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Dog food – Buying and Comparison Guide in 2022

When we talk about dog food we refer to a healthy and balanced food that, in addition to being dry, is available in the form of small balls or croquettes, ideal for your pet to chew easily. In the market there are many types designed for each type of dog, therefore we have decided to present you some models, among which the True Instinct No Grain stands out, characterized by having quality ingredients, including fresh chicken and different types of vegetables and fruits. For its part, the Alpha spirit 7 Days model is suitable for consumption by all dogs regardless of their breed and is also rich in iron to prevent anemia in your pet.

Opinions on the best dog food

If you are in search of the best dog food, you should consider many factors before buying. Therefore, it is even necessary to know the product you are about to choose to avoid a failed choice. In this sense, below, we will present some feed that stand out in the market for the variety of natural ingredients they contain, as well as vitamins and other factors that influence the healthy and strong growth of your canine pet.

Natural food for dogs

True Instinct No Grain

Just like people, dogs also need to maintain a good diet, which is why they should consume quality products that can provide many benefits.

In this sense, the True Instinct brand offers you the No Grain model, considered one of the cheapest on the market, but with a lot to offer so that your canine pet stays in optimal conditions. It is steamed and has a wide variety of combinations in terms of natural ingredients that could provide a healthy and balanced diet for your dog. On the other hand, the main ingredient available in this cheap dog food is fresh chicken, followed by a selection of fruits and vegetables such as chickpeas, potatoes and peas, convenient to provide the dog with the carbohydrates he needs.

On the other hand, it is important to mention that this natural feed for dogs is available in packages of 2 and 12 kilograms and has fatty acids, as well as omega-3, omega-6 and zinc, which can help improve the quality of the skin and the dog’s hair.

If you are looking for a quality and cheap feed at the same time, this could be a good option for you, since we are talking about one of the cheapest available in our list of recommendations.


Omega and Zinc: This feed has omega-3 and omega-6 in addition to zinc, therefore, your dog can enjoy a coat as well as healthy skin.

Ingredients: Among its ingredients, fresh chicken stands out, as well as fruits and vegetables, so that your dog always stays healthy and well fed.

Price: It should be noted that this feed has a very affordable price for your pocket, as well as great quality so that your dog can always stay healthy. 


Quantity: This feed is supplied only in quantities of 2 and 12 kilograms, so some users miss the possibility of being able to acquire a larger quantity.

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Hypoallergenic food for dogs

Alpha Spirit 7 Days

Among so many types of feed available on the market, you can also find this hypoallergenic feed for dogs, characterized by the quality of its ingredients, all of them 100% natural.

In this sense, we are talking about a food that is made up of high-quality fresh fish and meat, which have been cooked using their own juices. For its part, it does not contain dehydrated materials, gluten, cereals or meat flours.

It should be noted that this feed, in addition to providing your dog with a good diet, offers a strengthening of the immune system, it is also rich in natural vitamin A, as well as iron, especially to protect your pet from anemia.

This grain-free dog food has been prepared for the consumption of all dogs, and can help improve joint diseases, as well as reduce the risk of cardiovascular diseases. Best of all, its components help speedy postpartum recovery.

Being able to acquire a good dog food will depend on each of the ingredients that it has mainly, in this way we invite you to learn a little about the Alpha spirit 7 Days model.


Ingredients: This feed contains 100% natural ingredients, among which fish and fresh meat stand out, so that your dog has a top quality diet.

Consumption: It has been manufactured for the consumption of all dogs regardless of their breed.

Iron: Among so many components, this feed has iron, which is essential to avoid anemia in your dog.


Smell: You must take into account that due to the mixture of ingredients that this feed has, it usually has a somewhat strong smell.

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I think for sterilized dogs

Eukanuba Daily Care

If your dog has been sterilized, you should provide him with a much more careful and healthy diet to prevent him from becoming overweight, since after this simple operation, his tendency to gain weight usually increases, due to the variation in hormone levels that he suffers.

