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Dog Kennels – Buying and Comparison Guide in 2022

Dogs, as man’s best friends, deserve a comfortable place to rest and sleep. For that reason, dog kennels are highly sought after and top selling items in the pet supply market. There are many models of booths to choose from in various types of stores, however, alternatives like the Ferranti Dobermann booth, which has a removable roof and is made of antibacterial metal. For its part, the Ferplast Baita 60 has been made of treated and painted wood that resists atmospheric conditions. In addition, the door opening is lined with aluminum to withstand bites.

Opinions on the best dog kennels

Choosing the ideal doghouse for your pet can be difficult, but here you can read a little more about some alternatives on the market that stand out for their quality, and some of them could be exactly what your dog needs.

Kennels for large dogs

Ferranti Dobermann

The dimensions of this kennel are 119 x 101 x 98 cm, a large enough space for any breed of dog. However, if you have other pets, then it can also serve as a home for them, as it is suitable for dogs, cats and other animals.

The materials used are of the highest quality so that the kennel is durable and serves as a place for your pet for quite some time. This product is made with 3.5 cm thick insulating panels to protect your dog from the weather and also has a wooden floor that can be removed for easy cleaning. The door measures 30 x 50 cm, ideal for kennels for large dogs, and is covered in antibacterial metal.

The roof is also a prominent element, as it is inclined to prevent water stagnation and, in addition, it can be opened so that you can see your dog from the outside.

Although this kennel is not one of the cheapest alternatives, it is still one of the most purchased, as it is made to give dogs a comfortable space to live.


Door: The door is covered with antibacterial material to protect your pet.

Roof: You will only need to raise the roof a little to see your dog and get a complete view of the interior of the kennel.

Floor: The floor of this product is made of wood and is also removable for easy cleaning.

Versatile: It is a kennel that can be used by both dogs and other animals.


Design: The design of this shed is quite simple and does not have any colorful details, so it might not be the best option for those looking for an eye-catching structure.

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Feplast 87253099

This is definitely one of the best large dog kennels on the market, as it has several features that make it stand out. This model is made of durable plastic, resistant to both the sun’s UV rays and shocks, to better protect your dog. These features, in addition to making this product stand out, also make it the best value for money doghouse, as you get impressive features for an affordable cost.

Its dimensions are 73 x 59 x 53 cm, to give you ample space. One of its side panels is folding, to give you better access when cleaning and also more space for your dog.

It has a water drainage and ventilation system to avoid excess humidity and promote air intake. Assembly requires no tools and is really fast.

This product has incredible features that could crown it as one of the best doghouses of 2022. Your dog will always feel comfortable and enjoy being there.


Ventilation and drainage: The ventilation and drainage system will keep the kennel free of moisture, offering your dog a dry environment.

Tools: You will not need tools to assemble the shed, so it will take you little time.

Plastic: The material used in this kennel will protect your pet from UV rays and is also shock resistant.


Grille: The vent is a bit flimsier than the rest of the kennel and can be damaged by some dogs playing with it.

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Wooden doghouses

Ferplast Baita 60

This is one of the most functional wooden doghouses. It is made with Nordic pine wood, a material that is suitable for all types of climates. Likewise, it has been treated with a water-based varnish, which does not have strong odors and is not toxic to pets, however, it provides resistance to weather changes. 

The boards used in its manufacture have a good thickness and are reinforced with screws to provide a long service life. In addition, the door opening is covered with metal to protect it from possible bites.

Also, it is worth mentioning that the roof is sloped to prevent the accumulation of water on the surface and is treated with waterproof resin, which prevents leaks. As for the size, it measures 67 x 55.5 x 41 cm, but it is available in other presentations. 

If you want to acquire the best doghouse, you may be interested in this model, so we recommend you analyze its pros and cons.


Material: It is made of Nordic pine wood, which is suitable for all seasons of the year.

Door: It has a wide door with an aluminum opening for greater durability.

Roof: The roof is easy to install with a hook system and is coated with waterproof resin to withstand rain. 


