Top 20 Large Dog Breeds

Dogs are popularly considered man’s best friend, since their connection and friendship with humans dates back thousands of years. There are many breeds that derive from the processes of evolution and crossing over time, which can have representatives of great size and weight. 

Currently, there are approximately 343 known breeds of domestic dogs according to the International Cinological Federation; a canine world body. Among these breeds, you can find specimens of all sizes, colors, coats and character, but many fans of breeding dogs as working or companion animals show special interest in large breeds.

Historically, large dogs were used by man due to their strength, speed, agility and loyalty, which allowed them to be trained to carry out all kinds of tasks in the field and during hunting sessions. They have been faithful companions for thousands of years and their owners often consider them part of the family.

This is how, before having a large dog as a pet, we recommend you investigate its specific needs to make sure that you can easily master its character to train it, as well as that you have the space, time and dedication that is needed in its breeding.

On the other hand, some breeds may stand out more than others depending on the category from which they are evaluated, either because they are more intelligent than athletic or because they have an especially strong jaw. However, it cannot be overlooked that many of these breeds were bred by dog ​​breeders themselves in the quest to perfect the positive characteristics of the breed.

If you have been interested in knowing the breeds of large dogs, now we present you a top with the 20 best known where we will evaluate details about the character, energy level, weight, coat and, of course, size:

1. Siberian Husky

Among large breed dogs, the Siberian Husky is a well-known representative par excellence. This species is popular all over the world, especially in places where it is cold due to the type of fur. The breed is originally from Siberia and its specimens were created as working dogs. They can weigh up to 28 kilograms in adulthood and have long fur, so they require care and regular visits to the groomer. They are good companion animals, they relate well to children and they are also very intelligent, which allows them to be trained in many ways. 

2. Rottweiler

The Rottweiler is a large black dog with brown markings that does well as a guard and defense animal . He has a muscular, yet athletic body composition, as well as a large, strong jaw. His origin is German and he has a docile, devoted and friendly character, as well as a lot of energy and instinct. They can do quite well as rescue animals, apart from being very loyal to their owner. 

3. Giant Schnauzer

Originally from Germany, this type of Schnauzer is the largest of the other varieties of the breed, which fall into the medium and mini dog categories. In the case of the Giant Schnauzer, its character is what would be expected of a guard or defense dog, so experience must be had before its breeding. They can get along very well with children and they have a lot of energy, also requiring constant games and exercises to keep them active. It is also classified as a working dog thanks to its level of resistance. He has short fur and a muscular build. 

4. Great Dane

The largest dog in the world was a Great Dane named Freddy, who weighed 89 kilograms and reached a height of 2 meters 28 centimeters. This can give you an idea of ​​what this breed brings to the large dog category. Besides, analyzing the Great Dane breed, his character is usually friendly and gentle, as well as being very devoted to his owner . They have a strong constitution and require a lot of care, as well as exercise. 

5. Argentine Dogo

Originally from Argentina, the Dogo is a presa dog due to its great strength and powerful jaw. They have short, usually white fur and medium-sized floppy ears. Its build is athletic, muscular and elongated, being able to measure up to 70 centimeters in height and reach a weight of between 30 and 45 kilograms. It is a very intelligent and affectionate dog with its acquaintances, in addition to having a lot of energy and requiring medium physical activity to satisfy its needs. 

6. Akita Inu

Among the large and furry dogs, the Akita Inu stands out, a breed of Japanese origin with an antiquity that amounts to 3,000 years ago. It is a very pretty dog ​​with short ears and long light colored fur, being widely used in dog shows. His character stands out for being loyal, intelligent and active, thanks to his great energy. Also, they can live a couple of years longer than other large dog breeds. 

7. Weimaraner or Weimaraner

The Weimaraner are huge dogs, hunting and used as collectors, since they can return the prey without causing damage. They have a short but thick coat that is responsible for protecting them against moisture and are relatively easy to train. As for his character, he is generally affectionate, obedient and loyal , apart from having a lot of energy to accompany you in any activity that you are ready to do. 

8. Long-haired collie

The Collie breed is originally from Scotland and the long-haired specimen is known worldwide. It is a beautiful and good-natured dog that stands out for its long, smooth coat, which is quite lush and makes it attractive for competitions. It enjoys great intelligence, as well as an athletic body that allows it to perform as a herding dog. As for its size, the Long-Haired Collie can measure between 55 to 70 centimeters and weigh approximately 25 to 45 kilograms. In addition to this, it is convenient to add that he gets along very well with small children and is an appreciated family dog. 