To avoid this, Eukanuba has the 12.5-kilogram Daily Care feed for your dog, designed to control and maintain your dog’s weight, so that it continues to be a healthy pet.

This product is made with natural ingredients, without artificial colors or preservatives, including dehydrated chicken, corn and turkey, as well as barley, dehydrated beet pulp, sorghum and wheat.

Likewise, in terms of its analytical composition we are talking about a feed for sterilized dogs with proteins, omega-3, omega-6, crude fiber, calcium and even phosphorus, therefore, your dog could maintain a healthy life where even its skin and coat will benefit from the consumption of this feed.

If your dog has been sterilized and tends to be overweight, you could opt for this option available on the market, which is why we provide you with the information you need below.


Composition: This feed is made up of natural ingredients such as chicken, dehydrated turkey and corn so that your dog maintains its ideal weight.

Analytical composition: At the same time that your dog consumes its rich feed, it will be enjoying proteins as well as omega-3, omega-6, calcium, phosphorus and even crude fiber, for a healthy and balanced diet.

Quantity: This feed is available in a total of 12.5 kilograms so that your dog has healthy and adequate food for a long time.


Consumption: Although it is a quality product, not all animals are the same, so some could experience bad experiences after consumption.

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I think for dogs Royal Canin

Royal Canin Mini Adult

During the search for the best dog food available on the market, you will find many models made up of different ingredients, as well as designed for different breeds of dogs, it is for this reason that you must choose among all the ones that are capable of satisfying the needs of your small pet. canine

On this occasion, we present this Royal Canin dog food that is specially formulated for the consumption of adult canine pets but of a small breed, that is, those that are between 10 kilograms and 10 months of age and older.

As a main ingredient, this feed has poultry protein and helps prevent the formation of dental tartar thanks to the presence of sodium phosphate, which helps retain calcium from saliva, avoiding this problem.

Likewise, it is important that you know that this product helps improve the health of your dog’s coat thanks to the vitamin A biotin, fish oil, zinc and linoleic acid that it has and, as if that were not enough, both the size and the shape of each croquette facilitates and helps with the intake of this food.

Royal Canin has always provided quality products to each of its users and this is no exception, which is why we invite you to learn a little more about this feed.


Consumption: This I think is designed for the consumption of small breed adult dogs that are between 10 kilograms and older than 10 months.

Prevention: Due to its composition, this feed helps with the prevention of tartar, so that you can contribute to your dental health.

Healthy coat: Your dog will be able to show off a healthy and beautiful coat while consuming this feed, thanks to the vitamin A it has as well as zinc, linoleic acid and other components.


Quantity: This product is supplied in quantities of 2, 4 and 8 kilograms, which is very little for some pets. This assumes your constant compa.

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I think Ultima for dogs

Ultima Medium-Maxi

For those looking for a cheap and good dog food, Ultima’s proposal may be the right one, as it is characterized by being a 100% complete and balanced food, made primarily with natural and high-quality ingredients, to provide your canine pet with a healthy and balanced diet.

It should be noted that during its preparation the ingredients have been steamed to keep all their flavor as well as their properties intact, they also do not contain preservatives or dyes, since they are components that are harmful to the health of your pet.

On the other hand, you can find in this latest feed for dogs a mixture of chicken, whole wheat, corn and dehydrated poultry proteins, to maintain the activity of your furry friend and contribute to its healthy development, while fatty acids, omega- 3, omega-6 and zinc will provide your pet with proper skin and coat care.

This food, on the other hand, is designed for the consumption of medium and large adult dogs since it has slow-absorbing carbohydrates that will help your pet to always stay in good physical condition.

If you want to keep your dog well fed and in optimal physical condition, you could look at the details that this feed manufactured by the Ultima brand has to offer you.


Preparation: During its preparation, this feed has been steamed to preserve both the properties and the flavors of each ingredient it has.

