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Dog Food – Buying and Comparison Guide in 2022

Properly nourishing your dog has a direct impact on his health, stamina and temperament, so it’s worth taking a closer look at the food you feed him. In addition, on a digestive level it can help you be more comfortable and your stools are easy to clean. For this reason, here are two options that have achieved a good rating on the web, the first is Purina Beyond, which is free of dyes and preservatives for natural nutrition. But if you want to offer your pet wet food, you could turn to an option like Pedigree Vital Protection, which in convenient 100 g sachets provides balanced food in nutrients.

Opinions on the best dog food

Among the many food options on the net, we have selected some formulas and below we present a summary of their characteristics. Thus, it may be easier for you to choose a product that meets your expectations, to maintain the health of your favorite furry friend.

natural dog food

Purina Beyond

Seeking to offer your pet an appropriate diet, the Purina brand proposes a feed formulated mainly with lamb as its base ingredient, with additions of chicken proteins and poultry fat. In addition, it is a formula without dyes or flavorings that could harm your pet, something that allows it to be considered as a natural dog food.

However, it does not leave out some other vitamins and minerals of important nutritional value, such as Omega 6 and linoleic acid, with which you can provide 100% of the recommended index for adult dogs. On the other hand, this is offered for a reasonable cost. Therefore, it may well be considered by many as the best food for dogs.

When it comes to presentation, you should not worry if you have a small or large breed dog, you will find the bag with enough quantity, or a pack of several bags.

We are going to analyze in detail the highlights of this formulation, so that you can decide if it is the best dog food of the moment for your pet.


Natural: By dispensing with artificial colors and aromas, this feed can be digested in a better way.

Presentation: It is offered in different amounts of product, so it adapts to your needs.

Lamb: Since it has a high percentage of lamb as an ingredient, it can provide a sufficient amount of protein to your pet’s diet.

Wheat-free: Thanks to the fact that it does not contain this ingredient, it may be appropriate for dogs with intolerance to this cereal.


Hypoallergenic: The product is not presented as hypoallergenic, so there is a possibility that some of its ingredients are not tolerated by dogs with problems in assimilating some of the substances included.

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Yerbero Salmon & Rice

Seeking a balance between appetizing food and good digestion, the Yerbero brand presents us with a formula that includes salmon protein among its most important ingredients, which is a natural source of fatty acids that dogs can easily assimilate. In addition, it should be noted that the percentage of protein offered by this food is 29%, thus being considered a nutritious feed, without costing you too much for this. So there are those who consider it to be the best value for money dog ​​food.

In addition, among other features, it stands out that it is free of gluten, a protein that not all dogs can tolerate. While on the other hand, it is complemented with other natural ingredients to balance the balance of vitamins and minerals, thus being a good natural dog food.

Regarding its presentation, the bag includes 12 kg of product, an amount that depending on the size of your dog, could be enough so that in several days you do not have to worry about another purchase.

Before qualifying Yerbero as the best dog food brand, let’s see a summary of what best characterizes this product.


Protein: Due to its high percentage of protein, it can be classified as a nutritious feed.

Digestion: This formulation is designed to offer easy digestion, which can benefit your pet.

Gluten-free: Because it is free of this protein, it is considered hypoallergenic, suitable for dogs with sensitivity problems to this component.

Quantity: Its 12 kg bag can be convenient so as not to buy too often.


Presentation: Some of the users have mentioned that the quality of the bag could be better, but it is an isolated comment among several that rate it positively.

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wet dog food

Pedigree Vital Protection

Dogs generally enjoy consuming wet dog food, so if you want to pamper them, you could add this supplement to their traditional dry feed, so that they accept it better. However, it does not have to imply that you prepare it, since the Pedigree brand already offers it in convenient sachets with portions of 100 g each, which are very practical for day-to-day use and avoid waste.

In addition, they are available in several flavors such as meat in sauce, lamb and beef or chicken with vegetables, so you can select the one that your pet enjoys best.

On the other hand, if you are concerned about the level of nutrition it provides, you will be pleased to know that it is a balanced food, that it is designed not to alter your stool and that it adds minerals such as phosphorus and zinc as well as other vitamins such as E, menadione and hill. So you can offer it with confidence and many who use it can say that it is the best dog food of 2022.

Below you will be able to know the pros and cons of this product, which will help you to have a more objective panorama regarding what it offers you.


Quantity: Because they are 24 individual sachets of 100 g each, waste is avoided and you distribute them with greater precision and ease.

Flavors: Thanks to the fact that it is available in several flavors, you could find one according to your dog’s preferences.

Nutrition: The product is made from nutritional ingredients and combines other vitamin and mineral supplements, necessary in the diet of dogs.

Portability: Since the bags include a simple opening, you can even carry one among your personal items, to have it available in case it is necessary to feed your pet.


