What is a Labrador Retriever dog like?

The Labrador Retriever is one of the most famous dog breeds worldwide, thanks to the friendly personality that characterizes it. They are excellent for the home and the benefits of having one range from having a great companion for children, to a rescue assistant or therapeutic pet.

Those who have had the opportunity to have a dog as a pet know the level of affection that this animal is capable of providing, regardless of the breed to which it belongs. However, when it comes to a Labrador retriever, the levels of cuteness increase even more, not only because of their physical appearance, but also because of the beautiful personality that this breed possesses.

When inquiring about the origin of the farmers, there is confusing and contradictory information. But what historians do agree on is that the breed arose in a Canadian province called Newfoundland and Labrador. Specifically, the ancestors of which there is a record, belong to the Island of Newfoundland.

Thus, the dog of San Juan or the lesser dog of Newfoundland, is the best known ancestor of this breed, although the mixture suggests the combination with other breeds of dogs existing at the time.

At that time, these dogs performed hunting functions, so this could explain all the qualities and current behavior of the Labrador Retriever. Likewise, it is said that the animals also helped fishermen in their work, hence they are excellent swimmers and have a certain predilection for water.

types of labrador

Although the International Cinological Federation (FCI), one of the world authorities regarding the classification of breeds, does not recognize that there are types of Labrador Retriever, a classification has been expanded worldwide into two large groups. These are the American Labrador and the English Labrador.

The most notable differences in relation to these two types of Labradors have to do with some physical traits and the purpose of breeding. However, as for the intelligent, affectionate and playful personality , it can be observed in both types. Also, there is a very fine line where an English Labrador could have behaviors associated with an American Labrador, or vice versa.

English Labrador: It is attributed a more robust physical condition and, consequently, they tend to be heavier dogs . Their name is due to the fact that they are most common in the UK. These dogs are attributed the exhibition function, so they are trained for it.

The legs of the English Labrador are shorter, so it can be shorter than an American. Another important characteristic is the tail, since, in the Labrador puppy, its similarity to that of an otter can be clearly observed, as it is straighter and has a greater width and thickness. Some classic examples of this group can be the black labrador, the white labrador or the golden labrador.

As for their personality, English Labradors are great companions in the house, they love to play, although they can be a bit distracted when it comes to training. If he is an adult Labrador, his character will be calmer as he gets older.

American Labrador: its appearance gives the impression of being more athletic and light, which means more dexterity in movements. For this reason, this type is known for being more suitable for work, in hunting tasks, rescue, etc. The name of this type of farmers is due to the fact that its greatest presence is in the United States.

Regarding the physical structure, the American Labrador has thinner legs, and this gives it a certain agility. Its head is slightly less wide, so its face and snout are slender and relatively narrow. This is how it can be physically distinguished from its brother the English Labrador.

To learn more about their personality, keep in mind that from their birth as a small Labrador until adulthood, they are ideal pets to grow as a family. Thus, depending on breeding and genetics, this type of dog may require more activity in their daily routine, in order to take advantage of all their energy. Likewise, they can be trained very easily and, in addition to the black or white coat, among their representatives can be found the gray Labrador and the brown Labrador.

What needs does a Labrador Retriever have?

Regardless of the type, a Labrador Retriever has similar needs, which could be explained by grouping them into three main aspects:

  • Training: being dogs genetically predisposed to work or to deal with tasks of a certain use, and given their level of intelligence, one of their needs is training. With little instruction and repetition, these dogs will be able to follow orders and commands to please their owner.
  • Coat: for the care of their hair and skin, they need to take regular baths (which is not a problem since they love water), and they need to be combed frequently to prevent excessive hair loss.
  • Bone health and nutrition: their main care is focused on the bones, because their growth is accelerated . Therefore, it is essential to provide them with a diet that promotes their development and strengthens their joints.

Labrador retrievers in outdoor areas

Labrador Retrievers love to explore, so it’s a good idea to give them the freedom to do so, although you don’t necessarily have to remove the dog harness (if you click here, you’ll find several options to buy) that they’re using. In general, two or three walks per day should be taken with them, an ideal time to strengthen the bond with their owner. Also, being so sociable, they can interact with other dogs and eventually play with them. 

Although they do not need to live with access to a large garden, it is important to keep in mind that Labradors love to run and be always active, so they benefit from being outdoors.

The Labrador Retriever is a very friendly breed that, with its two types, can fit into the daily routine of many people, being an inseparable companion. In addition, her beauty is captivating and her intelligence will surprise you.

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