Types of cat breeds

Currently there is a great diversity of cat breeds throughout the planet, some are the product of artificial selection or crosses of specimens and others of genetic mutations. For this reason, we have large, small, hairless, tailless breeds and there are even species of cats with atypically colored fur.


Domestic cats are felines that belong to the Felidae family, a subspecies that was domesticated by humans for their coexistence. The scientific name of the cat is Felis silvestris catus, although it is popularly called michi, mizo, minimo, morroño or micho.

An interesting fact about this species is that they communicate through a series of vocalizations that humans find pleasant. In fact, it is believed that this is the reason why domestic cats emit more sounds than wild cats, as a way of adapting. The best known vocalizations are the meow and purr; but equally, it can growl, snort, howl and moan. Similarly, common cats are capable of striking poses that convey their intentions or mood.

When we want to adopt a domestic cat, many times we search among the types of felines for those images of beautiful cats with the idea of ​​choosing the best one. However, this selection should not only be based on their physical appearance or photos of cats; We must also consider their temperament and the care required by the chosen breed. In addition, we must not overlook the importance of providing cat food that meets their specific nutritional requirements.

Meet some types of races

It is difficult to know how many breeds there are in the world, as expert genetic cross breeders are working to create new breeds; with different traits and characteristics. However, in general, we have compiled some of the most attractive breeds of cats.


The Skookum is considered an experimental breed. It is a beautiful cat that is genetically related to the LaPerm and Munchkin breeds; so it has short limbs and curly fur; distinctive features of its predecessors. It is a specimen with a round neck, curly whiskers and eyebrows, very expressive eyes and a generally robust structure. They are also ideal as pets, as they are loving and sociable.


These cats originated from a natural mutation. They are native to Turkey, a country where they symbolize purity and are considered the national cat. They are characterized by having a dense, long and very soft to the touch coat. Although they are usually white, there are also reddish and black. They are beautiful, intelligent kittens and have a long and robust body. They also enjoy the tranquility and the company of their caregivers, which is why they are very devoted to caresses.

van turkish

These cats turn out to be excellent companions, as they are friendly and highly intelligent. Their distinctive trait is that they like to bathe and enjoy the water, which is why they are commonly called the Turkish Swimming Cat. They have semi-long fur that covers their muscular body; they are white, with the tail and head in distinctive colors. They also have blue or amber eyes, or one of each color.


Among the small cat breeds, this is the one that identifies the smallest feline of all; since its average weight is 1 to 3 kg. They have a round head with large ears and their short fur is usually bicolored; with a light color and a dark color. They are also distinguished by their small and sweet face. In addition, it is a cat with a balanced temperament, affectionate and enjoys being pampered and the company of its family.

russian blue

Among the types of cats, the Russian blue stands out for being an animal with a majestic bearing . Likewise, he is a quiet, sensitive, noble and faithful cat to his master; so he is able to develop an extraordinary bond of affection with his family. It usually enjoys being pampered, although it also prefers solitude to rest. They have a robust body, with long legs and a distinctive silver coat; short, fine and double coated.

american lynx

The American Lynx is a species that resulted from a scientific breeding program, resulting in a cat that looks like a wild lynx. These animals have a muscular, robust and strong body. Likewise, they have leopard and reddish fur with different shades. They easily adapt to a home, although they require space to channel all their energy. They usually emit sounds similar to those of lynxes and although they are generally sociable, some can have unstable behavior.



Legend has it that the history of Burmese cats dates back to the time when they were animals worshiped by Buddhist monks; For this reason, they are considered the “sacred cat of Burma”. It is a breed that is characterized by its blue eyes and by having its legs, tail and ears in a dark color, in contrast to its light fur. Likewise, they are balanced animals that do not tolerate loneliness or excessive noise.


Siamese cats are a breed originating from Thailand. It is one of the cat species with an elegant and athletic bearing. They have a medium build, always intense blue eyes and a coat that characterizes it: tail, ears and legs in a dark tone and the rest of the body in a light color. Their character is extroverted, they demand attention, they tend to be a bit noisy and they don’t like being alone. In addition, they are long-lived cats with high life expectancies.

Maine Coon

The Maine Coon is considered to be the only long-haired breed native to the United States. It is also a breed of large domestic cats with outstanding hunting skills. They have strong muscles, thick legs and their coat of hair is long, dense and thick; so it needs regular brushing. It is also a coat that resists snow and water. In addition, it is a friendly, playful feline that enjoys the outdoors and hunting.