Quantity: For very large dogs, one sachet is likely to be considered a small quantity, but you can offer two or more.

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Purina ONE mini

Small breed dogs need different nutritional intakes, which is why dog ​​food manufacturers have also developed formulas according to their characteristics and requirements, such as the one presented on this occasion by the Purina brand; which is a food rich in quality protein, so that it can be easily assimilated by the digestive system, while also providing antioxidants.

In addition, the product includes a table of suggestions to feed your dog correctly depending on its characteristics, which can be useful. While on the other hand, it is a wet dog food, which has no artificial colors or flavors added, which is considered healthy.

To make the pack set practical, it includes a total of 4kg of food spread across 10 packs. In this way you can dose them as best suits you. In addition, they are well accepted by pets due to their taste, which can help you determine the best dog food if your pet tends to reject other foods.

Before making your purchase, you can take a look at the following list of advantages and possible drawbacks that we have detected in this product.


Nutrition: Due to its high quality protein content, it can help maintain your dog’s nutritional balance.

Variety: Because it combines croquettes with tender bites, you can offer a varied meal that is to your liking.

Attractive: Its aroma and flavor are well accepted by various types of dogs, which can prevent your dog from rejecting it.

Dental care: Due to its texture, it can be easily swallowed by small breeds.


Flavors: It is possible that if your dog has a preference for one of the two flavors included, he may not be too excited about consuming the rest of the packages. But it is unlikely to happen.

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dehydrated dog food

Honest Kitchen Turkey

Dry dog ​​food is a convenient way to keep the right food on hand for your furry friend, without taking up too much space in your pantry. For this reason, options like this one presented by the honest Kitchen brand could be attractive.

Also, if you are concerned that your dog’s diet is appropriate, but that it is free of harmful substances due to its origin, you will like to know that it is an organic food, which could even be suitable for human consumption.

On the other hand, if you have doubts regarding the way in which you should prepare it, in its presentation you can find a clear guide to the instructions, so that you can obtain the most convenient consistency with them. Also add a portion guide depending on the size of your dog. While in terms of quantity, this presentation will allow you to obtain around 3.6 kg of food, with which you can carry out your shopping plan.

If you haven’t decided yet which dog food to buy, you may find it easier to choose after checking out the highlights on this product.


Flavor: Because it is a turkey-flavored product, it can be well accepted by dogs.

Practical: Since it is a meal that you can replace with warm water, it can be practical.

Consistency: Its texture can be pleasant to swallow without problems, suitable for those dogs that do not usually tolerate dry food easily.

Adults: Its nutrient balance is considered appropriate for adult dogs.


Cost: It may not be the most affordable food, but its quality can make up for this.

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Canine Caviar Synergy

Seeking to offer quality products for man’s best friend, the Canine brand offers an interesting selection of dehydrated vegetables in this mixture, which those who have used it can qualify as the best food for dogs, since it can provide a significant amount of nutrients for they.

This food can be especially valid for pets that are recovering from a chronic condition or require a special diet. But you will be pleased to know that its quality free of preservatives and dyes is even suitable for human consumption. So you can rest assured that you receive only the best.

On the other hand, the product is sent in a practical bag with a quantity of 680 g, which will be useful to complement your daily food and all this without losing its freshness, since its resealable strip keeps the product in good condition for longer. In addition, to make the final preparation, it will be enough to add a little water to reconstitute this dehydrated dog food and achieve the expected texture that your pet likes.

This option is probably not the cheapest, but keeping your pet healthy can be a priority. Here we provide more information about this product.


Selection: Because it includes ingredients such as pumpkin, carrots, green beans and other accessories, it is a convenient supply of vitamins and minerals for dogs.

Organic: The production of these vegetables that is free of harmful chemicals adds quality to the model.

Dehydrated: You can easily store this product and use it when needed, which makes it practical.

Freshness: Thanks to its resealable strip, the freshness of the product can be maintained without problems.


Cost: Probably some may think that the cost is high, but for some geographical areas where it is difficult to get fresh vegetables, it can be a good option.

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homemade dog food

Lily’s Kitchen Recovery recipe

Offering homemade dog food doesn’t have to be a time-consuming project, as there are products like this one from the Lily’s Kitchen brand, which will help you provide a good taste and texture with little effort. This product has been mainly developed as a food that helps your dog recover more easily, especially when he is convalescing due to a health problem.

This is because it is well tolerated by its digestive system, just like if you had prepared a chicken and rice stew yourself. In addition, it includes ingredients such as potatoes and bananas, which are natural sources of energy, potassium and magnesium, so they help make a well-balanced homemade dog food in nutrients.

This food comes in handy 400g tins in a 6-pack, which, depending on the breed and size of your pet, could last for even a full week.