Mounting: Installation can be tricky if you are inexperienced, however mounting hardware is included.

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Thematys Interior and Exterior

Among the wooden doghouses, this model from the German brand Thematys stands out. It is a house made of high-quality conglomerate, which resists possible scratches and different atmospheric conditions, in order to last a long time, both indoors and outdoors. In this sense, it incorporates a gabled roof that prevents stagnation in case of rain. 

On the other hand, it has a smooth finish that can be cleaned with a damp cloth to facilitate maintenance. Also, it is good to point out that it is easy to install, since it comes with few pieces and offers a system to fit them together as if it were a simple puzzle.

It also includes an instruction manual that explains step by step how to assemble it. As if that were not enough, it comes in different sizes and various colors, so you can choose the one that best matches the style of your home. 

To choose the best doghouse of the moment, you have to pay attention to the details. That is why we present the most outstanding features of this product. 


Practicality: One of the advantages of this model is that it is easy to assemble, since the pieces fit together like a puzzle and it comes with an installation manual. 

Cleaning: Thanks to its simple and smooth finish, this shed is easy to clean with a damp cloth.

Design: It is shaped like a hut with a gabled roof and is available in different colors and sizes.


Resistance: It is made of conglomerate, so it can be more delicate compared to other models on the list.

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cheap dog kennels

Rosewood 02301 Echo

Among cheap doghouses, Rosewood products stand out and if you are looking for something eco-friendly, this is definitely the best doghouse brand. This product stands out among others, as it is made of 100% recycled plastic, so you can be sure that, when you buy it, you will be contributing to environmental conservation.

The product is really versatile, since not only dogs can use it, but also rabbits and cats. The only requirement to use this item is to have a small size, since its measurements are 41 x 31 x 39 cm.

You will not need tools or hours to assemble the shed, because in minutes you can have it ready to use, because the process is quite simple. In addition to that, the kennel is quite light, weighing only 2.52 kilograms, so if you want to change its place on occasion, you will not have any problem.

With a simple design and a fairly simple structure, this kennel is ideal for those who enjoy the minimalist and have a small pet. Surely your best friend will love this model.


Weight: It weighs only 2.52 kilograms, making it a fairly light, practical and easy to move shed, for more comfort.

Ecological: The material used in this booth is completely recycled, therefore, you will be helping the environment.

Assembly: Assembling it takes a few minutes and does not require any type of tools.


Size: Large breed dogs will not be able to use this kennel, as the measurements are 41 x 31 x 39 cm.

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KitGarden KSP10701

Among the cheapest items of this type you can find this beautiful doghouse. Ideal for those friends of small and medium breed, as its measurements are 71 x 71 x 68 cm. This product is made of very good quality PVC, to give it the necessary resistance to withstand constant use and prevent wear and tear from the dog’s bites and movements. For that reason, it is one of the best-selling models on the market.

It weighs 3.6 kilograms, so it is considered a light product that can be installed and moved without complications. Its plastic structure makes cleaning quite simple. Its design is completely brown and has details that make it look like a real house. It is easy to assemble, so that in minutes you have the shed ready, all you need is to place it on a smooth surface for greater stability and that’s it.

In addition to being one of the cheap doghouses on the market, this model also stands out for various other features.


Cleaning: As it is easy to clean, keeping the shed impeccable will take little time and you will not have to make an effort.

Materials: This product is made of PVC, a resistant and durable element, suitable for the constant use of the can.

Assembly: The assembly is quite simple and in minutes you will have the shed ready to use.


Design: The unicolor design is quite simple, so those who want a shed with details and colors will not find a satisfactory product with this purchase.

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Large outdoor dog kennels

Keter 12-921177

If you still have no idea what the best dog kennel is, then this could be your best option as it is considered by many to be one of the best large outdoor dog kennels on the market.

Keter offers you an easy-to-assemble product of approximately 99 x 95 x 99 cm, ideal for large breeds such as Labradors and German Shepherds. It is possible to use the shed indoors and outdoors, as its design is quite modern and, because of that, this product will match any environment perfectly. It’s even easier considering its color is white.

