The 9 Best Hammocks for Cats of 2022

Cat Hammock – Buying Guide, Opinions and Analysis

Cats are finicky, touchy, and capricious animals, so if you own one, you know the importance of keeping it happy and comfortable. In this case, a good option can be a cat hammock. However, selecting a model can be difficult, as there is a wide variety on the market. For this reason, we will only detail the most important products, such as the Afufu Cama hammock, which can be easily installed and offers a moisture-resistant surface. On the other hand, the Pueikai‎ 21291403 VC model is capable of resisting up to 23 kg in weight and has a soft-touch surface.

The 9 Best Hammocks for Cats – Opinions 2022

Resting in a hammock can give your cat a feeling similar to perching on a tree and taking in the surroundings. Therefore, if you want a quality model that you can adapt to the needs of your pet, then we invite you to review this list with 9 of the best cat hammocks of 2021.

window cat hammock

1. Afufu Cat Window Hammock Bed

It is a window cat hammock that allows your pet to enjoy the sun and see outside comfortably. In this sense, it includes 4 suction cups for the window and has all the necessary accessories for installation, which facilitates its use.

In terms of resistance, the tubes that make up its structure are made of PVC plastic, a durable material that is not harmful to the ecosystem. Also, the surface net does not break easily for durability and is capable of supporting a maximum weight of 10kg.

On the other hand, this hammock has a waterproof design and it is possible to clean it using only soap and water to increase practicality. As far as size is concerned, it measures 60 cm wide, 35 cm high and 35 cm deep.

If you are looking for the best cat hammock of the moment, it is appropriate that you carefully review the positive and negative characteristics of this model.


Waterproof: The net that makes up the surface of the hammock is made of waterproof material, which favors its resistance.

Comfort: Allows perspiration to offer a cozy surface, but cool at the same time.

Installation: Includes all the necessary materials for installation, so you do not need additional tools.


Capacity: This hammock is designed to support a single cat, since its capacity is only 10 kg.

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2. CatRomance Window Cat Hammock

This pet hammock can support a maximum weight of 18 kg, thanks to the fact that it has a metal support that is not easily deformed. In this sense, it is strong enough for 3 cats to perch on it.

For added functionality, this window cat hammock offers a circular shaped surface that allows your cat to lie down comfortably and receive more sunlight. In addition, it is covered with carpet fabric that offers softness and good breathability to increase comfort.

As for the fastening, it has 5 suction cups with a knob function to expel the air from inside once you place them on the window. In this way, it provides greater security for your pet so that it can jump and throw itself on the hammock without risk of falling.

The best value for money cat hammock should be one of the cheapest and most resistant today, like this model. Therefore, we mention its pros and cons before you select a model.


Softness: It is soft to the touch, since its surface is covered with carpet for greater comfort.

Compatibility: It is compatible with smooth doors, tiled walls, windows, among others, which increases its versatility.

Design: The surface has a curved design that provides a comfortable position for the cat to rest.


Mounting: Suction cups need to be soaked in warm water for 3-5 minutes before attaching to glass, which may delay installation.

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hanging hammock for cats

3. Pueikai Cat Window Hammock

It is a hanging hammock for cats that can support a maximum of 23 kg of weight, which helps ensure the safety of your pet while it is on the structure. Likewise, it comes with high resistance glass tubes to increase the useful life of the product.

Regarding the installation, this hammock can be easily placed on glass doors and windows that have a smooth surface. Likewise, it does not require the use of additional tools for its assembly, since it includes all the necessary materials.

For added comfort, the surface of the hammock is made of breathable velvet that is soft to the touch. As if that were not enough, 2 of the included suction cups have an innovative rotation system that allows you to eliminate the air inside them to guarantee maximum hold.

If you are looking for a cat hammock that does not cost a lot of money, you should know that this is one of the cheapest options on the list. Let’s review in depth its most outstanding aspects.


Capacity: It is capable of supporting 23 kg of weight, so its structure can accommodate between 2 and 3 cats at the same time.

Support: The upper suction cups have a twist system to eliminate air and provide a better hold.

Resistance: The rods that make up the structure are made of fiberglass for greater resistance.


Maintenance: This hammock may get dirty easily because its surface is made of velvet.

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4. LS Window Cat Hammock 

It is a large cat hammock that offers two levels for greater versatility. Also, the height of the mezzanine is adjustable in 28, 30, 32 and 34 cm, so large cats can stand on the bottom surface upright and comfortable.

In addition, it offers a resistance of 25 kg, so it can support the weight of several cats simultaneously. In addition, this provides greater security and reduces the risk of your structure falling. Also, by having two levels, each cat can have a small space of their own to relax.

