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Aquariums – Buying Guide and Comparison in 2022

Recreating an underwater environment for fish is not a simple matter, since having the company of this type of pet entails the commitment to provide them with a pleasant, comfortable and healthy space. In this sense, aquariums make it possible to provide an ecosystem conducive to the life of aquatic beings, but there are many models, so choosing one could be complicated. However, the ICA KNA20 has a capacity for 20 liters of water and has an LED light. On the other hand, the Tetra 283916 offers a 7.5 W EasyCrystal internal filter, with a replaceable cartridge to keep the water always clean. In addition, it brings a 16 W LED bulb.

Opinions on the best aquariums

To choose a good aquarium, it is important to take into account the different qualities of each model, paying special attention to those that make it easier to use and at the same time increase its durability. For this reason, we have made a summary with some models that offer great quality, which is why they are among the favorites of users.

nano aquarium


It is a compact aquarium, very convenient for homes or offices with little available space, since it measures only 32.5 x 32.2 x 32.4 cm, for this reason, you can install it in any corner without major inconvenience. In addition, it weighs 3.93 kg, so it will be very easy to handle once you receive it, which is why it is considered the best aquarium by some users.

This nano aquarium has a maximum capacity of 20 liters, so it is suitable for tiny fish, as well as snails and shrimp. It offers a healthy environment, since it includes a filter to constantly clean the water, facilitating the maintenance of the product for your greater comfort.

It has been made with transparent glass, this allows you to view your aquatic pets without obstacles. Also, this model has an LED light with a switch, to observe at night and give a special touch to the space where you place it. As if that were not enough, it includes fish food.

The best aquarium of the moment should have some of the characteristics of this model, however, it is advisable to review its pros and cons in more detail before making the decision:


Compact: It is one of the smallest on this list, so it is recommended for small homes or offices.

Capacity: It has a capacity of 20 liters, so you can keep your smallest fish in a safe and healthy environment.

Accessories: It has a filter, anti-chlorine, fish food and an LED light with its switch to visualize your pets at night.


Lid: One user has commented that the lid can get a bit warm when the light has been on for a long time.

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100 liter aquarium

tetra 283916

It is one of the best aquariums of 2022, since it brings all the necessary components to start in the world of aquarium hobby in the most professional way possible. In this sense, it has been made with 6 mm float glass, which offers resistance and allows you to view the fish from any angle and without distortions. 

It incorporates an easy-open gate to easily feed the fish; this way, you don’t have to remove the entire cover. It also includes a 16 W LED bulb, which completely illuminates the interior of the aquarium, is very durable and does not consume much energy.

Also, it is good to know that it has a simple installation so that you can use the aquarium immediately after receiving the package. On the other hand, this 100-liter aquarium comes with an EasyCrystal filter, which maintains a healthy ecosystem for fish and works with disposable cartridges that are very easy to change, so it doesn’t need too much maintenance.

Tetra could be the best aquarium brand if we take into account the opinions of many users. That is why we invite you to review in more detail the characteristics of this model.


Set: This is an initiation set for the aquarium hobby, since it brings the most important equipment to raise fish and other aquatic creatures.

Lighting: It incorporates an LED bulb in the lid to properly illuminate the entire aquarium with low electricity consumption.

Filter: It comes with the exclusive EasyCrystal filter from the Tetra company, which works with disposable cartridges to facilitate maintenance.


Temperature: The water temperature cannot be regulated. However, it comes with a heater that keeps it at 25°C.

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300 liter aquarium

MonsterShop Furniture Black

It is a large aquarium, which has been designed in a rectangular shape to provide a larger contact surface with the air, allowing better expulsion of carbon dioxide and at the same time correctly absorbing oxygen, so that fish and plants enjoy of a healthier life.

If you still do not know which is the best aquarium, then this model may interest you, since it has a resistant black cabinet, which is not only capable of holding this 300-liter aquarium, but also serves as a decorative object for the aquarium. space. It also allows you to organize food and other products related to aquarium hobby.

It has a filter capable of cleaning 1,800 liters of water per hour, which makes maintenance easy. As if that were not enough, it includes gravel and ornamental plants so that you can start raising fish and other aquatic organisms. Also, it offers LED light and an adjustable 300 W heater, for a more controlled ecosystem.