Be sure to check our list of pros and cons, to be clearer about what you can expect from this product.


Digestion: As it is a soft food based on easily digestible ingredients, it could be well tolerated by your pet.

Proteins: Because it is a 50% chicken meat-based food, it can offer enough protein for its nutrition.

Energy: The product balances other nutrients that provide carbohydrates so that your dog recovers its energy.

Convenience: Because it’s offered in convenient tins, you can easily serve.


Potatoes: Possibly for dogs that do not digest potatoes well, this product is not the right one.

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small dog food

Last Mini Adults

Keeping your small breed dog active can be simple if you offer him a feed that has been designed for his special needs, such as the one presented by the Ultima brand in its Mini Adult version, which is a proposal for dogs up to 10 kg of weight. weight.

If we talk about its balance of nutrients, we will start by saying that its formula is mainly made up of chicken meat, with a total protein percentage of 27%. In addition, it is supplemented with 17% fat, to keep your energy level at an adequate point and to be able to be active throughout the day without problems. While at the same time, it includes prebiotic ingredients, which can help you maintain a proper health balance.

Also, it is worth mentioning that the size of the feed is designed for its jaws, so it can be crushed without too much trouble or excessive wear.

Below we invite you to review other interesting facts about this proposal of food for small dogs that is one of the cheapest.


Natural: Because it is free of preservatives and dyes, it is considered natural.

Size: Being small croquettes, they are easy for small dogs to swallow.

Balance: Thanks to its balance of 27% protein and 17% fat, it can keep your dog active.

Presentations: Since you can purchase the product in different volumes, it is easy to choose the one that will be sufficient for the time you have planned.


Taste: Some dogs may have to adjust to its taste, but it can generally be well accepted.

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dog food accessories

dog food dispenser

Amazon Basics 2-in-1 Set

If on several occasions it is difficult for you to serve the appropriate food to your pet because you will be away for several hours, you can use a dog food dispenser.

These accessories have practical designs so that the feed can descend as it is consumed, thus avoiding waste or disasters, as is the case with the model presented by AmazonBasics, with two practical dispensers of 3.79 L and 2.72 L With which your dog can have both water and food at hand.

In addition, due to the materials that make it up, it is resistant and easy to clean.

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Programmable dog food dispenser


Some breeds of dogs tend to overeat, and if they have a lot of food around they won’t hesitate to gobble it up, or they might spill it around the bowl. Therefore, it can be a good alternative to acquire a programmable dog food dispenser.

In this way, the food is better dosed and other consequences such as being overweight are avoided.

The model presented includes a wide variety of functions, easy to configure with its system of buttons and LCD screen, and to make it even more attractive, it includes a microphone, with which you can record voice messages, which are played when you are away from house, in order to provide peace of mind to your furry friend.

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Guide to buying dog food

We know that you care about providing your pet with the best nutrition, so it is difficult to select the option that can provide the most benefits. However, perhaps with the following guide to buying the best dog food, you will have more elements to support your purchase and be more calm about your choice.

Shopping guide


Dogs are a species that has evolved from a hunting animal, so we must always consider that it is a pet that has specific nutritional needs, which cannot be compared with our own diet and despite the fact that in special situations it can adapt to consuming foods out of the ordinary, this does not mean that it is the best option to offer them this on a daily basis. That is why in a dog food comparison you have to take into account the nature of their eating habits as a starting point.

Mainly it should be taken into account that it is a carnivorous species. It is only enough to observe the size of their fangs to understand that this has not changed despite the fact that there are multiple races today. So when looking for a feed, we must not forget that it contains products derived from meat and that it is of good quality, since tendons and bones are not considered an important nutritional source for them. It can be a dog food that includes poultry, beef, lamb, fish or some other animal.

Other contributions that should not be missing are carbohydrates, which are offered mainly through animal-type fats and some vitamin and mineral supplements that will help keep your health in balance. These can be obtained from vegetables, but as long as they are tolerated by your digestive system. In addition, you might be interested in that it is not a food that is too pigmented with dyes or that it has additives to preserve it.

food goals

On the other hand, we must take into account at what stage of its development your pet is. This is because the required nutrient table is very different for a puppy compared to an adult dog. Since the puppy is in a growth phase and everything he consumes will be used mostly to increase his size and musculature, while an adult dog mainly has a maintenance diet. But in general in any case, it is possible to find a good and cheap option of food.

Now, if you have a gestational pet, it will also have higher nutrient needs, so it is necessary to take this into account.

In other special cases, such as after surgery or when your pet is in recovery, they may need a special diet, you can also find alternatives for these cases.


Another aspect that you should not overlook is the presentation of the food, which can generally be of two types, dry or wet. It may be that for adults the choice of presentation is not a problem, as their jaws are strong and could break large croquettes. But some breeds are small and could represent greater wear on the teeth over the years. Also, older dogs with dental problems may have some problems grinding feed that has a very solid presentation.

