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Cat food – Buying and Comparison Guide in 2022

The carnivorous nature of cats does not allow them to eat a vegetarian diet, so it is essential that you provide them with high levels of protein and other nutrients necessary for a healthy life. An inadequate diet could cause liver and kidney diseases, and even favor the appearance of tumors. Knowing how to choose the food for your furry friend is not that easy, so we offer you two high-quality proposals: the first is MjAMjAM 1102M2, a pack of three wet foods with different flavors and ingredients, which provide the nutrients and proteins necessary for the good health of your cat. The presentation of 1.2 kg in cans of 200 g each allows the aqueous feed to be distributed among several pets or several food rations. The other proposal isPurina Felix 120 x 100 g, a meal that offers you 2 delicious flavors and a high nutritional value.

Opinions on the best cat foods

The vast majority of cats tend to be demanding when it comes to their food, so it is essential to choose a product that is not only nutritious, but also irresistible to their exquisite palate. However, do not despair when selecting your food, because here we leave you a select list with some of the best products available on the market.

homemade cat food  

MjAMjAM 1102M2 

We know that preparing homemade cat food is not as easy as it seems. For this reason, in the market we find natural food options such as this aqueous feed from MjAMjAM, whose preparation is free of gluten, soy, sugar, lactose and preservatives. In this way, a nutritious, natural and balanced diet is offered to felines. 

This pack can also be considered the best cat food due to the variety of flavors it offers. There are 6 cans of 200 g each, two of each flavour: rabbit, turkey and duck. In addition, all meats have been combined with a vegetable or fruit to improve their nutritional content.

It should be noted that cereals are not part of these cat foods. But they do have a high content of vitamins and minerals that favor the good development of the pet, avoiding the appearance of liver and kidney diseases, common in felines with poor nutrition. 

We have summarized some pros and cons of this product in the following section that will help you decide correctly whether to buy it or not. 


Ingredients: For this food, game meats and vegetables from regional farms and organic crops have been used.

Natural preparation: The use of preservatives, gluten, soy, sugar and lactose in the preparation of aqueous feed has been avoided, to offer a natural food as if it were homemade food.

Presentation: This pack consists of 6 cans of 200 grams each, with two cans of each flavor to offer a varied food to the cat.


Odour: If the pet does not eat the food quickly, it should be discarded in a short time because it begins to have an unpleasant odor.

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Applaws 1019ML AC

It is a homemade cat food that comes in a presentation of 4 boxes with 12 cans each. In addition, it offers 4 flavor options so you can provide more variety to your feline. In this sense, it has cans of tuna steak that have 65% protein, capable of reducing cholesterol and promoting good hair health. 

Also, there are cans of chicken that have 75% breast rich in amino acids to improve digestion. Also, the blue fish presentation offers 45% mackerel and 30% tuna, which promote good heart health and eye capacity. On the other hand, the cans of chicken breast with cheese are composed of 70% chicken and 5% duck, which are full of vitamins and minerals to strengthen the body.

It is important to mention that the cans contain a quantity of 70 g of food and do not contain artificial ingredients, such as dyes, flavors or sugar, which is safer for the animal.

If you are looking for a food that offers the necessary vitamins and minerals for your pet, then you should know the pros and cons of this product, considered by many to be the best cat food today.


Safety: It has no artificial additives, so it is a safe food for pets.

Benefits: It offers nutrients for the good eye and heart function of the cat.

Presentation: It comes in a presentation of 4 boxes with 12 cans, which provides a total of 48 cans of food.


Humidity: Some cans may contain less broth than others, so it may be necessary to moisten with a little water to facilitate ingestion.

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Wet cat food

Purina Felix 120 x 100g

Purina presents one of its cheap products that is very popular with many buyers. It is a food that not only has an affordable cost, but given its high quality, many consider it the best value for money cat food at the moment. It is a wet food for cats with a smooth consistency and juicy texture that facilitates both chewing and digestion and is therefore preferred by many of these demanding animals.

