The 9 Best Shoes for Dogs of 2022

Dog Shoes – Buying Guide, Opinions and Analysis

To take care of your dog’s paws you can buy modern pet shoes. These are made of fabric, plastic and rubber, with a thermal or non-slip base to give the dog greater stability and protection. Among the most outstanding models is the JiAmy VN DB OR 2 pieces, protective ankle boots with non-slip soles and a breathable design, suitable for snow, hot pavement or preventing the pet from getting a wound dirty. On the other hand, Petloft DogBoots-HG-XS offers four pieces of soft lycra fabric and non-slip soles that can be used daily on outdoor walks.

The 9 Best Shoes for Dogs – Opinions 2022

Pets are definitely important members of the family and deserve to be protected at all times. Therefore, the innovative shoes for dogs are a solution to leg injuries, also providing protection from snow or hot pavement. Here we show you our selection of the best models available on the market. 

Shoes for large dogs

1. JiAmy 2 Pieces Dog Shoes Waterproof Boots

When thinking about the best shoes for dogs, the comfort and safety of your pet are the priority, for this reason the JiAmy model has qualities that we must analyze. 

First of all, it is canine footwear with an anatomical design, which will allow the dog to step firmly, as it adapts to the shape of its leg. Second, the boot’s slip-resistant sole and lining help protect paws on hot pavement or during snowy hikes.

On the other hand, the velcro closure favors the adjustment of the footwear so that it can be adapted to the animal’s extremities, offering good support. Likewise, the different sizes in which this product is available allows it to be classified as shoes for large dogs, since the larger sizes are suitable for dogs of the Golden Retriever, Doberman, Rottweiler, Bernese Mountain Dog, Akita breed, among others. 

Now we show you a list of the pros and cons observed in this model.


Choosing the size: The manufacturer explains how to measure the dog’s legs and choose the appropriate size, according to the measurement table.

Visibility: The shoes have a velcro strap with reflectors, so they allow you to quickly see the dog on night walks.

Grip: The traction sole of this shoe provides a good grip on different types of ground.


Price: The pack of two units has a high value, compared to other models that already include the 4 necessary pieces. 

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2. Trixie 2 Walker Active Protective Boots

When it comes to shoes for large dogs, the quality of the materials and the solid construction can determine the purchase, since due to their weight and size, large dogs need resistant and comfortable footwear.

In this sense, Trixie’s experience in the pet care market is evident in the making of these protective boots, since they are made of polyester to provide comfort and breathability, while the PVC soles favor grip on different types of ground.. 

The design of this shoe is also a highlight, as it has an attractive appearance that could make your pet the center of attention. For its part, the fit is very comfortable due to the resistant Velcro straps. 

As for the sizes, this model has sizes L and XL for large dogs, although it is also available in smaller sizes. 

Due to its history in the animal care market, the German company Trixie can be considered the best brand of shoes for dogs and for this reason we separate the characteristics of this model into positive and negative aspects.


Stability: With this shoe, elderly dogs achieve greater stability when walking and grip to get up. 

Maintenance: The shoes can be washed without complications.

Recovery: These boots are ideal for dogs with injuries or infections in the legs, because they favor their recovery by protecting them.


Units: This model is sold in packs of 2 units, so you must make a double purchase to cover the 4 legs of the dog. 

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Shoes for small dogs

3. Petloft Boots for Dogs 4pcs Non-slip

In the search for the best dog shoes of the moment, this Petloft model is positioned among the first results, since its boot design adapts to the shape of the canine paw and improves walking on rustic floors, surfaces with waste sharp or ice-covered ground during winter.

These shoes for small dogs have been made with a soft lycra fabric that keeps the animal’s legs at an ideal temperature and with good perspiration. Also, the double loop velcro strap helps to make the right fit so that the booties stay in place, while the dog walks or runs comfortably while maintaining good flexibility. 

Regarding the correct size for your pet, you can use the measurement table and the width of the dog’s paw as a reference to choose the size that corresponds to it. 

If you liked this model, we invite you to take a look at its pros and cons to make a successful purchase. 


Waterproof: The material of the boots prevents the passage of water, keeping the dog’s legs dry.

Flexibility: The design and adjustment of these shoes allows the animal to perform flexible movements with great comfort.

Adaptation: Dogs quickly get used to wearing this shoe, thanks to its soft and breathable lining. 


Visibility: Reflective details on the boots are missing for added safety on night rides.

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4. Dociote 4Pcs Non-Slip Dog Shoes

Designed for different occasions, Dociote small dog shoes are made with waterproof fabric to keep paws dry; while the sole offers a firm grip on slippery or wet floors.

On the other hand, in the front of this shoe there is a toe cap that helps protect the leg from impacts and collisions, also providing ample durability. 

As for fastening, these boots have a zipper on the front and a velcro strap that allow the shoe to be adjusted correctly to the legs. To choose the right size for your dog, you can review the manufacturer’s size chart where you can see the dimensions of the three available sizes, designed especially for small dogs. 