9. Neapolitan Mastiff

Reviewing the Mastiff, its size can reach 77 centimeters, so they are considered very large dogs with a weight that can be between 95 to 100 kilograms for males and 70 to 85 kilograms for females. This breed is originally from Italy and is characterized by being very protective, which is why they are widely used as surveillance dogs , although they must be trained from an early age to do so. Its coat is short and does not require much care, but a good protein-rich diet that meets its dietary requirements must be met.

10. German Shepherd

Some consider the German Shepherd as a giant dog and it is true that this breed can have large specimens. They are herding dogs that stand out for being agile, intelligent and strong, which is why they are also widely used as surveillance. Evaluating their behavior, they could be considered good companion animals, since they are very loyal. His care regarding the coat is a bit high, since it is long and smooth.

11. Dalmatian

Among large short-haired dogs, a very popular breed is the Dalmatian. When they reach adulthood, Dalmatian dogs can weigh between 25 to 45 kilograms and have a height of between 55 to 70 centimeters, which classifies them as large dogs. They have a lot of energy and are mostly affectionate, so the Dalmatian is also classified as a very good companion animal, even for children.

12. Bernese Mountain Dog

It is difficult to find a Bernese Mountain Dog with short hair, since this breed is represented by specimens with long and smooth hair. They are dogs originating from the European continent and popular in herding, rescue and surveillance activities. They are docile, calm, but sociable and very faithful. Besides, they can be quite large, since their height is between 55 to 70 centimeters and their weight is between 45 to 100 kilograms.

13. Labrador retriever

A large dog breed that is well known and popular in the world is the Labrador Retriever. The dogs belonging to this breed have a very friendly, affectionate and playful character, which is why they are preferred for families. It is very intelligent and can reach a height of 70 centimeters with a weight of up to 45 kilograms, approximately. Its life expectancy can reach 12 years and requires medium care due to its coat.

14. English Foxhound

This breed is originally from England and is of the hound type, so it has characteristic features. It is a dog widely used for hunting, since it has enough energy and an excellent sense of smell to stand out from other canines. Besides, it does not require much attention, since its fur is fine and short.

15. Caucasian Shepherd

Also known as the Caucasian Mastiff or Caucasian Shepherd, this breed is part of the mastiff types that excel as guard dogs. They have a muscular build, long, usually spotted hair, and a dependable temperament. However, it is recommended to have previous experience with canines before attempting to breed a Caucasian Shepherd, as it can be difficult for first-time owners to master.

16. Spanish Greyhound

In the giant dog breeds, the Spanish Greyhound cannot be left out. This dog has an athletic, slim and very strong body, along with a short, low-maintenance coat. It has a docile and sociable character, as well as a long life expectancy. When raising a Greyhound, it is advisable to provide regular activities with which to discharge its energy, as well as dog houses suitable for its size.

17. Kuvasz

Another large dog is the Kuvasz breed. Originally from Hungary, this dog is very pretty, with semi-long, light-colored fur and a fairly docile, loyal and friendly character. They are usually dogs of considerable size, as well as a characteristic energy, which they can discharge with a lot of exercise and activities in open spaces. It can be used as a herding or family dog, as it gets along well with children.

18. Alaskan Malamutes

One of the longest-living large breeds of dogs is the Alaskan Malamute. It is native to the arctic and has morphological similarities with the Siberian Husky. Specimens of this breed can weigh 45 kilograms, in addition to growing up to 70 centimeters in height. Their life expectancy is between 10 to 12 years with good nutrition and they are very good watchdogs and family dogs.


One of the dog breeds that has large representatives is the Bloodhound. These dogs originate from Belgium and their breed is considered one of the oldest in the world. Among its characteristics, long and hanging ears stand out, as well as a muscular and elongated build. They can weigh between 45 and 100 kilograms in adulthood, in addition to growing up to approximately 80 centimeters.

20. Airedale Terrier

The Airedale Terrier, as its name suggests, is a breed close to the Terrier, but larger. It is a dog with a lot of energy and strength, so it is usually used for work, surveillance and sports, among others. They have a life expectancy that can reach 14 years and, although it is large, it maintains an athletic and muscular build to function without problems. 

We do not want to end this analysis without mentioning other breeds that deserve attention due to their size, such as the Slovakian Cuvac, Calupoh, Belgian Shepherd Malinois, Pachón Navarro, Eurasier, Italian Pointer, Black Russian Terrier, Greyhound, Italian Mastiff and the Poodle. giant. All of them remarkable for their character and loyalty. 

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