The 9 Best GPS for Cats of 2022

GPS for cats – Buying Guide, Opinions and Analysis

With GPS trackers for cats, it is easier to protect and monitor your pet when you leave the house or run away. However, there is a wide variety of devices on the market, which could make the choice a bit difficult. Among the most outstanding GPS for cats is the Tractive TRKAT1, which offers a Live Tracking mode to know the position of your pet approximately every 2 seconds, in addition, it includes an application compatible with iOS and Android mobiles. On the other hand, the Zeerkeers TK911 model has an autonomy of up to 10 days and has a compact design for greater comfort.

The 9 Best GPS for Cats – Opinions 2022

GPS trackers are emergency devices that not only serve to find a lost cat, but can also offer other types of functions that give you greater security when keeping an eye on your pet. In this sense, we present a list with 9 of the best GPS for cats of 2022.

GPS collar for cats

1. Tractive Cat GPS Locator Tracker with Unlimited Range

It is a GPS collar for cats with Live Tracking mode, indicated to see the exact place where your cat is every 2 or 3 seconds. This is made possible by the Tractive GPS app, available for both iOS and Android. In this way, you can have a record of the places your pet frequents the most. Plus, activity tracking works day and night for added versatility.

Regarding the design, the device includes a leather collar with an adjustment hook, which allows you to adapt it to the thickness of your cat’s neck. This promotes comfort. On the other hand, it works with a rechargeable battery that has an autonomy of 2 to 5 days, in addition, when it runs out, it can be recharged in just 2 hours, which provides greater practicality.

This is the best GPS for cats of the moment according to some users, so if you are looking for a high-quality device, it is worth considering its highlights.


Adaptability: You can use it in more than 150 countries with a SIM card, which allows you to adapt it to your travel needs.

Weight: The device with the collar weighs around 30 g, so it is recommended for cats weighing approximately 4 kg.

Functionality: It is capable of indicating the activity levels of your pet during the day and night, which increases versatility.


Alarm: The sound emitted by the device to locate the pet is a bit low, so it may be useless during long-distance search.

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2. Kippy Evo The New GPS Collar for Dogs and Cats

It is a GPS collar for cats capable of locating your pet through WiFi, Bluetooth and GSM signals, which allows you to accurately track every movement your cat makes indoors and outdoors. In addition, it is possible to configure virtual zone limits to increase security and it works in different countries in Europe.

With this device you can analyze the summary of all the activities carried out by your pet according to its age, weight and breed. In this sense, you can see how long he has run, played and slept, as well as the number of calories burned.

This tracker is completely waterproof and can be attached to different types of collars, although the package includes a collar for immediate use. As if that were not enough, it incorporates a long-lasting rechargeable battery with 10 days of autonomy.

If you are wondering which is the best GPS for cats, we invite you to review in detail some of the most important positive and negative characteristics of this model.


Connectivity: Uses GPS, WiFi, Bluetooth and GSM signals, which favors better transmission anywhere.

Autonomy: It offers an autonomy of up to 10 days for greater functionality.

Application: It allows you to see all the motor activities carried out by your pet from the comfort of your mobile phone.


Size: The design may be more robust than expected, which could be annoying for very small pets.

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GPS locator for cats

3. Zeerkeers Real Time GPS Locator Tracker TK911

This GPS tracker for cats has a 3.7V 500mAh lithium-ion battery, so it can provide up to 200 hours of autonomy. In addition, it has a sleep mode that includes a sensor, capable of turning off the GPS if there is no movement for 5 minutes. Likewise, in this mode the GSM works with low consumption to favor the durability of the battery.

For added functionality, it is capable of real-time tracking through the manufacturer’s website or app at no additional cost. In this way, you can know its location, speed, route history, among other options, which increases the functionality of the device.

Also, it is possible to establish a security zone to increase the protection of your pet. In this way, the locator will send you a notification in case your cat crosses the limit.

If you want to have reliable and cheap equipment that allows you to find your pet, then it is recommended that you take this model into account, since many consider it to be the best value for money GPS for cats.


Protection: It has IP66 protection, so it is capable of withstanding dust and direct contact with water.

Autonomy: It can offer an autonomy of up to 10 days in standby mode for prolonged use.

Size: It measures 6.19 x 2.99 x 0.71 cm, making it suitable for small animals.


Compatibility: It only offers compatibility with 2G networks, which could reduce its versatility.

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4. Dcukpst Waterproof GPS Dog Collar GPS Locator

It is a GPS tracker for cats that uses WiFi, LBS and AGPS systems to track wireless signals over long distances. In addition, it has the safe fence system, which allows you to establish virtual zones and if your pet escapes, you can receive instant alerts to act immediately, which increases the level of security.

