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Dog bowls – Buying and Comparison Guide in 2022

One of the best ways to take care of your dog’s food when you are not at home is by using a container to place food and water, so it is necessary that you choose a model that adapts to the needs of your pet. In this sense, here we will detail the most outstanding models on the market. One of them is the YGJT 3.75 Liters, which has a dry food dispenser and another for water, in addition, it is made of food grade plastic. The CALDEX 10C4553, on the other hand, offers a tall base with support and has a capacity of 900 ml in each pan.

Opinions on the best dog bowls

Good nutrition can be the key for your dog to enjoy a healthy and happy life, but if your daily occupations do not always allow you to feed it at the established times, then it is important that you have a tool that does it for you, in this way. way your pet can have water and food when you are not at home.

automatic dog feeders

YGJT 3.75 Liters

It is one of the most practical and easy-to-use automatic dog feeders, as it is made up of 2 containers and 2 dispensers, one for water and the other for solid food, the latter including a lid on top so that you fill it without having to disassemble it.

This product offers a large storage capacity, with 2.5 kilos in the case of food or croquettes and 3.75 liters for water. Likewise, the container has dimensions of 30.5 cm in diameter and 22.5 cm in height and the dispenser measures 32 x 30.5 x 8 cm.

Regarding maintenance, all the parts are removable to facilitate access to all corners, which will allow you to carry out an efficient cleaning. In addition, you can use hot water at less than 25º for better hygiene, which is why it is considered the best dog feeder according to some users.

A good way to feed your pets when you are not at home is by using the best dog feeder of the moment, in this sense, the YGJT 3.75 Liters is a good option, so we detail its pros and cons for you. that you take them into consideration before making the purchase:


Components: It has 2 containers and 2 dispensers, one for food and the other for water.

Materials: It is made of food grade plastic and, in addition, respects the environment.

Capacity: It has a storage capacity of 3.75 liters for liquids and 2.5 kg for solids.

Maintenance: Its parts are removable for easy cleaning.


Mechanism: Some users think that solid food could get stuck in the mouth of the dispenser, so it is recommended to place small pieces.

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HoneyGuaridan A25

The HoneyGuaridan A25 is one of the most reliable automatic dog feeders compared to others, thanks to the fact that it has an infrared light sensor that allows the right amount of food to be dispensed, thus avoiding spills. Furthermore, it is suitable for dispensing both dry and semi-moist foods.

It also has a control panel with a screen to program the time and amount of food to be dispensed, a task that can be divided into 6 daily portions of between 4 and 400 g. Likewise, its container has a capacity of 1.5 kg and its tank is transparent so you know when you should fill it again.

It is considered by many to be one of the best dog feeders of 2022, because it incorporates a voice recorder with a speaker, to notify your pets that it is time to eat. Its mechanism works with 3 D-type alkaline batteries, capable of lasting up to 6 months, so the device offers low energy consumption.

Feeding your pets when you are away from home does not have to be a problem if you have the best brand of dog feeders, for this reason, we describe below the characteristics of this model before you make a decision:


Portions: Offers the possibility of programming up to 6 daily portions of food, which can range from 4 to 400 g each.

Speaker: Includes a speaker where you can record messages telling your pets that it’s time to eat.

Sensor: It has an infrared sensor, which prevents blockages or food spills.


Noisy: According to some users, the dispensing mechanism emits a sound that could be annoying to pets.

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tall dog bowls

CALDEX 10C4553

If you still don’t know which is the best dog feeder, this model is made up of 2 deep plates made of shiny metal, suitable to provide an elegant touch and facilitate cleaning, in addition, it has a matte black base. Also, each leg has non-slip rubber to prevent your pet from moving it while eating.

This line of tall dog bowls is designed to prevent discomfort in the spine, which is caused when the bowl is at ground level. In this sense, the structure of this base has 4 high legs, joined by support bars to provide greater stability.

On the other hand, the plates have a capacity of 220 mm or 900 ml, so you can serve food and water for several days, in this way you will not have to worry about their food when you cannot get home on time or when you leave travel.

A tall feeder can be the solution when it comes to feeding large pets, so it is important that you are clear about which dog feeder to buy. For this reason, we show you the most important features of this model:


Design: Includes two deep plates and a tall base with support bars.