This model offers several benefits that put it at an advantage over other similar products, so it could give you an idea of ​​which aquarium to buy, however, it is convenient to review the pros and cons in greater detail before purchasing it:


Capacity : One of the advantages of this model is that it has capacity for several fish, since it has a 300-liter aquarium and a cabinet for storing objects.

Material: It has been manufactured with high quality glass with 11 mm thickness, thus offering greater strength and durability.

Accessories: Includes gravel and ornamental plants to decorate the aquarium before introducing fish, snails and other aquatic creatures.


Installation: The purchase of the aquarium does not include the installation service, so you must have help when you receive the package.

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aquarium set

Marine 15251A1

This is considered by some users as the best price-quality aquarium, since a large sum of money is not necessary to acquire it and it offers a complete kit, which includes a net made with fine and delicate mesh that does not damage the fins of the fish. fish. It also has practical dimensions of 41.2 x 21.5 x 27.7 cm, making it suitable for installation in a small house.

It has a Slim 10 filter, which keeps the water in good condition for the life of your fish. In addition, this purifier is slim and has a simple cartridge change system, so it does not take up much space in the aquarium and is easy to use.

On the other hand, the Marina 15251A1 aquarium kit offers a small screen with 5G LED lighting, which adds elegance to the aquarium in low light conditions, while serving as part of the decoration of the room.

If you are looking to save some money then this may be a good option as it is among the cheapest aquariums in this selection, however it is worth taking a hard look at the pros and cons before buying the product:


Dimensions: Thanks to its compact size of 41.2 x 21.5 x 27.7 cm, you can install it in small rooms without taking up too much space.

Content: This is a kit that contains a filter, a screen with 5G LED lighting and a net.

Transparent: It is made of completely transparent glass, so you can correctly visualize your pets.


Decoration: Does not include sand, gravel, or plants to decorate the interior of the aquarium, so you must purchase these accessories separately.

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small aquarium


If you are interested in cheap aquariums, then this model may be the most convenient, since it includes a very complete kit if you want to start in the world of aquarium hobby without spending a lot of money. However, it is made of high-quality materials.

It is a small aquarium, thanks to its measurements of 30 cm long, 30 cm wide and 35 cm deep, for this reason, you can place it in any room even if you have limited space. In addition, it has high brightness LED light, to help in the growth of aquatic plants.

The package includes a KW200 filter, which maintains a suitable ecosystem for aquatic beings. It also comes with anti-chlorine to condition the water and special bacteria that convert ammonia into nitrite, a less harmful substance. As if that were not enough, it has a food jar so you do not have to make an additional expense.

In this aquarium you can raise tiny aquatic creatures and also decorate your room with its attractive transparent and illuminated design. However, it is advisable to carefully review the pros and cons of this model before making the purchase:


Filter: Its internal filter KW200 allows the water to circulate constantly, eliminating impurities.

Bacteria: Includes bacteria that convert ammonia from fish feces into nitrite, to prevent poisoning of your aquatic pets.

Anti- chlorine: Thanks to the anti-chlorine conditioner you can create a suitable ecosystem for the good health of the fish.


Capacity: Due to the dimensions of the aquarium, it is not indicated for large fish, which could be a disadvantage compared to other models with a higher capacity.

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60 liter aquarium


This 60-liter aquarium is a basic product, but it includes a practical lid that protects the water from external agents, so your pets will have a more controlled ecosystem. It has a medium capacity, so it can house various small fish, snails and plants, providing enough space for proper development.

It has been manufactured with resistant glass with a thickness of 6 mm, to provide strength and durability. In addition, it is completely transparent, so you can properly visualize your aquatic pets. It has a screen with LED light, which saves electricity and at the same time correctly illuminates the aquarium, creating a pleasant atmosphere around it that transmits tranquility.

Thanks to its simple design, you can install it in any room without negatively affecting the decoration, as it combines with different styles. Also, you should know that it does not come with decorative elements, but you can buy them separately depending on your tastes.

When comparing the different models of aquariums, you will notice that each one offers a reasonable price, according to the benefits it provides, for this reason, it is good to review in detail the most important characteristics of this model:


Light: It has LED lighting to promote plant growth and allow pets to be seen in dimly lit spaces.

Cover: Offers a cover that protects the water and living beings from external elements that could affect its integrity.

Simplicity: It has a basic design, so you can complement it with the accessories of your choice and adapt it to your style.


Cable: According to the opinion of a user, the electricity cable for lighting is too short, since it measures only 90 cm.