It is a food that provides your pet with a complete, balanced diet and is specially designed to meet the nutritional requirements of adult cats. But not only does it nourish, but given its formula with pieces of salmon in sauce, it turns out to be a delicacy that conquers any cat. In addition, you can select between a pack of 120 or 80 bags and between two different flavours.

If you don’t know what cat food to buy, this could be one of the cheapest and best quality options on the market. We invite you to continue reading its pros and cons.


Presentation: It is a wet food presented in easy-to-open envelopes.

Yielding pack: The manufacturer offers you two packs, one of 120 bags and another of 80 with 100 g each; so you will have food for several weeks.

Variety of flavors: You can choose between the mixture of sauce and jelly tastes and the variety of beef, chicken, salmon and tuna in sauce.


Weight: With 12 kilos of weight, the package could be heavy for some people to handle.

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Purina Gourmet Gold Mousse

When it comes to pampering your pet, nothing better than providing wet cat food. For this reason, today we bring you this Purina food specially prepared with the aim of providing different flavors and textures, so that your cat can enjoy delicious recipes every day. It is a mousse created with select ingredients, with which you can pamper your cat and offer varied flavors in each serving.

You can choose soft mousses flavored with fish or meat, which feed and nourish your body. Its ingredients include mineral substances, sugars, by-products of vegetable origin, by-products of animal origin, vitamin A and D, magnesium, copper, iron, zinc and others. The brand offers you a presentation in a pack of up to 24 cans of 85 g each, which favors control in the cat’s daily diet.

If you want to complement your pet’s diet and you are looking for an exquisite meal to pamper him, this alternative could be the most suitable. Below, you can find the pros and cons of this food.


Diversity: Purina offers you several flavors of mousse to choose from: salmon, chicken, duck with spinach and beef.

Pack: You will receive a pack containing 24 cans of 85 g each and easy to open.

Texture: It is a wet food with a smooth texture that offers a delicate and delicious sensation.


Some ingredients: According to some buyers, both the sugar and the chemical additives present in its formula are ingredients that could be improved for the benefit of the animal.

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Food for sterilized cats

True Instinct Original

The food for sterilized cats must meet special needs and for this we have the True Instinct Original, an ideal product to provide the nutrition required at this stage of life. Due to its formula made under high quality standards, it is recommended by many as one of the best cat foods of 2022.

It is a low-fat, balanced and complete food, whose objective is to help your sterilized cat maintain optimal health. Its presentation offers you a yielding package of 7 kilos, you can also choose the 1.25 kilo version and its bag has an airtight seal, which favors the preservation of smell and flavor.

It is a feed rich in protein, since it contains 45% animal ingredients (fresh salmon), combined with carefully selected whole grains, such as oats, barley, brown rice, vegetables and fruits. It is recommended for adult cats.

If you are looking for the best cat food of the moment, to feed your sterilized cat, this feed could be a wise purchase. Learn more about this product below.


Benefits: Its low-fat formula, with antioxidants, essential fatty acids, and fiber, provide a healthy immune system, healthy hair and skin, and proper weight control.

Practical package: The bag has a practical hermetic closure, which facilitates the storage of the feed.

Presentation: It is a food for cats with a dry format, which also favors the cleaning of the teeth.


Shavings: Although it could be an isolated case, a user has commented that he has received the bag with a large amount of shavings and feed powder.

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Natural cat food

Natural Greatness Sensitive Indoor

If you have an overweight adult indoor cat and are unsure of the best cat food to help keep them healthy, this hypoallergenic recipe might be the way to go. It is a dry food formulated to provide nutrition to adult cats and is also recommended for sterilized and senior cats, regardless of breed.

Due to its high quality recipe and delicious taste, felines love it as if it were a natural cat food. To do this, its ingredients include fresh chicken meat and dehydrated turkey meat, dehydrated salmon, minerals, vegetables, fruits, eggs and malt extract; element that helps prevent the formation of hairballs in your stomach. In addition, you will receive a bag containing 2000 g of feed, to feed your cat for several days.

Your cat deserves the best, so this feed is an option that meets their needs and keeps them healthy. Continue reading more about this food.


