The 9 Best Taste Of The Wild Feeds Of 2022

I think Taste Of The Wild – Buying Guide, Opinions and Analysis

One of the basic obligations that must be fulfilled when caring for a pet responsibly is to guarantee its access to a balanced diet that meets its needs. Today you can choose from hundreds of feed options, but the Taste Of The Wild brand stands out among many for its special formulations. First of all, we present you the Taste Of The Wild Pacific Stream feed. It has been created for the consumption of adult dogs and contains a total of 12.2 kilograms of feed. Second, you might be interested in the Taste Of The Wild High Prairie; an alternative in puppy food enriched with vitamins to help with its development.

The 9 Best Taste Of The Wild Feed – Opinions 2022


Taste of the Wild pet foods contain special formulations and ingredients to provide your dog or cat with the amount of protein, vitamins and minerals they need in their diet to grow healthy and strong. Ergo, now we present some of its most outstanding products.

I think Taste Of The Wild salmon


1. Taste Of The Wild dog food with Salmon

Taste Of The Wild is a brand known for providing in its products specially formulated ingredients to provide the household pet with all the necessary nutrition and, on this occasion, we are faced with what, for some, could be the best Taste of the Wild feed: Pacific Stream.

It is a bag of smoked salmon dog food, which is quite attractive to his nose. It also contains fish, potatoes, canola oil, tomato pulp and other ingredients that give it a rich and intense flavor.

In addition, this Taste of the Wild salmon feed is free of cereals and elements with gluten, to avoid possible allergic reactions, apart from having antioxidant ingredients that will help clean the pet’s intestinal tract, as well as improve its immune system.

Looking for what could be the best Taste of the Wild feed of the moment, we now highlight the advantages offered by the Pacific Stream model product for adult dogs:


Quantity: Each bag of feed contains a total of 12 kilograms so you have enough for a couple of weeks or even months.

Ingredients: Contains natural ingredients, where salmon stands out mainly for its nutritional properties.

Benefits: The consumption of the feed can help with the digestion of the animal, thanks to the presence of fatty acids of natural origin.

Cereals: Its formulation is free of cereals, taking into account that these are not part of the natural diet of dogs.


Croquettes: Keep in mind that, being a food created for adult dogs, the croquettes could be a little larger than usual in other brands.

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I think Taste Of The Wild puppy


2. Taste Of The Wild Puppy Food with Bison and Venison

A product that can also easily enter the list of the best Taste Of The Wild feed for 2022 is the High Prairie pack, which is formulated for consumption by puppies.

Taste Of The Wild puppy feed has beef, bison, lamb and venison protein at 28% concentration. Besides it contains a varied percentage of natural fat, fiber, vegetables and other vitamin and nutritional components for dietary satisfaction.

It comes in a 2 kilogram presentation, being suitable for the puppy to eat little by little while it gets used to its taste. Likewise, it is highlighted that among its vitamins there are supplements to stimulate its growth and development, such as B6, B12, B2, D and more.

The advantages of this Taste of the Wild feed, together with the fact that it is one of the cheapest alternatives to purchase, make it a striking product that you should consider:


Protein: In this feed you will find bison, lamb and venison as the main protein, to guarantee a sufficient amount of meat.

Vitamins: It also has a series of vitamins designed to increase the beneficial effects for health.

Allergies: The formula and combinations of the recipe allow it to be safe for allergic and sensitive animals.

Breeds: You can feed your pet with this feed regardless of its breed.



Palatability: Not all dogs can develop a particular taste for this feed, mostly due to its intense smell and taste.

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I think Taste Of The Wild for cats


3. Taste Of The Wild cat food with Venison

This is another of the cheapest feeds from the well-known Taste Of The Wild brand. It is the Rocky Mountain formula, a product that offers a total of 2 kilograms for balanced and appropriate feeding of your cat.

This Taste Of The Wild I think for cats is formulated to meet the dietary requirements of felines in adulthood and stands out for having smoked salmon and roasted venison among its predominant ingredients.

In addition to this, the feed recipe also satisfies other needs by having appropriate proportions of peas, potatoes, tomatoes, raspberries, extracts and more ingredients of natural origin. These combinations give the feed a high nutritional value so that your cat can absorb all the proteins, vitamins, minerals and other supplements necessary for its development.

Since Taste of the Wild could become the best brand of pet food, here you can review some features of its product for cats:


Croquettes: The size of each of the croquettes is small so that the cat can easily chew them.

Aroma: It has an intense and attractive aroma to easily attract the attention of the feline.

Protein: This feed has a high percentage of protein to meet the dietary needs of the animal.

Additives: It does not contain any type of chemical additives or preservatives that can alter the health of your pet.



Closure: A detail that could discourage some buyers is that the feed bag does not have an airtight seal to close it and keep it fresh longer.

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I think Taste Of The Wild for dogs


4. Taste Of The Wild dog food with Duck

In case you have wondered which is the best Taste Of The Wild feed available on the market, now we present the Wetlands product; a food that contains roast duck as the predominant protein.