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aquarium accessories

aquarium plants

PietyPet 16 pieces

It is a set of small artificial plants made of Highland plastic, with heavy ceramic pedestals at the base, to easily submerge them in water.

They are designed with a natural look and very vivid colors that maintain their brightness when you look through the glass, giving the impression of a marine ecosystem.

These aquarium plants are non-toxic, so they do not negatively affect the health of your fish or alter the PH of the water. They are designed for aquariums from 20 to 60 liters and their measurements are between 5 and 22 cm high.

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aquarium filter

Eheim Pickup 160

It is an internal filter for aquariums of approximately 60 to 160 liters of capacity, which is especially indicated for aquarium enthusiasts, since it allows the cartridge to be changed in a simple and comfortable way.

In addition, it is compact, since it measures 21.8 x 7.5 x 9.6 cm, so it does not take up too much space.

It is an aquarium filter capable of cleaning between 220 and 500 liters per hour, so it performs constant maintenance and allows the water to circulate correctly. As if that were not enough, it is ready to be used immediately and has low electricity consumption.

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aquarium shrimp food

Sera Shrimps Natural

It is a natural compound specially designed for you to feed your aquarium shrimp, since they have a rounded shape that allows your pets to take the food easily.

They have been made with natural ingredients and contain the necessary nutrients to maintain the good health of these crustaceans.

It is made in Germany, using high quality standards. It comes in a 55g jar, so it offers durability, plus it’s priced just right so you don’t have to break the bank.

On the other hand, the food has the right weight to be easily submerged and works well for freshwater and saltwater shrimp.

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aquarium substrate

Fluval Plant & Shrimp 12693

This product comes with 2 kg of substrate for you to place a layer of soil inside the aquarium, in this way, the roots of aquatic plants can easily penetrate it, as well as spread correctly and favor the growth of vegetation.

This aquarium substrate is recommended for freshwater plants, offering a set of key nutrients for their development, since it has been collected from the Japanese volcanic hills of Mount Aso, recognized for their high mineral content.

In addition, this organic matter is very favorable for the life of shrimp and other crustaceans.

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aquarium heater

It will be 8720

The Sera 8720 aquarium heater is everything you need to keep your fish’s water at a good temperature. A product whose design is capable of working with aquariums of up to 100 liters, through a power that reaches 100 watts in total. 

The heater offers you a temperature selector, in order to properly adjust the heating to what your animals require. This process uses a quartz crystal system, with high security and precision in heating. A model that is compatible with both freshwater and saltwater fish, to give the device more versatility.

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Aquarium LED Display


It has 2 different types of light, 60 white LEDs that help eliminate bacteria and promote the growth of aquatic plants.

Likewise, it offers 12 blue light LEDs, very convenient to highlight the fluorescent color of some molluscs at night, as well as offering a pleasant decorative effect. However, you can combine all the lights to give a more interesting touch to the room.

This aquarium LED display has a stainless steel bracket that is stronger than the old plastic ones. On the other hand, it is 23 cm long, which means that it is suitable for aquariums from 53 to 83 cm.

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aquarium oxygenator

Sera Air 275R Plus

This model is suitable for medium-sized aquariums and offers the main advantage of its silent operation, while its flow rate is adjustable so that you have greater control over the ecosystem.

In addition, it has two outlet tubes and you can place only one depending on your needs. It is a basic 4 W power aquarium oxygenator, which works at 220 and 240 V, so it is easy to install.

It has dimensions of 11 x 9 x 27 cm, so it is recommended to consider the volume it will occupy before making the purchase.

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aquarium table

Haquoss Cabinet

If you want a strong and durable aquarium table, then you may be interested in this model, since it is made of 100% natural wood, being able to correctly support the weight of a 70-liter aquarium.

On the other hand, it has a neutral design in black, so you can combine it with the other furniture in the room, living room or office.

It has measurements of 60 x 30 x 66 cm, so it is good to check the dimensions of the aquarium before making the investment. However, it is easy to install and has instructions, for this reason, the assembly does not take too much time.

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aquarium fan

Haquoss Typhoon

This aquarium fan has been specially designed to lower the temperature of the water in hot weather, so your aquatic pets can enjoy a healthy environment even in the summer.

It is a small and silent device, which is easy to install on the edge of the glass. It is capable of lowering the temperature by up to 4 °C, just by ventilating the surface of the water in your aquarium, since it has two blades.

However, it is a very safe product, since it has a 12 V DC regulator. Alternatively, it can be used with a cooler to achieve a higher level of freshness.