Ingredients: To prevent the formation of hairballs in your stomach and improve urine pH, its formula also contains malt extract, omega 3 and 6 essential oils and prebiotics.

Users: It is recommended for sterilized cats, seniors, with overweight problems and for those who live indoors.

Package: Its presentation is given in a package of 2000 g, easy to store and serve.


Price: It is one of the most expensive meals in our selection. However, its high-quality formula is worth the investment.

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small cat food

Friskies 12211535

This small cat food features 35% crude protein, made up of rehydrated meats, chicken and by-products. It also includes 12% oils and fats, which stimulate your appetite, relieve constipation and improve hair health.

In this sense, it is a complete and balanced food with vitamins and minerals that favor the optimal development of the animal. Similarly, it is capable of providing the nutrients needed to facilitate the transition from breast milk to solid food, thus reinforcing the animal’s natural defenses.

Regarding the presentation, it is a 1.5 kg bag that can provide approximately 15 days of food, depending on the age of your pet. As if that were not enough, it has a top closure to more safely protect the remaining food in the bag.

If you need a food that can help your pet grow in a healthy way, then we invite you to learn more about the pros and cons of this model.


Benefits: Among the most outstanding benefits of this product is the strengthening of teeth and bones.

Use: It is suitable for small cats up to 1 year of age, as well as for lactating or pregnant cats.

Ingredients: It has chicken, milk and added vegetables that provide the necessary nutrients for the development of your pet.


Quantity: It has a presentation of 1.5 kg, so it is at a disadvantage compared to other products that have a larger quantity.

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Cat food accessories

cat food dispenser

Sailnovo RTY768

If you have to leave the house, your little friend will no longer be hungry at any time and will not feel lonely either, thanks to this automatic cat food dispenser.

It is equipped with a recorder and speaker, which allows you to record a message for up to 12 seconds and accompany your cat at each meal.

It is a dry food dispenser that also offers you three size options: 1.8; 4 and 6 liters capacity. Likewise, you can program both the frequency and the time of meals, offering up to 4 servings of food daily.

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Guide to buying cat food

Cats are primarily carnivorous animals and up to 41 essential micronutrients must be present in their daily diet; so when choosing your food you should consider some relevant aspects for the benefit of your health. For this reason, here we leave you this guide to buy the best cat food, where you will find what you need to know before making your purchase.

Shopping guide

cat age

When it comes to providing the best food care for your cat, something fundamental to pay attention to before choosing a specific food is the age of your little feline. In this sense, there are three different age ranges: from 0 to 1 year we have minor kittens, from 1 to 7 years they are adult cats and older cats are those that are 7 years and older.

For each stage of development, your body demands special nutritional requirements. For kittens, food must provide an inexhaustible source of energy; so it is important that it offers proteins, minerals, vitamins and the necessary calcium to strengthen its skeleton. Adult cats, for their part, require a nutritious and balanced meal, without deficiencies or excesses, in order to maintain an ideal weight.

As your pet ages, he needs a special diet that helps reduce the risk of any kidney disease, as well as locomotion problems and other age-related disorders. For this reason, for older cats you should look for a recommended food especially for this stage of life.

nutritional needs

When you analyze your cat food comparison, you will be able to differentiate that there are foods formulated for each nutritional need. For this reason, the best brands on the market offer food designed for healthy cats of all ages and also for those with diseases or specific needs.

Likewise, there are foods designed for obese cats, with nutritional deficiencies, sterilized and also for those who live indoors. However, it is advisable to always follow the recommendations of the veterinarian and regardless of how much a specific diet costs, you should choose the one that provides quality of life and that makes your pet feel better.

Types and presentation

If it is the first time that you have a cat at home, you may have doubts about which food to choose among so many options available on the market. But don’t worry, you can find alternatives to pamper your pet that are not only nutritious and delicious, but also good and cheap. In this sense, manufacturers offer you two types of food to choose from: dry food presented in packages and wet food, presented in cans, bags or jars.

