What is the gestation period of dogs?

Pregnancy in dogs is different from that of humans, having its own development times and symptoms. The pregnancy of a dog at home can be disconcerting, but if you know enough about the subject, you can guarantee good care for both the mother and the future puppies.


How long does a dog’s pregnancy last is one of the most common questions asked by owners of unsterilized female dogs and the answer is approximately 2 months. It takes 63 days for the puppies to fully develop and be ready to be born, although there may be variations of up to 5 days in different dogs.

The delivery of a first-time female dog is usually one of the most complicated, especially because there is no previous experience of how the animal is going to react and if, in addition, the owner is oblivious to the birth of dogs, complications could occur under certain circumstances. terms.

However, if you suspect your pet is pregnant, don’t panic. At the end of the day, it is a natural process and instinct should prevail, so that you practically do not have to act, unless it is a special case.

Signs of a pregnant dog


How to know if a dog is pregnant is a question that may appear in the mind of any owner, if their pet has not been sterilized and has been in contact with a dog of the opposite sex.

To check if your pet is pregnant, you can pay attention to the following signs that usually appear during the first stages of pregnancy:

1. Secretions

You may notice a clear, slimy discharge building up around her genital area, usually a month after intercourse.

2. Breasts

The bitch’s breasts will begin to swell from the first month of pregnancy, being able to change color and even release liquid secretions with transparent characteristics.

3. Nausea

Like some women, dogs can also suffer from nausea in pregnancy, presenting episodes of vomiting, mainly during the early stages of pregnancy.

4. Weight

As expected, the animal will also begin to gain weight, being able to exceed up to 50% of its current level, to compensate for the requirements of pregnancy.

5. Belly

From the 40th day of pregnancy you will begin to notice that the pet’s belly begins to swell, to make room for the puppies that develop inside.

6. Cheer up

Some pets can become discouraged due to all the changes they are going through, but if their apathy is very intense, you should consult the veterinarian.

7. Appetite

The same applies to appetite, but in the opposite direction, since it tends to increase after the second half of pregnancy, so you should try to supplement your diet with rich and protein foods.

Dog Labor Symptoms

When your pet’s due date is approaching, you should be aware of certain symptoms that may indicate that the dog is ready to receive her puppies. This will allow you to get the necessary elements to make the journey more bearable and comfortable.

  1. 1. time

You must be very aware of how much time has passed to be attentive to the symptoms of the beginning of labor, since this can vary from animal to animal. So after you reach 63 days, start paying more attention to your pet.

2. Temperature

A common symptom is a drop in body temperature approximately 12 hours before birth, being normal 38 °C, but dropping to 36 °C during delivery.

3. Cheer up

The pet knows very well who to trust, so prior to the birth of their puppies, they can be apathetic with unknown people and excessively seek the attention of their owners.

4. Appetite

Another very characteristic symptom of going into labor is loss of appetite. Usually, the bitch will stop eating 12 to 24 hours before the birth of the puppies.

5. Grooming

It is also common for them to start licking their genital area excessively, simulating the grooming sessions of a cat, only that bitches do it in part to relieve the pain and discomfort they suffer.

6. Mucus

12 hours before giving birth, the dog will expel a plug of mucus through her vagina that is responsible for protecting the interior of the uterus, this being one of the maximum indications that the birth is approaching.

7. Contractions

Lastly, check your pet’s belly and if you can see rhythmic and repeating movements, you are dealing with the very same contractions.

Important Recommendations

If you suspect that the pet may be pregnant, you can choose to do a pregnancy test for dogs, which you can buy at veterinary pharmacies and will help you obtain a more accurate diagnosis, in case the symptoms do not appear complete.

If it comes out positive, you may have to consider buying vitamins for dogs (in this link you can find some purchase options) that provide the necessary nutrients to stay strong and healthy throughout the gestation process.

On the other hand, how long it takes for a bitch to give birth can vary a bit, but no more than a couple of days. If the regular gestation time is exceeded or if the animal looks listless and sick, you should immediately go to the vet to check the condition of both the mother and the puppies.

Finally, if it is suspected that there could be a complication during the delivery of a bitch, it is best to carry it out in a controlled and sterilized environment under the supervision of medical personnel who can act at the moment.

Something striking and that could be of interest to you is that some pet owners have chosen to apply the underwater birthing method using paddling pools, which, depending on the character of the pet, can help them feel more relaxed during birth.

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