Material: Both the plates and the base structure are made of metal.

Benefits: Its height facilitates the moment of eating, preventing the animals from suffering pain in the spine.

Capacity: Each plate has a capacity of 220 mm or 900 ml.


Base:  Some users think that the dishes tend to separate from the support with movement. However, it includes non-slip rubber on the legs for greater grip on the ground.

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Trixie T2497

It is one of the most versatile high feeders for dogs today, since its structure is adjustable in height, which allows each plate to be placed in the appropriate position according to the size of your pet, which favors the good posture of the animal and facilitates its digestion.

It has dimensions of 11 x 50.5 x 28.5 cm and its weight is only 3.56 kg for easy portability. In addition, its structure is made up of a curved bar support where the plates are placed, it has rubber feet and its base is designed in an H shape, in this way, it provides greater support and stability.

It also includes 2 plates with a capacity for 2.8 liters and is made of stainless steel with a varnished finish. On the other hand, it offers 2 adjustment and locking mechanisms on each side, which is why some users consider it the best value for money dog ​​feeder.

A good dog feeder should offer the possibility of adapting it to the growth of your pet, so it is important that you consider the positive and negative characteristics of this model before making the purchase:


Capacity: Each bowl has a capacity of 2.8 liters in just 24 cm in diameter.

Structure: It is made up of a curved bar, an H-shaped base, rubber feet and is made of stainless steel.

Dimensions: This feeder has dimensions of 11 x 50.5 x 28.5 cm. However, you can adjust its height as needed.


Assembly: Some users feel that it could be difficult to engage the screws with the holes in the frame.

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Large dog bowls

Amazon Basics BXG-01

The AmazonBasics BXG-01 is one of the strongest bowls for large dogs, as it is made of stainless steel, so it prevents corrosion, does not generate unpleasant odors, offers a long lifespan and can be easily washed in the dishwasher, which It will give you more comfort.

Being a dish for adult or large pets, it has the capacity to serve up to 900 ml of food. For this reason, it is important to know that it has dimensions of 27 x 27 x 7.8 cm, in this sense, it is suitable for serving dry or wet food, water or rewards for good behavior.

It has an anti-tip design, which has a rubber on the edge of the base, appropriate to prevent the feeder from sliding while your pet is feeding. In addition, thanks to its weight of 358 g, it is practical and easy to transport when traveling with your pet.

If your dog is large, he needs a feeder according to his physical structure, both in capacity and height, so it is important that you consider the pros and cons of this model in more detail:


Capacity: This feeder has a capacity of 900 ml, making it suitable for dry, wet food or water.

Cleaning: It offers the possibility of washing it in the dishwasher, which facilitates its hygiene.

Dimensions: This plate has dimensions of 27 x 27 x 7.8 cm.

Material: It is made of stainless steel, which prevents corrosion caused by moisture.


Rubber: Some users think that the non-slip rubber on the base could come off quite easily.

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Feeders for anxious dogs

Blueprint PX PUXA0125

It is one of the cheapest feeders for anxious dogs and at the same time beneficial for health, it allows you to create healthy eating habits. Thanks to this, you can prevent poor digestion that causes vomiting and gas. It is also capable of reducing boredom and eating speed, thus reducing anxiety.

It is made of non-toxic food grade plastic, thanks to the fact that it does not contain PVC or BPA. In addition, it is completely recyclable, for this reason, it does not harm the environment and can be washed in the dishwasher to offer you greater comfort. As if that were not enough, it provides a long shelf life and can contain both dry and wet food or water.

On the other hand, its design is made up of a structure that is wider at the base than at the top, to prevent the imbalance that could cause it to tip over. Also, it includes 3 non-slip pads so that it does not move while the pet is eating.

If what you are looking for is one of the cheapest feeders but at the same time contributes to your pet’s good eating habits, you should consider the pros and cons of the Blueprint PX PUXA0125:


Materials: It is made of recyclable food grade plastic, free of BPA and PVC.

Benefits: Its design includes obstacles that force your pet to eat slowly.

Non- slip: Its base has 3 non-slip pads to provide stability.


