8 balayage highlights ideas for brunettes

Regardless of how dark a hair is, through balayage you can not only make it brighter and fuller, but also personalize it, since one of the advantages of this technique, especially in brunettes, is that you can play with a wide color palette.


Balayage is a coloring technique that works well on all skin and hair tones. However, balayage highlights on brunettes create more of an impact, as both dark brown and black hair illuminate much more by subtly fading.

There are many combinations and gradients that can arise when it comes to balayage highlights on dark hair. In this sense, you can play with brown, chocolate and copper tones for a subtle look. Provide luminosity and movement by mixing caramel and honey tones, or go for a daring look with the infinity of blondes, ash, beige and others.

Here are some styles of balayage highlights for brunettes that can give brown or dark hair that desired three-dimensional effect.

1. Natural balayage on dark hair

For brunettes with brown hair who are looking for a subtle contrast, but who at the same time want to enhance the features of their complexion and the natural color of their hair, they could bet on some honey balayage highlights.

Similarly, caramel tones or brown tones two or three times lower than their base, generate a good contrast. Even alternating highlights between caramel and honey is flattering for medium chestnuts.

However, in the case of brunettes with darker bases, chocolate, mocha and the same caramel, honey and chestnut tones can work well as highlights in black hair, adding texture, movement and luminosity.

2. Light Balayage on Brown Hair

In brunettes whose hair is characterized by being chestnut, whether light, medium or dark, it is best to gradually lighten the hair until the ends are two or three shades below its base.

But, in the case of looking for a more defined balayage style, opting for a combination of golden, blonde and honey-colored tones would be a good option, since blonde streaks in brown hair imitate the natural gradient generated by the effect of the sun.

3. Light Balayage on Dark Hair

Dark bases also go well with light highlights. It is recommended to go from a light brown balayage interspersed with blonde tones, in order to achieve a natural degradation and according to the skin tone.

Gold can be another favorable option to give life and get dark hair out of its monotony. To do this, the tone must be lightened until the tips are more golden. In fact, combined with highlights in a caramel tone, they generate a more natural contrast.

4. Blonde Balayage on Dark Base

For those who are not blonde by nature, balayage could be that opportunity to experience being blonde through blonde highlights on brunette hair. The reason is due to the natural result provided by the technique by correspondingly degrading the tones used. You just have to take care not to saturate the hair, because the base should not lose its prominence.

On the other hand, in this type of highlights for brunettes, the type of complexion comes into play. In other words, it should be previously evaluated which blonde tints are best suited according to the skin tone and even the eyes.

For example, for a warm complexion and dark eyes, a blonde to honey balayage will not only provide movement and volume to the hair, but will also brighten the features of the face. Whereas, to obtain the same results, but with light eyes, it is convenient to go for light blonde or golden tones.

5. Ashy Balayage on Dark Hair

Currently, ash tones are one of the most sought after to recreate balayage highlights in brown and black hair, as they refine the lines of the face ; without counting the amplitude of contrasts that can be generated as a hair color for brunettes. In addition, they can be worn by both young and mature women, since they hide gray hair and provide a fresh look.

Hence, if we talk about warm brunettes, ash blondes are well suited to those women who are attracted to this coloration, but in a reserved way; while for the most modern and chic, light ash balayage highlights are the most flattering option. For its part, the platinum ash better accentuates the features of brunettes with a cold complexion .

6. Copper Balayage on Brunette Hair

Regardless of whether you have a brown, brown, copper or black base, the copper highlights harmonize favorably with them. The right way to wear them is to combine them with caramel or golden tones to make them look natural, and with faded blondes from mid-length to a light tone at the ends.


7. Balayage on short dark hair

The length of the hair is not limited to wearing a balayage, therefore, it is possible to wear highlights on short, dark hair. And it is precisely this technique that provides the illusion of having longer hair through its gradient.

For this reason, whether it is a bob or a pixie with a brown or chestnut base, it is advisable to use either two shades under it or its mixture with honey, caramel and gold tones. While for black hair, you should play with chocolate and brown tones. Although there is no limit to wearing a balayage on short dark hair more daring.

8. Fantasy balayage on a dark base

Fantasy dyes can be made present in a subtle way through the balayage technique. Hence, tones such as orange, red, purple and pastel tones complement well with light brown skin with dark hair.

It is remarkable that when it comes to performing a balayage on dark hair the options are endless. But, it is not enough that these highlights are made by a professional so that they last intact over time. They must be cared for using a mild shampoo, preferably sulfate-free; as well as other products that nourish and protect the hair from the adverse effects of heat.

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