Starting with dry food, also called feed. It is a type of food that offers a presentation in the form of croquettes, which vary in size according to the age of the cat. Its crunchy, pleasant texture and assortment of flavors make cats eat it with pleasure. Its main advantage is its long expiration date, so you can keep it stored in its package without losing its properties. It also helps keep teeth clean and encourage chewing.

On the other hand, you can find wet food in some products, such as a stew with pieces of meat, vegetables, and even tasty sauces to pamper your pet; There are also others that offer a large piece of meat, which can be tuna, salmon, turkey, chicken or beef. Its smooth texture makes it easy to digest and given the amount presented, it favors being able to control the portions of food eaten and thus avoid problems such as being overweight. It is important to consider that this type of food has a short expiration date, so once the food is opened, it must be consumed within 24 hours.

brand and ingredients

As important as the taste of the food is to conquer your demanding cat, it is also important to be able to count on a reliable brand and expert in animal care. A brand that offers you products made with nutritious, healthy ingredients recommended for the delicate organism of these felines. For this reason, try to avoid foods of doubtful origin and bet on recognized brands.

Regarding the ingredients, you should look for a food that provides high levels of animal protein, moderate amount of fat and low level of carbohydrates. A formula that includes antioxidants, trace elements, nutrients such as iron, choline, copper, zinc, vitamins E and D, magnesium, manganese and essential acids; could be a great option.

Similarly, try to avoid foods with chemical additives, preservatives, artificial flavors and aromas, since not only do they not provide nutrition, but many of them could be potentially toxic to the animal.

Frequently asked questions

Q1: How to make cat food?

Preparing homemade food for your cat is very simple and has the advantage that you can control the flavor and the ingredients that you add to the recipe. However, given the carnivorous nature of these felines, you should make sure that it contains between 60 to 80% animal protein.

Prepare a mixture with lamb or beef (in pieces or minced), two cans of natural tuna, several chicken livers, two raw eggs and cooked vegetables (one carrot and one chopped potato). Cook the ingredients in a pot, like a large soup, for a short time, so that the heat does not deteriorate the properties of the proteins.

You can also prepare balls with this mixture and keep them in the refrigerator wrapped in transparent film. You can give him two or three times a week and supplement his diet with feed.

Q2: What food can cats not eat?

Because cats have a particular digestive system and intestinal tract, it is advisable to avoid some foods that could be dangerous to their health. Among them we have raw fish and bones, chocolate and coffee are also toxic to these animals; furthermore, milk is also not recommended after weaning. Likewise, avoid giving onions, garlic, raw eggs, grapes, raisins and sweets.

Q3: When should the food be changed from puppy to adult cat?

They are considered puppies from 0 to 12 months of life, so when they reach their first year it could be considered that the cat has reached adulthood. It is at this time that you should gradually change their type of food, in order to favor adaptation to the new food and prevent stomach problems. The most recommended is to start a balanced diet, either wet, dry or mixed and according to its development and growth.

Q4: Which is better for cats, dry or wet food?

Both presentations are advantageous when it comes to feeding your feline, the important thing is that you provide a balanced, healthy diet appropriate to its nutritional stage. Some owners prefer the feed because it is more practical and keeps longer, in addition to guaranteeing the oral hygiene of their pets. For its part, wet food is much more appetizing due to the aroma and the different textures it offers; which makes the cat enjoy it more. However, a mix of both types may provide benefits to your urinary tract and metabolism.

Q5: What human food can cats eat?

Among the foods in our diet that we can share with our cat without harming its health, we have chicken, beef or turkey meat; vegetables such as carrots, chard, beets and zucchini; You can also give him boiled eggs, rice and oatmeal as complements to animal proteins. However, remember that this human food, despite being considered “safe”, could cause problems if given in excess, so it should not be used as an exclusive diet.

Q6: Why do cats cover their food?

Despite being domesticated over time, cats still retain some of their elemental survival instincts; that is why some show typical behaviors of wild animals and bury or cover the leftovers of their food. They basically do it to eliminate their scent and avoid the trail of other potential predators.

Q7: What is the best food for sterilized cats?