Ingredients: This product is made up of chicken, corn, dehydrated poultry proteins and whole wheat as main ingredients to provide a good diet for your dog.

Consumption: Its consumption is intended for medium and large adult dogs aged between 1 and 10 years.


Feed size: Some small breeds may find this type of presentation a bit difficult to grind.

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Vegan food for dogs

VeggieAnimals 100% Vegetable

This product could be among many the best value for money dog ​​food, due to its composition and the variety of positive effects that it can cause in your dog during its consumption.

It is a vegan feed for dogs with a formula developed by a specialized veterinary team, which is suitable for consumption by all dogs regardless of their breed and age. However, it could also be of great help for dogs with allergies, digestive and heart problems, as well as overweight dogs.

For its part, it is supplied in formats of 2, 5 and 12 kilograms, while the ingredients arranged in its composition are totally vegetable, natural and, of course, free of chemical flavorings, toxins, hormones as well as additive substances.

As for its analytical components, they are crude protein, crude fiber as well as fats, organic matter and phosphorus. In this way, your dog can enjoy a complete, healthy and balanced food.

Among so many vegan feeds available on the market, this could be the right option to provide your dog with a good diet, therefore, take a look at its most relevant characteristics.


Consumption: Due to its preparation and the formula, developed by a specialized veterinary team, this feed is suitable for dogs of any breed and age.

Format: You can purchase this feed in formats of 2, 5 and 12 kilograms depending on what your needs are.

Ingredients: The ingredients arranged in this feed are 100% vegetable and natural. They are also free of toxic substances as well as hormones.


Conservation: It should be noted that this feed must be stored in places that, in addition to being dry, do not have contact with sunlight, in order to keep all its properties intact.

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I think Orijen for dogs


Among the best dog food for 2022 is the original Orijen, a product that stands out among many for having fresh, high-quality ingredients.

It should be noted that it is made up of more calories, proteins and fats than carbohydrates, so it is capable of providing your dog with a good diet, significantly reducing the risk of obesity and diabetes in it.

As for its rich flavor, it is due to the additions of freeze-dried chicken and turkey liver that this product has, therefore, your dog will enjoy a pleasant feed whenever it eats.

For its part, this orijen feed for dogs has 38% of nutritious proteins, while carbohydrates are a little more limited, being present at 19%. In this way, we are talking about a product suitable for dogs of any breed as well as of different ages.

Orijen is considered by many to be the best brand of dog food available on the market, not only because of its composition but also because of the effects it has on your canine pet.


Ingredients: This dog food has fresh and high quality ingredients to keep your dog well fed.

Flavor: The flavor of this feed offers good palatability, thanks to the addition of freeze-dried chicken and turkey.

Composition: Being formulated with 38% nutritious proteins and 19% carbohydrates, it prevents excessive calorie consumption. In addition, it is suitable for dogs of any breed and age.


Price: This feed is the most expensive on our list of recommendations, however, it has qualities that make it a quality food for your dog.

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I think Acana for dogs

ACANA Prairie Poultry

If you are still wondering what is the best dog food, your search may be over, because ACANA has for you a food that can promote the healthy and strong growth of your canine pet.

It should be noted that this I think Acana for dogs is suitable for the consumption of all breeds, regardless of the stage of life in which your pet is, so it can be described as versatile and convenient if you have more than one dog in the home.

For its part, in terms of its composition, this feed is rich in animal proteins and fatty acids such as omega-3, therefore, your dog will stay in shape while consuming this product. In addition, to promote your dog’s blood sugar levels, this feed contains low glycemic index oats.

It is important to mention that ACANA Prairie Poultry is a feed rich in meats and animal proteins of the highest quality, also its ingredients are from trusted local farms.

This product could be considered the best dog food of the moment, therefore, look at its composition to determine if it is really what you are looking for.


Consumption: It should be noted that this feed is suitable for consumption by dogs of any breed, therefore, your dog could enjoy its rich flavor and quality.