Dimensions: A user thinks that the dimensions of the product are smaller than expected.

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Feeders and waterers for dogs

Bonve Pet Mat

It is one of the most complete and practical dog feeders and waterers on the list, because in addition to having a non-slip silicone mat, which does not damage the floor of your house, it also includes 2 stainless steel bowls that can be removed in an easy way, to allow a deep cleaning of all its corners.

Each bowl has a capacity of 900 ml, where you can serve solid food, canned food, powder or water, making it suitable for medium and large pets weighing up to 31 kg. In addition, all its parts are heat resistant, prevent corrosion and do not give off any type of odour.

The mat has dimensions of 48.3 x 27.9 x 6.6 cm, so it is capable of collecting all splashes and preventing spills. In addition, as an accessory it includes a shovel to serve food more easily.

A model that is a feeder and drinker at the same time is a good option to pamper your pet, so it is important that you carefully analyze the main characteristics of this model:


Bowls: Offers two bowls made of stainless steel for longer life.

Capacity: Each bowl holds 900 ml of water or dry, canned or powdered food.

Non-slip: The mat is completely non-slip to prevent tipping over.

Cleaning: Its parts are removable to facilitate cleaning and prevent the accumulation of bacteria.


Silicone: The silicone of the mat may not offer enough resistance to the bites and scratches of the most mischievous pets.

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Guide to buying a dog bowl

The well-being and health of our pets depend mainly on the attention you pay to their diet, so it is necessary to have tools that allow you to provide them with the quality of life they deserve. In this sense, this guide has been prepared to buy the best dog feeder, with the most important characteristics that a good quality product should have.

Shopping guide


When we make a comparison of dog feeders, the first thing to consider is the design and type of feeder that will be most convenient for your lifestyle and that of your pet.

Currently, there is a wide variety of feeders, among which are the traditional deep dishes that have a wide base, to maintain stability while the dog feeds. However, this model has evolved with your health and well-being in mind, so you can find tall feeders whose structure allows you to adjust the level. This usually includes one or two bowls so the dog doesn’t have to bend over any more than necessary.

On the other hand, there are the automatic feeders, which are made up of a tank to store a large amount of food and is attached to a plate to serve the food. These types of feeders can also have recording and speaker systems, to notify the dog that it is time to eat.

You should also consider the type of material with which each feeder is made, so it is advisable to select a model that does not include toxic components, that does not generate bacteria and that cannot corrode with moisture. In this way, the most appropriate are those made of BPA-free plastic, as well as silicone, stainless steel and even ceramic.  

Most feeders have anti-spill systems. In the case of traditional feeders, they include edges or mats specifically designed to prevent food from getting dirty around them, and in the case of automatic feeders, they include height sensors that stop the supply of food or water when it reaches a certain point. scheduled point. Likewise, this sensor is capable of avoiding food clogging in its nozzle, regardless of whether it is dry food such as croquettes or semi-moist food such as canned food.


The capacity of each feeder will depend on the size and lifestyle of your dog, so it is important to acquire a feeder with the appropriate dimensions, in this way your pet can feel comfortable when eating.

In this sense, the feeder should be changed as many times as necessary during its growth, since a small dog with a high feeder will probably have difficulty reaching food and, on the other hand, it is very difficult for a large dog to be satisfied with the portion served if it is less than what you should eat. For this reason, you should take into account the needs of your pet before deciding on an aesthetically appealing model.

In this sense, characteristics such as weight, breed, age and dimensions of your dog are important data when choosing the capacity of the model of your choice. Also, it is important to know that some feeders show the capacity in ml for liquids, grams for solids and both units in the case of the most versatile designs. In this way, the capacity ranges from 900 ml to 3.75 liters. However, some manufacturers allow you to customize each product to suit each pet.


Each type of feeder offers different benefits for dogs, so if you want to know how much one of them costs, you should know what features it offers, since it is very likely that its price will depend on that. In this sense, it is good to consider its ease of cleaning, since the cheapest feeders are generally made with materials that retain food particles, at the same time, you must avoid bacteria that could easily accumulate in the corners of the structure.