All these characteristics mentioned, position this model among the best dog shoes of 2022. For this reason, it is important to review the summary of the positive and negative aspects that we distinguish in this product. 


Visibility: The reflective detail on the front velcro strap allows the animal to be seen better in dark places and night walks.

Colors: You can choose these shoes in three attractive colors: orange, green and black. 

Sole: The thick sole of the boots protects the legs on rough and uneven floors, being ideal for taking your dog on excursions and trekking. 


Cane height: In some animals, the cane does not completely cover the joint, making it difficult for the dog to adapt to the use of footwear.

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chihuahua dog shoes

5. YJ Pet Chihuahua Dog Boots Dog Shoes

When it comes to chihuahua dogs, accessories such as clothing and footwear should be smaller in size to provide a proper fit. In this sense, getting shoes for chihuahua dogs is not difficult thanks to YJ, who has designed this model of warm boots.

With them you can protect your dog’s legs, provide shelter on cold days and make it look very cute, because its brown or pink appearance will give a nice touch to the canine outfit. 

For adjustment, the long velcro strap helps to adapt the boot to the size of the paw, maintaining good flexibility when the dog walks. As for the materials, we must highlight the rubber sole that offers a good grip and the combination of cotton in the lining to maintain good breathability.

All these characteristics, added to the competitive cost of this model, allow it to be recognized among the best value for money dog ​​shoes in our selection. Therefore, we present the list of pros and cons that stand out in this product.


Size: This model designed for chihuahuas is available in 5 different sizes, which you can check in the manufacturer’s measurement table. 

Construction: The inner lining of the boots is cotton to provide warmth and efficient breathability.

Grip: The rubber sole offers a good grip on wet floors or slippery surfaces.


Colors: The availability of these boots only in brown and pink limits the choice of the buyers. 

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Other products

6. Dociote 4Pcs Non-Slip Dog Shoes

With a mid-cut design for an efficient fit, this Dociote model may be the answer in your search for the best shoes for dogs. 

As a main feature we highlight its construction in resistant materials, of which we mention the soft fleece lining inside and the durable waterproof coating on the outside for a robust finish. 

For its part, the non-slip sole is made of rubber and protects the dog’s paws from sharp objects and glass on the floor, as well as hot or very cold surfaces. This footwear is also recommended to help the physical recovery of the animal when it has injuries to its legs.

As for sizes, this model is available from size XS, which has an internal length of 5.8 cm and an internal width of 4.3 to 4.6 cm; up to the XXL size that measures 10 cm in length and 7.4 to 7.7 in width inside. 

Now we invite you to know the pros and cons that stand out in the characteristics of this product.


Manufacturing: The manufacturing materials of this footwear are resistant and durable, offering ample durability, as well as allowing easy cleaning.

Fit: Double hook-and-loop closures allow the shoes to be adjusted and secured to the circumference of the leg to keep them in place.

Colors: This model is available in red, blue and orange. In addition, it includes reflective details to increase the safety of your pet.


Price: Its value is a bit high, but its design and features justify the investment to take care of your pet.

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7. Нсрet Dog Shoes 4 Pcs Breathable Shoes

If the price is not a problem for you and you still haven’t decided which dog shoes to buy, you can analyze the characteristics of this model, whose anatomical design will keep your pet’s paws protected.

In this sense, the PVC sole offers efficient flexibility, while being resistant to abrasions to protect the legs from sharp objects and extreme ground temperatures.

For its part, the lining fabric is high quality waterproof leather to keep the paws dry and warm. Likewise, the softness of the material favors the natural movements of the animal for a comfortable ride, without compromising breathability.

Regarding the adjustment, this model uses velcro straps, which facilitates the placement of the footwear. Additionally, it has reflective details in this part so that the animal is more visible during night outings. 

This is a functional model in all aspects and for you to better evaluate its pros and cons, we show you a list below.


Sizes: These shoes are available in numbered sizes 1 through 8. You can also use the manufacturer’s measurement system to choose the size for your pet. 

Breathability: Air mesh fabric on the surface helps maintain good breathability on hot days. 

Resistance: Нсрet shoes are resistant to impacts and daily use, admitting hand washing to keep the fabric clean. 


Variety: An offer of colors is missing to choose this shoe in other shades. 

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8. Yaodhaod Dog Boot Paw Protector

Among the cheap dog shoes in our selection, this model stands out for its design of paw protectors, easy to put on and that allow good mobility of the pet.

Initially, it highlights its fabric sole with rubber granules, which give it a non-slip effect. Its design is similar to that of baby socks. 

As for the construction fabric, the protectors are made of high quality and resistant Oxford, with a soft lining inside to protect the claws and provide warmth on cold days.

The adjustment, for its part, is determined by a buckle with an elastic strap that allows it to be tightened according to the thickness of the dog’s leg. In addition, due to its format, this type of footwear is appropriate for small dogs, with size 3 being the one indicated for Schnauzer-type dogs.