Composition: It is a product rich in animal proteins and fatty acids such as omega-3, which can help your pet to always stay in shape.

Ingredients: The ingredients available in this feed come from trusted local farms for added safety.


Croquettes: To mention a downside about this feed, it is important that you take into account that the croquettes are usually a bit large in size, so they are difficult for small dogs to chew.

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Kidney food for dogs

ROYAL CANIN Renal Special

In the market there are many foods designed to provide a healthy life for your dog, such as feed, these have a wide variety of details that make them ideal for each type of breed, even when there are special conditions in terms of health. thereof.

In this way we present what could be the best dog food characterized by being a special food that helps kidney function in case your dog suffers from chronic or temporary insufficiency.

For its part, this renal feed for dogs contains EPA and DHA, that is, antioxidant complexes that mixed with a low level of phosphorus make this product an appropriate formula to maintain renal function. In this sense, all the content provided in this food is adapted with very good quality proteins, precisely to help reduce kidney load, thus avoiding discomfort in your puppy.

If your dog suffers from kidney failure and you still don’t know what dog food to buy, this could be a good option for you, therefore, we invite you to learn a little more about this product.


Use: This feed is specially formulated for the consumption of dogs with kidney failure, therefore, it could be of great help if your pet has this condition.

Composition: As for its composition, it has EPA and DHA to maintain controlled kidney function.

Proteins: This feed is adapted with the highest quality proteins to help reduce kidney load.


Consumption: This feed has been made only for dogs with kidney function problems, therefore, if your pet does not suffer from this condition, you should look for another model. 

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Guide to buying dog food

Dog food is characterized by being a very healthy and balanced food, capable of providing your canine pet with the nutrients it needs to grow strong and healthy. However, the choice of a specific model will depend on the requirements of your dog, since there are different types, including those to treat some complications that your dog may suffer from, such as kidney failure. Thus, below, we present a guide to buy the best dog food where you will find the necessary information to make a good purchase.

Shopping guide


look at the label

In addition to taking into account how much the dog food you want to buy costs, you should look at the product label to verify each of the ingredients, as well as those properties that said food could provide to your dog.

It should be noted that the law obliges each manufacturer to describe, in order from highest to lowest, the quantities in which the ingredients of each feed are arranged with the intention that the customer can verify if the feed that most attracts their attention may or may not be the ideal option. This is then a good way to know when it is a good product or one that offers a low level of protein, for example.

According to the order of the ingredients described on a dog food label, the first should be those of animal origin, since dogs are carnivorous animals, therefore, if any specific model has some type of cereal as the first ingredient on its label this only meant one thing, and that is that it could end up being a poor quality feed.

In this way, if you want to take into account which are the best meats arranged in a feed, these are the fresh meats of veal, horse, duck, lamb and chicken. For its part, it also works with dehydrated meats and those hydrolyzed. In conclusion, if any of these three types are specified on the label then you could be facing one of the best dog foods.

feed ingredients

If you want to make a comparison of feed for dogs, in addition to verifying the product label, you must also verify what type of ingredients have been used to make said food. Well, it will depend on them that your pet has the best nutritional conditions before each meal. 

This type of food in general is usually made up of cereals as well as a combination of meat and fish that together make up a quality and highly nutritional recipe for your dog. Some models have beef, lamb and chicken meat that at the same time are fused with delicious vegetables and fruits that, in addition to improving their flavor, also generate a good smell, while providing the necessary vitamins for your pet.

Other ingredients available in some feed can be chickpeas, peas and potatoes, with the intention of offering your canine a healthy diet rich in carbohydrates, which they need to maintain their ideal weight. Some models have even been cooked using the juices of the ingredients themselves, to preserve much of the essence of the ingredients arranged in their composition.

Finally, there are also those natural models that do not include any artificial preservatives or colorants among their ingredients, which may affect the healthy life of your dog, but have improved the palatability of the product using ingredients that are naturally attractive due to their aroma and flavor..