Sphynx or sphinx

The sphynx cat is a very peculiar species, since unlike its feline congeners that usually have fur (either short or long), this specimen lacks hair. It only has a thin layer of thin hair, so its skin is practically exposed to the naked eye; Likewise, it is characterized by having it wrinkled in some parts of its anatomy. Since it does not have hair, it is essential to protect it from cold or excess heat. It is also a muscular and long cat, with great agility, playful and intelligent.



Abyssinian breed cats are native to Africa, it is one of the best known and easiest to care for. They are sociable, affectionate, silent and elegant animals, who like to share with people and other pets. They have a medium-sized body and developed muscles, making them good climbers. Likewise, they are short-haired cats with distinctive stripes that characterize them.



Although it is not one of the typical Spanish cat breeds, Persians are one of the most requested in this country. It is an animal of great beauty; with long hair, a round head, a flat nose, large eyes, short legs, round ears, and a long tail. There are several varieties of Persian cats : white, Himalayan, chinchilla and exotic. They are animals that require daily brushing of their fur, given its density, and they also need cleaning of their eyes.


This breed arose through the intervention of man, after making various genetic crosses. The description of a purebred Bombay cat could be summed up as a small feline that resembles a panther . To do this, it must have short, shiny jet black fur (no white spots) and copper or gold eyes. These specimens have a medium size, a muscular build, a short snout, a rounded face and an affectionate temperament; so they are sociable with people, other cats and also with dogs.


The Ragdoll is one of the strongest and largest cats, so it has an imposing appearance. However, he possesses a calm, confident, and laid-back temperament; he is also a tolerant and faithful feline with his caretakers. It has an attractive coat, silky, of medium length and we can see it with a great variety of patterns and colors. Because it is a breed with abundant hair, it needs daily attention.


british shorthair

This cat is a specimen originating from the United Kingdom. It has a robust build, with a short coat that does not require constant maintenance. Likewise, we can find it in a wide variety of color combinations. Compared to other very active breeds, it is a less curious cat with a calm temperament. He is also friendly, loyal and affectionate with the people who care for him and also gets along with other animals.



The Savannah is a hybrid feline , the result of crossing a serval (African wild cat) with a domestic cat. Therefore, it has an exotic appearance and reminds us of a leopard. These cats have innate agility, a slender, tall body and long legs; so they are able to jump heights of up to 2.5 m. His personality can vary from one specimen to another; some are sociable and affectionate, while others hiss and growl at strangers.

american bobtail

The American Bobtail is a breed of cat of American origin, specifically arose spontaneously in Arizona as a result of a genetic mutation. Therefore, it is not related to the Japanese Bobtail breed; however, both have a short, dense tail. This type of cat also has pointed ears, which resemble those of a lynx. His character is playful and affectionate, he can also be a friend of dogs. On the other hand, he is a lover of the outdoors.



The Somali is a breed product of the cross between different kinds of cats, such as the Persian, the Siamese and the Abyssinian; being the latter with whom he shares major features. It has the elegance and distinction of the oriental races, but with a wild aspect. His body is muscular, the ears are large, pointed and with tufts of hair. In addition, it has a tail similar to that of a fox and its fur is semi-long, dense and silky.


Devon rex cats are considered one of the hypoallergenic breeds, as they have short, wavy and very soft fur. Its body is stylized, with long and thin legs, which gives it a fragile appearance. Likewise, they have fine features; with a small and triangular head where its large ears and huge eyes stand out. They are felines that enjoy cuddles and games. In addition, they usually accompany their owner wherever they go.


The Burmilla is an exclusive and scarce breed, coming from the cross between a Persian chinchilla and a lilac Burmese. The result is a feline with light fur, product of the chinchilla heritage; shaded or dotted in a uniform pattern. It also has a tail that ends in a point with a dark color and its length has incomplete rings. His character is sociable and affectionate. In addition, it adapts well to life in an apartment, as long as it has a balcony or terrace.


The Tonkines cat is a feline native to Canada and is recognized for its beauty; the one it has inherited from its predecessors: the Siamese and the Burmese. It is known as a golden Siamese and is a rare breed. It has a short velvety coat that requires little care and its body is medium in size, muscular and thin, as is its tail. In his face his eyes always stand out in bluish green or sky blue.

selkirk rex

This is one of the cat breeds with less time, since it originated in 1987. It is also called the sheep cat, since it has a fluffy and curly coat that stands out among the other cats. Its compact and muscular body can weigh up to 7 kilos. Likewise, its thick tail ends in a rounded tip. They are cats that are also very calm, so they could be an excellent company for older adults.

As you can see, in the case of cats, the breeds to choose from are numerous. Perhaps the time has come to choose one with whom to share your life.

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