Also, it can be used on rainy days, thanks to its waterproof design with IP67 protection. Also, the tracker device is made of ABS plastic, which increases shock resistance.

On the other hand, it is easy to install and use, since it is only necessary to adapt a SIM card in the device, download the free application on the mobile and follow the instructions. As if that were not enough, it has a remote voice monitor to call your pet or reassure him when you are not at home.

The best GPS for cats must be a powerful device that is capable of providing comfort to your pet, as is the case with this model. Let’s know its pros and cons.


History: It is capable of recording up to 3 months of activity routes for greater functionality.

Autonomy: The built-in battery can be charged via a USB port to provide autonomy of up to approximately 2 days.

Adaptability: It can be adapted to any type of pet, since it is compact and lightweight to promote comfort.


Update: It is necessary to refresh the screen continuously to know the exact place where your pet is, which makes it less practical.

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Other products

5. GPS Smart Pet ID Tag

It is a GPS tracker for cats and dogs made up of a smart plate with QR and NFC technology, so it does not require installing any type of application and can work on Android or iOS devices for greater versatility.

In this sense, it is only necessary to access the official website of the manufacturer to obtain an email with an accurate reading of the place where your pet is. Also, if a person finds it first, they can scan the QR code on their mobile phone and contact you right away.

For greater functionality, on the website you can create a detailed profile of your pet with the data of the vaccination card, the microchip code, the census number, types of allergies, the contact of the veterinary center, among others. As if that were not enough, it is a waterproof device that offers a long useful life.

If you need a practical and effective GPS for cats that has an affordable price, you should know that this model is one of the cheapest and offers easy use. Let’s see its pros and cons.


Technology: Offers QR technology, which only requires scanning the tag code with a smartphone to indicate the exact position of your pet.

Design: The plate has a diameter of approximately 6 cm, making it a compact model.

Functionality: On the manufacturer’s website you can enter your pet’s health information for added security.


Ring: It is possible that the ring to hang the collar is not very resistant, so your pet can bend it easily.

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6. Paj GPS Pet Finder Mini Tracker Protects Dogs and Cats

This is a matchbox-sized mini tracker that weighs just 28g, so you can easily attach it to your dog or cat’s collar without them noticing. In this sense, it is suitable for the protection of breeds of different sizes.

It allows you to know if your pet has entered or left the safe zone established by you. Also, it offers the possibility of setting alarms in case of detecting speeding or to know when the battery needs to be recharged. In addition, you can save up to 100 days of walking history, which increases protection.

The battery lasts from 1 to 3 days depending on the settings set on the device. Also, the package comes with a SIM card to provide immediate use after purchase.

Many consider PAJ GPS to be the best GPS brand for cats, so it is recommended that you know the pros and cons of one of its most outstanding products.


Autonomy: It offers an autonomy of 1 to 2 days with an active monitoring time of 1 hour.

Alarms: You can choose the alarms that will sound in case your pet needs you, which provides greater versatility.

Durability: It has a robust casing, resistant to splashes and continuous use, which favors durability.


Inaccuracy: You could have a 10 to 20 meter margin of error between the location on the map and your pet’s actual position, which makes it less accurate.

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7. TkstarJuneo Mini GPS Tracker Safty TK909 for dog cat

It is a multifunction GPS tracker for cats, dogs and ponies, capable of quickly transmitting the GPS position of your pet, through an SMS with detailed information. Also, it is possible to monitor with the iOS and Android mobile application, which shows you a live signal with a difference of 3 seconds.

In addition, it has an SOS button that sends an immediate notification with the position of your pet. For greater functionality, it offers a quad-band signal, which indicates its compatibility with the four telephony bands used worldwide.

This device has an IPX6 degree of protection, which offers waterproof and shock resistance. As if that were not enough, it includes a low battery alarm to charge the equipment before it runs out. In this way, your cat will never be unprotected.

If you are looking for an affordable device to provide protection for your pet, then it is advisable to learn more about this GPS, since it is one of the cheapest.


Lights: It has front LED lights that indicate the activation of GPS and GSM signals, as well as the battery status.

SOS: The button to turn the device on and off also works as an SOS button in case of an emergency.

Protection: It has IPX6 protection, which provides resistance against splashes and dust.


Link: In some cases, it is necessary to call the device number more than once to obtain the link with the exact position, which reduces the immediacy of the link.

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8. Hangang GPS Tracker for Dogs and Cats Locator Model

It is a cat tracker capable of providing a stable GPS signal, allowing you to efficiently monitor your pet’s position. Plus, you can get real-time feedback, thanks to the built-in microphone that lets you hear sounds around the device.

For added functionality, the person who finds your pet just has to press the SOS button and it will automatically send a notification to your mobile device. In this way, you can follow the trail through the application for smartphones, tablets or laptops.

