The 9 Best Olfactory Rugs of 2022

Olfactory rug – Buying Guide, Opinions and Analysis

An olfactory mat is a very helpful element for your pet, since in addition to helping it develop its instincts, it also allows it to be in motion, burning calories and entertaining itself in a healthy way. An outstanding model among the recommendations of the users is the Isiyiner Non-slip, with a design made of ecological felt, which emulates natural grass and can be easily washed by hand or in a machine. Another interesting option is the Vehipa Puzzle, which has a special surface to reduce slippage and a colorful structure with several differentiated areas, to further develop the curiosity of the canines.

The 9 Best Olfactory Rugs – Opinions 2022

So that your dog can drain energy daily, one of the objects that could help is the olfactory mats, since they can do tracking exercises on them. In order for you to find a suitable option, here we present a selection of nine options positively valued by users.

1. Isiyiner Pet Activity Mat Snuffle Mat

Promoted as the best olfactory rug, we find this Isiyiner model with which your dog can entertain himself for as long as he wants. It is a multifunctional design, because in addition to serving as a mat, it can be used as a portable feed tank, something very useful for walking with your dog in outdoor areas.

Also, this model is made of fabric and is made with natural felt, so it is ecological and will not cause allergies or other complications. In this way, it is possible to protect the health of your dog. Likewise, its design emulates a small area with grass, so that this can arouse their curiosity even more.

In addition, your dog will not have friction problems on his nose, due to the softness of the material.

As for maintenance, it won’t be a problem, since it can be machine or hand washed and to prevent slipping, it has some areas of non-slip material, which improves the user experience.

When looking for the best olfactory rug of the moment, this model appears as one of the most suitable options. Here are more of its qualities.


Design: It has an original design based on a grassy area, which will awaken the animal’s olfactory instinct.

Material: It is made of natural felt, which does not emit toxic particles and offers resistance.

Washing: You can wash the rug by machine or by hand, being an easy process to carry out.

Practicality: Add a cord on the edge, to be able to store the rug taking up little space, or move it with a portion of feed inside.


Durability: Depending on the level of roughness of the dog, over time, some of the textile pieces that make up the lawn could tear.

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2. Vehipa Snuffle Mat for Dogs Scent Mat Mat

This option is also among the best scent rugs for 2022, which is characterized by offering different textures and areas, strategically divided to further encourage your pet’s curiosity. In this way, the entertainment you will get will be greater.

It is a design with a compact size that can be easily stored, to take it with you or place it without problems in a space inside the house. In the same way, its structure is made with polyester and other recycled materials in an almost traditional way.

On the other hand, your dog will gain more self-confidence and will be able to mold its character, since using this rug will reduce its stress levels by searching every corner of the structure. In order to withstand movement, the bottom of the mat is anti-slip design. Also, if you also have cats at home, you should know that this object can be functional for them.

With this model, Vehipa competes to become the best scent mat brand. Therefore, the invitation is to know its pros and cons.


Structure: It has a structure made up of strategically divided areas, to stimulate the pet in various ways and hide various types of feed or treats.

Resistance: The polyester of the rug will help it to be resistant to constant use and maintains a good level of softness.

Relaxation: With this object, the dog will be able to drain his anxiety or agitation in a healthy way and eat more calmly. 

Cleaning: It will be easy to maintain the hygiene of the structure, since the rug can be machine washed.


Thickness: In the opinion of some users, the rug is somewhat thin, but this will depend on the perception of each one and the type of breed of their pet.

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3. Awoof Scent Mat Dogs Flower Shape Feeder

If you want to find one of the cheapest olfactory rugs, then you should know that this model meets this characteristic. In addition, it has a strategically designed design so that the dog’s feeding occurs in a slower and more controlled way. For this, four layers of fabric were included, in order to hide the pieces of food or feed between them.

In the same way, it is a mat of compact size that, together with the storage rope added with the purchase, becomes a product suitable for traveling or simply making conventional outings.

Regarding maintenance care, you should know that they are simple, since the rug is made of polar fleece with oxford fabric, achieving a good level of contribution both in softness and resistance. Therefore, you can machine wash the product and always maintain good hygiene.

Below, we present the pros and cons of a model indicated among the main options when inquiring about the cheapest scent rugs.


Resistance and softness: Thanks to the combination of oxford fabric with plush, the structure offers softness to the touch and resistance to use.

Structure: The structure emulates the shape of a flower, so it is made up of several layers between which prizes can be hidden.

Washing: Washing tasks will not be a problem, because they can be done by machine.

Storage and Transport: Its compact size and added drawstring make it easy to transport and store the mat when needed.


Prizes: It has been mentioned that some pets find their prizes very quickly, although this will depend on how they have been hidden.

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4. Tonsooze Snuffle Mat for Dogs Activity Mat

Your pet could have many minutes of entertainment using this model of scent mat. The first thing to note is its colorful design, which combines shades of yellow, pink, blue, orange, purple, fuchsia, green, etc., offering two presentations to choose from. 

