Top 25 Small Dog Breeds

Small dog breeds are usually the most sought after, not only because they need minimal portions of food, but also because they are easier to take for a walk and can accompany you anywhere thanks to their size and weight. Plus, both kids and seniors love them.

A dog can be a good company at home, but the size of the pet is always an issue that worries us when we want to adopt one, especially if we live in small spaces. That is why we have made a list of 25 of the best small dog breeds, with relevant information about the physical characteristics and personality of these pets, with the aim of helping you make a decision.

1. pug

The pug or pug is a kind of miniature mastiff , as it is a robust dog in a really small body. It is considered one of the oldest breeds in China, where these dogs were the pets of Tibetan monks. The pug has a compact body and is generally plump. Its height at the withers is 25 to 28 cm, while its weight should be 6.3 to 8.1 kg. As for the character, the pug is playful and mischievous, but at the same time very affectionate. He does not like loneliness and prefers to go with the owner everywhere.

2. Teddy Roosevelt Terrier

Among small breed dogs, the Teddy Roosevelt Terrier is one of the newest, having been recognized as an official breed in 2019. It is a compact but well-muscled dog, originally from the United States. It can measure from 20 to 38 cm and weighs about 11 kg. As for the coat, it is usually bicolor or tricolor, with a white base and brown or black spots. It is calm in nature , but despite its size it is also very protective, so it emits vocalizations and barks when it feels that its owners are in danger.


It is a hybrid breed that arose thanks to the crossing of an English cocker spaniel with a standard poodle. However, it does not usually measure more than 40 cm and its weight is between 5 and 10 kg; in this way, it is included among the small dogs.

About his character, we can say that the cockapoo is very affectionate, since he usually establishes solid bonds, not only with the owners, but also with the other animals that are at home. On the other hand, he can’t stand loneliness, since it can make him nervous and even destructive.

4. Westie

If you are looking for a small white dog, the West Highland White Terrier may be a good choice. According to historians, this breed arose in Scotland, where the westies were considered great fox hunters. Although it is a fairly strong dog, it is also very small, measuring no more than 28 cm and weighing less than 10 kg, therefore children must be taught to treat it with care. Currently, all westies are white and are characterized by being brave, dynamic, but above all very affectionate.

5. Border Terrier

This is one of the small dog breeds that does not grow much, so it can be convenient if we have limited space at home. Its name means border terrier, since it arose on the border between Scotland and England.

Although he has a rustic appearance, the border terrier is obedient, friendly and very affectionate if he knows how to educate. The male does not measure more than 40 cm at the withers, while the female does not exceed 35 cm. Its suitable weight is between 5.1 and 7.1 kg. 

6. Pekingese

Due to its leonine appearance, reminiscent of the mythical lion of Fu, this dog was revered in China by Buddhist monks and it is believed that it was brought to England by Anglo-French troops in 1860. The Pekingese is characterized by having a flattened nose and bright, dark and very round eyes. 

Although there is no standard size, Pekingese generally do not weigh more than 5 kg, so they are usually very small dogs. As for their character, they are quite loyal to their owners, but a little distrustful of strangers.

7. Pembroke welsh corgi

It is considered a small dog, but at the same time with a robust constitution, so it gives the impression of a lot of strength contained in a compact body. Due to the shape of the head it is sometimes compared to the fox, but it has short, thick and strong legs. Pembrokes are generally friendly and loyal to the family, but are often very reserved with strangers and are considered unsociable. In addition, they can adopt an aggressive attitude towards unknown dogs. As a curious fact, we can say that Queen Elizabeth II of England is fond of this breed.

8.Norfolk Terrier

Among the mini dog breeds, the Norfolk Terrier is one of the most compact, with a height at the withers of just 26 cm and a weight of no more than 5 kg. He is originally from the UK and is considered outgoing, friendly and very playful. However, it is naturally a hunting dog, so it is necessary for it to be socialized as a puppy with other small animals such as rabbits and cats to avoid persecution and aggression.

9. Papillon

Known by the name of the butterfly dog, due to the translation of its name into Spanish, the papillon is a very showy French dog, thanks to its large upright ears and its medium-long coat, which give it great elegance. It measures just 23 cm and weighs no more than 5 kg, so it can accompany its owner everywhere. In addition, he is playful and watches the house to warn of strange sounds.

10. Coton de Tulear

This is one of the lesser known dogs on this list. It is believed that it originates from Madagascar, specifically from the city of Tuléar, on the seashore, in what is now known as Toliara. This breed stands out for its long and soft white fur like cotton. It measures 28 cm and weighs approximately 3.5 to 6 kg. As for his personality, he is usually intelligent, playful and sociable, which is why he is among the most appropriate small dogs for children.

11. Shiba Inus

It is a very old Japanese breed, although some historians claim that it is from Korea. It usually measures less than 40 cm at the withers and weighs from 9 to 15 kg. Shiba Inu are considered loyal and affectionate with their owners, but can be shy around strangers. Due to their physical activities, it is important to give them small dog food with the corresponding nutrients.

