30 year old woman birthday gifts

Our picks for the best birthday gifts for women in their 30s

If you are seeing this information it is because you want to impress the thirtysomething; That is why we will give you 10 ideas where we will take into account current trends, originality and, of course, a competitive price so that you can acquire what you are looking for.

Alex Perry Satellite Series

Celebrating a birthday and wearing a gift is easy thanks to the Alex Perry pendant. A beautiful piece with a very interesting design and with which to look great with that special person. 

This product has an intertwined design formed by two circles, in which a series of high-gloss stones and elegant design are set. These circles, as well as the chain, are presented in pleasing bronze tones with a high gloss and great elegance, forming an elegant setting on the piece. 

In the center of this model, we find a smoothly carved circular zirconia stone with a beautiful finish. 


This piece of jewelry has a high quality design and a beautiful finish, which will look perfect on the neck of that special person who is lucky enough to receive it. Something for which the product also includes the gift box.

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Tommy Hilfiger Tommy Girl Eau de Parfum for Women

The Tommy Girl cologne for women is another interesting gift for any woman over 30. Mainly because the olfactory profile of this cologne is ideal for these ages, as it has a fresh and pleasant approach. 

Among its ingredients, we find notes of apple, black currant, camellia flowers or tangerine, among others. Floral hints of lily and rose are also included, as well as a finishing touch of sandalwood and cedar cone essences. 

The result is a very pleasant and fresh product. It comes in a 100-milliliter capacity spray bottle to give a special touch to any occasion.


This cologne has a pleasant scent with a youthful touch and based mainly on fruits, so that its tone is fresher than that of other more spicy and complex products.

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Agptek Smartwatch 

It is a 1.3-inch color touch screen watch, which is round in shape to provide an enhanced viewing experience. In addition, it works as an activity bracelet with 8 modes, including running, walking and swimming, since it is waterproof thanks to IP68 protection.

Also, it is capable of measuring heart rate, monitoring sleep, caloric expenditure and steps taken. It also has additional functions, such as alarm, meeting reminder, among others. On the other hand, it has an autonomy of 8 to 12 days with a charge of only 2 hours.


It is compatible with the mobile phone to receive notifications on the watch when you have new messages from the main social networks. As if that were not enough, it comes in a very delicate pink color with gold details, which make it a good gift for a young woman.

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Mega Creative Jewelry Family Love

Jewelry presents us with the pendant that represents family love and the tree of life with Swarovski crystal stones with sterling silver and stainless steel that makes this pendant not only a beautiful gift to give, but also a piece that can last over time.

It has an elegant design that can be used on any occasion, symbolizing the energy that the person emits, it goes with the current fashion trend and the best thing is that it measures 2.5 * 2.5 cm, which allows it to be showy without being too flashy.


It is a very nice gift that you can give on any important date. It comes in a very striking box and has different styles from which you can choose the one that best suits the tastes of your loved one. In addition to being a beautiful piece to give as a gift, it is quite competitively priced.

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Pandora Women’s Bracelet

The timeless bracelet is made of silver, measures 16 cm, is competitively priced and comes in its elegant box ready for gifting. A bracelet is always a garment that every woman wants to have, as it is the perfect complement to any outfit.

It has a barrel-shaped clasp that is easy to screw and makes its closure secure. The most striking thing is that you only give the bracelet and whoever receives it takes care of the rest by adding their charms; this bracelet definitely falls into the category of interesting gifts.


It is not a common part. It has the ease that whoever receives the gift will get excited by placing all the charms they want, from the countries they want to visit or those they have already visited, their favorite sport, the initial of their name or birthday date. Likewise, the person who receives it will have the opportunity to symbolize a feeling and always carry it with them with the beautiful charms.

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olay Sports

Any age is good for sports. But 30 is one of the most appropriate, precisely for women, in order to avoid evils in the future. To make sports easier and more comfortable, nothing better than having the Solay Sports set. 

We’re talking about a five-piece set that includes leggings, a hooded jacket, a t-shirt-style sports bra, shorts, and a t-shirt. A complete set with which to train and practice all kinds of sports comfortably and with the safety that each movement requires. That is why it is a versatile and ideal gift for active women.


The five pieces of this model have been made with a 90% polyester blend with another 10% spandex. An ideal combination for sports garments and that gives greater comfort to its future user.

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Hamswan Table Mirror

It is a practical table mirror in the form of a triptych, where the central part has dimensions of 18 x 23.7 cm, while the sides each measure 8.3 x 23.7 cm. In addition, the right side presents an increase x2 in the upper area and x3 in the lower area.

In this sense, it is very useful for makeup and general facial care. On the other hand, it is good to know that it has a system of 21 LED lights in the central panel, for use in rooms with low lighting. It also has a touch button to control the level.


It is a wireless device that works with 4 AAA batteries, but also offers a power mode through a USB cable. Similarly, it includes a practical switch to turn the light on and off, so it can even be used as a lamp.

