting in an attractive and safe design for the canine. Also, due to its stainless steel body, you will not have to worry about the deterioration that moisture may cause.

On the other hand, there is the issue of the inscribed in the structure. For this, a laser engraving technique was used, which is durable and highly accurate, so that both the owner’s name and telephone contact number can be easily read.

Here, the pros and cons of a dog tag with bone design, compact format and detailed finishes.


Engraving: The engraving applied to the sheet metal is long lasting, because it is done with a laser.

Manufacturing: You will not have to worry about the plate corroding, because it is made of stainless steel.

Personalization: The plates can be personalized at no additional cost, so you can send the information to the manufacturer.

Touch: Because both sides of the piece have been polished, you will enjoy a pleasant touch.


Numbers: The engraved numbers may be a bit small, but they are still easy to read.

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2. LYL Personalized Dog Tags Front Back Engraving

Considered by many followers of the brand as the best tag for dogs, this ring-shaped model stands out. It is a small structure of light weight, which will not bother the pet, as its polished sides provide a pleasant touch and, due to the applied gold-tone varnish, the product is visually attractive.

In addition, these identification tags for dogs have been made of stainless and non-deformable steel, so you will not have to worry about deterioration caused by humidity or unexpected impacts.

We cannot forget to mention the process of engraving the structure, which is completely personalized, that is, once the purchase of the plate is completed, you will only have to send the name of the dog and the owner’s contact numbers to the manufacturer through a email. In this way, the ring will be laser inscribed on one side with said information.

With this tag, your pet will be well identified in case it gets lost. Next, more details of the product.


Manufacturing: Due to its stainless steel construction, you will enjoy a resistant and durable product.

Engraving: The depth of the engraving is adequate, so you will not have to worry about deterioration or wear.

Design: Its ring-shaped design is light and compact, so that it does not bother the pet.

Color: The brightness and color of the piece will be maintained despite the passage of time, because the enamel is resistant.


Carabiner: You will have to invest in a carabiner to place the plate, because it is not incorporated.

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personalized dog tags

3. Iberia Gifts Personalized Dog Tag for Necklace

This is an identification piece recommended as the best tag for dogs that, once hung on the pet’s collar, will not be very annoying, due to its reduced format of 2.7 x 2.9 centimeters and light weight. In addition, the structure has been made of non-deformable steel with an anti-corrosion coating, so you won’t have to worry about the negative effects of moisture on said piece.

On the other hand, these personalized tags for dogs offer an attractive design in the form of a footprint, highlighting a polished face where the information is engraved, by means of a high-precision and durable fiber laser technique. 

Also, the back surface provides a cover of silver crystals, which give the plate elegance. Also, it should be mentioned that with the purchase two metal rings are attached, so that you can hang the identifier directly from the dog’s collar.

This could very well be the best dog tag of the moment, according to user opinions. Here are its advantages and disadvantages.


Crystals: A glittery surface is incorporated on the back, which gives the plate an elegant touch.

Weight: Its compact footprint-shaped structure is light so as not to bother the canine.

Engraving: The laser engraving method provides a text that lasts over time.

Manufacturing: You will enjoy a resistant piece, thanks to its manufacture in stainless steel.


Rings: Although two rings are incorporated to place the plate in the collar, they may still need to be replaced.

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4. Generic Bone for Small-Medium Pets with Paw Plate 

With these personalized dog tags, your pets will be well identified, since the structure can be engraved on both sides. In this way, you can place the name of the dog, contact numbers and names of the owners, as well as phrases such as “I have a chip”, “I need medication”, among many others. Of course, the information must cover six lines, distributed on both sides.

Also, the manufacturing material of the piece is chromed aluminum, which offers high resistance to corrosion. Likewise, a layer of enamel in a blue tone has been applied, to provide a more attractive aesthetic, since it contrasts perfectly with the laser engraving of the white text. In addition, there is the pair of metal rings incorporated into the package by the manufacturer, which will allow you to use the badge from day one.

This product has pros and cons that could be interesting if you are looking for a colorful, light and compact dog tag.


Manufacturing: Its chromed aluminum body provides resistance to corrosion and deterioration.

Engraving: Despite the passage of time, the laser engraving used for the plate is durable.

Rings: With the purchase you will get a pair of rings to place the tag on the dog’s collar.

Cleaning: It is an easy-to-clean identifier, on which you only have to rub a damp or dry cloth.


Format: The format of the plate may seem small to some people, although it is a variable factor.