This kennel is made of strong and durable resin so your pet can use it without worrying about it getting damaged. Its structure has a raised floor that is complemented by a ventilation system to keep the place clean and dry, to avoid humidity. This place will protect your pet from the sun and rain.

No matter where you put it, this shed will look amazing. For that reason, it is surely a good option for you and your dog.


Measurements: The dimensions of this product are large so that large breed dogs also have a cozy place to rest.

Versatile: The modern design makes the shed perfect for use outside or inside your home.

Ventilation: The ventilation system together with the elevation of the floor make it difficult for water to accumulate in the shed.


Flimsy: Some users have commented that they feel the material is somewhat flimsy.

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giant dog kennels

Guardian KZT1003

Giant dog kennels are a good option if you have a sizable pet, whether it’s a Rottweiler, German Shepherd, Golden Retriever, or another breed. For this reason, this house has a resistant structure made of high-quality resin, which withstands summer and winter well, so that you can install it inside or outside the house according to your possibilities. 

In this sense, it incorporates a gabled roof and has a raised floor that keeps the interior dry and warm, but at the same time cool. In addition, it is very wide, so that the dog can move comfortably. Also, it is good to point out that it comes with a gasket system to facilitate installation.

This shed measures 105 x 96 x 98 cm, making it one of the largest. For this reason, it is recommended for houses with enough space. As if that were not enough, it has a modern but sober design that combines with any style. 

If you still do not know which doghouse to buy, then you should analyze in depth the pros and cons of this model.


Size: It is one of the largest on the market today, so it is suitable for medium to giant sized dogs.

Floor: It offers a raised floor, which helps keep the interior dry and cool, thus protecting your pet during the rainy season.

Door: The door is 35.5 cm wide and 61.5 cm high; In this way, it is suitable for a dog up to 58 cm in height at the withers.


Material: It is made of resin, so it may be at a disadvantage compared to other huts on the list that are made of wood.

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Guide to buying a dog house

In order to buy the best, you need to know exactly what is the best, so here are some features you should look for in your new doghouse. Surely, these aspects can help you choose the right alternative for your pet.

Shopping guide

size and design

Not all dogs are the same size, as each breed has unique characteristics that make them different from each other, for that reason, not all kennels are good for all types of dogs. Take into consideration the size of your pet and choose a kennel that has dimensions according to it, because a large dog in a very small house can feel quite uncomfortable and anxious and this is not good for dogs. Just like buying a very large kennel for a small dog can make the product lose that cozy factor that pets enjoy.

Design is also an aspect that you should take into account in your guide to buying the best doghouse, because if you want this product to match the decoration of your home or garden, then you will have to see the various options that exist in the market. market to be able to choose the one that looks best with the place where you will place it.

However, the design is not only the superficial appearance. For a longer duration of your shed, look for those that have, for example, sloping roofs, as this will make the water slide and not remain stagnant. Another feature to consider is the door, because you should buy a kennel with a door big enough for your dog to get in and out without difficulty.

Materials and practicality

Materials can influence the price a lot, so if you are looking for a good and cheap kennel, then you should probably look for plastic materials that will help you save money while keeping your pet protected. When making a comparison of doghouses, you will find models made of plastic, insulating panels made of a varied composition of materials, wood, etc.

You must bear in mind that the materials must not only be resistant to deal with the environment, but also not to be damaged due to the constant use of your dog. Bites, bumps and scratches are things that can happen and if the material is weak, the shed could deteriorate.

Practicality is also something that cannot be missing in your search. Remember that the really cheap product is the one that can offer you a long time of use for a good price. Therefore, you should look for practical booths for yourself. Washing is part of that. Dogs are constantly making a mess, but if you want your kennel to last, make sure you clean regularly. Because of that, finding a kennel with easy-to-wash materials will be a relief.

Additionally, there are several models that are made with all pets in mind, so these doghouses are not only for dogs, but also for cats and bunnies. So, if you own these little animals, maybe you can find a small house for them and for your dog in the same place.