On the other hand, it offers an IP67 waterproof rating, so it can be used outdoors without fear of diminishing its durability. As if that were not enough, it is easy to configure and has a margin of error of only 5 meters, which favors precision.

If you need a GPS collar that allows you to take care of your pet, it is advisable to carefully analyze the most outstanding aspects of this model.


Safe zone: You can create a safe zone with a radius of 800 meters, which gives your pet enough freedom to play.

Positioning: Offers 3D positioning through the GPS signal for greater efficiency.

SOS: It has an SOS button, which can be activated by the person who finds your pet in case it gets lost.


Instructions: The instructions may not be very explanatory and are written in English, which could make it difficult to understand.

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9. Locate Le Lookat GPS Tracker for Cat and Dog

It is a geolocator for cats that allows you to follow your pet in real time with a smart mobile phone. It is only necessary to download the My localiz application to create virtual security fences. In case of crossing the zone limit, the application will send you a notification so that you can act immediately.

On the other hand, it offers optimal coverage and multi-operator connectivity, which allows you to use the device in different telephony areas. Regarding autonomy, the battery can provide up to 24 hours if your pet is very active or if you constantly monitor it.

It is a compact and lightweight device, which can be used by small and large cats for added versatility. In addition, it is able to withstand the elements, so it can provide a long service life.

If you are still not sure which GPS for cats to buy, we invite you to learn more about some of the important features of this model before selecting one.


SIM: The package includes a SIM card to use the device immediately after purchase.

Size: It has a length of 5.5 cm, a height of 3.8 cm and a thickness of 1.3 cm, making it a compact device.

Charging: It can be conveniently charged with the USB adapter included in the package.


Indoors: The signal could be lost indoors, whether in basements, garages or cellars of buildings, so it is mainly indicated for outdoors.

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Shopping guide

Most cat GPS devices are capable of transmitting a wireless signal to locate your pet, but not all do so with the same effectiveness, which may vary depending on signal quality, battery life, complementary functions and the size of the team. In this sense, we have prepared a guide to buy the best GPS for cats, with the relevant information to help you make a good decision.


When making a comparison of GPS for cats, we can see that not all offer the same signal transmission system, this is because some provide more or less efficiency in some areas. Although they are devices capable of offering global tracking, it is possible to find locators that lose effectiveness in closed or underground areas, such as basements, cellars or garages. As a solution, the most prominent GPS for cats provide Bluetooth and WiFi connectivity, which although they work over short distances, can indicate the position of your pet indoors.

If you want to know the position of your pet over long distances, then it is necessary to have a GSM signal, which works with a SIM card and can transmit data like a mobile phone. However, this type of signal could have a margin of error of 2 to 3 seconds or 5 to 20 meters, which is necessary to consider when selecting a model.

For greater effectiveness, there are battery-free locators, which do not transmit your pet’s movements in real time, but can maintain an active network with the animal’s information, including its position. This is possible through the manufacturer’s website, which gives access exclusively to the person who scans the QR code on the jack plate, providing greater convenience.


GPS for cats are wireless devices, so one of their most important features is battery life. This aspect is vital, because when your pet escapes or is lost somewhere, the battery life can give you a few hours or even days to track your cat.

If you are wondering how much a GPS costs, you should know that the most expensive equipment provides 5 to 10 days of autonomy. However, if you are looking for a model that is good and cheap, you can find some that offer from 1 to 2 days. In any of the cases, the autonomy of the battery could be extended if you keep the equipment turned off or in sleep mode, which also favors its durability.

It is important to mention that the charging time of these tracking devices is approximately 2 hours. Also, some offer the possibility of charging connected to a power outlet, while others are charged through a USB port.


There are versatile models that offer different options to find your pet more comfortably and quickly. Among these alternatives are virtual fences or security fences, which allow you to mark the safe limits for your pet, in case of crossing them, the tracker will automatically send you a notification to establish a quick search plan for your cat, which increases the protection.

For greater functionality, there are trackers that not only show you the geographical position of your pet, but also allow you to know their physical condition through calories burned, hours of sleep, play time, among other options. In this way, you can organize a schedule of activities for the cat. Also, there are models that provide complete records of the places that the animal has visited in periods of time of up to 100 days. Thanks to this, it is possible to know exactly what he does when he leaves home.


Design is a fundamental aspect when choosing a device, since not all of them offer the same comfort or are suitable for any race. Therefore, it is recommended that the device of your choice has a compact structure and low weight. In this way, your pet will not realize that she is wearing a new accessory. Small and light crawlers generally weigh less than 30g and are no longer than 8cm.

On the other hand, there are packages that only include the device, while others have collars for the animal’s neck, which allows you to put the device on immediately after making the purchase. However, most of the models can be adapted to different types of collars for greater practicality.

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