Top 8 Electric Shepherds of 2022

Electric Shepherd – Buying Guide, Opinions and Analysis

So that the pets do not escape and the farm animals do not jump the fences, an electric shepherd can be used, a device capable of emitting current impulses from one point to another. In the midst of the wide range of products, we find the GP Pastorcan, a model that works with solar energy and is equipped with 12 posts of 0.80 mm, 24 insulators, among other elements, to adequately complete the perimeter. Another model that stands out is the Llampec Pas000001, a device that fulfills the function of efficiently electrifying fences, with a maximum pulse energy of 4500 mJ.

The 8 Best Electric Shepherds – Opinions 2022

Sometimes domestic and farm animals want to escape from their spaces. On the other hand, the situation can arise in which wild species want to enter the pens. For all these cases, it would be convenient to be equipped with an electric shepherd. Therefore, below we present the characteristics of the models that appear as the favorites of the user community. 

solar electric shepherd

1. GP Pastorcan Solar Kit 3W

Among the variety of alternatives available, the safest thing is that you want to acquire the best electric shepherd on the market. If so, you can review the properties of this model that meets the requirements for proper operation and performance. 

It is a solar electric shepherd that is integrated with several components, in order to make a fence without weeds. To do this, it is equipped with 12 posts of 0.08 cm, 24 Z-4 type insulators, a 200-meter coil of wire, as well as a ground outlet and a line outlet to facilitate assembly.

In addition, it includes a battery charger, so it is a complete solar fencing kit, with an estimated range of 2 kilometers, to cover small or medium areas. 

In addition, all its components are manufactured to high quality standards and the main device is compact, with a system that is simple and quick to use, which emits enough electric shocks to scare away the animal.

This model may be the best electric shepherd of the moment and you can determine this by analyzing its pros and cons. 


Kit: It is an integrated kit with all the components to make an electrified fence, so you do not have to make additional purchases.

Design: It has a practical design, with a compact central device, to make the fence according to your needs.

Operation: Its operation is based on voltage discharges through the accumulation of solar energy, so its consumption is efficient.

Use: It can be used in farms, gardens and more, to scare away animals or prevent their own escape, being a versatile piece of equipment. 


Instructions: Some instructions may not be entirely clear to people unfamiliar with the electrical field. 

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2. Tsar Pastor electric Super Impact Solar 25W

Due to its design characteristics and powerful performance, this model is positioned among the first in the lists of the best electric shepherds of 2022, because it is appropriate for long fences that require strength, without access to the electrical power network. 

This is because it is a solar electric shepherd, which is powered by a 12 V battery, for a regular consumption of between 100 and 300 mA, which is a favorable level. In addition, it is made up of a 25 V monocrystalline solar panel and has been equipped by its manufacturer with an automatic control for charging, which optimizes its power supply. 

On the other hand, it has a power of 3 joules, so it will be convenient as a protection system against large animals. Likewise, it can electrify up to 28 km of trail without noticeable weeds. For optimal use, it is recommended to orient the plate to the south and keep the glass clean. 

Zar probably qualifies to be the best brand of electric shepherds. You can certify this by reading the pros and cons of this model. 


Power: It has a power of 3 joules, making it suitable for scaring away large animals.

Panel: Its operation is based on a battery and a 25 V monocrystalline solar panel, being ideal for spaces without access to the electrical network.

Accessories: Includes all the accessories for its assembly and operation in an efficient way.

Range: It can electrify distances of up to 28 kilometers in brushless conditions, so its range is outstanding.


Battery: Requires a 12V battery that is not included in the package, so it must be purchased separately.

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electric shepherd for dogs

3. Llampec Pas000001 Pastor A Red.Mod.01 Guarda Can

Users often wonder which is the best electric shepherd that can be found on the market. A model that you can include in your previous selection is this one from Llampec, because it has an adequate performance that, although it provides electric shocks, does not permanently damage the creatures. 

Due to its power specifications, this proposal is designed for the electrification of gates and fences for a maximum impulse energy of 4500 mJ, with a peak impulse voltage of 9000 V, which means high performance.  

Thus, it can be used as an electric shepherd for dogs, to prevent them from escaping, the same with farm animals such as horses. In addition, the main device is compact and easy to use. It is available in white and weighs only 1.98 kg, making it easy to handle. 

For those who cannot define which electric shepherd to buy, we can recommend that they review the positive and negative aspects of this option.


Design: It has a compact design, easy to handle and assemble. In addition, it has a long cable.

Power: It is a powerful device that works with a maximum impulse of 4500 mJ, so it offers good protection results.

Use: It can be used to electrify garden and farm fences, so its use is versatile and adaptable to each context.

Protection: It has a system for protection against overvoltages, which allows preserving the device.