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Engraved dog tags

5. National Engraver Pet Identification Tags Dogs

If you are looking for an identifier indicated as the best value for money dog ​​tag, which is also suitable for cats, then this National Engraver model could be of interest to you. It is a structure with a compact, lightweight format and with various shapes, which will allow you to select between a star, square, heart, circle, shield, cloud, hexagon or paw shape.

For the manufacture of this plaque, wood with a light body and a polished surface was used, which is comfortable when hanging from the animal’s collar, because when it moves it does not generate sound. In addition, its surface has been varnished in discreet colors such as gold, grey, silver, white and light blue.

Also, these engraved dog tags provide a writing space for up to three lines, in which you can place the name of the pet and your contact number.

Among the cheapest dog tags we find this model. Know its positive aspects and other less flattering ones.


Design: You can choose between a square, heart, circular, hexagon, among other shapes, as you wish.

Engraving: You will have three lines to engrave your contact number next to the name of the pet.

Format: Its compact and light format offers comfort to hang the piece on the animal’s neck.

Use: You will not have limitations of use, since the identifications are suitable for dogs and cats.


Hole: The hole in the sheet may need to be opened again, in case of sudden movements that damage it.

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6. Perdidus ‘I Am Your Dog’ Dog Tag

If you are a loyal fan of Star Wars, then these engraved dog tags will be hard to ignore as they are inspired by the legendary saga. It is a plate made of anodized aluminum, which is an alloy characterized by having a light body and resistant to both wear and corrosion.

The structure is black and, on one of its faces, the silhouette of Anakin Skywalker, better known as Darth Vader, who is the central character of the aforementioned series, has been engraved. Also, under it is inscribed the phrase “I am your dog”. 

For its part, the rear face is arranged to place the information of the animal and its owner. This engraving is done with a diamond tip, which gives precision and durability to the work. Thus, no matter how many years pass, because the text will remain intact.

This is a dog tag inspired by Anakin Skywalker, a central character in Star Wars. Here, the most relevant details of the product.


Ring: A ring is attached so that you can hang the tag from the pet’s collar.

Engraving: Diamond-tipped engraving is durable, so you don’t have to worry about the text disappearing.

Typography: The font on the plate is the one used in Star Wars, which enhances the visual appeal.

Manufacturing: Being made of anodized aluminum, you will enjoy a piece resistant to deterioration, high temperatures and corrosion.


Format: The plate may appear a bit small for some users and dog breeds.

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Original dog tags

7. Pet Tags Bow Wow Meow Personalized Dog Tag

Pet Tags, this time, presents a model that could be one of the best dog tags of 2022, whose structure has been built with high-quality materials, free of toxic particles that can be released and compromise the health of the pet. In this sense, a nickel finish stands out, to add shine to the central alloy of the piece. There is also the front coating in epoxy-type resin, which is a thermosetting plastic.

These original dog tags have a 2.5 x 3 centimeter format, which is a compact size that does not bother the animal, but is spacious enough to engrave up to a maximum of four lines of 18 and 20 characters. In this way, it is possible to detail the name of the canine and the contact numbers of the owners. In addition, the product has been provided with a convenient stainless steel ring, with an easy placement system.

This manufacturer is recognized by many users as the best brand of dog tags. Next, you will be able to know the details of one of its models.


Design: Its multicolored design with the symbol of peace is visually pleasing.

Format: The compact and light format of the structure will not generate extra weight on the animal’s neck.

Ring: You will be able to use the plate from the first day, thanks to the attached metal ring.

Manufacture: For the construction of the plate, high quality materials were used, which do not release toxic substances that threaten the pet.


Humidity: It is important not to expose the plate to water, to avoid premature deterioration.

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dog identification tag

8. Fodlon Pet Identification Tags Dog ID Tag

This product is recommended as a possible answer to the question of which is the best dog tag. Its barrel-shaped structure has been made of nickel-plated brass, which is a light alloy with a pleasant touch and resistant to corrosion generated by moisture. 

In addition, this piece has rounded edges that avoid mistreating the pet and has a simple opening method, so you can insert a label inside it with the respective name of the animal and ways to contact its owner.

On the other hand, this identification tag for dogs incorporates a convenient stainless steel ring that is easy to handle, which you must use to join the pendant with the canine or feline collar, as the case may be, since it is a product suitable for both animals. This way, the pendant can be in a visible area.

With this product you could clarify your doubts about which dog tag to buy. Let us know more details about the model.


Design: Its barrel-shaped design allows a label with the pet’s information to be integrated inside.

Manufacturing: Thanks to its nickel-plated brass construction, the structure is light and resistant.