As far as resistance is concerned, it has a metal frame that offers great rigidity to prevent deformation, making it a very durable hanging hammock for cats.

If you are wondering which is the best cat hammock today, it is appropriate that you know this model in more detail, since it is a highly versatile hammock.


Levels: It has two levels so that several cats can relax together in the window.

Cleaning: It is possible to disassemble the surface of the levels, for easy cleaning by machine.

Resistance: It is a resistant hammock that has a rigid metal structure capable of supporting up to 25 kg of weight.


Size: This large hammock can only be installed on windows that are wider than 45 cm.

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Radiator hammock for cats

5. Authda Radiator Hammock for Cats

This cat radiator hammock can be installed in a warm place for the cat, allowing it to stay warm and sheltered during the cold season.

To promote comfort, the cover of this hammock is made of plush, which is soft to the touch, cushiony and can warm up to a cozy temperature in no time. It is important to note that it has a zipper for easy removal and machine washing, which favors practicality and allows the hammock to be kept in good condition.

Also, it has a metal support that offers stability and does not deform easily, which gives your cat greater confidence. On the other hand, you should know that it is available in beige and gray presentations, to choose according to the color that best matches your cat’s fur.

A good quality cat hammock should be comfortable and practical, just like this model from the Authda brand. Let’s get to know its pros and cons in detail before making the final selection.


Cover: Offers a plush cover that provides softness and allows better temperature retention.

Fastening: It has a couple of hooks to hang the hammock easily on a radiator.

Cleaning: The cover can be removed for machine washing at temperatures below 30°C.


Capacity: This hammock is for small cats, as its maximum capacity is only 5 kg.

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6. Trixie Soft Cave Radiator For Cats

It is a radiator hammock for cats made up of a cylindrical structure of 38 and 34 cm in diameter. In this way, it provides a circular design that allows your cat to take shelter from the cold in a comfortable way.

In addition, it has a pair of metal hooks that serve as a support to hang the hammock from the radiator, which favors practicality. For added versatility, the metal bracket has an adjustable design between 9 and 11 cm, allowing you to adapt it to the thickness of most conventional radiators.

Also, it is necessary to mention that this product includes a polyester fiber cushion with a reversible cover. The latter can be removed to facilitate cleaning, which provides greater practicality. On the other hand, the frame is made of metal and the interior of the hammock offers a soft-touch surface.

Many think that Trixie is the best brand of cat hammocks, due to the variety of products in its catalog and their quality. In this sense, you must know this hammock thoroughly before deciding.


Adjustable: The support to hang the structure can be adjusted to adapt it to the size of your radiator.

Cushion: Offers a soft cushion with a reversible and removable cover for easy cleaning.

Surface: The surface of this hammock is covered with plush, which gives your pet more comfort.


Size: It could be smaller than expected, so it does not provide enough space for two cats to lie down inside.

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Other products

7. Pfotenolymp Stable Cat Hammock with Wall Mount

It is a cat hammock for the wall, which has metal supports to promote stability and protection. In this sense, it is capable of withstanding a maximum weight of 10 kg, making it a structure designed for adult cats.

Importantly, the cover of the hammock is fluffy for comfort. In addition, it is possible to disassemble it to put it in the washing machine and keep it in optimal condition. Also, its surface does not retain your pet’s hair, so it is possible to vacuum them easily.

On the other hand, it has all the necessary elements to facilitate installation, including plugs and screws. In the same way, on the product page it is possible to find a video that allows you to know exactly the steps to carry out a quick and simple assembly.

It is normal to wonder which cat hammock to buy among the variety of models available. If you still do not decide, we recommend you to know this option in depth.


Backing: The backing offers a woven surface that is tough to tear, allowing your pet to stay entertained.

Ecological: This hammock has been manufactured with environmentally friendly materials.

Capacity: It is designed for adult cats, since it can support a maximum of 10 kg.


Colour: The hammock offers a white colored surface that could easily get dirty. However, it is possible to remove the cover for machine washing.

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8. Pecute Suction Cup Window Beds Cats Scratching Post

This cat hammock is designed so that your pet can jump freely on it, since it has a stable and rigid design made up of a pine wood frame and upper and lower iron joints.

In addition, the structure can be fixed using 4 PVC suction cups that do not deteriorate easily. In this sense, this hammock can support up to 15 kg of weight, enough for 2 or 3 cats to climb on the structure. Also, it provides compatibility with ceramics, stainless steel, mirrors and glass.

It is important to mention that it has a concave and curved design that provides greater comfort to your cat. Also, the upper part is covered with high-density natural sisal that allows your pet to sharpen its claws without damaging the structure.