On the other hand, dog foods that include some type of sauce or moisture can be an option that dogs like a lot. Some pet owners mix a portion of this type of food several days a week to diversify the diet or to help provide additional motivation for special training. If you are looking for a food of this type and wonder how much it costs, it may have a higher value in relation to a dry feed.


So you don’t run out of food for your furry friend, we also invite you to consider the amount of food you need to offer your pet or pets in an average week. In this way it will be easier to schedule your next purchase, before you reach the point where it is necessary to resort to emergency food, which could cause digestive discomfort. You will surely find several presentations of greater or lesser quantity, which can be adapted to your dog’s consumption habits, the frequency with which you want to buy and perhaps you are looking to take advantage of an offer that is offered in the market to acquire a greater volume of product.

Frequently asked questions

Q1: What are the advantages of dog food without rice?

Rice is a very common cereal that we find in feed, which can provide energy to dogs. However, despite the fact that it can be well tolerated by them compared to other grains, in no case can it be a substitute for important nutrients, so if you identify a dog food that is based mainly on meat and products generated from she will be a good alternative, since dogs from their origin are primarily carnivorous and obtain energy mainly from the fats found between the meat tissue and not from grains. Rice has really been just a modern and practical addition to dog food, offering some advantages to producing kibble.

Q2: Is it good to make homemade dog food?

As long as the dog’s nutritional needs are met in both quantity and quality, dog food can be made at home. So that you can be well informed about it, consider the breed, size and characteristics of the food that your pet should consume and the ingredients that you may have on hand, to formulate your own recipe based on these data. Also, you can prepare it in a presentation that is appropriate for its size.

Q3: How to measure dog food?

To know the recommended dose of food that you should offer your dog, it is necessary that you first know the indications of the manufacturer of the feed that you have acquired, since it is he who knows the proportion of nutrients that he has placed in each croquette and the amount that your pet you must ingest to cover your needs on a daily basis. Their race, age, and weight also need to be considered. So it is convenient that you weigh the feed on a scale according to the table that the food suggests and then you should only offer it at a rate of two to 3 times throughout the day, depending on the age of the dog, because puppies for example, they should eat a small portion but several times a day, in order to maintain their energy level.

Q4: What does the dog food contain?

This can vary greatly depending on the brand of dog food, your goals in feeding, and its quality. Well, a food for young dogs is not the same as for those in adulthood. But in a general analysis, we should find main ingredients in a feed such as meat, meat meal and derivatives, taking care not to exceed the percentage of by-products such as bones, feathers, etc. They don’t provide too many nutrients.

Fats are also important and it is preferred that they are also of animal origin. Finally, depending on whether it is a dry feed, grain flours are added in a greater or lesser proportion and other vegetables that are well tolerated by the dog’s digestive system.

Q5: How to change the dog food?

When you feel the need to offer your pet a different food for various reasons, the suggestion is that you do not do it abruptly. Instead, it is best that you integrate it in small proportions that you will increase every day. In this way the dog will not suffer a sudden change in its diet, which can often cause diarrhea and discomfort.

Q6: Is there any food for dogs with diarrhea?

When dogs present a medical condition in which diarrhea is one of the symptoms, it is important to offer an appropriate food to help them recover. In these cases, a soft feed can be used. There are options on the market that are low in fat, non-irritating and mainly protein-based, which can be a good option.

Q7: Which dog food is better, Dog Chow or Pedigree?

Both brands are well known due to their commercial advertising, however it will often depend on the preferences of the dog and its type of digestion which is the most appropriate food for your pet. So you may want to experiment with offering both options one at a time and observe their general condition for a couple of weeks before deciding which is best for your dog.

Q8: Is there any organic dog food?

That’s right, dog food has not been the exception among people who seek to offer their pets a healthier nutrition that is preserved from chemicals that can be harmful in the long run. The Witty Dog is a brand that offers a bio organic certificate that you might be interested in.

How to use a dog food

Providing your pet with balanced nutrition can make a difference in its health, but it also contributes in an important way that you offer it according to its needs and other considerations. Below we will talk more about how to use a dog food and get its best benefits.

Serve in portions according to their age and weight

It is normal for owners who love their pets to have a noticeable tendency to overfeed them, because dogs are animals that tend to be always ready to eat. However, that is not always a healthy habit.

Let’s take into account that in nature, due to its history, a dog could consume different portions of food in several days. Being very abundant on some occasions and scarce on others. This is why they may be able to overeat, preparing for the deprivation that could occur in the days that follow. You know that you will not allow this to happen and that you will feed him properly, but his instinct is programmed this way.

That is why it is convenient to be disciplined to feed him in the recommended

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