Also, it is a large structure of 70 x 70 centimeters, with many places to hide food, so the dog will develop its sense of smell and also expend energy. To ensure a good level of durability of the rug, the manufacturer has used cotton fabric as the main material.

On the other hand, it is a soft and machine-washable fabric, so you can maintain the hygiene of the rug at all times. When going for a walk, it is also possible to take this product, since it can be folded to reduce its size considerably and it even incorporates a handle to facilitate its transport.

If you are interested in a model that is visually attractive, you can consult the main aspects of this option.


Softness: As it is a rug made of cotton fabric, it will offer a pleasant touch when in contact with it.

Design: It has a colorful design that will be visually striking.

Size: Its extension of 70 x 70 cm makes this model suitable for dogs of different breeds.

Foldable: The structure can be folded to reduce its size and thus take it when you go for a walk with your pet.


Breeds: If it is a very large breed of dog, this mat may not be entirely suitable.

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5. Beyaobn Rug Smell Dog Mat Snuffle Toys

When inquiring about the best price-quality olfactory rug, this option is one of the main recommendations of buyers, thanks to its structure that includes a support to prevent slipping on the floor, made of PVC.

On the other hand, it is a 70 x 70 cm rug that can reduce its size considerably and become a small handbag. To do this, it incorporates a handle and fastening straps. Also, the structure consists of a series of areas where feed and snacks can be hidden, to train your dog’s instinct. 

Similarly, the rug is made of thick fabric, to withstand constant use and possible bites. In addition, it can be easily washed in the machine. In case you are interested in a model that can be used with other animals, you should know that this scent mat is also suitable for rabbits and cats.

To help you decide which scent rug to buy, keep these positive and not-so-favorable features of this model in mind.


Training: Thanks to the different zones added to its structure, your pet will be able to exercise its instinct of curiosity and olfactory capacity.

Cleaning: This model can be machine washed, being a task that will not take much time.

Uses: It can be used by dogs of different breeds, as well as by cats and rabbits.

Storage and transport: The structure of the mat folds for easy storage and transport.


Durability: If the dog exerts a lot of force on the structure, some fringes in the central area could deteriorate.

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6. DaiWeier Sniffing Mat Dogs Pets Snuffle Mat

Another alternative to stimulate your pet’s brain and olfactory activity is this model, whose structure covers 42 x 42 centimeters, which represents an adequate space for use by dogs of different breeds. 

In its composition, it consists of six small cylinders and a central zone of fringes, where food can be hidden. In this way, the canine will be able to dedicate time to the search task.

To offer safety, this rug is designed to be harmless when in contact with the animals that use it. To do this, it is made of a flannel fabric that does not emit toxic particles and, at the same time, provides comfort and softness.

In relation to its maintenance, it can be placed in the washing machine without inconvenience. Also, in order to prevent slipping on certain types of floors, the manufacturer added non-slip fabric on the bottom.

In case you still have doubts to choose which is the best olfactory rug, we invite you to learn more about this model.


Resistance and softness: The flannel fabric that makes up the structure offers a good level of durability and is soft to the touch.

Stability: In order to facilitate use and prevent slipping, the manufacturer incorporated non-slip fabric on the base.

Maintenance: It is possible to correctly maintain hygiene when entering the piece in the washing machine.

Colors: This rug is offered in two presentations, one yellow with green and another that combines pink with blue. Thus, you can choose the one you like the most.


Size: It may happen that, due to their size, some breeds of dogs are not comfortable enough when using the product.

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7. Bella & Balu Scent mat for dogs Interactive toy

Both dogs and cats will be able to be more relaxed, and will be kept busy for a while, by using this model described as an interactive toy for pets from the manufacturer Bella & Balu.

With a structure of 45 x 30 centimeters, this model offers a convenient surface to hide food, whether it is feed or sandwiches, in a strategic way among all the fringes that make up the rug.

It is an article that can be used when the pet is alone at home or also in company, since its structure is very soft and pleasant, without rigid areas that can hurt or mistreat the animal. 

For this, 100% polyester was used, making sure that it does not release any type of substances that are harmful to health. Likewise, said material is suitable for placing the rug in the washing machine, which facilitates cleaning of the structure.

With a simple and fully functional design composed of fringes, this model is convenient to stimulate your dog’s sense of smell.


Comfort: The polyester fabric offers a high level of softness to the touch.

Maintenance: The structure is washable, thanks to its total fabric composition.

Appearance: With its fringe design, which emulates that of real grass, it will be easier to hide feed.

Dimensions: It has a compact size of 45 x 30 centimeters, which allows it to be placed in any space.


Stability: The model does not incorporate the lower non-slip fabric, although this does not limit its correct operation.

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8. Youthink Snuffle Mat for Dogs Pet Sniffing Mat

If you are looking for a large olfactory rug, then this model may catch your attention, due to its measurements of 100 x 60 cm. With this extension, the product offers pets various entertainment areas and, of course, several areas where it is possible to store food and encourage the exercise of their sense of smell.

The structure of the mat is designed to reduce slipping, with an added coating on the underside to keep it stable at all times. In the same way, it is a product with good durability, since it is made of polar fleece. 

