Yorkshire Terrier dog breed

Yorkshire Terrier dogs are mainly adopted as companion pets, because they are affectionate animals and have an adventurous spirit. However, they require quite a bit of attention, as they are not very patient and can have quite a difficult temperament. For this reason, it is very important to learn more about this breed.

The birth of the first Yorkshire puppies dates back to the early 19th century, when workers in the woolen industry left Scotland to join the county of Yorkshire in England. Thanks to the crossing of several local Terriers, the types of Yorkshire Terrier were born, created mainly to hunt rats and rabbits, since their small size is essential to enter burrows.

The official standard of the breed was established in 1898 and since then its physical characteristics have not changed much, although its personality has changed a bit due to a long process of domestication.

Physical Characteristics of the Yorkshire Terrier

Regardless of whether it’s a small Yorkshire, a medium Yorkshire or a large Yorkshire Terrier, their coat is usually a bit long, soft and shiny. In addition, its touch is fine and silky, which is very pleasant during the caress. In terms of color, from the base of the skull the hair is dark steel blue, becoming tan on the head and lower limbs. Although it is possible to get a completely black Yorkshire, it is not too common.

On the other hand, like the rest of its body, its head is quite small and flat, giving it a slightly rounded skull and a moderately short bearded snout. As far as the ears are concerned, they are small, not far apart, and have a V-shape covered with short hair, which adds to their attractiveness.

Also, it is good to know that the Yorky Terrier dog’s eyes are bright and dark, so they are usually very expressive. Likewise, it is necessary to mention that this dog has a straight back and slightly curved ribs, which gives it a more stylized and elegant appearance .

If you are wondering how much a Yorkshire Terrier weighs, you should know that adult Yorkshire Terriers are approximately 3 kg and are 15 to 25 cm tall, so it is a fairly small animal, especially in the case of the Mini Yorkshire Terrier. or Yorkshire Toy.

Yorkshire Terrier Personality

The character of the Yorkshire Terrier is complex, so it is a dog that is always alert and is endowed with good intelligence. Also, he is affectionate, so he can be a nice company. In addition, he is very attentive with his owners, although he can lose patience with children who are too playful, which is important to take into account before making the adoption.

It is suitable for the elderly , because it can receive orders and quickly warn in case of intruders in the home. Although you should know that its fragile appearance could not provide much protection in a situation of real danger.

Once the adoption is done, it is important to set limits quickly so that he understands who is in charge, since an active and determined dog hides behind his natural beauty. On the other hand, it is important to mention that he adapts very easily to his master’s lifestyle , whether he is an athletic or sedentary person.

Living conditions of a Yorkshire Terrier

The adult or puppy Yorkie is designed to live in the city, since his instinct does not require him to be outdoors all day. On the contrary, he may find it more comfortable lying indoors on a dog bed. However, you should not totally deprive him of outlets.

Although it is a fairly healthy dog, its life expectancy under normal conditions is a minimum of 10 years and a maximum of 15 years. In this sense, it is necessary to take into account some recurring physical problems in the Yorkshire breed, such as bone fragility and joint problems. In addition, your teeth must be constantly checked to prevent dental malposition.

How to keep a Yorkshire Terrier in good condition?

The hair of a Yorkshire dog grows constantly from 1 to 1.5 cm per month, so it may be necessary to take it to a dog groomer periodically, since if the coat is allowed to grow too much it could cause knots. However, it is not recommended to completely remove its fur, as this would leave it vulnerable to natural aggressions from the environment, such as rain and pollution. In this sense, a trick to reduce knots and frizz in your hair is to brush and comb it daily. The latter is one of the basic Yorkshire care.

It is important to mention that the Yorkshire Terrier is one of the few breeds of dog that does not shed its coat in large quantities . For this reason, it is necessary to keep your hair in good condition to avoid subsequent health problems. On the other hand, their nails should be trimmed regularly.

Likewise, there is a wide variety of clothing to put on a Yorkie Terrier dog, which not only gives it a better appearance, but also helps protect its fur from dirt and other external factors.

Proper food for a Yorkshire Terrier

Dry foods such as kibble are recommended for feeding a Mini Yorkshire or Giant Yorkshire. In addition, the most appropriate form of food is 40 grams divided into 2 meals a day. Therefore, it is not necessary to invest a large sum of money in the feeding of a Yorkshire, unlike the maintenance, which can cost approximately €800 per year. It is important to mention that, when selecting dog food, it is best to consult a veterinarian.

To finish, it is worth mentioning that Yorkshire dog breeds are very popular all over the world. The Yorkshire Terrier is often regarded as the quintessential apartment pet.

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