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The film industry has immortalized horses and made them the protagonists in many of its films. These animals, beyond their beauty and intelligence, have shown a strong bond with people; so they have been brought to the big screen to recreate stories of greatness, bravery and nobility.

The horse is a strong, noble and sensitive animal, which is why it has been successfully domesticated and has been present in the history of mankind. Many are now kept in pens with the help of electric shepherds that prevent them from escaping. However, getting a horse to work on film and to perform its role perfectly in front of the cameras is not as easy as you might think.

When the horse is the protagonist, it must be trained so that it acts spontaneously and can easily adapt to the environment of the filming. This scenario includes actors, actresses, lights, cameras, props, equipment and all logistics outside the nature of the animal.

With proper training, the equine learns to tolerate noise and even the presence of other horses. Therefore, behind the perfect scene that we see in wild animal movies, there is a whole effort made by the animal and the people.

Horse riding activities are part of the central themes of the films where these animals intervene. For this reason, movies about horse racing or equine sports competitions are a classic. There are also the modern westerns, with cowboys and bandits riding beautiful specimens. Another inevitable theme is battle movies, in which we are once again shown the courage and heroism of these specimens.

10 of the best horse movies worth watching

Next, if you are a horse lover, these are the movies you cannot miss:

The Legend of Silver Brumby (1993)

Brumby is an Australian wild horse that lives in the wild. He was born in the middle of a great storm and as he grew up he became a strong and dominant horse. However, a rancher tries to capture and tame it and that’s where the plot of this beautiful story begins.

The Horse Whisperer (1998)

The leading actress in this film is Scarlett Johansson (Grace) and the plot unfolds when Grace loses a leg as a result of a tragic accident, while her horse Pilgrim is badly injured. That’s when Grace’s mother calls in a famous cowboy (Robert Redford), who is known for his special gift for talking to and healing these animals.

Oceans of Fire (2004)

Frank T. Hopkins receives an invitation from an Arab sheikh to participate in a race across 5,000 kilometers in the Arabian desert, riding a Mustang horse named Hidalgo. The race is known as Ocean of Fire and Hopkins, beyond competing, intends to rid the Mustangs of death.

Spirit: The Indomitable Steed (2002)

This animated film was nominated for an Oscar and a Golden Globe. It tells the story of Spirit, an American wild steed born in the West and once he reaches adulthood, he becomes the leader of his pack. During his adventures he meets a young Indian who tries to tame him and with whom he strikes up a great friendship.

The Black Steed (1979)

This is one of the most recognized and recommended films for all audiences. The story is set in World War II and is about a shipwreck where only a young man and an indomitable black steed survive. Once rescued, the young man manages to mount it and together they start in the most prestigious horse races in the country.

Hearts Without Reins (2017)

Hearts Without Reins is a German film that tells a story of love and hope, where a young victim of a heart condition decides to be the jockey of a racehorse. Along with her trainer and her animal, Jana discovers her talent and clings to life.

Winning Horse (2014)

This English film is also known as Dark Horse and is based on real events. It is about the story of a small mining town in crisis, where a group of friends buy a horse with the hope of training it for racing and against all odds, they managed to make their dream come true.

Warhorse (2011)

The film Battle Horse is directed by the director Steven Spielberg, it is a masterful work that develops its plot during the First World War. The story reveals the friendship and the strong ties that can exist between a young man and his horse, who is sold to go to war. The young man dedicates his life to finding it and will not stop until he does.

Seabiscuit, beyond the legend (2003)

There are many movies about horses, but one standout that has garnered 7 Oscar nominations and other worldwide recognition is Seabiscuit. The story takes place in the unforgettable 1930s, when the Great Depression caused many to lose their jobs, savings, and homes. In this situation arises Seabiscuit, a Thoroughbred horse that comes to bring hope to Americans, breaking all racing records.

Shergar (1999)

The plot of this film will not leave anyone indifferent, since it is a film based on real events. The story tells that in 1983 a racing champion is kidnapped by terrorists from the IRA movement; However, given that the authorities do not intend to pay the horse’s ransom, a member of the gang considers murdering the animal. An orphan boy saves him and they manage to escape, becoming best friends.

The outcome of the stories of these films always generates feelings and emotions in the viewers, which makes these films unforgettable.

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