Exposure: The equipment can be used outdoors, but it cannot be left exposed to water or humidity agents because it could be damaged.

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electric shepherd for horses

4. T-Mech Shepherd Electric Battery 12v Fences

If you are looking for adequate performance and affordable cost, this may be the right proposal, because there are those who claim that it is the best value for money electric shepherd. This is because its manufacturer, T-Mech, has lowered production costs with a compact but effective design for electrifying fences. 

It has dimensions of 18.7 cm high by 11.4 cm wide by 5.3 cm deep, so it is easy to handle. 

Due to its technical specifications, this proposal has been enabled as a feeder for electric fences with a capacity of 10,000 V and 1.0 joules, so its operation is optimized and practical as an electric shepherd for horses and other farm animals. 

Its structure is resistant and it has standard IPX6 protection, so it is waterproof, convenient for outdoor mounting. While on the other hand, it can cover areas up to 10 km, with a maximum current of 2000 mA, which gives it an effective performance.

Although it is one of the cheapest electric shepherds, its quality is high, which you can see by reading its pros and cons. 


Power: Its power of 1.0 joules is optimized to properly scare away farm animals.

Dimensions: It has dimensions of 18.7 cm high by 11.5 cm wide by 5.3 cm deep, making handling easier.

Accessories: Includes battery cable, ground and fence cable, as well as fixing posts, essential elements for quality assembly and performance. 

Capacity: Thanks to its average voltage and current, it can work in an area of ​​10 km, so it is suitable for medium-sized land.


Battery: Requires a 12V battery that is not included, so you must purchase it separately. 

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electric shepherd for cats

5. Wodondog Antenna Cable for Anti-leakage Fence

The invisible fence system is still used in many places for its functionality, so this Wodondog cable is the right complement to increase the perimeter of an electric cat fence. 

If you already have all the equipment, including the collar, the transmitter and the connectors, but you need more cable, it is a good option to consider buying 300 meters of Wondondog cable, which has been made with an extra strong and resistant thread, Contains no toxic agents or coatings.

This product is suitable for the best-selling electronic fence systems, being compatible with different yards to create the underground fence you need on your property, keeping your pets safe. In this way you can delimit a wide area where they can be and if they try to pass the safe zone, they will receive a warning sound. When leaving the protected space, the animal will receive a static stimulation to correct its action. 

Below we summarize the characteristics of this model in the pros and cons section.


Complement: The purchase of this product allows you to complement the electric shepherd system for different domestic animals, including cats.

Assembly: This cable is easy to install, as it adapts to different types of terrain to delimit large spaces. 

Operation: The idea of ​​this cable is to prevent the cats from crossing the delimited area and if they do they receive a harmless electric shock that will help them understand where they should stay. 


Price: There are cheaper models than this product with similar characteristics.

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electric sheep herder

6. Voss.farming Electric shepherd V50 Fence electrifier 230V

If you have a farm, you should modernize the perimeter using an electric shepherd for sheep, like this one from Voss farming designed for large and stable animals, such as horses, pigs, cattle, among others.

The technology of this device uses 10,500 volts to emit a powerful, but safe, electrical impulse that keeps farm animals within the permitted zone. 

For its part, the modern V50 electrifier of the electric shepherd has efficient ventilation to prevent damage from water condensation, protecting it from humidity, thus increasing its resistance for outdoor use. 

Included with this product are the connection cables to the fence and to the ground, as well as the other accessories to complete the assembly quickly and safely, especially if you have some basic knowledge of electrical connections. 

If you are interested in purchasing this product, we recommend you review the positive and negative aspects that we distinguish between its characteristics.


Efficiency: It is a functional product to keep animals within the permitted area, prevent your dogs from escaping and even take care of sheep, horses and pigs on a farm.

Power: The electrifying unit is capable of emitting shocks of 2.6 joules of energy for animals and pets, without this being a danger to their health.

Options: This brand offers different solutions of electric shepherds for pets that can be adapted to your needs and budget. 


Instructions: The instruction manual does not come in Spanish, which can make assembly a bit difficult.

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220v electric shepherd

7. Zerko-Plus Pastor 10 Joules electrical network 220v

This 220 V electric shepherd marketed by the manufacturer Zerko is one of the most sought after by buyers, thanks to its compact but efficient design. The equipment is used to scare away wild animals and to prevent their own escape, by sending small electrical impulses. 

It has been designed to electrify fences with an estimated length of between 40 and 50 kilometers. However, you should check that there are no weeds and other elements that reduce the effect of the current. 

Due to its properties, it is convenient to be used in domestic and wild animals, from small to larger, because it has been equipped with a power of 10 joules of intensity, so that it emits a discharge that will be felt by creatures, but that it will not generate permanent damage, since it only produces a current to ensure control and prevent other animals from entering.

