The 9 Best Tables for Aquariums of 2022

Aquarium table – Buying Guide, Opinions and Analysis

Fish are easy to maintain animals and take up little space, since to have a comfortable life in captivity they only need to have a good aquarium. However, regardless of the type of aquarium you have, it is necessary that you have a suitable piece of furniture for this purpose; that offers resistance, stability and practicality. In that sense, the ICA M16820B is a table that gives you great support and keeps aquariums of up to 200 liters of capacity safe, it also has two storage spaces. Another proposal is the Tetra 215474 table with its elegant and resistant design, which also offers the option to store cables.

The 9 Best Tables for Aquariums – Opinions 2022

Aquarium tables are the ideal furniture for fish tanks, as they are waterproof and can withstand heavy loads. To help you choose the model that best suits your needs, we have prepared a list of the 9 best aquarium tables on the market.

200 liter aquarium table

1. ICA M16820B Table for Aqua-Led Lux ​​Light Aquariums

ICA is a Spanish manufacturer that for more than 40 years has manufactured products for pets such as dogs, cats or fish worldwide. Among its catalog we can find this 200-liter aquarium table, which could match the furniture in your home.

It is a white table with a length of 100 cm, a height of 75 cm, and a width of 50 cm. It is made of resistant materials, so it is recommended to support the load of fish tanks with a size of up to 200 liters.

It has two easily accessible lower compartments, in which you can store the accessories of the fish tank, the fish food, or any everyday object. It also has lifting legs at the bottom, which conveniently support the table.

As a manufacturer specialized in products for animals, ICA could be the best brand of tables for aquariums. Meet more than one of its best models.


Design: Its design is specially designed to efficiently support fish tanks from both the ICA brand and others.

Storage: It has a lower storage space with easy access doors, which allows you to store different objects or fish food.

Legs: Thanks to its legs, the furniture is kept off the ground.



Available space: You should consider its dimensions and your available space, especially if you live in a small apartment.

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60 liter aquarium table

2. Tetra AquaArt Low Cabinet for 60 L Aquariums

If you are looking for a practical and elegant table model to put your fish tank, this piece of furniture might interest you. It is an aquarium table with a capacity of 60 liters; a model that stands out for its structure and its usefulness in providing adequate support to the habitat of your precious fish.

Its dimensions are 72.5 cm high; allowing you to have an easy reach to the aquarium. Its width is 60.9 cm and its depth is 30.6 cm; so it could be considered the best aquarium table if you are looking for a model that does not take up much space.

It comes presented in two selectable tones according to your tastes: white or anthracite. It also has a door made of glass that gives access to its interior with two shelves, for extra storage.

It is a high quality, attractive and elegant table that you could consider in your comparison. Check out its highlights below.


Cable passage: In the internal part of the table there is a hole specially designed for the passage of cables or flexible tubes.

Stability: It offers you great stability, since it has four non-slip felt studs.

Variety: It is an eligible piece of furniture in two available colors; You can also select its size according to the capacity of the aquarium: 20/30 or 60 liters.


Instructions: It is missing that the instructions for their respective assembly come in Spanish.

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Aquarium table 80 x 30 cm

3. Haquoss Cabinet Aquarium Wood 100%

If you are looking for a robust product to place your fish tank among the best aquarium tables of 2022, this model could meet all your expectations. It is a universal table made of high quality wood, which provides stability and adequate support for various models and sizes of aquariums.

It is an aquarium table of 80 x 30 cm (width x depth) and its height is 66 cm; which makes it ideal for aquariums that have a rectangular format. You can put it in different environments without taking up much space, such as a study, living room, hallway or office.

It is presented in black, a tone that combines with any environment. Likewise, in its lower part it offers a practical shelf that works as a bookcase; so you can organize magazines, books, CDs or any small object.

It is a universal product that supports different aquariums, so it could be one of your options to consider. Here’s a look at its pros and cons.


Assembly: It is a table that offers you easy assembly, so you do not need to be a DIY expert to perform this task.

Manufacturing: It is made of wood that provides solidity, resistance and stability when it comes to supporting the weight of the aquarium.

Shelf: It has a practical shelf that is used to organize books, magazines or fish food.



Glue: To make a proper assembly you may need glue; since this is not included with the purchase.

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100 liter aquarium table

4. Ciano Aquarium Emotions Pro Furniture for Aquarium hobby 

Ciano Aquarium is a brand dedicated to the design and manufacture of products for the aquarium hobby and in order to meet the exacting demands of fish lovers, it has designed this elegant table for a 100-liter aquarium in black with top quality finishes. It is a sophisticated table that could please the most refined tastes.