Protection and security

Dogs are part of the family. Because these little critters are just one of a bunch, they deserve the same care and attention as anyone else, so before you ask yourself how much the product costs or if it’s cheap enough, your first concern should always be if the kennel for dogs that you are seeing is safe for your pet and will provide the necessary protection.

Dog houses are created to be used in the garden or on the patio and, although there are some people who decide to have them inside the house so that their dog has an exclusive place for him, most of the time these products are left outside the house. home. To ensure that your little friend will always be protected from the elements, you should pay attention to the level of protection offered by the kennel.

The product must offer security against the weather and, although most of the time the dog will only want to be covered from the sun’s rays, the kennel must also withstand rain and snow. However, remember that if the rains are extremely heavy, as well as the snowfalls, then it is advisable to let your pet inside the house.

You should also try to buy a doghouse that has a somewhat elevated structure, as that way it will be more difficult for rainwater to splash your pet through the door when it falls.

Frequently asked questions

Q1: What are the measurements of a Labrador dog kennel?

The size of a Labrador can vary from dog to dog, however, the proper formula for finding an ideal kennel is the same. You only need to measure your dog and add 25% more to the measurement so that he has enough space to be there without problems.

Q2: How to insulate a doghouse?

Get an insulating material, such as aluminized polyester, and cut pieces the size of the inside walls of the doghouse and the outside of the floor. Stick them in those places. This will retain your dog’s body heat. Then, using asphalt shingles, you can cover the roof. This will protect your dog from low temperatures.

Q3: Which is better, a resin or wooden doghouse?

Despite the fact that wooden kennels are usually much more expensive, this type of product is still the best, since, in addition to a beautiful design that combines with absolutely everything, it also offers better thermal insulation to keep your pet protected no matter what. the weather.

Q4: How to make a doghouse with pallets?

Unless the pallets you have obtained are exactly the same size as you need, you will have to disassemble them until you have the separate boards.

When they are all loose, start making the floor. Join approximately 4 or 5 boards and make their support with some pallets at the bottom. Nail them together. Remember that, to avoid humidity, you should raise the shed from the ground, therefore, it is recommended that you add a base. Line them with an insulating material to help keep your pet comfortable in the temperatures.

Do the same process with the sides and join them using nails. Make the walls have a suitable shape to accommodate a sloped ceiling, as this will prevent water from stagnating. Lay the roof down quite carefully, and after that nail it down or use metal latches to keep it in place, but giving you the chance to make it drop down.

Varnish the shed with a product suitable for exteriors to give it more resistance. Cover the roof with a type of insulation as well to keep your dog cool in the summer and warm in the winter, otherwise your pet won’t feel good in his kennel.

Q5: What is an anti-firecracker doghouse?

Dogs are animals that get scared when it comes to loud sounds. For that reason, many suffer due to firecrackers. The anti-firecracker houses have a system that cancels the noise to prevent the dogs from hearing the firecrackers and, if they do hear them, these sounds will be faint.

Q6: How to clean a padded doghouse?

Remove all the objects that are there. Afterwards, it is advisable to vacuum the shed with a portable vacuum cleaner to absorb hair and other types of dirt. At the end of this step, use soap and water, and use a brush to remove dirt. However, make sure everything is completely dry before your dog goes inside. Spray some flea repellent to prevent fleas from proliferating in the house.

Q7: How should an outdoor wooden doghouse be treated?

It must be treated by choosing between different alternatives that serve to protect the wood in outdoor conditions. For example, varnishes and certain paints.

Read the user manuals of both the product you are considering and those of your shed to be able to choose the correct one, however, you must bear in mind that, in addition to wanting to give the wood a better appearance, you are looking to protect it and give it durability. Clean the wood and, after doing so, just add the chosen product.

Q8: How to make a construction doghouse?

Construction materials are diverse such as wood, stone and brick or cement blocks and, although they seem very different from each other, the instructions do not change much between one material or another. The process is practically the same and the only thing that changes is the way the pieces are put together. For example, with blocks, the cement serves as the glue. However, with wood, nails are the best allies.