In addition, the fabric has an anti-pilling treatment, to prevent the common pills from forming after a few wash cycles. Likewise, the structure does not release toxic particles and can be washed easily, using the washing machine or a damp cloth.

The following are the pros and cons of this model, which is distinguished by its large size and color.


Fabric: The rug is made of polar fleece textile that provides a good level of resistance and softness.

Hygiene: Maintaining cleanliness will be an easy task, since a damp cloth or the washing machine can be used.

Structure: The piece has a design similar to that of a soccer field, with various areas to hide food.

Size: With its large dimensions of 100 x 60 cm, it offers more space for entertaining and supports a greater variety of breeds.


Difficulty level: In the opinion of some users, the mat is suitable for their pets at an initiation level.

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9. Ieuumler Snuffle Mat for Dogs Feeding Mat

With this option your dog will be able to drain energy daily, thanks to its design that simulates traditional garden grass. It is a structure of 45 x 45 centimeters, being enough space to place the product in various places in the home or to take it with you when you go for a walk.

If you are one of those who cares about visual harmony in spaces, you should know that the manufacturer offers this rug in more than ten models of color combinations, so that it is possible to choose the option that best suits the area where decide to place the piece.

As for washing, it will not represent a greater effort, since it is enough to place the rug in the washing machine and wait for the cycle to complete. Among other data about the fabric, it is a polar material that will not emit toxic elements and has a special anti-pilling treatment to prevent the formation of balls in its structure.

To manage your pet’s relaxation and energy expenditure, learn the positives and negatives about this model.


Colors: It comes in a wide variety of colors, so that it will be possible to combine it with the space where it will be used.

Design and size: It has a suitable size for small or medium breeds, with a design that simulates a grassy surface.

Cleaning: Hygiene will not be a problem, since the rug can be machine washed.

Fabric: It is a fabric without any risk of toxicity and with anti-pilling technology, to preserve its good condition.


Caution: It is recommended to supervise the pet to avoid danger of suffocation when trying to ingest any strip.

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Shopping guide

Among the simplest mechanisms for your pet to spend energy, relax, exercise their sense of smell and learn to eat more slowly, the olfactory mat is one of the most economical and efficient. In order for you to choose one correctly, here is a guide to buying the best olfactory rug.

Manufacturing materials

The material from which the rug is made is one of the most important elements to know if a model deserves to be chosen or not. This is because said characteristic will determine the general quality of the product, in terms of its level of resistance, added to other factors such as the way of washing, the level of comfort that the pet will have when sniffing and feeding, as well as the degree of tolerance to wear. and to the force that the animal could eventually exert on the piece.

In this sense, to comply with all the aforementioned characteristics, the first thing is that the material does not emit any toxic particles, because this could harm the health of the pet. Manufacturers often use polyester as the raw material for the structure of these pieces or, in other cases, flannel fabric or polar fleece. Any of these options will be suitable.

Structure layout

In the comparison of olfactory carpets, the distribution of its structure is considered another essential factor. Thus, it is necessary for the piece to incorporate specific zones or areas to hide the food. In certain cases, many models allow various types of food to be hidden, such as feed and snacks, which is more convenient to vary the dog’s rewards for its behavior.

In the same way, it can be said that the more options for hiding food the carpet offers, the more diverse the way in which the canine will train its olfactory and tracking instincts can be. However, this is not a fundamental requirement, since the simplest models, which emulate the grass of a certain surface, are efficient enough to fulfill the main objective of the mat.


As it is a training product but also to feed the dog, it is essential to maintain hygiene at all times. Beyond the fact that the carpet is good and cheap, it is convenient to inquire about how it should be cleaned, to lean towards the option that is easier to clean.

Ideally, the product can be machine washed, since it is only enough to add it inside and wait for the cycle to end. There are even models capable of being placed in a drying machine, allowing the carpet to be used again in a matter of minutes. However, cleaning by hand using a damp cloth may also be a convenient option, as the task will only take a couple of minutes.

Storage and transportation

Depending on the type of model, it may be favorable that it has good folding qualities, reducing its size to store it and take it with the pet when required. So there are options that fold up into smaller units, even adding a strap and carry handle. However, if the rug is expected to be used only at home, it will suffice that it can be folded to be placed in another space when not in use.

Colors, use and size

For whom the visual aspect is important, thinking about the colors of the rug is another essential element, beyond how much it costs. For this reason, the manufacturing brands have decided to offer the different models in varied tones, so that they combine with the furniture and the other elements of the space where the product will be used.

In this case, it is appropriate to choose the shades that best meet expectations, knowing that the more shades of a model are offered, the more combination possibilities increase.

Regarding the size, you should know that it is another determining factor about the use, since a model may adapt better to a race or not. In other cases, to avoid this problem, many manufacturers design the mats so that it is possible to join the pieces, in case of purchasing several units. 

In any case, keep in mind that there are models of small, medium and large sizes, with measurements ranging from 40 to 100 cm approximately, which adapt to different breeds, and even allow other pets such as cats, rabbits and guinea pigs Indians use this useful object for training and feeding.

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