The 9 Best Vitamins for Dogs of 2022

Vitamins for dogs – Buying Guide, Opinions and Analysis

Just like humans, dogs also require vitamins and nutrients that help supplement their diet and improve their fitness and quality of life. Although these elements may be present in some foods, the best way to ensure their consumption is with multivitamins. In this sense, CaniComplete Gelenk Plus is a German formula made up of 120 tablets and is made up of different natural elements and vitamins, which are combined to provide greater vitality. For its part, the Lamberts L08999-90It has been formulated by experts in animal nutrition to provide the vitamins and minerals that your pet needs, regardless of its breed. In addition, the presentation of this multivitamin in meat-flavored capsules favors its intake in most dogs.

The 9 Best Vitamins for Dogs – Opinions 2022

Food supplements are a rich source of minerals that help pets to have greater well-being in their day-to-day life, which is why it is important to accompany their diet with a complete and adequate formula. Although there is a wide range of options, below we will review the most representative aspects of the supplements that are recognized by the user community as among the best vitamins for dogs.

vitamins for older dogs

1. CaniComplete Plus Chondroprotector dogs

Favorable for puppies and adults, vitamin supplements are essential and that is something that the manufacturer CaniComplete is clear about, which is why it has developed a vitamin recipe for older dogs that is intended to improve their well-being. 

This formula is a German certified innovation, which is made up of natural elements, which come together to create a recommended dose for older animals, by combining glucosamine sulfate, chondroitin for dogs, devil’s claw, turmeric, ginger, MSM, acid hyaluronic, as well as vitamins B1, B2, B6, B12, C, niacin, biotin, folic and pantothenic acid. Hence, it is recognized by many users as the best vitamin for dogs on the market. 

In addition, the raw material used for manufacturing is of high quality and only natural components have been added, so it has no contraindications. On the contrary, it is efficient to be used in dogs of all breeds and sizes. 

Being recognized as the possible best vitamin for dogs at the moment, you should know the pros and cons of this option. 


Presentation: The vitamins are presented in a plastic bottle containing 120 capsules.

Formula: This German formula has been developed and approved as suitable for the well-being of adult dogs.

Flavor: Its flavor is natural and attractive to pets, because it only contains natural elements. 

Dosage: According to the manufacturer’s recommendation, it is only enough to supply one capsule per day (according to weight), to prevent decompensation.


Function: Although it is an effective product and manufactured with high quality standards, it should be emphasized that its function is preventive and does not act as a medicine. 

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2. Vetnova VN-FAR-0119 Red Cell Canine

Recommended as vitamins for older dogs, this supplement from the manufacturer Vetnova enters our selection because it is a formula rich in minerals that prevents the appearance of ailments in animals and keeps them nourished. 

In addition, its components are natural and its careful preparation, which makes it one of the best vitamins for dogs in 2022, because it provides 19 essential ingredients and minerals for the well-being of dogs and cats. 

Unlike other recipes, this one has been developed as a supplement to treat anemic processes, so its dose is recommended for convalescent pets, in the postoperative state, as well as for pregnant or lactating females and also for puppies.

The presentation is available in liquid state, in a 450 ml plastic bottle, to favor the easy ingestion of the product. What is recommended by its manufacturer is to supply it with a syringe orally or together with the pet’s regular food.

Those who wish to increase the well-being of their pets can learn about the pros and cons of this supplement developed by what is considered by many to be the best brand of vitamins for dogs. 


Presentation: This vitamin is available in a 450 ml presentation, which is a sufficient quantity.

State: Unlike other options, this one is supplied in a liquid state orally, which is convenient.

Formula: Its formula consists of a supplement that combines 19 essential vitamins and minerals. 

Supplement: It is adequate to treat anemic processes in adult animals.


Flavor: Its flavor may not be appealing to some pets. In addition, it does not include a syringe to deliver the dose. 

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vitamins to fatten dogs

3. Lamberts Pet Nutrition for Dogs Multivitamin Combination

If you think your pet has lost weight and you are looking for vitamins to help its metabolism, this Lamberts product may be the right one, as it is suitable for different dog breeds and its combination of elements meets the nutritional needs of pets.