The best cat hammock must provide durability and versatility, as is the case with this Pecute brand model. Let’s take a closer look at its main features.


Frame: The frame of the hammock is made of wood, which not only provides greater attractiveness, but also great resistance.

Design: It offers a concave design that allows your cat to lie on its surface comfortably.

Scratcher: The upper part is made with natural sisal so that your cat can scratch.


Suction cups: Suction cups may not offer an optimal hold on dirty surfaces, so it is advisable to clean them well before placing them.

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9. Happy Hachi 2-in-1 Cat Bed

It is a portable hammock for cats that is placed on the ground. It has an arch design made up of a robust frame made of unpainted pine wood. Similarly, the package includes two removable soft-touch rugs, one for summer and one for winter.

On the other hand, the lower part is covered with non-slip material that provides greater stability. In this way, it is suitable for use indoors or outdoors. Regarding the installation, the package offers all the necessary tools for its assembly, including a screwdriver.

To facilitate portability, its structure is compact and weighs only 1.2 kg, so you can carry it comfortably. As if that were not enough, the upper part offers an attractive design with light tones to combine with different decorations.

If you are looking for a practical and high-quality cat hammock, then it is recommended that you take into account some of the most outstanding features of this model.


Frame: It has a robust frame made of pine wood, capable of providing greater resistance.

Rugs: Includes two rugs for the cat to rest on, one for summer and one for winter, which increases versatility.

Non- slip: The bottom is non-slip to provide greater stability on any type of surface.


Length: The surface may be a bit short for an adult cat, which could be a disadvantage compared to other hammocks on the list.

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Shopping guide

Cat hammocks provide our pet with a soft and comfortable surface to laze around and visualize the environment. However, before choosing a model, it is necessary to consider some important characteristics, such as the type of hammock, the capacity to support the weight and the density of the support surface. Therefore, we invite you to review this guide to buy the best cat hammock.


If you are concerned about how much a cat hammock costs, then you should pay attention to the types of products available, as each one is designed for a specific use. In this sense, we can mention that cat hammocks for radiators usually have a higher price, since their structures must be able to withstand the temperatures that come out of the radiator. However, radiator hammocks are often the easiest to install, requiring only the frame to be hung over the heater. Still, you can find such a hammock that is good and cheap at the same time.

On the other hand, if you are looking for a hammock at an affordable price that allows your cat to sunbathe and see outside, then a window hammock is the best option, since it has suction cups to stick the structure on glass or on any other surface. smooth surface, which favors practicality.

On the other hand, if you need a simple model that you can transport everywhere, then you should pay attention to hammocks for the floor, which are easy to assemble and have a compact size to take up less space at home.

Another interesting model is the wall hammocks, which do not cost too much money and can be installed in any area of ​​your home. It also allows your cat to stay away and observe the environment. However, this type of structure requires making a small hole in the wall, which you should consider before making the purchase. Similarly, wall hammocks should be near a ledge or shelf that allows your cat to climb to reach the hammock.


When making a comparison of cat hammocks, we can see that not all of them offer the same capacity, which is important to take into account if you have more than one cat in the house. In this sense, you should know that cats between 1 and 6 months of age weigh between 530 g and 2.5 kg, while adult cats weigh between 3 and 7 kg, depending on the breed and their diet.

Once you are clear about the weight of your pet or the total weight of all the cats in your house, you should look for a hammock that suits your needs. Therefore, it is possible to find models that can support between 5 and 10 kg, making them suitable for an adult cat or a couple of small cats. If you need a hammock for 2 or 3 adult cats, there are also structures that can withstand 15 or 20 kg of weight. Similarly, it is possible to find hammocks with a safe weight range, capable of supporting 23 to 25 kg.

In addition to strength, you should also consider how large the hammock is, as two or more large breed adult cats cannot rest together in a small structure. Therefore, it is possible to find 2-tier hammocks for greater versatility. In any case, it is necessary that the hammock you choose has a wide enough surface, either for your cat to lie down alone or so that he can rest with other pets.


The surface is the most important area of ​​a hammock, since it is precisely in this space that your cat will rest. In this sense, most models have a concave downward surface so that the animal can lie down comfortably. Likewise, it is possible to find hammocks that have an even more circular surface, which generates a kind of cave so that your cat feels more protected.

As for the manufacturing material, there are hammocks made of plush and velvet, fabrics that are very soft to the touch, but may not be too resistant to stains and the sharp claws of your cat. Also, you can find hammocks with a natural sisal surface, mainly designed so that your cat can scratch its paws on the surface without breaking the material. However, sisal is a bit stiff, so it may not provide much comfort.

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