60 year old woman birthday gifts

Our picks for the best birthday gifts for a 60-year-old woman

Turning 60 is a very special age for any woman and surprising her with a good gift can be really difficult. Finding something practical, beautiful and also cheap can be a daunting task most of the time. That is why we have created this guide with some articles to give you an idea of ​​how to make a good purchase.

Orbegozo DP 2800

At the end of a long day our feet are very tired and what better way to relax them than a foot massager. This is definitely a gift that any woman knows how to appreciate.

It comes with an anti-splash cover that will prevent the floor from getting wet, it includes a massage brush with an exfoliating effect that will help with the relaxation that is much needed in the feet. In addition, it has three operating positions so that you can use the one that best suits the need of the day.


It has non-slip feet, which will prevent it from moving during use. This gives you stability and safety during use. It is easy to wash, which is very important to keep it hygienic. An important point to consider is that it does not heat the water on its own.

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Jooayou Double Layer Inverted Umbrella

An umbrella is a very practical gift and although it seems like a simple idea, this one in particular offers some peculiarities that will make it quite original.

The handle has a C shape that gives it more stability when taking it as well as freedom of movement that will allow you to manipulate the mobile or a book according to the preference of the user. This double version will prevent the user from getting wet when storing it after the rain. It should be noted that this new technology, although simple, is quite practical.


This product has a variety of very beautiful, original and elegant designs, within which you can choose the one that best suits the tastes of those loved ones for whom you want to buy this gift. It comes with ultraviolet protection, which in addition to protecting from the rain will also protect it from the inclement sun, giving it greater possibilities of use.

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Fossil Analog Watch

A nice analog watch is a classic gift when it comes to flattering a woman. It never hurts in her jewelry box and allows you to add the distinctive touch in her personal arrangement, not forgetting her practical function.

In this context, the Fossil brand presents us with a watch with a stainless steel case and a diameter of 3 cm, making it a fine and comfortable model.

In addition, it includes embedded stones in both the bracelet and the bezel, which give the watch a glamorous touch and enhance its appearance.


In addition to the beautiful design of the watch, we must highlight its high-gloss polish, with self-adjusting closure. On the other hand, it includes a waterproof design that can withstand 5 bars of pressure, for occasional immersions and tolerating some exposure to water without problem.

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Your Bed Selection reading cushion

Reading is a pleasure that most people enjoy, but if you take the wrong position while reading, you may end up straining a muscle in your back.

That is why giving a reading cushion as a gift will always be well received by those who receive it. It comes in several colors so you can select the one of your preference. It is made of microfiber on the outside and 100% feather touch polyester fiber on the inside, which will give the back of that loved one excellent comfort when enjoying their favorite reading.


It can not only be used for reading, but also for watching TV and while breastfeeding among other things. It has a zipper that makes it easy to wash if by accident something spills and gets dirty. In addition, its size is quite practical (65 x 80 x 40 cm), so you can use it wherever you want.

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Sunmay UK-HC-008-WT

Many women are disciplined in their care routine to pamper the skin on their face. This in order to continue looking attractive despite the passage of time.

If this is the case of the person to whom you are giving the gift, consider this device that aims to offer the skin around the eyes a warm and comforting massage.

This treatment activates circulation, and therefore can improve the appearance of this area, which is so prone to showing signs of aging easily. In addition, its 7,000 vibrations per minute can make it a very efficient device.


Thanks to the action exerted by the vibrations of this device, the natural renewal process of collagen in the skin can be accelerated. On the other hand, it has several specific functions to choose from, it is an ergonomic device so that it can be used comfortably and it has an elegant design.

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Bosch Tassimo Coffee Maker 

Enjoying an aromatic coffee at any time is an experience that you can provide to your favorite person with this Tassimo capsule coffee machine.

Thanks to this simple preparation system, in a few minutes she will be able to have the drink in her hands with the push of a button. While on the other hand, the maintenance of it is really easy.

Another point to note is the unique design of the device, modern and striking, which can become the object of interest in your kitchen or office.

In addition, you can choose it in different color combinations, according to the preferences of who will receive the coffee maker and the space where it will be placed.