It has two doors and internal cabinets that are very useful for keeping the aquarium accessories organized. Likewise, it is made of melamine particle board with a thickness of 16 mm; which provides a stable structure. Thanks to its manufacture, this model can support a load of up to 340 kilos.

Its measurements are 102.2 cm wide, 40 cm deep and 83 cm high. However, you can choose the size of your preference among other available options.

This model could be the best aquarium table of the moment, since it is an elegant and high quality product. Here are more details.


Design: It has a modern design with a sophisticated touch, which provides an aesthetic component to the environments.

Storage: It is a table equipped with an internal storage space, to store what you need to have on hand.

Sizes: You can choose the size of the table from several options: 80, 100 and 120 liters of capacity.


Handles: In order to facilitate its opening, the handles on the doors are missing.

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Aquarium table 120 x 40 cm

5. Ferplast Support Furniture for Aquarium Stand Dubai

If you have a large fish tank model Dubai 120 or similar and you need to know which is the best table for an aquarium that is capable of supporting its weight without any risk, this model could be what you are looking for; since it is designed to hold up to 240 liters of cargo.

This 120 x 40 cm aquarium table offers you the right dimensions to keep your fish tank safe and without the risk of tipping over, since it has a stable base that provides optimal support. Likewise, it is resistant to splashes of water.

Its structure comes in white, a shade that easily combines with any type of furniture. Additionally, it has two doors, shelves and an exposed central shelf to store decorations or objects. In addition, it has 6 legs that you can put on or take off at your convenience.

Resistance, practicality and functionality define this table model. We invite you to evaluate its strengths and possible disadvantages.


Organization: Thanks to its storage capacity, you can comfortably organize everything you are going to use in your fish tank.

Structure: It is a table made with a solid and resistant structure, which allows it to support large aquariums.

Legs: It has legs that you can easily adjust to achieve optimal stability of the aquarium. They can also be easily disassembled.


Compatibility: It is a surface that, given its dimensions and characteristics, is only compatible with a certain model of aquariums.

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Other products

6. ICA MNA10B Furniture Table for Nano Aqua Aquariums

When it comes to a small aquarium, it is not necessary to get a large table; the important thing is that it can provide the proper support without the risk of tipping over. For this reason, ICA offers this furniture specially designed for the Nano Aqua series of aquariums; but it can also be used with any aquarium that complies with the respective measurements.

It is a product with a column-type format, in white and suitable for square aquariums of up to 10 liters of capacity. Its dimensions are 100 cm high x 20.8 cm wide x 20.8 cm deep; so it is ideal for homes with little available space.

In the internal part of the cabinet there are two compartments without doors, which favors quick access to the fish food. In this way, you can always have these products at hand and organized.

This is one of the most attractive, functional and also one of the cheapest aquarium tables in our selection. Next, evaluate its main characteristics.


Specialized design: Its design is specially designed for the aquariums of the Nano Aqua-Led Crystal line. Although it can be used by other brands, with the same dimensions.

Compact size: It is a model with a column-type format, ideal for homes with little available space.

Shelf: It has different open spaces in which you can store the fish food.



Colours: It is a model that is only available in white, so a greater variety of colors is missing.

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7. Fluval Aquariums AHG15015 Flex 57l

If you have a Fluval aquarium with a square format and you are looking for a table from the brand that is compatible without spending a fortune, this model could be the most suitable; not only because of its competitive cost, but also because it adapts perfectly to this type of fish tank. For this reason, it could be the best value for money aquarium table for square fish tanks.

It is a piece of furniture designed with curved lines that give it a special appeal. Likewise, it has two storage areas that favor the ability to store objects for daily use; as well as the implements for the maintenance of the aquarium.

It has measures of 77 cm high x 42 cm wide x 41.5 cm long; which is why it doesn’t take up extra space. In addition, you can choose the color between white or black; according to your preferences.

Next, we have prepared a selection with the most important characteristics of this Fluval table, in order to facilitate your purchase decision.


Stability: It is a table that will keep your fish tank safe and stable, since it offers a more spacious design at its base.

Design: Its design is suitable for use with square aquariums and it also has two storage areas.

Assembly: The assembly task is simple and intuitive, so it does not require great effort.



Impacts: It is likely that the structure of the furniture can suffer from any type of strong impact.

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8. Juwel Aquarium Furniture for Primo Aquarium

Having an aquarium at home or in the office brings a feeling of relaxation and tranquility, but if in addition to this you want to give the environments a touch of elegance and leave a good impression on your guests; an aquarium table like this Juwel model could be a good buy.

It is a model designed to support rectangular aquariums, since it offers dimensions of 62 cm high x 61 cm long x 31 cm deep. In addition, the manufacturer gives you the option to select the table between two available colors: white or black.