Another thing you should ask yourself is how much the feeder contributes to your pet’s good eating habits and digestion, because there are some models that allow you to control portions, favoring digestion and preventing obesity. Also, other models offer the possibility of controlling anxiety when eating food with methods that force the pet to slow down eating, placing obstacles inside the plate.

On the other hand, some of the bowls offer the possibility of being washed in the dishwasher or with hot water for a better elimination of bacteria. However, it is important to remember to clean all your pieces at least once a day, to promote good health and avoid diseases of the digestive tract.

Frequently asked questions

Q1: How to make a cardboard dog feeder?

One of the easiest and most practical ways to make a feeder is to use an empty box that is in good condition. In this sense, the first thing you should do is place a common bowl on the center of the closed box to mark its diameter with a marker, then you cut out the marked area with an exact one for greater precision and, finally, you fold it to give it the desired shape. Also, to provide a better appearance to the box you can decorate it with non-toxic paint and even identify it with the name of your pet.

Q2: How to make an automatic dog feeder?

To make an automatic dog feeder you only need two plastic bottles of juice or milk. For the base, you just have to carefully cut the area of ​​the handle until you reach the mouthpiece. Then you open a square hole in the top back, that is the width of the carafe that goes on it. For the tank, you can make the same cut in the area of ​​the handle, but this time you must cut the entire area of ​​the spout, as well as the upper part of the carafe that will serve as a tank to introduce the food more comfortably. Once the cuts have been made, you can proceed to glue the two pieces together with a hot glue gun and that’s it.

Q3: How to make a dog feeder with pallets?

The feeders made with pallets are usually more resistant than a traditional feeder and offer the possibility of decorating it to your liking. In this sense, you will only need several wooden pallets, nails, silicone and paint. On the table at the top we place one or two containers with the edge down, to make a mark that you will later cut with a saw. Subsequently, make the edges and legs with other pallets, joining them with nails or a silicone gun. Once assembled, you can decorate it with a non-toxic paint.

Q4: What is the difference between a feeder for dogs that eat fast and a conventional one?

A conventional dog bowl is usually a deep dish or bowl where you serve food and can be made of plastic, metal or silicone. On the other hand, a feeder for dogs that eat fast, in addition to having a deep bowl, offers a great difference in its interior design with respect to the conventional dish and that is that this model incorporates some obstacles created specifically to make it a little more difficult to obtain the food, since the animal must look for the best angle to take the portions, which forces it to eat a little more calmly to favor its digestion and calm its anxiety.

Q5: How to build a dog feeder on the street?

One of the best options to build a feeder for street dogs is through the use of PVC pipes. In this sense, you will need a tube approximately 75 cm long, 2 elbows of 45º each, 1 elbow of 90º and a cap. To assemble all the pieces, you only have to place one of the 45º elbows and the other 90º at the lower end. Then, at the upper end you place the other 45º elbow plus the cover and you can fasten it to the posts or trees using nylon clamps.

Q6: What material should a dog bowl be made of?

Canine care experts believe that a dog bowl should be made of stainless steel, as it does not corrode or release harmful particles. In addition, it is easy to wash, does not accumulate bacteria or bad odors and its price can be as low as that of a plastic feeder, making it the best option available, especially when compared to material feeders that in the long run are toxic to animals.

Q7: How to clean a dog feeder?

The first thing is to remove the remains of food with napkins to remove the fat, then you must submerge the feeder in a container of hot water for a few minutes. After this, it is necessary to rub it with a sponge or towel impregnated with hand soap, since this is less toxic than the conventional dishwasher and, finally, rinse it with plenty of water so that there are no soap residues. This procedure must be performed at least once a day to ensure hygiene.

How to use a dog bowl

As simple as it may seem, knowing how to use a feeder is extremely important for the health of the dog, so before choosing a model you should take into account some characteristics that are convenient for each breed and that can make your life much easier. In this sense, it is necessary to consider the cleaning mechanisms, the type of food, the amount that you must supply daily, among other things.

home placement

If your dog is large and uses a high feeder, it is best to place it close to a wall so that your dog cannot accidentally knock it over. However, if your dog is small and needs a traditional model, it would be appropriate to place it in a corner to prevent slipping in any direction. However, some modern feeders have systems to maintain stability so that the animal can eat calmly.

