The best clothes for dogs

Dog Clothes – Buying Guide and Comparison in 2022

Dogs, unlike people, don’t have as many worries and for that reason, dog clothes, most of the time, are not a priority for pet owners. However, some clothes for dogs could, in addition to giving your best friend a nice look, protect your dog from the environment around him. Something in common that the Dark Blue Sannysis models, highlighted by their variety of colors, and the Ducomi Adidog models, highlighted by their fun logo, have is that both will protect dogs from the cold and keep them warm throughout the day.

Opinions on the best clothes for dogs

Price, design or functionality? Among so many models, you will be able to take into account each characteristic and verify it to make sure that the product you buy meets everything you need for your pet.

small dog clothes

Dark Blue Sannysis

When you find yourself looking for clothes for small dogs, there are many things to consider, such as price, design, and functions. Fortunately, this model is cheap, has a cute design and is ideal for keeping your puppy completely warm on winter days.

The model comes in 8 different colors, including a multicolored one with caterpillar embroidery, so you can choose the one you like best. Aside from the multi-color option, all models are the same, with a brown tag that says “CLASSIC.” The garment has elasticity to adapt to the body of your pet.

This product is made of velvet to offer softness to your dog and, in this way, keep it comfortable at all times. As it is ideal for small breeds, this product can also be used with puppies and even domestic cats. Sizes range from XXS to L. The legs are exposed to provide greater freedom of movement.

Keep your pet’s comfort and mobility in mind if you find yourself looking for the best dog clothing. This model could be ideal for yours, if it is a small dog.


Versatile: The garment can be used by dogs and cats, so it is practical.

Warm: Being velvet, in addition to providing softness, it will also give warmth to your pet.

Elastic : The elasticity of this outfit makes it adapt to your dog’s body more easily.

Colors: You will have several colors to choose the one you like best and match your pet.


Color: Manufacturers warn that the tone of the colors differs from that of the promotional images.

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Gusspower Flannel

Definitely, when it comes to clothes for small dogs, this garment could qualify as the best dog clothes of 2022. The cute design will make your pup steal all eyes, as the hood comes in the shape of an elephant’s face, including the trunk. This means that, in addition to serving as a coat, it also serves as a costume. The model comes in 6 sizes, from XS to XXL, however, it is recommended for small dogs.

It comes with buttons at the bottom for a better fit. Thus, if you wish, you can leave some open for greater comfort. The fabric is velvety, which will protect your dog from irritation or discomfort, due to its great softness. Unlike designs that end at the hip, this one also has room for the hind legs. In this way, your pet will be completely protected from the cold, both in the body and in the legs.

The fact that it is among the cheapest models means that, in addition to the design, the price also catches you, as it has extraordinary quality for a low cost.


Adjustment: The lower buttons prevent the outfit from shifting, so it will always be tight.

Fabric: The fabric is quite soft and, in addition, it will allow your pet to always be warm when wearing the clothes.

Design: The design is quite cute and will serve as a costume or daily wear.


Washing: To avoid damaging the upper part of the hood, it is advisable to be careful when washing the garment.

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Sannysis Polar

Among the cheap clothes for small dogs, this alternative offered by Sannysis stands out. Featuring an all-wool construction and a classic design with decorative detailing on the back, this coat will keep your pet warm in the winter or on chilly fall days. One of the most outstanding aspects is its versatility, as it has a design that makes the coat suitable for puppies, small dogs and even cats, if they are similar in size to dogs.

This model comes in 3 colors: red, gray and purple. In addition, it comes in 3 different sizes so you can choose the one that best suits your pet, from size XS to M. The first with a 18 cm neck, a 22 cm back, and a 28 cm bust, while the last one has 22 cm, 29 cm and 33 cm respectively.

Sannysis is a company considered by many to be the best clothing brand for dogs, as it has been dedicated to creating these clothes for quite some time, offering quality and good design.


Light: Being a thin product, it is also quite light, to offer comfort to your dog.

Wool: Wool is a very soft material, which will offer your dog an incredible texture.

Warm: This outfit is ideal for the cold environment, as it offers warmth by retaining the heat of your pet.


Colors: The shades of the colors received may change from those reflected in the images, therefore, they are not exact and this can be an inconvenience.