Use: This is a suitable tag to be used by dogs and cats, so you will not have limitations of use.

Pack: The product incorporates five units, so you will have spare parts in case the pet loses the barrel.


Ring: You must adjust the ring well, to prevent it from falling off the necklace.

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Collar with tag for dogs

9. Didog Customizable Padded Soft Leather Dog Collar

By purchasing this collar with tag for dogs, you will be wearing a product with a high level of quality and durability, because it has been manufactured with ecological microfiber and covered with leather, which gives it a light padding and a pleasant soft touch to the collar. piece, so that the animal experiences greater comfort while wearing the collar. Similarly, there is the integrated front sheet, which you can customize with the dog’s data.

In addition, the structure has been provided with a convenient buckle, which allows the collar to be adapted according to the needs of each dog, while the “D” shaped ring is suitable for attaching an identification tag or attaching the dog’s walking leash. canine. Both pieces mentioned were made with a variety of wire based on galvanized iron, making it a non-deformable material, resistant to wear and corrosion.

Here, the interesting details of a dog tag with adjustable collar.


Cleaning: The ecological microfiber fiber used to make the collar is easy to clean with a damp cloth and a dry cloth.

Ring: You can place an identifier or leash to walk the dog, thanks to the integrated metal ring.

Lining: Its soft-touch leather lining provides the necessary comfort so that the canine can wear the collar all day.

Buckle: Thanks to the built-in buckle, you can adjust the strap according to the anatomy of the pet.


Smell: The strap should always be dry, to avoid the appearance of bad smells.

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Shopping guide

Dog tags, more than a luxury, are a true investment, since thanks to them it is possible to keep the pet identified so that, in case it gets lost, the person who finds it can contact its owner to return it. Here is a guide to buying the best dog tag, detailing the main quality identifiers that should be evaluated.


The design of the selected dog tag may vary depending on the manufacturer, which allows the user to have a wide range of models. In this way, it is possible to get a plate that really suits the needs of the pet. However, you should keep in mind that this could influence how much said product costs.

For example, there are dog tags with a reduced format, which can reach a width – height of 3 x 3 centimeters, which are adequate dimensions to place the respective information of the animal and its owner. In addition, being a small structure, it does not bother the pet when moving.

The plates can have a design in the form of a bone or a geometric figure, while others incorporate some traces engraved on the surface or, for example, an image alluding to a film saga. Also, there are the barrel-type pendants, which can be easily opened and on them is a tag large enough to show the data of interest to the dog or cat. Finally, we can find the necklaces that add an engraved plate.

Manufacturing raw material

When reviewing any comparison of dog tags, we will find the raw material for the manufacture of said product among the main aspects that must be evaluated before its acquisition. This is because the quality of the materials is a critical determinant of the board’s durability.

For this reason, dog tag brands opt for the use of alloys such as stainless steel, since it is non-deformable. Likewise, there are chromed and anodized aluminum that are light and, like steel, provide resistance to wear and tear that can be caused by humidity.

In addition, there are manufacturers who prefer the use of wood for their designs, because it is a sustainable and natural material that does not generate sound and does not give off any type of particle that is harmful to the health of the animal. On the other hand, other products are made of genuine or synthetic leather, which stand out for their softness when in contact with the pet.

engraving technique

It does not matter how good and cheap the dog tag that has caught your attention and you have decided to acquire is, because if said piece does not have a well-crafted engraving, then the purchase of the product cannot be considered successful.

Ideally, review what technique is used to personalize the plate. In this sense, laser, fiber laser and diamond-tipped engraving stands out. These are three methods of great precision, which provide clean finishes in the typography inscribed on metal or wood, so that the reading is not difficult.

In addition, it is worth mentioning that any of the previous techniques are durable despite the passage of time and the constant use given to the plate, since the engraving of each of the letters is deep and, therefore, you will not have to worry because the text disappears.

clamping ring

Generally, dog tags incorporate a small hole in the upper part of their structure, through which a fastening ring must be inserted, which will serve to hang the tag on the pet’s collar.

Said ring is a fundamental piece for the correct and immediate use of the purchased identifier, so you cannot forget to check that this element has been included in the purchase package. Also, make sure that the ring offers an easy opening and closing method, which allows you to place and remove the plate whenever you want.

Likewise, you must be attentive to the format of the ring, since it is necessary that it be robust and resistant, so that it does not deform or break with the weight of the pendant, so it will have to have been preferably made of stainless steel. Otherwise, you will be in the need to acquire the ring separately, which leads to an extra investment.

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