First of all, we highlight that its formula has several vitamins, including A, C and E; to offer antioxidants that strengthen the immune system of dogs. Secondly, the presence of group B vitamins in this nutritional complex affect the proper functioning of the digestive system, also helping to maintain the animal’s skin and hair, as well as increasing its energy sources.

Other elements of this formula, which improve the physical health of the dog, are: magnesium, iron, folic acid, zinc, calcium, among others; that combined provide all the nutrients necessary for the normal development of your pet. 

To learn more about this product, before deciding which vitamins for dogs to buy, we recommend reviewing the pros and cons listed below.


Antioxidants: This vitamin complex provides different antioxidants to improve the dog’s immune system and increase its energy levels. 

Taste: The capsules have a meat flavor, and most dogs have shown good receptivity when ingesting them. 

Price: The affordable cost of this multivitamin allows it to be considered as the nutritional supplement that your pet needs.


Constipation: In some dogs, cases of constipation may occur, so you should also monitor their diet to improve this condition.

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4. JTPharma Vigor Pharma Complementary Food for Pets

They are vitamins to fatten dogs that favor the correction of defects in the diet and are very useful in some processes of recovery of bodily functions. In this sense, they also provide minerals and trace elements that act at the basal level to combat anemia and the lack of nutrients in the extracellular matrix. 

Thus, among the variety of vitamins, this supplement includes B1, B2, B6, B12 and C, which speed up tissue repair, promote growth and strengthen the animal’s defenses. For this reason, it is a product that helps improve the physical performance of your pet. In addition, it is suitable for dogs and cats of all breeds, which increases its versatility.

On the other hand, it comes in a presentation of 60 tablets, enough for a two-month treatment, depending on the weight of your dog. In addition, it is a highly concentrated supplement to provide greater effectiveness.

Some vitamins can help improve your pet’s quality of life. That is why we invite you to learn more about this product before deciding.


Composition: These vitamins are made up of a wide variety of natural nutrients, trace elements and amino acids, so they are safe for your pet.

Benefits: Acts at the basal level in the cure of diseases that affect the extracellular matrix, restoring the body’s ability to regenerate.

Presentation: This package has 60 tablets that can last up to 2 months of treatment depending on the weight of the animal.


Complement: As with other vitamins, these can be used only as a complement to food and treatment prescribed by the veterinarian. It is not a substitute for meals.

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vitamins for dog hair

5. Daonly Beer Yeast

Daonly presents a complex of vitamins for dog hair that prevents hair loss and strengthens the root, making it healthier and preventing the animal from losing its fur, making it convenient for those who want to revitalize the shine of their pets. 

This supplement has a natural formula and has been manufactured based on brewer’s yeast, zinc and other minerals and vitamins, which have been added to preserve the healthy properties of hair and nails.

According to studies carried out by its developers, brewer’s yeast has agents that stimulate hair growth by favoring the synthesis of keratin and reducing the production of sebum or fat through sulfur-containing amino acids. 

In addition, this recipe contains B complex, which stimulates metabolism, making it suitable for feeding dogs and cats, as a mechanism to reduce hair loss by 20%. 

Taking into account the pros and cons of this alternative can be favorable to making a smart purchase. 


Formula: The formula of this vitamin is based on brewer’s yeast and zinc, natural products that are beneficial for the body.

Taste: The capsules have a chicken aroma and flavor that is irresistible to pets. 

Usefulness: According to its developers, the regular intake of this supplement helps the coat and stops its loss.

Breeds: This product is suitable for dogs of different breeds, weight and size, and can even be consumed by cats as well.


Instructions: The instructions may be awkward to read because they are printed under the sticker on the package.

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6. Petia Vet health Activapet Multivitamin Dogs

These are vitamins for dog hair formulated with high quality ingredients. In this sense, they have iron, zinc, copper, selenium, L-Carnitine, L-Methionine, Manganese and B vitamins.

Thanks to this, they can effectively provide all the nutrients your pet needs to maintain its vitality and optimal physical performance. Likewise, among the many benefits they offer is the strengthening of the cognitive capacity and the immune system of the animal.