Whether you buy a cheap feed or, on the contrary, a high-end one, you should not overlook the packaging it has, since this is usually a very important aspect, on which it will depend that said dog food is kept in perfect condition., without losing its moisture as well as the vast majority of the components that make it up. In this way, a good feed will always be accompanied by a plastic or aluminum bag, which, in addition to being resistant, will significantly help preserve the product.

croquette size

Although it may seem unimportant, you should also pay attention to the size of the croquettes, since it will be essential that your canine pet can chew them properly to be able to digest them without any inconvenience. In the same order of ideas, it is convenient to analyze if your dog is of a small breed so that, in this case, you opt for a brand that makes feed with small croquettes, to offer the dog the ease and comfort it deserves when it comes to eating. chew during your feeding.

Frequently asked questions

Q1: How to use a dog food?

Using a dog food is easier than it seems, you just have to consider certain special details so that your canine pet can enjoy the best food. First of all, when serving the feed to your dog, you must take into account the exact amount it should eat based on its size and weight, so that it is not too little but not too much either. For its part, it is also important that you keep the feed in a safe place where humidity cannot affect it or else you could lose your investment.


Q2: What feed should I give my dog?

This question is usually very common, especially when you are a first-timer having a canine pet at home. In this sense, the first thing you should know is that not all dog food has the same quality, even its price will not denote how good or bad it may be, since there are Premium range brands that have ingredients of regular quality, while other low-cost foods could provide your pet with a healthy and balanced diet. Among other details, to decide what I think you should give your dog, you will have to take into account his age, since there are appropriate foods for each stage of growth, whether he is a puppy, young or even an adult.


Q3: How to know if the dog food is good?

If you want to know if the feed that you will give your canine pet is good, the first thing you should take into account is its actual composition described on the label. It should be noted that the type of animal protein used during the composition of the feed is usually very important, since according to the opinions of some experts in the field, it is not the same to use meat products such as heads, legs, and intestines than others. sections with more muscle, for example.

The use of meat is not the same as meat meal, since these tend to be of poor quality compared to the fresh or dehydrated meat included in dog food. Similarly, you can verify if it is a hypoallergenic feed, which is formulated to avoid digestive disorders or discomfort, as well as skin reactions in sensitive dogs.


Q4: When to give adult food to a dog?

The most appropriate thing would be that you manage to give your pet adult food just when it is about to reach its adult size. This moment varies depending on the dog, since those of a small breed usually reach their adulthood between 9 and 10 months, while those of a large breed reach their level of adulthood between 12 and 16 months. On the other hand, it is important that you take into account the fact that when making the change, especially if you change the brand of feed, do it slowly, first combining the feed that you usually give with the new one that you will now give feed your dog, in order to avoid digestion problems.

Q5: Why doesn’t my dog ​​eat dry food? 

There are many causes that could be causing a lack of appetite in your canine pet, especially when it comes to feed. That is why a visit to the vet would not hurt. However, some of the most common causes are usually the fact that you are giving your dog a poor quality feed, another cause could be that your pet has gotten bored of always consuming the same food, so it would surely be appropriate to change to another brand or even another flavor of feed.

Q6: How can I soften my dog’s food? 

According to the opinion of some people, there are those who choose to soften the feed using water. In this way, they add said food accompanied by a little water and leave to soften for an estimated time of 10 minutes. This procedure could be used especially when the dog is small, otherwise, the ideal would be for it to chew its food.

Q7: How many grams of feed should a dog eat?

The grams of feed that a dog should eat will vary according to the activity that they develop, since a canine pet that performs physical activity daily accompanied by its owner, or is always active, will need more food than a pet that is always Resting. For its part, the breed, age, gender and lastly, and most importantly, the weight of the dog are also factors that have a great influence when it comes to giving it the necessary amount to satisfy its needs before each meal.

In this way, to give you an idea of ​​the number of grams

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