Top 25 bird names

Birds as pets are much more sociable than you might imagine, so those who have the good fortune to have a bird as a pet, consider them as part of their family and seek to treat it as such, which includes baptizing it with a good name that identifies it.


What are the best bird names?

If you don’t know good bird names to give your new feathered friend, here are 25 of the most popular, along with their meaning, so you can choose one that suits the species and character of your pet:


Abby comes from Hebrew and means “my father’s joy”. She is short for Abigail and is also a well-known character from the movie Chicken Little.


In the Turkish language, Kus literally means ” bird”, in case you prefer to give it a simple but original name that you will enjoy explaining to each interested party.


It is one of the most popular names for female birds, especially due to the character Becky in the Disney movie Finding Dory. It is of Hebrew origin and its meaning refers to the expression “to bind”.



Donald is another popular bird name choice, as it is reminiscent of the famous Disney duck. It has Scottish origin and means “world state” or “world leader”.



Lina is of Arabic origin, meaning “little (a)”. It’s delicate, easy to remember and sounds good when naming different species with it.


Hedwig can be a fun name choice for white canaries, as it emphasizes the color of the plumage of the famous owl from Harry Potter. The origin of it is German and means “battle”.


Another alternative for Disney fans could be Blu; as is called the cockatoo protagonist of the film that bears the same name. This comes from English and translates as “blue”.



Zazú is of Arabic origin. It translates to “ movement ” and may sound familiar to you as it is the name given to Mufasa’s faithful advisor in the animated film The Lion King.


If you are a fan of Disney and have a female bird, Daisy has probably crossed your mind as an option to name her. In addition to being the name of Donald’s girlfriend in the Disney universe, it also means “daisy”, in reference to the flower.


Kevin is a funny name for a bird . It means “beautiful” and is of Scottish Gaelic origin.


It is one of the names for male birds that is often used a lot with yellow canaries, due to the well-known bird that tries to eat the Sylvester cat from Looney Tunes.


Wheezy is the name of the penguin that Woody and Buster save in the movie Toy Story 2 and could be a good fit for any pet bird that likes to chirp and sing.


An option of American origin, simple and that works well with various species is Charlie. Also, you can play with the genders and use it for male and female birds alike.


If you like nymph names, Halia might catch your eye. It means “sea” and was given to the daughter of Pontus and Thalassa, who were characters in Greek mythology.


Fly is a very suitable name and reference for a pet bird, since it comes from English and literally translates as “to fly”.



Among the names of canaries, this one can suit them quite well as it is short, tender and shared at the same time with a delicious intense green fruit.



It could be considered as a diminutive of Ala, referring both to the extremities of the birds and to the name that God receives in the Arabic language.


For fans of Frozen, Elsa is a feminine and pretty name. The origin of it is biblical and is translated as “truth”.


Jack Sparrow

This alternative could look good on any parrot, as it references the famous pirate from Disney’s Pirates of the Caribbean saga. Jack is of Hebrew origin and Sparrow means ” sparrow” in English.


Flit was the name given to Pocahontas’ hummingbird friend in the Disney movie, being fun and original.

Names for lovebirds

Lovebirds are one of the most popular birds to keep as pets, since this type of parrot is colorful, cheerful and very sociable, which is why when they are kept in captivity, it is important to guarantee them company.

Your birdhouse can also be placed in different places, being able to rest indoors or outdoors, so even an old guitar stand can be useful to install it.

Considering the popularity of this species, we present the remaining 5 name options on the list in paired bird format:

Romulus and Remus

This option is quite popular in names for parrots, especially if you know about Roman history, since they are the names of the founding twin brothers of this empire. Romulus comes from Latin and Remus from Basque.

L and Kira

Another good combination of names for parakeets, parrots or other companion birds are L and Kira; the antagonist and protagonist of the well-known anime series Death Note.

ying and yang

Representations of good and evil within the concept of Taoism also happen to be among the popular names for pairs of birds. Ying is associated with the feminine and Yang with the masculine.

Jesse and Walter

If you have a couple of small exotic birds as pets, you may like to call them after the protagonists of one of the most appreciated series of recent times: Breaking Bad.

friday and 13

If you find superstition funny, you can opt for this combination for your birds and enjoy the expression of your acquaintances when you tell them about the names of your pets.

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