On the other hand, these vitamins can be administered to dogs of different ages, breeds and sizes, which favors their versatility. Regarding the presentation, they come in a pack of 30 chewable tablets, which are easy to ingest by small and large animals.

If you are looking for safe vitamins for your pet and that serve as a complement to their diet, you should learn more about this model.


Amino acids: Among its ingredients are carnitine and methionine, which help strengthen the dog’s immune system.

Vitamins: This presentation offers vitamins A, B1, B2, B5, B3, B6, B9, B12, C, D3 and E, making it a very complete product.

Tablets: The tablets have a soft and chewable consistency, to facilitate their consumption by dogs of different breeds.


Quantity: The container has 30 tablets, which could be very little compared to other products on the list, especially if you give your pet more than 1 a day.

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Vitamins to whet the appetite in dogs

7. Vetnova VN-1056 Supra RC-5

These vitamins to whet the appetite in dogs from the manufacturer Vetnova are recommended as a supplement that includes essential minerals and that affects the vitality of the animal, by providing nutritional value. 

In addition, it is a supplement that can be included without problems in the daily diet of the pet. Due to its cost, this option tends to be recognized as the best value for money dog ​​vitamin, as it is one of the cheapest in our selection. 

In general, this supplement is indicated for animals that present anemic states or lack of appetite, so it is also recommended for small convalescent dogs and cats or those that have come out of an operation, so that they can recover their strength and return to their physical activity. regular. 

However, since it stimulates the appetite, the recommended dose should not be exceeded because it can generate a contraindicated effect. The presentation is available in a small plastic bottle.

One of the cheapest vitamins for dogs is this option that provides various benefits, so it would be convenient to know its pros and cons. 


Utility: This vitamin is recommended for animals in an anemic state or inappetence.

Formula: The formula contains vitamins and minerals that provide nutritional value to the animal’s diet.

Breeds: The product can be used in all breeds of dogs and cats, preferably small. 

Presentation: It is available in a presentation of chewable tablets, which facilitates daily intake. 


Excess: Exceeding the recommended dose can lead the animal to have an extra appetite and generate obesity.

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natural vitamins for dogs

8. Daonly Anti-inflammatory for dogs chicken flavor

Daonly is a manufacturer that has specialized in pet care, which is why it presents different formulas of natural vitamins for dogs, aimed at different conditions. 

In the case of this supplement, it is an anti-inflammatory option that is used for joint care, as a natural alternative to conventional medications, since it is made from collagen, a beneficial protein for regenerating connective tissues, bones, tendons and cartilage. 

In addition, the intake of these pills provides resistance to the bone system of dogs and cats, by providing greater elasticity and reducing friction, so it works as a natural lubricant and its effect begins just one week after starting treatment. 

To make them more palatable to pets, these chewable edible pellets have an attractive chicken flavor so they can be included in feed to ensure intake. 

When it comes to pet health, you need to know all the details of the supplement to use. Get to know the ones corresponding to this option.


Formula: Its natural formula contains several highly effective ingredients, including collagen and vitamins C and D.

Indications: It is recommended in case of bumps, sprains, osteoarthritis, arthritis and joint pain, as well as fatigue.

Presentation: The vitamins are presented in the form of tablets, 180 units that come in a plastic bottle with a lid.

Flavor: The manufacturer has added a chicken flavor that makes the tablets more palatable to animals.


Medical Surveillance: The supply of this product requires veterinary surveillance. 

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vitamins for puppies

9. AniForte Essential Vitamins and Minerals for Dogs 

Nutrient complexes are important at all stages of dog development. For this reason, the manufacturer AniForte presents vitamins for puppies that include all the elements and minerals that will compensate for their diet and growth.

As in humans, the supplements also support increased health and vitality in animals, and by giving these tablets to your puppy, you get natural benefits by increasing physical activity and adding additional nutritional value to your diet.