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large dog clothes

Ducomi Adidog

Do you want your dog to combine with you in the best way? Then this model with a design similar to the famous brand, but with the word Adidog and bones instead of stripes, will be the ideal outfit for your pet. It comes in different sizes, from XS to 8XL, so if you are looking for clothes for large dogs, you will surely find the measurements for your dog. It also has a hood to protect your head and cuffs on the sleeves for a better fit.

The outfit is made of the best quality cotton, with a plush interior that, apart from giving your pet softness, also offers optimal heat retention to be an ideal garment for the coldest days. The seams are strong so the sweatshirt will last for a long time. There are 6 colors offered by the brand and the Adidog logo will stand out in each one, as it makes a good contrast.

Don’t know what dog clothes to buy? Surely, this model will be the first on your list, seeing how your pet will always combine with you.


Plush: The plush interior, in addition to being soft, also offers the warmth that your dog needs.

Sizes: The wide range of sizes makes it easier to find the ideal garment for your pet.

Hood: The hood of the sweatshirt will also protect your pet’s head.


Size: Despite its variety of sizes, it is necessary to buy a larger one, since the cut is small, according to the report of several buyers.

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Zellar RC-022

The best clothes for dogs of the moment must have many positive aspects and that is why this model can take the position, because its varied characteristics make it stand out. Rainy days won’t stop a walk, as this is a waterproof vest that will keep your pet dry. In addition, the breathable mesh will make your dog always comfortable. Among the clothes for large dogs, this model stands out because, as it is adjustable both at the neck and at the chest, it will adapt to your pet.

The outside of the vest can be cleaned with a damp cloth, however, to wash the entire garment, simply place it in a washing machine with cold water. When you want to go out at night, your dog will be protected by reflective strips that will warn of his presence. The high quality of the fabric provides security and resistance, making it a durable vest and also quite light.

This model, despite not being the cheapest, is highly recommended, since it not only focuses on style, but also on safety. If you want protection and comfort, this is the ideal vest.


Reflective: Your dog will be safe at night, as it has reflective strips that will make cars notice its presence.

Fabric: In addition to protecting your dog from the rain with its waterproofing, it also offers breathable mesh.

Pocket: This model has a pocket to carry important items or store your dog’s excrement.


Strap: The slot for the strap is not strong enough, according to some users, which makes it prone to ripping.

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petyoung lana

The best clothes for dogs will always be the ones that make your dog feel more comfortable, therefore, this model could be exactly what you are looking for, since it is made of wool to give your pet enough softness and the necessary warmth for cold days. Its design is modern, since it has a bright red background with white, red and two different shades of blue stripes to make a nice contrast. It is suitable for daily use, although you should consider that, by maintaining your dog’s body heat, it is recommended to use it only in winter or autumn.

This garment comes in 4 different sizes, from S to XL, in order to adapt to various breeds and provide the same comfort. To choose the correct measurement, you must check the centimeters of the chest, back and neck of each size, this way you will avoid it being too tight.

If you are looking for comfort and a multicolored design, this vest is one of the best options for large breed dogs.


Design: The design of this outfit is quite fashionable and will give your pet a stylish look.


Cold: It is ideal for cold seasons, as it retains your pet’s body heat.

Sizes: The variety of sizes will allow you to choose the most suitable for your dog and, if you have several, each one can have a garment that suits him.


Elastic: A user has reported that, after a period of use, the vest has stretched and this causes it to fall off.

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Clothes for small female dogs

Fossrn Frog

The clothes for small female dogs are very varied, since, usually, it is the females that have a variety of designs with bright colors and cute prints. In this case, this model is the worthy representative of this, as it has a beautiful white and pink striped design, with a small decorative smiling frog in relief that comes with a crown. The garment is made of cotton, to provide as much softness as possible, and it has elastic to better fit your dog, so your pet will be comfortable. It is round neck.

Being size XXS, it is a garment suitable for puppies, various breeds of small dogs, cats and any other animal of the same dimensions as those mentioned. This is a suitable sweatshirt for any time, as it is warm and quite light, to avoid discomfort. Measurements are 25 centimeters bust and 15 centimeters back.

This garment, in addition to having a nice design, is considered the best value for money dog ​​clothing because it is cheap but well made.


Daily: These clothes are for daily use, therefore, your pet can always wear this beautiful garment.

Elastic: The elastic makes the clothes adapt to the dog and not the other way around, giving it more comfort.

Design: The design is quite modern and unique, as it brings a raised frog that will make your pet stand out.