This coffee maker has intellibrew technology, which allows the configuration parameters to be adjusted automatically to the requirements of the beverage to be prepared. It achieves this by reading the code written in the capsule, which improves the user experience. Thus, anyone can enjoy this device without complications.

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Brubaker Peony Vanille Love

The personal hygiene routine is a moment that many women at this age take very seriously. That is why a good gift can be made up of useful products to make that moment even more pleasant.

However, the detail is even more special if it is offered in an elegant presentation such as this bathroom set that includes a decorative ceramic bathtub.

As for the pieces that make up the set, it includes shower gel, bath salts, body lotion, a net that acts as an exfoliant and foam bath. All in very nice and decorative packaging. 


The combination of aromas offered by peony and vanilla results in a fresh, delicate and very feminine aroma, which can help your favorite person to relax and experience a pleasant sensation of well-being. On the other hand, the company that makes these products does not test on animals, which can be an added benefit.

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Rituals The Ritual of Sakura Gift Box 

The Ritual of Sakura Gift Set is more than just a set of cosmetics. This proposal has everything you need to renew. A product inspired by the cherry blossoms in Japan, in a period that tells us how important it is to change and bring out the best in us.

The lot has a firming shower gel, accompanied by a body scrub, a moisturizing cream and a cologne to use. Perfect to execute that skin renewal and give the body a new look. All this presented in a nice container, which can be used to store what the person needs after using the cosmetics that it includes.

That we like

This is a unique product, from one of the best current cosmetic brands and highly recognized for its quality. Something that the person who receives it will perceive and that will help them to better enjoy their pleasant sensations.

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YMing Scented Candles 

Scented candles are always a good option to relax and enjoy a different environment. Something that that special person can easily achieve thanks to this set of four Yming scented candles. Specifically, the lot has four different pieces, with scents such as lavender, French vanilla, rosemary or freesia.

We are talking about fragrant and very pleasant aromas, which generate a natural relaxation effect in our body just by lighting the candle. The best of all is that, in addition to smelling great, these candles are also very decorative, so they are perfect wherever we place them. In addition, they are accompanied by a lid, so that they last longer in perfect condition.

That we like

Although they are a bit more cumbersome, these candles last longer than conventional ones and keep the aroma in the room for longer.

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Aled Light 3D moon lamp

It is an original gift that anyone who appreciates the beauty of the night and the moon will enjoy. It will look good in any environment, since due to the colors it presents you will have no problem adjusting it with those of your preference.

It has a beautiful 3D printed design to create a very moon-like texture. Even without turning on the lamp, you can enjoy it, but if you touch it, it will turn on not only to illuminate, but to give the room where you are a touch of night.


It lights in three different colors yellow, warm white and cool white. You will be able to change the color with a single touch. It should be noted that it charges with USB, giving you 4 hours to enjoy its beautiful light. It has a beautiful base on which you can place it wherever you like. It should be noted that it is not a common gift and that you will surely surprise the person you decide to give it to.

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Shopping guide

By turning 60, women feel fulfilled, many have already stopped working, others are dedicated to their grandchildren, others plan and make trips with their partner and fully enjoy their retirement. That is why, when thinking of a gift for that special woman, we have to consider several fundamental aspects, because its success depends on that.

The most important thing when choosing a gift for your special woman, you must take into account what her daily activities are. This is very important because if it is a person who likes to go for a walk, do exercises or carry out numerous procedures, she will surely arrive tired and may need to relax and there are numerous options such as a foot massager.

Another fundamental aspect is the usefulness of the article, it will not be the same that you give a bracelet to a woman who does not wear jewelry but reads, to that you give her a cushion for reading. Well, with this she will be able to enjoy her favorite activity and will put it to real use. Also, you have to be sure of how useful a certain product can be for you to make a smart investment.

On the other hand, you should consider the style of your special 60-year-old woman, be it your mother, grandmother, wife, aunt, because this depends on the success of a gift. If she is a traditional person who likes to take care of her appearance, you can opt for options that help her reduce wrinkles or prevent them from appearing, such as an eye massager or a cream kit. If you like the exotic, original and traveling, you can think of products such as a lamp with an attractive design, or perhaps a bag to carry all your things, from products to make up, moisturize your skin, among others.