This supplement is available in a plastic bottle presentation, with 250 natural pills that have been developed and recommended by veterinarians, as it is based on brewer’s yeast and includes ingredients such as acai, seaweed, acerola and barley in its formula, as well as such as 13 vitamins and 11 minerals and trace elements. These tablets are suitable for dogs and cats. Its size is small, which makes it easy to take.

Analyzing the pros and cons of this alternative can be convenient to know if it is beneficial for your pet. 


Presentation: These are small tablets available in a generous presentation of 250 tablets. 

Formula: It has a natural formula based on brewer’s yeast, as well as 13 vitamins and 11 minerals.

Ingredients: The added ingredients are natural, such as acai, seaweed and barley.

Utility: These vitamins improve physical condition and add nutritional value to the diet of puppies. 


Instructions: Dosage instructions are not available in Spanish, making it difficult to understand. 

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Shopping guide

Some multivitamins are necessary to provide a better quality of life for pets, since they provide additional nutrients that are not in the feed or that are required by some special condition. Before making a hasty purchase, it is necessary to take into account that there are different types, presentations and with varied formulas. Therefore, it may be appropriate to read the following guide to buy the best vitamins for dogs on the market.


To establish a comparison of vitamins for dogs, it is necessary to make an analysis of the presentation that the manufacturer offers. This is because while these are multivitamins, they can be in different forms. In this way, they can be found on the market in different states: solid (tablets or capsules), liquid or even powder, to be diluted in water.

The most common are the presentations in the form of a tablet or tablet. This tablet tends to be chewable and in some cases may be a softgel. Similarly, the liquid presentations are designed to be added to the feed or to be supplied with a syringe directly into the animal’s snout.

On the other hand, the powder presentation is designed to be diluted in water, so it would end up being a similar modality to liquid vitamins. Of all of them, the tablets are among the most functional and practical because they can be crushed, hidden with some food and given to the pet without generating waste.


Having an estimate of how much a vitamin for dogs costs can be obtained if an analysis is made of the amount of content in the presentation. In the case of the alternatives that are available in pills or tablets, they are usually contained in a plastic bottle with a lid, which preserves their properties. Each container has a content that varies in number of units or milliliters (in the case of liquids).

In this way, the price should be analyzed based on the number of pills that are included, since, although a presentation of 90 pills is cheaper than one of 250 units, it may be that, when doing the analysis, the one that has more content, because there will be substantial savings. In this sense, there are multivitamins of 90, 120, 180 and 250 units. Selecting one will depend on the budget, weight of the animal and number of pets in the home.


As in human beings, animals should not be drug dependent either, hence it is necessary that the vitamins that are supplied to them are natural and provide them with energy, supplements, nutrients and essential minerals that affect a better quality of life and in a more complete diet.

Formulas are of great importance. However, each laboratory has its own recipe with ingredients that are added to make the most suitable vitamin. Thus, the use of natural ingredients is constant. For example, many formulas have a base of brewer’s yeast, chia, amino acids, zinc, omega, glucosamine sulfate, as well as magnesium, iron and vitamins A, B6, B12, C, among others, which help maintain good health..


A good and cheap vitamin for dogs is for many pet owners a positive investment that can improve the vitality of the animal, as well as its metabolism and general mood. However, even though dogs will eat almost anything, they can be a bit picky about medicine and tend to refuse it. 

To avoid this, many manufacturers have added flavors and aromas to their formulas with the intention of making them more appetizing and attractive to dogs and cats. In this way, its components are hidden and, instead of being a simple medicine for them, it is a prize (like a cookie). There are even products that can be mixed with conventional food. Among the flavors that work best with pets are: chicken, beef and bacon.

Dose and type

Depending on what you are looking for for the animal, there is a vitamin that fits your needs, whether it is for the coat, the skin, the nails, the appetite, the strength or as a nutritional supplement. Also, some vitamins are special for large breeds, while others are for small ones. Similarly, there are some presentations that can be practical for both cats and dogs, but it will be the daily dose that will vary.

In general, when starting to supply vitamins to pets, they must be prescribed by a veterinarian to follow the recommended parameters or, failing that, the suggested dose on the package should be assigned. 

Frequently asked questions

Q1: How to use dog vitamins?