As for its practicality, it must be added that it is a device of compact size and easy to use. This model is of quality, but if you want to have more details of its favorable and negative aspects, we present them below.


Design: The model has a compact design and has two rotary dials for easy control of the fence. 

Construction: It has a construction made with quality plastic, so it is an equipment of adequate durability and operation.

Power: The 10 joule power of this electric shepherd allows it to generate an efficient boost to keep animals away.

Distance: It can cover distances between 40 and 50 km, so it adapts to medium or large-sized environments efficiently. 


Instructions: Some inexperienced buyers may require more precise instructions for assembly and operation. However, you can advise yourself for its installation with a professional.

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electric shepherd for chickens

8. VOSS.farming Electric mesh for chickens and Poultry

If you are looking for a solution to prevent chickens from escaping from the pen or wild animals from entering, you need an electric shepherd for chickens and this Voss.farming model is positioned as one of the best. 

It is an electrical mesh designed for poultry, with 12 nylon threads that have been strategically distributed horizontally, with 11 conductors, each with 3 stainless steel wires. This makes the system robust and highly durable.

It is available in orange, which maximizes its visibility. In addition, it includes 20 steel-tipped posts, which provide stability. Likewise, several networks can be spliced ​​because it includes connectors at the beginning and at the end, which favors the closing of the circuit. 

Due to its height of 112 cm, this mesh is suitable for varieties of birds such as turkeys, geese and other smaller ones, and being stable, it is also suitable for animals such as cats, dogs, sheep and others. 

So that you can delve into the details of this model, we have summarized its characteristics in some pros and cons. 


Design: It has a mesh design with 12 nylon threads and 11 conductors with steel wires, which means resistance. 

Height: It has a height of 112 cm, making it suitable for animals such as birds, sheep, cats, geese and more.

Stability: It has 20 steel-tipped posts that provide stability and allow you to make a closed circuit with ease.

Accessories: Includes a wide variety of parts and tools that allow complete and efficient use.


Anchors: In certain cases, a greater number of ground anchors may be necessary.

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Accessories for electric shepherds

Insulators for electric shepherd

VOSS.farming 150x Insulating ring for wire


According to the model, it is necessary to have insulators for electric shepherds and this model is one of the most recommended due to the number of units, since it includes 150 rings for 12 mm diameter wires, with a slot width of 5 mm, suitable for tape or cable.

Units can be placed in the middle, corners, and at the beginning of the fence. 

It is an appropriate model as a starter kit, since it also includes other accessories that facilitate quick assembly, such as wood screws, the support to fix with a drill and a box to store in an organized way.

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Wire for electric shepherd

Llampec Cin000212 Coil Conductive Tape

There are several elements that are required to complete a fence.

Among them, it is necessary to be equipped with a wire for electric shepherd, in case the one included in the model is not long enough to cover the desired space.

For this reason, the manufacturer Llampec has presented this proposal made with robust materials that promote favorable conduction of electricity. 

In addition, this conductive coil is multicolored and has a length of 200 meters and a weight of 1.18 kilos, so it is light and extensive.

Likewise, its assembly is simple, since it is only necessary to verify that it does not roll up, so that derivations are not generated. 

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electric shepherd pole

Voos.farming 40x Post for electric shepherd

To complete the assembly of a fence, you must have several additional elements to those included in the selected kit.

Among them, it is possible that posts for electric shepherds are required and this alternative is listed as being of quality for the fencing of farmyards. 

This model is made up of a total of 40 white polypropylene poles 156 cm long, which have been reinforced with fiberglass and include supports to reduce twisting and increase performance.

Likewise, they have a galvanized steel tip that provides stability and their structure has 11 eyelets through which the conductive coils will pass, being well secured.

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Shopping guide

In both farms and gardens, it is sometimes necessary to put up electric fences to prevent animals from escaping, or wild creatures from entering. So, if you are interested in purchasing an efficient electric fence, you cannot forget to read our guide to buying the best electric shepherd.

Modality and operation

When making a comparison of electric shepherds we will find that there are different types and modalities of proposals. In fact, the same manufacturer can present different types of the same product, which, although they serve the same purpose, do so in a different way. 

Among the alternatives to select are models that work with solar panels and a battery. In these proposals, the accumulated solar energy will send the discharge power to the fence installation. They are also low maintenance and their batteries are rechargeable. 

Similarly, there are some shepherds that work with a device of different voltage, whose energy is obtained from the connection to a power supply of electrical current from the wall (or traditional electrical network). The use of these devices is simple and they serve to electrify areas with low consumption and optimized power, in addition to the fact that they generally include all the components.

