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Everything you need to know about Proactol XS

The Bauer Nutrition brand has specialized in the market for natural supplements, cosmetics, food products and other categories aimed at the comprehensive well-being of users.

In this sense, Proactol XS is one of its best-selling products as an aid in weight loss, and this supplement in pill format acts as a fat binder. But what is this for?

Fat binders have in their composition certain ingredients that coat the intestine to prevent the absorption of fat. In turn, they bind the existing fat to convert it into fecal matter, helping to lose weight and allowing you to maintain the desired figure.

In the case of Proactol XS, the main ingredient is chitosan, a fiber that is extracted from the shell of different crustaceans such as prawns, prawns and crabs. It is also obtained from a type of cactus, but in both synthesis processes the Aspergillus niger mycelium is responsible.

About this product you should know that it is not sold in pharmacies, Mercadona or Amazon. But, you can buy it online and we will talk about that in the next section. 

Best Prices – How To Buy Proactol XS

If you think that you can get this supplement at a cheap price in a herbalist, we are sorry to disappoint you. However, the good news is that if you want to test the effectiveness of Proactol XS you can buy it online, directly, on the manufacturer’s website.

This will avoid you paying intermediary costs or running the risk of being scammed by purchasing a counterfeit product. In addition, the purchase process is very simple, because on the web there is a form that you must fill out with your data, choose the payment method and enter the shipping address. In this way, a discreet package with your order will arrive at your home in a short time.

Regarding the value of this supplement, you should be aware of the promotions and offers that the manufacturer constantly makes in order to provide you with a treatment for several months at a cheap price and you can enjoy the results: a body without being overweight and a style of healthier life. 

Next, we show you in a table the current offer that Bauer Nutrition offers on this product.

Promotion Number of capsules Price
Buy 1 bottle of Proactol XS 60 capsules €44.95
Buy 2 bottles of Proactol XS and get 1 free 180 capsules €89.90

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In addition to these values, you must add the shipping costs that will be shown on the purchase screen when placing the order and fill out the corresponding forms. 

But, as you can see, it is a natural supplement at a cheap price that has many positive comments in the opinions of thousands of users about its effectiveness. 

What are the benefits of Proactol XS for your body

When comparing the manufacturer’s information with that reported in different weight loss forums, we found several relevant data about the benefits of this supplement. 

First of all, many users claim that with the indicated dose they feel more full during the day, so food intake is limited to only the portions they need. 

Second, all the fat from unhealthy foods that we can’t resist during a time of stress or anxiety clumps together into molecules that can’t be digested. Therefore, said fat is not absorbed and is eliminated as fecal matter.

Another benefit that you will notice with the use of this product is an improvement in your digestive system and intestinal traffic, eliminating that feeling of heaviness and fullness that you may feel after a meal.

Likewise, with the combination of a healthy diet and a regular physical routine, the results of Proactol XS become noticeable in the medium term, and best of all, it helps you maintain the desired weight, unlike other diet pills that, after a while, they let the rebound effect appear. 

How to take Proactol XS correctly

On the bottle label is the manufacturer’s recommended dose: take two capsules 15 minutes before the main meal of the day with a large glass of water. This can be done a maximum of three times a day.

Now, in the forums consulted, many users commented that they only take two capsules daily and with that dose they have noticed great changes between before and after using Proactol XS.

Other users with a higher rate of overweight, for their part, have decided to take up to 6 capsules per day, following the manufacturer’s instructions to accelerate the loss of those extra kilos. Once the goal was achieved, they decided to continue treatment with the single dose of two capsules daily.

In this regard, we remember the importance of consulting a nutritionist or your family doctor about the consumption of this natural supplement to lose weight faster, even though its sale is completely free of prescriptions. 

How Proactol XS Works

Proactol XS is a fat binder that works with its natural formula to encapsulate the fat present in the body and that which we introduce through food. By uniting the fat with the bile acids, molecules are formed that the body cannot digest and go directly to the excretion, being discarded as fecal matter.  

As a fat binder, this product is also able to offer a feeling of fullness, so you’ll likely start eating less. These combined elements will undoubtedly help you lose weight in no time. 

Likewise, treatment with Proactol XS has a positive effect on physical well-being, since the rest of the components favor the strengthening of bones and connective tissues. This influences the increase in your energy levels to carry out more intense physical exercises, improving your lifestyle and contributing to weight loss. 

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Proactol XS – Ingredients

We have mentioned that this supplement is natural and the key to its effectiveness lies in the combination of its ingredients. Although you will likely find some of these sold individually in pharmacies or health food stores, the truth is that their interaction as part of the same supplement is what enhances their properties.

In this sense, the main ingredient of this fat binder is chitosan or chitosan, a fiber that is obtained from crustaceans and also from some plants. Its function is to prevent the absorption of fats so that they are discarded by the body, favoring weight loss.

Another ingredient that makes a difference between before and after starting this treatment is magnesium stearate, whose function is to help regulate blood sugar levels and control blood pressure, common problems in people with overweight.

Likewise, this element acts as a laxative that helps eliminate clumped fat and prevents so-called “cravings”, because it helps maintain emotional balance, thus reducing those episodes in which we want to eat to compensate for a moment of stress or anxiety. This is what some users say in their reviews of this product on weight loss forums.

Silica, meanwhile, is a mineral present in this supplement that regulates appetite and in turn strengthens bones, joints and other connective tissues. 

Proactol XS – Side Effects

Because it is a natural product, without gluten, dairy, additives, among others, no side effects or allergies have been reported in its consumers so far. 

In this sense, we can say that this supplement is suitable for people with vegetarian and vegan diets who want to lose weight.

On the other hand, minors and pregnant or lactating women are the exception for the consumption of this supplement, since there are no studies that corroborate its safety in these cases. 


According to the information collected about this product, the opinions of the users are very positive. First of all, they claim that it is a supplement that works to accompany a healthy diet and regular physical activity. 

Secondly, they comment that its consumption is very simple: you only have to take a couple of pills a day so that the results are observed in a short time.

Finally, the change that users perceive is comprehensive, since they improve their physical appearance, but also their self-esteem and self-confidence, aspects that favor all areas of their daily life. 

Frequent questions

Is it safe to take Proactol XS?

So far, there are no reports of adverse reactions or side effects of this product. Thus, due to its natural formula, studies and opinions of professionals, this supplement is considered safe to take for weight loss. 

Who can take Proactol XS?

This product is indicated for men and women, over 18 years of age, who are looking for an alternative to lose weight, reduce the risk of obesity and other diseases related to poor nutrition. But its use is not indicated for pregnant or lactating women, children and minors, or people with any underlying disease. Unless a specialist doctor is consulted and this endorses the use of Proactol XS.

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