Washing: The relief detail can be more delicate than the rest of the outfit, so it is necessary to wash with care.

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Guide to buying dog clothes

Keep in mind, with this small buying guide, the most important things that you should pay attention to, as this will allow you to make the best decision for your dog. In this way, your pet, in addition to being protected, will feel comfortable and happy.

Shopping guide

size and fabric

Dogs are just as important as any member of the family, for that reason, when making a purchase for them, you need to pay attention to the options that are available and choose the one that is best for them. If it’s clothes for your pet, then don’t just focus on how much it costs, but on what clothes will make your pet feel more comfortable.

An important aspect to achieve comfort is the size of the garment. Anything you buy for the dog needs to follow suit, offering optimal freedom of movement, so keep this in mind when comparing dog clothes. Sizes can range from XXS, for smaller breeds and puppies, to XXL, for large dogs such as Great Danes or German Shepherds.

For the measurements, three things are taken into account, the chest, the neck and the back, and each brand has different dimensions for each size. Therefore, to avoid inconvenience, measure these areas of your dog and check the measurements of the outfit you are interested in. If the clothes become too tight, the dog could suffer from skin irritations, especially if it is short-haired, or it could feel uncomfortable and suffocated, which can despair.

In addition to size, another important characteristic for your comfort is the fabric with which the clothes are made. Try to make your clothes cotton or velvet and avoid other types of fabrics such as linen or materials with a rigid texture. Soft clothes fit the dog like a second skin, so your pet is less likely to react negatively to them.


In your guide to buying the best clothes for dogs, you should always look for alternatives that offer you more than just a pretty look for your dog, because, in the end, this will save you money in the long run and will end up being a good and economical option. The Whippet, for example, is a very cold-prone breed and this makes it almost mandatory to keep them warm in low temperature seasons. A nice outfit that also offers shelter is a practical alternative that will keep your pet happy and protected.

However, days of excessive sun should not be an impediment for your pet to go for a walk and, to solve this, you only need to buy a garment that covers your friend from the sun and keeps him cool, with breathable mesh. Remember that, if it is very hot, it is also necessary to protect their legs so that they do not burn when walking.

Something that perhaps, without having the right clothes for your dog, can ruin the hour of the walk is the drizzle. Fortunately, there are many clothes that have the advantage of being waterproof to prevent your pet from getting wet while walking next to you. In this way, your dog will be able to have all the hours of exercise that he always needs, since his walks will not be interrupted by almost anything.

A type of outfit that, although not the cheapest, will allow you to wear it on almost any occasion is the reversible model. These models stand out for offering more than one function and allowing your dog to enjoy warmth and waterproofing or various other qualities.

Versatility can also be the best feature, as certain models have designs suitable for other animals, such as cats. So you can use the same garment between several of your pets.


Keeping your dog safe, at all times, should be part of your priorities. Walks should provide peace of mind for you and comfort for your pet, and a good outfit can help both of you achieve what you want and need. For example, there are dog clothes that are made exactly for that, to give your dog security and, for that reason, it comes with a place to put the leash for a walk. This allows you to have a good grip on your pet but, at the same time, give him more freedom, by not grabbing his neck to walk with him.

Walking at night can be dangerous for you and for him if you cannot be distinguished in the dark, as crashes or accidents may occur because of this. To avoid these dangerous situations, there are some garments that have reflective details so that everyone can see your dog and avoid causing damage due to lack of visibility.

Frequently asked questions

Q1: How to make dog clothes without sewing?

This is much easier when you have a small breed dog, as making no-sew dog clothes relies heavily on reuse.

Find an old sweatshirt with wide sleeves for this. Proceed to measure your pet’s body at the three most important points: the neck, chest and back. Also, measure the circumference of the legs. Mark each of these measurements on the sleeve of the sweatshirt and draw outlines for the back end and legs. With scissors, proceed to cut each important point and, finally, put the clothes on your pet.

Q2: How to know the size of dog clothes?

The size of dog clothing varies from one brand to another, however, if your dog is an adult, its measurements do not change. You should measure the neck, chest and back of your pet, both in length and width and, after that, compare these dimensions with the table of measurements and sizes offered by the manufacturer.

If it is not available, measure the clothes before purchasing, taking into account the measurements of your dog.

Q3: How to wash the dogs’ clothes?

Dog clothes, just like human clothes, can be washed both in a washing machine and by hand. However, there are certain recommendations to do it effectively and correctly.

