Top 30 dog phrases

The relationship between a dog and a human is pure, sincere and unconditional. For these noble animals there is no space or time and they are only capable of providing love. Not for nothing are they known as man’s most faithful and best friend, inspiring famous and moving phrases.

There are many phrases dedicated to dogs where the feelings that surround people who love these animals are expressed. For many, the image of a dog is not enough, it must also be accompanied by beautiful phrases for photos; which can be a personalized dedication or some general words that speak of how wonderful your pet is.

Next, a top 30 with some of the best animal phrases, especially dedicated to dogs.

funny dog ​​phrases

Dogs have been the protagonists of many funny situations in our lives, which has made it possible to inspire funny and cheerful phrases that lead us to remember the funniest moments we have experienced with our furry ones.

These are some of them:

  1. Properly trained, man could become the dog’s best friend.
  2. The more people I meet, the more I love my dog.
  3. Happiness is in the form of a warm puppy.
  4. Any dog ​​can leave paw prints…in our hearts.
  5. The lesson my dog ​​has taught me is not to trust the postman.
  6. A dog will never ask you for food, but it will make you feel very guilty for not sharing.

Phrases for deceased dogs

The pain we feel over the loss of a pet can be as deep as the grief and pain over the death of a close family member. Our faithful four-legged friends not only provide us with love and fidelity, but also steal our hearts. For this reason, when our dog dies, it leaves an emptiness and a feeling of loneliness that is difficult to overcome.

The following phrases are specially designed to bring some comfort to people who have lost their best friend.

  1. Dogs are angels and will be in heaven long before any of us.
  2. You were, are and always will be my best and most loyal friend.
  3. The only time a dog broke my heart was when yours stopped beating.
  4. There was not a single day by your side in which tears did not turn into smiles.
  5. Even when you had no strength left, you always did everything for me.
  6. I will miss waking up and feeling your muzzle on my face, the best sign that I would have a great day.
  7. Losing a dog is losing a friend to gain an angel.


Phrases for your dog to say that you love him

The relationship between a dog and its owner is one of loyalty, companionship, comfort and empathy. Regardless of the breed, whether they are in a doghouse (you can find some options here to compare) or running around the house, these animals have a huge heart and unconditional love that make us love them every day.

To express our love for dogs, a large repertoire of words is not necessary, so short phrases for photos could briefly say how great our love is for them. Although there are also phrases of affection where we can say everything we feel for our furry beloved.

Next, some beautiful phrases to dedicate to our best friend.

  1. No matter how little money or belongings we have, if we have a dog we are already rich.
  2. Dogs will never make you feel that you have treated them badly, they do not know grudges or hate.
  3. I can consider that the happiest day of my life was when my dog ​​adopted me.
  4. The main difference between humans and dogs is that they are good with all their hearts.
  5. A dog says: give me a caress and I will follow you to the end of the world.
  6. I don’t know what the recipe for happiness is, but it sure includes a dog.
  7. The love of a dog is only compared to the love of a mother and her child.

Phrases for man’s best friend

Currently it is a trend to put inspiring phrases on social networks, especially phrases for Instagram photos where we put the most attractive image of our dog. Now you can read some phrases that call for reflection about how important a dog is in the lives of many people.

  1. He is your friend, your defender, your companion, your dog. You are his love, his life, his leader. He will always be yours, sincere and faithful until the last beat of his heart. You must be worthy of such devotion to him.
  2. Dogs will not be your whole life, but they do make your life more complete.
  3. The greatness of a nation, its moral progress, and its culture can be judged by the way it treats its animals.
  4. With luck or misfortune, with bad or good reputation, with honor or dishonor, a good dog will be by your side to guard you, comfort you and to give his life for you.
  5. Dogs don’t know how to lie about their emotions, no one has ever seen a dog pretend sadness when he’s happy or pretend joy when he’s sad.
  6. Adopting a dog from the street is not going to change the world; but at least the world will have changed for him.
  7. One of the reasons dogs have lots of friends is because they wag their tails. Humans, by contrast, wag their tongues.
  8. When you adopt a dog, it is capable of filling the void left by petty hearts and false friends.
  9. The greatest sin a person can commit is seeing a lost puppy with its tail between its legs and walking past.
  10. It is shameful and sad that while the dog is man’s best friend, man is the dog’s worst friend.

These choice quotes not only demonstrate the deep bond between people and their dogs; but they are also a call to conscience to put an end to animal abuse and give these wonderful beings an opportunity, giving them the respect and love they deserve.

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