On the other hand, you can find devices that work thanks to the energy of a 9 or 12 V battery and that have an adequate performance in the containment of animals, as well as to prevent others from entering. Finally, there are the models made up of electrified meshes. Its purpose, as in the other cases, is to prevent leaks. 

protection and construction

If you want a quality model, you must not only look for an economical electric shepherd, but also one that is equipped with adequate protection against electrical overloads, as this will reduce the risk of breakdowns.

In addition, as it is equipment that is installed outdoors, it is necessary that it be built to high standards for driving, as well as for resistance in the open. The vast majority of alternatives have a solid build. In the case of the main devices, they have sealed plastic casings that protect the mechanical operation. 

Likewise, many models are equipped with IP protection, so they are waterproof, while others have structures with charging systems that must be protected from the rain so that shorts or inconveniences are not generated. 

In the case of equipment made up of kits of different components, it is necessary that each one of the pieces be of quality and be built with robust materials that ensure the stability of the entire system, both electrical and physical (poles) and proper conduction. of energy, as well as the mechanisms to prevent animals from entering or leaving. 


Depending on the model, each of these devices has a different power, so if you are wondering how much an electric shepherd costs, then it is recommended that you know this feature.

The shepherds can have powers that change according to the use and the distance. For example, you can find simple models with a power of between 0.25 and 1 joule, as well as devices that reach 10 joules. Each of these will provide shocks to ward off different types of animals based on their size.

It is necessary to clarify that these discharges can be annoying for the animal, but in no case are they lethal or cause permanent damage. In fact, after a few attempts, pets or wild animals may avoid contact, so it is even possible to have the shepherds disconnected.

In relation to the distance, this also varies by the power. There are some simple devices that have the capacity to cover lengths between 1 and 3 kilometers.

Other more powerful models cover up to 10 km, with a maximum current of 2000 mA. Likewise, other alternatives can reach between 40 and 50 km for the fence, with devices for a 220 or 230 V electrical network. Although you should be aware that the distance could depend on the amount of weeds and other factors.

Frequently asked questions

Q1: How to use an electric shepherd?

The use of an electric shepherd varies according to the model that is selected. In the case of models with solar panels, the first thing is to assemble the plate and its battery, as well as the elements and parts that will make up the frame.

The next thing will be to establish the fence and, to continue, you have to activate the operation through the power switch and configure the system on the device, through controls that can be by rotary dial. However, to verify the mode of operation, it is best to review the instructions in the manual. In this way, it is ensured that there will be no errors. 

Q2: How to make an electric shepherd with a car battery?

An electric shepherd can be made using a car battery as a power source. The procedure involves placing the battery in a place protected from moisture, connecting the positive and negative poles properly to generate the electrical impulse and, in turn, making the connection to the fence, which must have been previously assembled. This type of shepherds may not have such a high power and works specifically for small areas.

Q3: How to recharge an electric shepherd?

Recharging an electric shepherd is usually a simple process, but it can vary according to the model. Therefore, it is necessary to review the instruction manual. In any case, the most common is to recharge the battery with the 220 volt domestic current. This can be accomplished with a charger (which must be included) that plugs into the shepherd. Once the process begins, it may take 8-10 hours. 

Q4: What power should an electric shepherd have?

Electric shepherds have different powers that vary according to type and needs. So, if you are looking for an alternative for small or highly sensitive animals, such as cats and dogs, a potency between 0.25 and 1 joule will suffice. However, in the case of larger or difficult-to-contain animals, the power should be between 1 and 10 joules. 

Q5: How to connect an electric shepherd?

These connections are usually simple and vary according to the operating system, so it is recommended to read the instructions for use. However, in most of the equipment you will be able to see a red line cable that must be connected to the shepherd’s socket towards the red terminal. For the connection to the ground, rods embedded in the floor are used and are connected to the ground terminal that is black. In turn, according to the operating mechanism, the shepherd must be connected to the electricity source.

Q6: How does an electric shepherd work?

The operation of this equipment varies according to the modality of the device that has been purchased, since it can be battery-powered, electrically powered or solar powered. Its mechanism is based on voltage impulses that go between its two terminals, the fence and the ground. This discharge is fast, so that the electric shock does not cause damage, it only causes discomfort, so that the animals avoid approaching where the fence is. Furthermore, as it is an electrical mechanism, it is connected to a battery power source or to a direct network.

Q7: How to check if an electric shepherd works?

You can verify that the tension is correct by using an electric fence tester. In some cases, these devices are included with the pastor. However, others may not incorporate it, so it will be necessary to purchase it separately to verify that the mechanism works correctly.

Q8: How to install an electric boar herder?

The mounting method varies according to the distance to be covered and whether it will be fixed or permanent. In the case of the kits for electrified fences, it is necessary to have the components such as the lines, the conductive thread and other elements. The length of the fence must be clear, to select both the shepherd and the number of components. Similarly, vegetation and soil type should be considered. 

In addition, it is necessary to connect the red cable

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