Bella Aurora CC Cream Reviews

Main advantage:

Among the many benefits offered by this moisturizing cream, skin protection against ultraviolet rays stands out. In addition, it integrates a special filter to avoid the deterioration caused to the hypodermis due to IR radiation, which comes from the screens.

Main disadvantage:

This cream is characterized by penetrating the pores and providing a high level of hydration, which could be inconvenient if you are a person with a tendency to have oily skin.

Verdict: 9.8/10

Many people opt for this multifunction cream, since it not only moisturizes, but also removes stains and incorporates pigments that make up the skin for a uniform tone. 

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Main Features Explained

protection factor

The skin of the human being is made up of several layers, which are usually attacked by the different types of solar radiation to which we are exposed daily. In this sense, we refer to both sunny and cloudy days, since in the latter the ultraviolet rays are still present with the same intensity, although we do not perceive them. 

Similarly, the constant manipulation of screens, starting with our smartphone, is another type of radiation that is quite harmful and enhances the appearance of the main signs of aging. For all these reasons, we have to be very careful when selecting a moisturizer, trying as much as possible to incorporate some protection factor.

In the case of this cream developed by the Bella Aurora laboratories, we have that it has been enriched with a series of filters that serve as a barrier on the complexion. Thus, UVB and UVA rays will not penetrate the epidermis and dermis, respectively, while infrared or IR radiation will not pass through to the hypodermis, which is the deepest layer. Therefore, external dehydration will be avoided and, therefore, the appearance of premature wrinkles. Thanks to this high level of protection, the cream has achieved the best opinions on purchase portals.

3 in 1 function

There are many moisturizers on the market. However, not all of them are capable of offering the same benefits to the skin. For this reason, it is important not to make hasty purchases and confirm what are the specific functions to obtain after its application. In this sense, we emphasize the level of hydration, repair and protection, among other aspects.

In any case, the ideal would be to carry with us a multifunction cream, which in a single step provides us with the benefits obtained by applying up to three products. This, in the long term, represents a significant saving of time in the development of our daily beauty routine.

Bella Aurora CC Cream is recommended by many users as one of the best moisturizing creams, since, apart from this function, it also acts as a treatment for the removal of skin blemishes. In addition, it has special pigments that provide a uniform finish for a velvety appearance.

All this is possible due to the combination of a series of moisturizing ingredients that penetrate the skin and give it a healthy appearance. Likewise, its powerful depigmenting agent is responsible for attenuating the spots and preventing them from continuing to appear. Finally, there’s the added pigment, which matches your natural shade and gives you great coverage so you don’t have to worry about blemishes.

Container and applicator

When it comes to acquiring any cosmetic product, it is important to evaluate a series of details, which mainly focus on the action and benefits provided by the formula to our skin. However, there is another quite significant aspect such as the marketing container, which directly influences the preservation of the active properties of the product. Similarly, the correct container must provide resistance and be free of toxic agents that can alter the chemical structure and cause allergic reactions on the skin.

CC Cream is one of the Bella Aurora laboratories moisturizing creams that has an attractive competitive price and a compact packaging, with a containment volume of 30 milliliters and great resistance. Its lid is plastic and is adjusted by pressure, so you will have no problem releasing it. 

In addition, under it there is a convenient applicator, arranged at the mouth of the bottle, so that you can make the most of the cream, since a quick application is facilitated without wasting a single drop of the product. Likewise, the incorporation of this piece makes the use of the cream much more hygienic and helps prevent said product from oxidizing due to the passage of air inside while you are applying it.

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