One of them is to use hypoallergenic detergent, preferably with a neutral pH, that does not have perfumes or dyes. This will take care of your pet’s skin and fur, preventing conditions or allergies.

It is also recommended that, before washing clothes, soak the garments in water with a little baking soda. This will make the odors more easily removed, preventing the bad aroma from being impregnated in the clothes or in the washing machine, if you decide to do the cleaning there.

Q4: Are dog clothes dangerous?

As long as it’s not too tight in the chest and doesn’t restrict your pet’s movements, dog clothes aren’t dangerous. In addition to the fit, keep in mind that the fabric is soft to avoid hurting the skin of short-haired dogs.

Q5: How to recycle old dog clothes?

Most of the time, recycling depends a lot on how creative you are. If you have old clothes for dogs and you don’t know what to do with them, you can make other smaller clothes or simply give them another use.

For example, if you know how to sew, an old coat can be turned into new non-slip dog socks or a cute bandana to give your pet a unique look. However, if you don’t want to use it again as clothing, it can even work as a cleaning cloth, after multiple washes, or as part of recycled toys.

Q6: What materials are the most suitable for dog clothes?

The most recommended material is polar fleece, as this is a soft, comfortable element that helps retain heat from dogs so that dogs stay warm on cold days, such as in the winter or autumn season.

Nylon fabric is good for waterproofing, and for your pet to still enjoy a soft outfit, you can coat a fleece coat with nylon so your dog gets the best benefits of both materials.

Q7: What kind of garments are there in the dog clothing market?

The dog clothing market, like any area of ​​pet care, is filled with various products that vary in function, sizes, colors, and designs. You can find complete models that have a sweatshirt and cover the back of the dog, while you can also find vests that only cover the chest and back.

Q8: Why do dogs lick clothes?

If they lick their own clothes, there are various causes for them. It may be possible that they enjoy the texture of the fabric or simply that a striking smell has been impregnated in it. Other more unfavorable causes are that your dog is calming down, has anxiety or is having digestive problems; these last two things may be more likely if the behavior is ongoing.

If it is your clothes, it is most likely that they show their affection, because the clothes have your scent impregnated and this offers your pet security and, in addition, transmits the affection of its owner.

How to use dog clothes

Every day there are more products for dogs on the market, so that their owners can pamper them and keep them happy. An area that is constantly and progressively growing is the dog clothing market, as more and more people seek to take care of their pet from the environment. Acquiring a garment that you like is simple, and using it is even more so, however, if you do not know how to use clothes for dogs and you want to learn, here you will know exactly what you should do.

read the instructions

Not all clothing is made of the same materials and is resistant to everything, therefore, you need to read the instructions to know what elements you can or cannot use, how it can be washed, etc. This will make the clothes last in good condition for a longer amount of time.

Wash the clothes

To prevent the clothes from coming with dust or bacteria that come into contact with your dog, it is recommended that you wash them before putting on the garment. For this, you should know if it can be washed by hand or in a machine, thus, in this way, you will avoid wearing out the fabric.

Use only permitted items to care for materials. That is, do not add bleach if you cannot, because you will wear out the clothes and they will be damaged more quickly. Try to use only hypoallergenic detergents, with a neutral pH, to protect your pet’s skin and coat.


If it is cold, and it is allowed by the manufacturers’ instructions, iron the clothes with a delicate ironing function to give the fabric extra warmth when putting it on your little friend.

open the garment

Depending on the model, there are three ways to open the garment. The first of them, and the most common, is Velcro. You have to be careful when placing it to prevent fur from getting caught between the bands.

The second is about snap buttons. With this type of opening, the garment is easy to put on and take off, which is why it is quite well known. Lastly, zippers work too. These garments must also be put on carefully to prevent the skin from becoming trapped when closing the garment.

lay out the clothes

If the chosen model opens and closes, the correct way to put on the outfit is by placing it on the back and, after that, passing each of the legs through the holes. To finish, it closes at the bottom. In the case of buttons, it is possible to leave some open for greater comfort.

If the clothing does not have any way to open and close, then you should layer the garment as a t-shirt. This means that you must start with the head and then, by stretching a little, you have to insert each of the legs, starting with the front ones.

Soak and wash

To remove the odor, soak your clothes in a little baking soda, then proceed to wash as you normally would. If you do this often, the scent is less likely to permeate the fabric and will keep your clothes looking new longer.

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