If possible, leave space between the ground and the place where you will place the shed to avoid humidity. Leave a door at least 7 cm larger than your dog in height and width. It includes a sloped roof to avoid stagnant water and, for the rest, everything is in your hands and your ideas.

How to use a doghouse

Kennels for dogs are products that will really make your dog’s life a better one, because not only can he feel comfortable inside your home, but he can also have an exclusive place for him, where he can take refuge from the elements, sleep or simply Rest for a while. To provide the best, you not only have to buy a quality kennel but also know how to use it and, if you still don’t know, here you can learn how to do it so that you and your pet benefit from it to the fullest.

read the instructions

Regardless of which shed you decide to bring into your home, each one, depending on its size, manufacturer or design, has different assembly instructions. Therefore, the first thing you need to do as soon as you have the package with you is to read the instructions to know what the steps are to assemble your new shed.

Organize parts and tools

Take the package to the place where you want to leave the doghouse. There, take out all the pieces delicately to prevent them from deteriorating and, after that, proceed to organize all the parts you need to build the place. Also have on hand the tools you will use.

Helping you with the instruction manual, verify that all the pieces are complete, because that way you can avoid starting to assemble everything and then realizing that you are missing something necessary.

Assemble the structure

In order to make the process easier, put together the main structure first before doing anything else. In this way, you will already have the walls and the floor in place before proceeding to place the ceiling and the other accessories that may be included in the purchase.

Otherwise, assembling the shed will be a bit more complicated and may take longer than usual.

Put the roof

When the main structure is already assembled and completely secure, then you will no longer have problems when placing the roof. There are several different designs, such as folding and fixed, and each of them has different instructions.

Follow the instructions in the manual to do this properly and, before celebrating that the shed is ready, if you have a retractable roof, check that it opens and closes correctly. Similarly, if you have a fixed roof, make sure it is in place, because if it is not, water may enter when it rains or snows.

keep all the things

If the kennel is ready, then the only thing missing is comfort for your pet. Store all your dog’s things inside the kennel so that your dog has his toys, pillows and everything he needs close to him.


To add a special touch to the shed after it’s ready, you can personalize it by decorating it to your liking. Add your pet’s name or paint it, so the kennel will be unique to your dog. This is specifically fun for the little ones in the house.

Indoor or outdoor kennels: Which is the best for your pet?

When we have puppies at home, we want to protect them as much as possible and keep them warm, but when they are adults they are more independent, they grow and it is more difficult to keep them inside if they do not have their own space. For this situation in the market you can get several alternatives of booths, and even choose between one for interior or exterior. Learn about their differences here and learn how to choose the best one for your dog.

Like humans, dogs have different qualities that differentiate them from each other: some tend to be more calm and sleepy; instead, others are more playful and dynamic. This also influences the desire for what they want to do and where they prefer to be, because when some prefer a free and open space to run and play, many others enjoy being close to their owners inside the house.

For this reason, you must know what your dog likes to find the ideal space for him, whether it is just to take naps during the day outside the house and at night to sleep inside with the family, or if you prefer that their refuge be outside. 

In this aspect, a determining factor is the breed of your dog, since some animals are not so hairy or corpulent to withstand the cold at night and low temperatures in winter, so it is more convenient to keep them indoors. 

indoor booths

When thinking about a doghouse designed for interiors, we find some limitations, since the space available at home and the size of the pet are the main aspects to take into account.

But the ingenuity of dog-loving designers never ceases to amaze us with innovative products to pamper the canine members of the family. Among these models, the following stand out: 

Bad Marlon Minimalist Designs

The designer Bad Marlon has merged elegance and his love for pets in his architectural creations, small functional and minimalist shelters, unique designs that make each model an exclusive kennel that can complement the decoration of a modern and sophisticated home.

Marlon sheds are compact and magnetically assembled, being very useful when cleaning or moving them. Thus, the different Marlon designs can be adapted to all tastes.

Booth/Stool by Rel

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