Bioderma Sensibio H2O Reviews

Main advantage:

The natural formula of this micellar water is a good option for the most sensitive skin, because it incorporates cucumber extract that helps refresh reddened areas and effectively remove impurities, without forgetting that the formula is close to the natural composition of the skin to restore its hydrolipidic layer. 

Main disadvantage:

The price of this product is a bit high, but its effectiveness compensates for the value, since in the opinions the users confirm its efficacy and harmlessness on sensitive skin. 

Verdict: 9.8/10

Bioderma surprises with this 100% vegetable formula, designed for sensitive skin, because it refreshes it naturally, restoring the dermis thanks to its natural ingredients.

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Main Features Explained

natural formula

The trend of using micellar waters has spread rapidly among the female population, because the ease offered by this product to remove make-up and cleanse the skin exceeds that of other cleansing cosmetics.

However, a part of that population suffers from allergies or has sensitive skin, so the use of some micellar waters is not recommended. With this sector in mind, Bioderma developed the natural formula Sensibio H2O, based on 100% vegetable active ingredients that are harmless to the skin. 

Additionally, the micelles of this product are derived from glycerol esters that have many similarities to the composition of skin cell membranes, thus restoring the skin’s hydrolipidic layer naturally. 

This formula has been dermatologically tested and to verify that it is tolerated by allergic skin, highly purified water with a physiological pH has been used in its composition so as not to alter that of the face. 

For its part, cucumber extract is also among the ingredients of this micellar water and its decongestant function helps relieve reddened areas of atopic skin. That is why it is widely recommended by doctors and dermatologists for people with sensitive skin and allergies to the most popular cosmetic products. 


Many times we look directly at the price of a product and immediately reject it if it seems expensive, without first reviewing the quantity or presentation of the product, or the ingredients or benefits it offers. 

This happens to some customers who find this micellar water very expensive. However, when doing a review we realize that this is one of the best micellar waters available today and one of its advantages is that it is available in a double presentation of 500 ml. 

In other words, it has a good durability, considering that it is a product for daily use and that when we have a heavier makeup, more is spent, so purchasing this presentation is a wise move to save time and money.

It is best to apply the micellar water twice a day, and use as many cotton pads as necessary until the face is completely clean and the skin feels fresh. 

That is why Bioderma offers this product to purchase 1 liter in the same purchase, so we recommend you review the comments and ratings of other users about this set to check its effectiveness and value for money.  

Benefits and track record

If you have not yet used micellar water to remove make-up or cleanse your skin, it is important that you know why this product is highly recommended and what differentiates it from cleansing milks and make-up remover products.

First of all, micellar water has the function of encapsulating skin impurities, cleaning pores and toning the skin, making it a versatile product that will make you dispense with various cosmetics in your facial routine. 

Unlike other cleansers, micellar water does not need rinsing, that is, it makes it easier to cleanse the face, since you only have to gently dab it all over the face with a cotton ball soaked in the solution and let it dry on its own. 

In the specific case of the Bioderma Sensibio H2O alternative, the main benefit is for sensitive and allergic skin, since the natural formula, which we talked about earlier, helps reduce reddened areas of the face because it does not alter the pH of the skin. skin and does not sting. 

This natural formula with ingredients that resemble the cellular composition of the skin is possible thanks to the years of research that Bioderma has dedicated to innovate and offer the best cosmetics for skin care. 

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