Sterilized cats show changes in their metabolism, so it is advisable to modify their diet for a food that offers a suitable formula for their condition. Considering that these pets tend to be less active and playful than their non-sterilized companions, it is advisable to provide a nutritious and balanced diet, where proteins are present in greater quantities than other ingredients. However, you should not ignore the importance of controlling food portions, in order to avoid being overweight.

Q8: What is the best food for cats that vomit?

Vomiting in cats can be due to several factors, such as the accumulation of hair in their stomach, intolerance or rejection of some ingredients in their diet, and even anxiety when eating. Therefore, you should pay special attention to the possible cause, and seek veterinary guidance in order to establish the best diet. However, there are some foods specially formulated for the digestive sensitivity of these felines, with easy-to-digest natural ingredients, low-fat proteins, an adequate percentage of fiber, vitamins and minerals.

How to use cat food

Cats are the favorite pets of many people and although they are independent, they are also creatures of habit; so it is very easy to establish a feeding routine. However, do not ignore the recommendations of the veterinarian, since he is the best person to help you with your pet regarding its health and food needs.

Create a meal routine and monitor your intake

To create a correct routine, it is convenient that you always feed it at the same time and in the same place every day. It could be in the morning and at night and preferably in a quiet place, where the cat feels safe. In the case of having several cats at home that do not get along, try to keep the peace at mealtime and place their dining rooms at a distance from one another. Likewise, he watches that each cat goes to its bowl, to prevent any of them from eating more than necessary.

Adapts the frequency according to age and your special needs

If your cat is small (less than 12 months), you should feed it up to 4 times a day and when it reaches its first year, it will be able to eat as often as an adult cat; that is, with 2 daily meals. The idea is to avoid both overweight and malnutrition.

On the other hand, if a cat suffers from feline diabetes, it will need to be fed more frequently and if it is convalescing after surgery or is ill, the animal may need a special type of food. In any case, always remember that unlike dogs, cats eat little and more frequently; so you will have to give him his food more than once a day.

Serve food according to type

In the case of wet food, you should serve it at room temperature, since its smell is more attractive to them and it also makes it easy to digest. For this reason, it is convenient to take it out of the fridge an hour before or warm it up a bit in the microwave. Likewise, it prevents the leftover from being left out of the fridge, as it could easily spoil. On the other hand, if you use dry food, you will not have any problem if you leave it in the bowl all day, given its long expiration date.

Proceed with patience if you are going to change food

If for any reason it becomes necessary for you to change your cat’s food, you should do so gradually over a period of 7 to 10 days. He begins by mixing his old food with the new one, first in small portions and then in larger portions, until he only feeds on the new formula.

Keep food utensils hygienic

In order to preserve your pet’s health, it is important that you keep a bowl of fresh water within reach; which, along with its food bowl, should be washed frequently in order to remain free of dirt.

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Ingredients and types of food

natural food

» Review information from previous years

AniForte PureNature Fine Turkey

La comida casera para gatos es una variante que provee alimento saludable y libre de aditivos químicos. Por esto, hoy te presentamos esta propuesta natural, deliciosa y nutritiva que podría ser la mejor comida para gatos. Se trata de un alimento de alto valor nutritivo, ya que cuenta con una fórmula que te ofrece hasta un 97% de la proteína de carne de pavo y todas las vitaminas presentes en el brócoli.

Es una dieta libre de conservantes, de aditivos artificiales y es recomendada para la ingesta de gatos adultos. Además, dado que es una comida con textura húmeda y presentación jugosa, se digiere con facilidad; así mismo, no contiene granos, pasta, ni azúcares, por lo que es idónea para los paladares más exigentes. Recibidas una caja contentiva de 6 latas, cada una de 200 g de comida y con un cierre de fácil apertura.

Dada su alta calidad y por ser un alimento 100% natural, esta podría ser la mejor comida para gatos del momento. Te ofrecemos a continuación más información acerca de este producto.


Pack: El fabricante te ofrece un pack de hasta 6 latas de 200 g, para una ración diaria por 6 días.

Presentación: Es una comida húmeda, con una textura suave y fácilmente digerible.

Ingredientes: Cuenta con una fórmula 100% natural, la cual ofrece una

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