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Anti-algae for aquarium

Envii Aquarium Klear

If you want to buy an anti-algae compound for an aquarium, you may be interested in this model that contains ingredients to keep the water clean, but also serves to control the growth of unicellular algae, which sometimes tend to invade too many spaces.

It brings 1500 ml that are used to treat up to 4000 liters of water.

It is effective in eliminating green water, thanks to the combination of trillions of bacteria that create a biological treatment that eliminates mud and reduces toxic substances naturally, ensuring a healthier environment for your aquatic pets. It is also suitable for salt and fresh water.

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aquarium thermometer

Risepro TM-4-x2

It is a pack with two thermometers, which are suitable for a wide variety of aquariums, since you can use them with fresh, tap and marine water.

They are especially recommended for reptiles such as turtles and lizards, which need a special temperature for their development.

This aquarium thermometer is easy to set up, just fit the display to the glass and submerge the sensor probe. It can measure temperature in a range of -50 to 70°C, offering an accuracy of +/-1°C. Also, you can change the units to degrees Fahrenheit whenever you want.

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stones for aquarium

Marina Rainbow Gravel

Aquarium stones are the ideal complement for any fish to have a pleasant environment. Among the most colorful options, we find the Marina Grava Arcoíris stones which, as their name suggests, come in a wide range of colours. 

These stones have an adjusted size, more like gravel, serving both to provide a suitable environment for the fish and to help balance the aquarium in biological terms. By the way, if the rainbow finish does not convince you, you also have the different colors separately, in an offer that covers 10 different finishes.

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UV filter for aquarium

Aquael UniFilter

Having a UV aquarium filter is all you need to keep the water clean and in good condition. A task that you can entrust to the Aquael UniFilter filter. This product is suitable for aquariums with a capacity of 100 to 200 liters, with a processing capacity of up to 500 liters per hour. 

If it falls short, you also have a second model, with which to clean up to 750 liters per hour. All this with an adjusted consumption, of just 6.5 watts, as well as an approach that facilitates its installation inside the aquarium and its cleaning.

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Guide to buying an aquarium

Underwater animals require a special environment for their correct development, this is the main reason why choosing an aquarium is not an easy matter, since we must take into account certain characteristics to know if the product that catches our attention really adapts to our needs. In this sense, we have created a guide to buy the best aquarium, where you will find the most relevant information about these special containers.

Shopping guide


When making a comparison of aquariums, it is important to define its capacity according to the type of animals and the number you want to have, since they come in very different sizes. In this sense, there are some called nano aquariums, which are the smallest, with a capacity for 20 or 30 liters of water. One of this type is convenient for you if you have very small fish, as well as a few shrimp, in addition, they have the particularity of taking up very little space thanks to their compact design.

There are also medium aquariums, which can have a capacity between 60 and 100 liters, so they allow you to raise a few larger fish, as well as more plants and stones to decorate. However, it is not recommended to recharge them too much.

According to experts on the subject, each centimeter of fish requires at least a liter of water, so the dimensions of your pets will be decisive. If you want to include several accessories and that your fish have enough space, then an aquarium between 100 and 300 liters of capacity may be more useful.

On the other hand, large aquariums have a capacity of 300 liters or more, so they have considerable dimensions. In this case, they are recommended for rooms or offices with a lot of space, but they allow for more voluminous and attractive species, as well as more colorful accessories. These also generally require higher energy consumption.


In this case, we should take into account a couple of fundamental physical characteristics, which are the manufacturing materials and the real space that it will occupy inside your home, since this can give you an idea of ​​how much the aquarium costs.

Glass is widely used to make the walls of the aquarium, but it is important to know that the glass must have a thickness proportional to its dimensions, since the amount of water, plus the weight of pets, plants and stones, can generate great pressure.

Some small aquariums are made with 5 to 6 mm thick glass, which is enough for a capacity of around 100 litres. However, for 300 liter aquariums, a 10 mm glass is more recommended, so there are models that offer greater durability at greater thickness.

The volume occupied by the aquarium is also related to its capacity. In this sense, before making the purchase we must measure the space where we are going to install it. Some models come with furniture to store food and other objects of the aquarium hobby. On the other hand, it is good that the physical aspect of the product is neutral and minimalist, so that you can combine it with the style of the room.


In the activities related to the breeding of animals that live in the water, certain objects are used that facilitate the tasks and provide a more plea

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