It is a 12.2-kilogram bag of feed that contains dehydrated duck meat, chicken, eggs, potatoes, quail, vegetables and even wild fruits, thus guaranteeing a diet rich in natural elements for your pet.

Added to this, the Taste Of The Wild Dry Dog Food can be administered to the pet from 12 months, so that its body is prepared to correctly absorb the nutrients of the recipe.

Besides, it should be noted that the balance between fat, protein, fruits and vegetables makes it a suitable feed to be consumed by different breeds of dogs without any inconvenience or side effects that may affect their health.

If you have doubts and cannot decide which Taste of the Wild I think to buy for your pet, below you will find the pros and cons of this option for dogs:


Quantity: We are facing one of the bags with the largest amount of feed, offering a total of 12 kilograms of product to last for several days or weeks.

Energy: It has a special formulation with which the animal’s energy can be increased during the day.

Cereals: It is completely free of cereals, avoiding the consequent problems caused by the consumption of these in the canine diet.

Supplements: In addition to the original formula, the feed also has supplements, food and vitamins.



Process: In order to change your dog’s food for this one from Taste Of The Wild, you must do it gradually, otherwise, it could be rejected.

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Other products


5. Taste Of The Wild dog food with Bison

Here we find a Taste Of The Wild feed with which you can feed your dog practically at any stage of his life, thanks to the fact that it has a formulation that is not too intense, but that does not neglect the essential aspects of a natural diet either..

The recipe has as ingredients bison and lamb meat, chicken, egg, deer, fish, tomato, potatoes, peas, rapeseed oil, yucca extract, blueberries, raspberries and more. Its flavor is attractive, as is its aroma, which has intense qualities.

As you can see, these supplements have benefits that are particularly used at specific stages of the dog’s development, but, being combined, they are capable of generating benefits at all ages, in case you don’t want to change your feed every time.

Taking care of your pet’s diet is crucial to guarantee its general health, which is why you can now review what Taste Of The Wild feed offers you:


Coat: Several users have commented that after starting to use it, their pet’s coat felt silkier and shinier.

Teeth: Consumption can help improve your pet’s dental health by removing plaque and tartar with each bite.

Digestion: Contains elements that improve the functioning of the digestive tract.

Croquettes: The size of the croquettes is small, allowing the dog to eat it without much effort.



Aroma: The intensity of the emanated aroma is much more noticeable than that of other foods, so you should close the bag hermetically.

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6. Taste Of The Wild Sierra Mountain Dry Dog Food

Another dog food that could catch your attention to provide your best friend with a bowl of appetizing, healthy and natural food is the Taste Of The Wild Sierra Mountain.

This alternative is flavored with roast lamb, so your instincts can instantly kick in when you detect the aroma of the feed. Likewise, it is important to note that in the content of the bag you will find croquettes made up of ingredients such as peas, potatoes, tomato pulp, fruits, canola oil, etc. Which provide a different flavor and rich in intensities.

On the other hand, one of the advantages of this Taste Of The Wild feed is that you can buy it in its 12-kilogram version, so you have enough food for your dog for a long time.

When reviewing the aspects of Taste Of The Wild feed, do not forget to consider them based on the needs of your pet:


Combination: This dog food has fruits and vegetables, as well as proteins, to balance its consumption benefits.

Cereals: It does not have incorporated any type of cereal or ingredients with gluten in its original recipe.

Coat: With regular consumption you will notice how your pet’s coat improves, making it look healthier and younger.

Breeds: It has the advantage of being suitable for consumption by practically any breed of dog.


Exercise: It is important that you make sure that your pet complies with his walks and daily exercises to prevent the feed from making him gain weight.

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7. Taste Of The Wild I think for dogs with Boar

If you are looking for a good food to feed your pet, we recommend you review the product Taste Of The Wild Southwest Canyon.

This dog food alternative has 12.2 kilograms of product, so you can make a single purchase for several weeks. It can be administered to all breeds without problems and contains multiple ingredients to stimulate healthy development.

In the list of feed ingredients you can find elements such as beef, chickpeas, dehydrated lamb, peas, wild boar, eggs, canola oil, among other supplements.

Consequently, the combination of these ingredients has resulted in a rich feed, with a good aroma and with many nutrients to satisfy the dietary requirements of the pet.

Considering each important feature of the Taste of the Wild dry food you want to buy will help you determine if it’s worth taking home or not:


Enriched: One of the main advantages of this model is that it is enriched with vitamin components for the pet.

Taste: It has an intense flavor and aroma of meat that will easily attract your dog.

Meats: Among its ingredients is beef, ox, lamb and wild boar.

Breeds: You can use this feed to feed any breed of dog without problems.



Closure: It would be very practical if, as it is a large bag, it had a hermetic closure to close it after serving the feed.

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8. Taste Of The Wild cat food with Quail and Duck

Taste Of The Wild Lowland Creek is for some the best value for money Taste Of The Wild feed, as it contains ingredients with balanced fat levels for special diets for felines.

This could be the feed you are looking for if you want to help your cat have better digestion, since the proteins provided by the main ingredients can improve the performance of the intestinal tract.

