Top 5 of suitable places to locate the dog bed

Our dog spends most of the day sleeping, and it is important for his physical and emotional well-being to have an appropriate space to rest. That is why the chosen place must be warm, familiar, calm and comfortable, where he feels safe, comfortable, accompanied and in contact with his owners.  

Pets are part of the family, and it is common for them to sleep next to our beds, using their favorite bed, a cushion or a blanket. Some dogs seek out warm spots in the bedroom, or areas that smell like family members, so it may be appropriate to place beds in different rooms of the house to keep the dog comfortable. Others prefer quiet, private places where they can take refuge and enjoy the tranquility of their own resting place.

So it is important that our pet has a place to rest, so we invite you to know the top 5 of the places that we consider are appropriate to locate the dog’s bed.

1. Find a place that is warm

Dogs do not like to sleep in very windy or very cold areas, since, like humans, they prefer to be warm and in a warm place, to feel safe while they sleep. The appropriate thing is to put the dog’s bed away from places with drafts, so forget about placing your bed near a sliding door, windows or doors close to the outside. A suitable place to locate our pet’s bed is in the bathroom, since it is a place where there are no drafts and it is very warm for the dog.

2. In a quiet area

It is best to place our dog’s bed in a quiet area, with little traffic and that is not very noisy, being adequate for the emotional well-being and rest of our beloved pet. Make sure that the space chosen to put your canine friend’s bed is not near a corridor or the main door, since these are areas in which the dog will be constantly alert and will not be able to sleep soundly.

In this sense, it is recommended that we place our dog’s bed in a quiet and calm area, so keep your pet away from the dishwasher or washing machine, as the sound generated by these appliances could scare the animal and it will not rest properly..

3. In areas chosen by the dog

It may happen that your dog has a favorite place to play, sit and enjoy the house, as a member of the family. So, we recommend that you observe how your dog behaves daily, so that you can determine where it prefers to lie down during the day, since that will be the right place to place your dog’s bed.

It is also recommended that the space chosen for your pet’s rest be close to the common areas occupied by the family group, since the animal prefers to spend time with its owners, so we advise you to locate an area for your dog where it shares with the family. 

An example of these places is the dining room, since, in general, families gather in this area to eat their meals and the dog can be near them while they do so. The same goes for the living room, a good place where dogs will prefer that we place their bed for them to sleep.

Another suitable area to locate the dog bed is in the work area, especially if you are a person who works from home and spends long hours in that place, because your pet will surely love to accompany you.

4. In outdoor spaces

If your dog is away from home, it is advisable that his rest area be in a space near the entrance door, making sure that it is not too far from the garden. But the most important thing, if your pet sleeps outside your house, is that you place his bed in an area free from cold, rain, sun, wind or heat, so it is advisable that his bed is under a tree, in the garage or under a roof.

5. Choose a good bed for your dog

One aspect that we cannot ignore for the comfort of our pet is the bed where it will rest. It is likely that you do not like to sleep in the same bed with your dog and you prefer that he does not lie in your bed, so we advise you to place his bed inside the room in a space close to your rest area. So that you can feel that it is close to you, but without the problem of dog hair on your bed.

It is also advisable that the dog has more than one bed inside the house. There is a wide variety of dog beds on the market, designed for both indoor and outdoor spaces, it being important that your pet has a different bed both to be inside the house and to be outside. 

So, if you don’t know which dog bed to buy, we recommend you choose for outdoor spaces, a bed made with durable materials that are resistant to inclement weather, both to sun exposure and to rain. Meanwhile, the bed for the interior has soft padding to provide more comfort and warmth to the pet.

On the other hand, when choosing the bed for your pet, you should also be aware of the type of dog and its needs, since if you have a puppy at home that is teething, the most appropriate thing for him is to buy a firm, bite-resistant crate, which you can snuggle up with warm blankets. On the other hand, if the dog is already old, it is advisable to look for a thick but soft bed, because at his age he will begin to suffer from bone diseases and joint ailments, a soft place to rest being appropriate.

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