On the other hand, it is one of the cheap tables that you can find on the web with excellent finishes, functional and with an aesthetic contribution; since it has a large compartment provided with a door and a handle. Additionally, it is also a sturdy and safe table for your aquarium.

If you are looking for a high quality, elegant and functional model, you could consider this table as a recommended alternative.


Quality: Its high quality is given by the prestige of the brand, so you will have a table for your aquarium with a long useful life.

Design: The structure of the table offers a design similar to that of a museum display stand, which adds elegance to the enclosures.

Sizes: You have the possibility to choose the size of your convenience among three available options.



Wheels: The inclusion of wheels in its structure is missing, in order to facilitate the movement of the aquarium.

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9. Ciano Aquarium Aquarium for Aquariophilia Aqua 60

When buying an aquarium table, it is important to have a model that is resistant, stable and at the same time provides a touch of distinction. All the qualities define this Ciano Aquarium furniture.

It is a table designed so that you can elegantly display your beautiful fish tank and your precious fish. It is made with a structure of chipboard panels covered with high-quality melamine in white; Easy-to-clean, moisture-wicking material. Likewise, you can put aquariums weighing up to 73 kg.

It is a model compatible with Aqua 60 or Aquarium 60 aquariums of the same brand. However, it can also be used with any aquarium that meets its dimensions; which are 63 cm high x 60 cm wide x 30 cm deep.

If you want to enhance the beauty of your fish tank and you don’t know which aquarium table to buy, maybe you might be interested in this product. Learn more about this model below.


Stability: It is a model that offers stability, since it has a two-column format that keeps the aquarium fixed and safe in the event of any overturning.

Capacity: The maximum weight it can support is 73 kg, which makes it a functional and resistant table.

Elegant: It has a modern and elegant structure, which favors any decoration.



Storage: Some compartment is missing to store fish food, cables and other accessories.

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Shopping guide

Aquariums are elements that require care and protection, since being made of glass they are susceptible to breakage in the event of a blow or overturning. For this reason, it is essential to have a suitable surface that supports them and provides them with stability. In this sense, we have prepared the following guide to buy the best aquarium table with the idea that you find the model that best fits your fish tank and that is also as attractive as possible.


The main characteristic that you must take into account when choosing a table is the dimensions that the model in question offers, which must be compatible with the size of your aquarium; since this must be perfectly mounted on its base.

The height of the table influences how people will see your fish tank, the higher it is, the better it could look. However, this can make access difficult to feed the fish; on the other hand, a high table also poses a stability risk. For this reason, a low model could offer you greater safety and ease in handling the aquarium.

You should also consider the overall dimensions of the table; the idea is that you can display your aquarium without this representing a problem of space. Therefore, choose a model that is consistent with the size of your home or office.

capacity and stability

The tables for aquariums are specially manufactured with high quality materials capable of supporting a great load, since they must support the weight of the aquarium, the liters of water it contains and all the accessories that are needed for a suitable habitat for the fish.

For this reason, it is necessary that you analyze how much its maximum load is and how much weight your fish tank has in total; especially if it is a large model. In this sense, the best option is to bet on a table that can provide resistance to support more weight than your aquarium has.

Likewise, stability is another key aspect for security. The idea is to prevent the aquarium from tipping over at any movement. To do this, most of these tables have a base with non-slip feet; some of them easily adjustable in height, in order to provide better support in the event of any unevenness in the floor.

Format and design

When you make your comparison of aquarium tables, you will be able to evaluate that there are models with different formats, which are usually rectangular or square. Choosing one model or another will depend exclusively on the design of the aquarium and its dimensions; since it must be supported on a base compatible with its size.

In terms of design, the market offers a wide range of possibilities to choose the table that best suits your tastes and needs; this aspect could depend on how much the product costs. You can find sophisticated tables or simple models; some offer extra storage space, with doors, shelves and shelves that make it easy to hide cables, filters and other aquarium accessories. In addition, they favor having on hand and organized the products with which you feed the fish.

Likewise, there are also tables that offer a simpler or more minimalist design, and you can find some good and cheap ones that meet your expectations. The important thing is that the chosen model fully fulfills its mission: to provide adequate support for the aquarium.

Waterproofing and aesthetics

Since it is a style of furniture designed to support a fish tank and to be in contact with moisture, the best brands have taken on the task of offering materials capable of repelling water. For this reason, aquarium tables can be set up in any environment, even if you have a large bathroom, these tables are ideal for this type of environment without deteriorating.

As for their contribution to decoration, nowadays aquarium tables not only provide security and stability, they can also offer an aesthetic component. In this sense, the market has attractive models presented in neutral colors that provide class and sophistication, such as black, white or anthracite tones, which easily combine with the other furniture in the room. For this reason and for their elegant designs, these tables can be present in homes and offices.

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