Below, we show you some data about this product, separated into pros and cons.


Washable: Made from high-quality Oxford fabric, these shoes can be machine or hand washed. 

Measurement table: The manufacturer has a measurement table for you to choose the right size for your pet, also showing the best way to take measurements.

Colors: You can buy these protectors in black, red and blue. All models include a reflective tape to increase your dog’s safety at night.


Design: The format of this model is more appropriate to be used indoors.

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9. Popetpop Dog Boots Waterproof Shoes

Thinking about practicality, Popetpop offers this model of dog boots with a sock design, very easy to use. Its construction in elastic fabric is what defines its adjustment in placement, also offering good adaptation to the shape of the leg and mobility for the dog.

In addition, the lower part of the boot is waterproof and non-slip, so the dog’s legs can remain dry while he achieves stability in his walk, especially on parquet floors, porcelain, among other smooth surfaces. 

With this shoe you can also help recover from leg injuries or infections, very common in some animals. And if your dog has trouble adjusting to wear and tries to take off the boots, you can attach the included hook-and-loop straps for a more secure hold.

This is one of the cheapest options you can get, so if you plan to buy it, you can review its pros and cons first, which we present in the next section.


Fit: The stretch fabric construction keeps the sock snug on the dog’s paw, and if it doesn’t fit, or the animal tries to take it off, you can use the included velcro straps. 

Base: The non-slip base of the boots helps dogs maintain their stability on smooth floors. 

Sizes: You can choose this shoe in different sizes, ranging from XXS to XXL, thus expanding its usefulness for different dog breeds. 


Print: This model comes with a plain design that combines the colors black, gray and yellow, missing a greater variety to choose other tones.

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Shopping guide

If you are looking for the right footwear for your pet, we suggest you review our guide to buying the best shoes for dogs, where you will learn about the most notable aspects of choosing these canine accessories.

Design and style

In any comparison of dog shoes you will notice that there are different designs available in the market. From socks to boots similar to your trekking shoes, each option has a specific function.

If you are looking to protect your dog’s injured paw or prevent it from slipping on the floor of your house, you can buy paw protectors that are very similar to baby socks, whose base has granules or non-slip elements to promote grip. 

But, if you are thinking about outdoor walks at any time of the year, especially with extreme temperatures, you should choose a model of shoes or boots with soles made of PVC, rubber or other material resistant to abrasion, which can withstand very low temperatures. or excessively high, such as those that can reach the pavement on the hottest days of summer. 


In any of the above cases, the footwear material must offer resistance, durability and comfort for your pet.

That is why many manufacturers use fleece for the inner lining, with the intention of offering the pet a soft step and protecting their pads, while keeping them warm.

On the other hand, the external coating must be resistant to impacts and much better if the footwear includes a toe cap, since in elderly dogs it is normal for them to drag their legs and end up hurting themselves with the friction between their hooves and the ground. Some models are also waterproof so your dog can walk in the rain or snow while keeping its paws dry and protected. 

As for traction, the sole must have a non-slip treatment or, in any case, maximize grip on uneven terrain. This is best suited for outdoor wear boots.

Likewise, the materials used to make footwear should also favor cleaning and maintenance, which is why some models can be washed by hand and by machine, or cleaned with a damp cloth.


This aspect will determine the effectiveness in the use of shoes for dogs, since it is necessary that the footwear is correctly held on the legs so that the animal can walk without difficulty. 

To achieve this, many models use Velcro straps, which makes it easier to put on the shoes. Other manufacturers also incorporate a main zipper for a more precise fit, using Velcro straps as a backup.

In any case, we know that it may take a while for your pet to adapt to wearing shoes and may try to bite or pull on them. For this reason, it is recommended to progressively introduce the use of shoes for a few minutes a day and lengthen the time until the dog becomes completely familiar with the shoes. 


This is one of the factors that can cause confusion when buying shoes for your dog: knowing what the right size is. Well, you should not worry, since many manufacturers offer a very specific measurement table to know the size that corresponds to your pet.

To do this, they explain the procedure to measure the leg correctly and choose the ideal size. In addition, there are also specific models for large breeds or small dogs, so it will not be difficult to find the boots that fit your dog well.


If you are worried about how much a shoe for dogs costs, you should know that you can find an economical and functional model that keeps your pet’s paws protected. Without forgetting also that when it comes to the health and care of your canine friend, any investment will be compensated.

We mention this aspect because it is important to highlight the situations in which your dog might need shoes. First of all, there is the case of elderly dogs that lose mobility skills, there are also those that suffer from osteoarthritis and have a hard time standing. For them, non-slip boots could provide more stability and safety when walking.

Second, there are animals with injuries or infections that need special treatment and avoid contact with the affected area. A pad or dog boots would be ideal to keep the wound dry and speed your recovery.

There are also those who put shoes on their pet for aesthetic reasons. So, regardless of the purpose of the shoe, we are sure that you will find the model you need for your dog.

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