The way to use vitamins for dogs varies according to the brand and type that is supplied to the animal. Therefore, it is best to follow the instructions prescribed by the veterinarian.

Failing this, it is also possible to follow the manufacturer’s recommendations, which are usually explained on the packaging. The daily dose usually changes according to the weight of the dog. In most cases, one tablet is recommended once a day, about 15 minutes before breakfast (small breeds between 5 and 10 kilos). As weight increases, the number of daily tablets usually increases as well.

Q2: What vitamins are suitable for my dog ​​to gain weight?

If the dog presents a picture of malnutrition or loss of appetite, it is recommended to go to a veterinarian to follow the case and its evolution. Likewise, it can be treated with natural vitamins that are indicated for anemic states or are multivitamin supplements.

In addition, formulas that include B12 complex, protein, vitamin A, selenium, and fatty acids are suitable. Some of the most notable suggestions are from the Animigo and Uploria brands. 

Q3: What dog vitamins to use if he doesn’t want to eat?

In this case, it is necessary to use vitamins that whet the appetite and provide essential minerals to maintain nutritional balance. Although there are many brands available on the market, Vetnova Supra is one of the most recommended to treat loss of appetite and restore the spirits of pets. Similarly, any multivitamin with Omega 3 and B12 complex is recommended to stimulate appetite and regulate metabolism. Likewise, foods such as eggs and liver can fulfill a similar function.

Q4: What dog vitamins are necessary for their health?

Although most feeds are formulated with vitamins and minerals, it is recommended to give a product that makes up for all the deficiencies that the animal may present, so that in this way it has a happy and healthy development.

Therefore, vitamins are essential in the diet and the most necessary for your health are vitamin B, C, D, E and K. These can be present in different foods such as eggs, fish, liver, turmeric, brewer’s yeast, seaweed, among others. Hence, many supplements include some of these in their formulas.

Q5: Where to inject dog vitamins?

The recommended thing to apply this kind of treatment is to go to a veterinary expert, since, if you do not have knowledge, it is possible that the animal will be harmed. If authorized by a veterinarian, it can be done at home. 

In this regard, it is necessary to know that there are subcutaneous injections and intramuscular injections. Those of the first group must be applied under the skin and the frequent areas to inject are the neck and the back (between the shoulder blades). Those of the second group have to be made in the muscle of the animal. 

Q6: Are dog vitamins safe?

As long as they are backed by a recognized laboratory that meets quality standards for nutrition and certifications, vitamins are safe supplements to give to dogs. 

In most cases, these are prescribed by veterinarians and the recommendation is to opt only for brands with a recognized reputation in the market. It should be remembered that vitamins in chewable tablets are an easier way to give additional nutrients to pets, because they include all the synthesized ingredients, but, if desired, it is possible to feed them directly (fish, liver, turmeric) to compensate for insufficiencies.

Q7: How to give dog vitamins in capsules or tablets?

Soft capsules can sometimes be a problem for the animal to ingest them voluntarily. However, it is only necessary to apply a little creativity. The most recommended thing is to get the food that the dog likes the most, be it a piece of bread or meat and insert the capsule inside and give it to the animal. This will devour the piece without noticing that the tablet is inside. 

In the case of a tablet, the same formula can be applied or, instead, it is prudent to crush the tablet and add it together with the conventional dry food so that it can be eaten without inconvenience. In fact, some pills come flavored and scented, so none of the above techniques need to be applied.

The pros and cons of vitamin D for your dog

Vitamin D insufficiency is linked to certain diseases in dogs and other animals. However, it has become a challenge for veterinarians and pet owners to define the dosage and administration of this supplement; since this vitamin, in high doses, causes levels of toxicity that could be fatal.


In general, it could be stated that the vast majority of commercial foods prepared for pets contain high levels of vitamin D; however, home-prepared food often contains very low levels, requiring extra vitamin supplementation. For this reason, the best option is to consult with the veterinarian, who is in charge of carrying out a blood test and prescribing the exact dose that you should give your dog.

Contributions of vitamin D

D is one of the vitamins for dogs that is closely related to the metabolism of phosphorus and ca

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