Apart from the quail, this feed also contains roast duck, lentils, peas, blueberries, tomatoes and natural fats along with extracted oils, which provide much of the flavor to the feed.

Evaluating its vitamin content, you should know that it contains vitamin B1, B2, B6, B12, D and much more. This turns the food into a beneficial crop for the pet’s immune system.

So that you can choose the best feed for your pet, we now invite you to carefully evaluate the following information:


Organic: The feed has an organic recipe designed to take care of the health of the animal and its development.

Duck: Unlike most feeds, this option has roast duck as its main ingredient, offering a different flavor.

Supplements: It has several enriching elements with vitamins, minerals and food supplements.

Consumption: You can offer this feed to cats of all breeds, as long as they are older than 2 months.


Transition: To make the change from one feed to another, you must spend several days mixing the old with the new, before using it completely.

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9. Taste Of The Wild cat food with Trout

If the pet that reigns in the home is a feline, it is likely that this food from Taste Of The Wild is an attractive and delicious option for him.

It comes in a package that contains 6.6 kilograms of feed, which is enough for at least several weeks of consumption. You can give it to cats of all kinds of breeds, but that are of adult age considering the effects of its components.

Its recipe, on the other hand, contains trout, potato, smoked salmon and various extracts, as well as its respective selection of vitamins, nutrients and minerals to meet the dietary requirements of the animal.

Thanks to this your pet will be able to obtain everything he needs to grow healthy and strong, as well as having energy to play, explore or whatever he likes to do.

Taste Of The Wild is a good brand of pet food, so it would not hurt to thoroughly review the pros and cons of one of their products:



Energy: It can increase your cat’s energy to make it more active and playful.

Digestion: Regular consumption improves the functioning of the digestive tract and bowel movements.

Cereals: The feed recipe does not contain cereals, since it is not an element that cats usually consume naturally.

Croquettes: The crackers in the feed are small and easy for cats to chew.


Flavor: Considering that the food formulation has a high percentage of fish, the flavor and aroma should be more intense.

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Shopping guide


It is likely that with so many options in animal feed, whether by brand, flavor, quantity or ingredients, it is quite difficult for you to know which one to buy. If this is your case, here we offer you a guide to buying the best Taste Of The Wild feed, since it is a brand that is characterized by various beneficial factors in the pet’s diet.

Formulation Approach

When reviewing a comparison of Taste Of The Wild feed, the first thing you should study is the formulation approach that the product recipe has. This is due to the fact that pets, whether dogs or cats, have different nutritional requirements depending on factors such as age or breed, for example.

However, it should be noted that one of the advantages of Taste Of The Wild feed is that they are usually suitable for all breeds, but not for all ages. Consequently, it is important that you pay attention to the indications of consumption by the manufacturer.

Apart from the special lines, the brand also provides feed for puppies, young, adults and older animals, so that each development range can obtain the basic nutrients that meet all their dietary needs.

Product quantity

If you are wondering how much does a Taste Of The Wild food cost, one of the aspects that you should consider is the amount of food per bag. As a line of feed for pets of all breeds and ages, the products of this brand have several presentations and one of them is based on the amount per bag.

From this perspective and considering that Taste Of The Wild feed stands out for its special formulas, it is important that you know how to incorporate the food into your pet’s diet without forcing it. Therefore, if it is the first time you are going to try the feed, you can buy small bags of 2 kilograms, but if your pet is already adapted to this type of food, you can easily find units of 6 or 12 kilograms.

feed ingredients

Providing your pet with a feed capable of satisfying 100% of all its nutritional requirements can be difficult, since most of these are prepared with formulas for widespread consumption that cannot always satisfy the special needs of each age, breed or species..

In this sense, we advise you to review exactly what the Taste Of The Wild feed recipe contains that has caught your attention for your pet. It is known that, in the case of dogs, they prefer red meat-flavored feed because their ancestors had a diet based on hunting herbivores and other smaller mammals.

However, the same does not happen with domestic cats that, although they descend mainly from the wild cat, which is carnivorous, prefer fish-scented feed.

In this sense, Taste Of The Wild offers alternatives capable of satisfying the tastes of your pet, be it dog or cat, as well as guaranteeing that they obtain the necessary nutrients with a formula based on their natural diet.

Additional components

Last but not least, we advise you to review the additional components that have been incorporated into the feed formulation. This addition has beneficial qualities that can make one version stand out from another and, furthermore, it doesn’t matter if it’s a cheap feed, since most Taste Of The Wild products provide them to some extent.

You can check this detail by taking a detailed look at the recipe used to make the feed. In addition to the ingredients of animal and vegetable origin, the fact that a certain Taste Of The Wild feed contains more calcium than another, is more convenient for a pet with a deficiency of this element, for example.

The same goes for the variety of vitamins, minerals and extra nutrients contained in the formula. Many of these have specific effects on body organs, the functioning of complex systems, development, among others. Therefore, each animal will have different levels of requirement according to its size, age and breed, so you must choose the type of Taste Of The Wild feed based on the needs of your pet.

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