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Nivea Set de regalo para mujeres

Nada que cuide más una mujer que su piel. Es por ello que este set de productos Nivea para el cuidado de la piel siempre será un detalle que recibirán con mucha felicidad por que de seguro lo utilizaran en su vida diaria.

Es un kit bastante completo que incluye gel de ducha (250 ml), loción corporal (200 ml), crema de manos (75 ml). todo esto dentro de un práctico estuche que le permitirá llevarlo a todas partes.


El set incluye prácticamente todos los productos de uso diario de una mujer. Todo de una marca reconocida en el mercado y comprobada por su efectividad y a un buen precio. Es un regalo que seguro que la persona utilizará a diario y no terminará almacenado en el fondo del armario. El estuche que incluye el set le permitirá llevarlo donde quiera que valla.

Merry Style Pijama para mujer

Un regalo que siempre aprecia cualquier mujer es un pijama que le permita pasar las noches bien abrigada y a la vez estar cómoda, especialmente si tiene un diseño agradable y además está bien confeccionada.

Este pijama es manga larga, de pantalón, abrigada y elegante. Fabricada en 92% algodón y 8% poliéster en la parte superior y en la inferior es 100% algodón, lo que la hace muy confortable para dormir. La blusa es abrochada al frente para dar facilidad a la hora de ponérsela y quitársela. También incluye en su parte frontal dos prácticos bolsillos que la complementan.


No se trata de un típico diseño para mujer delgada, sino que le queda bien a mujeres con una figura más redondeada, con lo cual no tendrás limitaciones al momento de regalarla. Confortable, de tela suave y fácil de poner, es sin duda una muy buena opción para regalar en cualquier oportunidad bien sea cumpleaños o Navidad.

Sunmay Sonic vibración masajeador de ojos

En este año 2022 donde la tecnología continúa liderando las nuevas tendencias la forma de disminuir las arrugas viene acompañada de un masajeador de ojos que incluye además un práctico bolso de viaje para trasladarlo.

Este aparato recrea un tratamiento de belleza mediante suaves pulsaciones y calor, que ayudaran a disminuir los signos de envejecimiento como lo son las patas de gallos, las líneas finas, las bolsas y los círculos oscuros, entre otros. Es recomendable acompañar con una crema de ojos que se adecue a su tipo de piel.


Es moderno, práctico y fácil de utilizar para disminuir el envejecimiento. Además, tiene una micro-vibración que estimula la piel para que pueda lograr tener un efecto reafirmante que le devuelva la elasticidad perdida. Funciona con una batería de  apenas 1.5 voltios y es bastante liviano, con lo cual podrá llevarlo a cualquier viaje bien sea de placer o de negocios.

Cordoba Jewels pulsera de plata (abuela te quiero)

Si la persona que recibirá este artículo es una abuela, te presentamos un regalo interesante que de seguro le encantara, ya que trae un mensaje muy tierno para encantar a quien lo recibe.

Está fabricada en plata de ley 925 que garantiza su durabilidad y la frase viene con una imagen de una niña muy graciosa que la complementa. Este regalo representa una forma de quedar bien de una forma sencilla y sin gastar mucho.


Esta pulsera incluye un elegante estuche de regalo que la complementa, con lo cual no tienes que envolverlo para que se vea hermoso a la hora de entregarla. Es un regalo práctico que la abuelita podrá llevar todos los días consigo. Nada más emotivo que recibir un mensaje de sus nietos ya que suelen quererlos mucho.

Ineibo infusión de té

La mayoría de las personas disfrutan de tomar un buen té, especialmente en el invierno, pero también se suelen tomar en verano. ¿Qué mejor manera de tomarlo que con estilo?

Es por ello que este regalo es muy especial que se puede otorgar tanto como un regalo de cumpleaños, Navidad, Reyes o cualquier otra fiesta. Es un juego de 4 hombrecitos de colores varios, se puede meter en lavavajillas y microondas, está fabricado en silicona y soporta 240 °C.


Es un regalo bastante práctico y fácil de llevar tanto al trabajo, gimnasio o a cualquier lugar de preferencia. No es toxico y no tiene olor, es fácil de lavar, se divide en dos piezas para colocar el relleno dentro de él muñequito y la bebida saldrá sin arrastrar ningún sedimento del té a la bebida. Este es definitivamente un regalo interesante para dar.

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