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The f*cking 30 

This book is full of reflections made by a woman who, according to her age, should have achieved certain things, according to social codes, but has decided to be a misfit, so she is torn between what she wants and what she wants. it’s supposed to do.

The Spanish author Ana Oncina presents this comic in a humorous tone, to talk about what it means to reach 30 years old without having achieved a large number of goals, but at the same time it serves to learn to cope with insufficient salary, responsibilities and other common problems that arise at this age.


Los f*cking 30 is an interesting book to give to anyone who is reaching this age, but it can be especially appreciated by women, due to the way the Spanish illustrator approaches difficult subjects with feminine intelligence, a positive attitude and a lot of grace.

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Medisana Medisana Silhouette Epilator

It has five levels of intensity, it has an integrated UV filter, it uses an effective technology and its operation is to eliminate permanent hair by means of which it fires a flash that, when making contact with the skin, pulls out the body hair by the root, preventing it from coming out again. in any part of the human body, from arms, legs, even back.

It is electric and has a long reach cord, it is a necessary gift for people who enjoy being waxed. It is a safe product that will not harm your eyes or skin when using it.


It has an indicator that allows us to see that it is on and also has an automatic shutdown that is activated after 10 minutes of being inactive. It leaves the skin soft and smooth, which is a feeling that most women enjoy.

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Slator LED Desk Lamp

Reading in sufficient light is a priority, especially when there is no natural light. The solution may be a desk lamp like this one, which offers 5 shades of light (cold/warm). In addition, it is possible to choose the brightness level in 10 levels and, as if that were not enough, set a timer of 30 or 60 minutes, which helps to optimize energy consumption.

Another quality to highlight is the possibility of rotating the light source up to 225º and its base up to 165º, to illuminate just the place you need. Moreover, its understated, modern design can complement any desk.


The lamp does not generate flicker or blue light, so it does not tire the eyes, even after several hours of use. In addition, its size and the mobility of the arm help control the light to illuminate what you want. On the other hand, it has a micro USB charging port and a USB port, for greater versatility.

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HyperWheels – Batería recargable con espejo incluido

Este sería un excelente regalo que hoy en día es indispensable para cargar el teléfono y verte bella, pues además de solucionar el problema que la mayoría de las personas tienen de quedarse sin batería en el móvil también es un doble espejo con luz brillante, que facilita a toda mujer el maquillarse no importando si está oscuro o tiene poca iluminación.

Es práctico y fácil de llevar, ya que es una pieza pequeña que mide 8,9 x 8,9 x 1.3 cm y trae su bolsito para que lo puedas guardar en la cartera y no sufra daños ocasionados por otros objetos.


Además, es un buen regalo que toda mujer necesita para verse hermosa. Cuenta con un indicador que muestra cuando la batería se está agotando y trae su cable incorporado que te permite cargar en todo lugar, y conectar dispositivos como IPhone, Samsung y cualquier otro Smartphone. Es ideal para regalo de cumpleaños, ya que viene envuelto en una cajita.

Emore Gorro Con Bluetooth Incorporado

Este gorro permite estar calentito en la temporada de invierno sin dejar de hacer lo que más te gusta; sus características son estupendas pues además de tener bluetooth y poder escuchar tu música favorita, puedes pasar la canción, pausarla, repetirla.

Tiene micrófono incorporado para poder hablar contestar y colgar llamadas sin tener que usar el móvil. Además, la batería tiene una duración de 5 horas.

Lo puedes usar para cualquier actividad como correr, ir en bicicleta, caminar, ir al trabajo en una reunión, ir de viaje o simplemente estar en la comodidad de tu casa. Es fácil de usar sin necesidad de pelear con los cables de los auriculares; cualquier dispositivo que tenga bluetooth funcionará con este hermoso gorro.


Se puede lavar cuando sea necesario sin que se dañe, tiene una buena calidad de audio. Por eso es un regalo original que va mucho con las tendencias de este 2022 y con las características tecnológicas que tiene se puede considerar barato.

WinCret Mochila Para Portátil

En esta época donde queremos llevar nuestra portátil a todas partes de una manera cómoda y segura tener una buena mochila es importante, por lo cual es un regalo que a cualquier persona le va a gustar.

La mochila cuenta con multi-compartimientos donde además de llevar el ordenador de hasta 15.6 pulgadas puedes incluir la tabla, el móvil, los libros de la universidad, bolígrafos y muchas cosas más.

Tiene una gama de colores; entre ellos Gris, Azul, Púrpura, Negro que te permitirán elegir el que sea más acorde con los gustos de la persona que lo reciba.


Poder escuchar música directamente desde la mochila, poner a cargar el móvil desde la extensión proveniente del bolso, son definitivamente beneficios que a todos nos gusta disfrutar. Adicionalmente, te permite establecer una clave secreta para que los artículos estén más seguros; también es impermeable, así pues, sus artículos no sufrirán ningún daño si llueve.

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