12. Sausage

The dachshund or dachshund is a German dog popularly known as sausage, although its real name in Spanish would be dachshund, since its original activity was badger hunting. It is a small and elongated dog with very short legs, with a maximum height at the withers of 30 cm. They are generally friendly and playful dogs, but often attack other unknown small animals.

13. Jack Russell Terrier

This breed owes its name to the Reverend John Russell, a fox hunting enthusiast who crossed several terriers with other hunting dogs, however, the breed was finally developed in Australia in the 1970s. Generally, the Jack Russell is 25 cm long. tall and weighs less than 5 kg, with short legs and an elongated trunk. Although he is considered temperamental, he has quite a friendly demeanor if he is trained correctly. In addition, he never gets tired of playing, so he gets along well with children.

14. Zuchon

The popular Bichon Frize and Shih Tzu were crossed to create a hybrid breed called the Shichon or Zuchon. It is a very compact dog, 22 to 30 cm tall at the withers, and weighing between 4 and 10 kg. Zuchones are friendly, loyal, and playful, but they do not tolerate being alone well, as they can become anxious and destructive.

15. Cavapoo

This breed has arisen from the crossing of the miniature poodle with the cavalier king charles spaniels, therefore, it is a small dog, with a maximum height of 38 cm at the withers and a weight between 5 and 12 kg. It has a very dense curly coat and is characterized by having an affectionate and sociable temperament. As if that were not enough, it does not cause allergies , making it suitable for children and sensitive people.

16. Belgian Griffon

This dog is a descendant of the smousje, an ancient Belgian mouse-hunting dog. It is quite small, with a size that does not exceed 20 cm and an approximate weight of 5 kg. It has hard, long and wavy hair, which is very showy, however, its temperament is somewhat nervous, so it is not a recommended breed for the smallest of the house.

17. Miniature Pinscher

This breed arose from the crossbreeding of several breeds, such as the dachshund, the German pinscher, and the Italian greyhound. It is very small, with a height at the withers of 25 to 30 cm and a weight of 4 to 6 kg. Although it resembles the Doberman, it is actually unrelated to this breed. The miniature pinscher is usually curious and has a strong temperament, although it is affectionate with its owners.

18. Chinese Crested

This is perhaps the most showy dog ​​on this list. It is believed to be native to China and is distinguished by its crest of silky fur on the head, tail and legs, which contrasts with the rest of the hairless body. Chinese Crested Dogs are usually very cheerful animals, although they can be shy and suspicious of strangers.


It is a hunting dog of English origin, known for its bicolor and tricolor elegance. It is not as small as other dogs on this list, as it can measure 41 cm at the withers and weigh up to 16 kg. As a hunting dog, he loves to chase prey. On the other hand, beagles are physically very active and require enough space to run around. 


The Shetland Sheepdog is a species of colie with long hair, but in a miniature version. It presents an elegant and refined appearance, thanks to its abundant fur and its truncated wedge-shaped head. Although they are loyal and affectionate dogs with their owners, Shelties can be dominant with other animals due to their herding instincts. They measure about 37 cm at the withers and weigh approximately 8 kg.

21. Frenchton

It is a hybrid dog product of the cross between a boston terrier and a French bulldog, which was created in the United States with the aim of eliminating the congenital problems that pure breeds had presented. Its height at the withers can be from 33 to 40 cm and it weighs between 5 and 11 kg. It is a good dog for the whole family , as it is loyal, affectionate and very calm.

22.Yorkshire terrier

Although they may be a stylish pet today, these small dogs were used in the 19th century to hunt rodents in the humble parts of northern England. It is one of the smallest dogs, since it measures from 15 to 35 cm in height and weighs on average about 3.1 kg. It is very alert and vigilant, which is why it likes to bark a lot.

23. Havanese

It is believed that this dog is originally from the Mediterranean, but the breed was fully developed in Cuba, hence its name. It is no more than 27 cm high at the withers and is very light, so it can be carried almost anywhere. It is generally playful, cheerful and sociable, so it can be suitable for children.

24. Schipperke

His name means little shepherd and he is originally from Belgium. Its size does not exceed 33 cm in height at the withers and its weight can be from 3 to 9 kg. It is a very efficient breed when it comes to guarding, as they are curious and watchdogs. Although they are friendly with the family, they are usually very suspicious of strangers.

25. Chihuahua

It is considered the smallest dog in the world, since it generally measures less than 25 cm in height at the withers and weighs only 1 to 4 kg. This breed is from Mexico and its personality depends a lot on the education received at home, however, Chihuahuas are considered intelligent and affectionate dogs. 

As we can see, there are many breeds of small dogs, but each one has its own characteristics. For this reason, when adopting a puppy it is good to investigate thoroughly so as not to get carried away by the first impression.

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