Regardless of the dimensions and the model, it is recommended that you place the feeder in a space where it does not hinder the passage in the house, which is easily accessible to your dog and where it does not have too many interruptions while eating.

Create eating habits

If your dog has eating habits since puppyhood, it is possible that as an adult he will have a sense of belonging, security and trust. For this reason, being routine at mealtimes is the most recommended thing to do to get your dog to adapt correctly to a feeder and to the simple fact of eating well.

On the other hand, it is important to remember that during the meal you should not distract your pet in any way, as this can have serious consequences on their mental and physical health. In this sense, he could become violent, lose his sense of belonging or even avoid the feeder, due to the discomfort caused by distractions.

Recommended daily portions

You must take into consideration that when supplying food to your pets, the portions should not be too small or excessive amounts, since in both cases it is not healthy for your pet. For this reason, it is advisable to consult a veterinarian who will indicate the amounts and properties necessary according to the age, breed and current state of health of your pet.

On the other hand, the portions should not exceed the capacity of the feeder, since this way it will be easier to clean the space later, so before making the purchase you should be clear about the amounts that your dog will eat each day.

Select the food for the dog

Dry food is one of the most used due to its wide variety of presentations and flavors available to pamper pets. In addition, the houses that produce this type of food are usually very well advised regarding the nutrients necessary to offer a healthy diet.

In this sense, when choosing a brand of dry food, you should make sure that each portion includes between 30 and 40% protein, 20% fruit or vegetables, up to 20% oil or fat, and a minimum of fiber and cereals. This way you guarantee good nutrition throughout your dog’s life.

Feeder Maintenance

The vast majority of models only need a simple cleaning in the dishwasher. However, for greater efficiency it is recommended to heat a little water in a container larger than the dimensions of the feeder and submerge it for a few minutes, in this way the bacteria are eliminated and you can proceed to clean as a common container.

If you have a traditional bowl, you can even easily clean its surface with a damp towel. However, it is a procedure that you should perform daily and after each meal for greater hygiene.

Types of automatic dog feeders

If you have pets at home, it is appropriate to have practical feeders, such as automatic ones, which provide food in different ways. The types vary according to the breed and size of the animal. For your choice, some considerations must be taken, but there are three options that fulfill functions that improve the well-being of the pet. 

In the market of articles and products for pets there is a wide catalog. Among these are dispensers that provide food to pets by electronic programming or by gravity. Each of the modalities adjusts to different demands of the owners and their pets. 

The automation of meals

According to the recommendation of veterinary doctors, canines have punctual feeding needs that must be respected. The appropriate thing is that the intake is in the morning and at night. However, not all owners may have the availability to meet these demands. For this reason, it is recommended to make use of automatic feeders that offer useful benefits for those who spend many hours of the day away from home. 

This type of feeders is used to provide food to pets automatically, through an electronic system or taking advantage of the principle of gravity. There are many alternatives available, but only a few are included in the top three of the best dog bowls of 2022 for being equipped with quality features and resistant materials, as well as having the endorsement of buyers.

One of the advantages of this type of feeders for dogs is that they have the possibility of giving an amount of food to the animal, according to the requirements of the owner. To do this, a series of settings must be applied and the equipment will start to work with the established parameters. In fact, some more advanced models are equipped with the latest technology, which allows the user to have control through the mobile. 

High capacity feeders

For those looking for an automatic and resistant alternative with a large capacity, they can opt for feeders with a digital timer, programmable with up to 12 daily meals. In these cases, they have a large tank to store about 24 cups of food. 

In the case of these models, they are also equipped with anti-clogging tapes and are suitable for incorporating both wet and dry food. They generally operate in two modes: one for slow feeding using 15-minute ration control, and one for fast feeding, which is used to dispense the entire ration in one batch. 

By opting for this type of dog feeder, the user can be sure that the food supply will remain constant even if he is not at home. In addition, these alternatives are often equipped with resistant stainless steel dishes, which can be washed in the dishwasher. On the other hand, they require a battery that lasts an average of one year. 

Alternatives with audio

If the previous model seemed to have technological properties, then this one will also surpr

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